Hotel Rendezvous I, From Her

Alex Grey

Hotel Rendezvous I, From HerWay too much time has passed since we last saw each other let alone touched each other. So here I am waiting at the airport for you arrival. This rendezvous is on me, the planning I have done is for your pleasure. My pleasure will come from pleasing you and making you purr like a lion every minute of the next 72, or so, hours. I just hope you enjoy what I have planned for us. For the next 3 days and nights you are mine, I am yours and. . . . . . .best of all WE are together.I arrived a day early to get everything together, so here I am at the airport waiting your arrival. When I finally see you, my heart fills with three emotions almost simultaneously, pride, love and lust. I am proud that I am the woman you are looking for, you are wearing jeans, shirt, blazer and boots. DAMN you are a good looking man. Love, well because you are my love. I know we don’t see each other often, we don’t talk often but my pure love for you only grows. And, of course, lust you are my ideal man, partner lover.We lock eyes, gravitate toward each other and kiss. I wish for just a minute I could just stand here and kiss you for an eternity. My knees are weak and butterflies are wreaking havoc in my stomach. On the escalator to baggage claim you are standing behind me, you wrap your arm around my neck lean down kiss my ear and tell me you love me. GAWD you are so……. . .HOT! As you drive to the hotel at my direction I can’t help but want to touch you, but in this unfamiliar environment you need two hands on the wheel and two eyes on the road. As we walk into the hotel room, after the door is securely shut and locked, I start to peel off my shirt. I know it is seriously slutty but damn I want to get naked with you NOW. You grab my arm and say, “Stop. . . . let me help”. And then the seduction begins. We undress each other trying our best to take clothes off without letting our lips part, kind of an adventure really. I promise I have surprises for you later, but it has been so long and I just want to feel your body against mine. I want the warmth and weight of you on top of me. I sigh as our bodies touch, I swear I may cum with just this sensation; I am already humming, throbbing, and melting. I want to devour you, it seems I cannot move fast enough while at the same time slow enough to take you in again after all this time. I am wet, hot and ready you know it, you want it so you say “Take me”. That’s all I need I roll on top of you and mount. What is a surprise to you is how much more flexible I am this time, I forgot to tell you I have been doing yoga for a couple of months. It doesn’t take either one of us very long and BOOM. As I roll off of you I cannot help but admire you. I love your body, the way your dick has slight curve to it, the smile on your face, the entire package. I am purring like a cat, relaxed sated, happy. We have the entire weekend, we are both tired mentally and physically, we are relaxed (obviously) so I suggest we curl up and take a nap. You agree that is a great idea, so off to slumber for an hour or so.After we wake I offer to scrub you up (and down) invigorating your bod before we go out for the night. I picked a room with a really large shower instead of a tub/shower. We can both go in very comfortably. My first surprise is a wonderful body scrub, no brush needed. I went to my favorite botanical store and got a sugar scrub that smells like cinnamon and vanilla. In the shower we go, amazing how the warm steam makes the scrub scent intensify. I know you like these scents, so do I, and the scrubbing does the job of waking you up and making your skin tingle. As I gently rub you we joke, really about nothing just great companionship…naked…in the shower. You are wondering what I have planned but you don’t want any hints right now; you are ready for my plans whatever they may involve. You trust me. As I told you when we were planning this rendezvous it is totally casual, have I ever told you how great you look in jeans? We dress and get ready for our first adventure, we decide to walk. The night is crisp and clear and we just want to enjoy each other. You grab my hand as we are walking, silly what a thrill it gives me to hold your hand and let the world know you are with me and you want to be with me. You are surprised I picked an Argentinian wine and tapas bar! What a great place, there is live music, Rodrigo Y Gabriella style Spanish guitar. Noisy but not irritatingly so and the food – smells heavenly. We decide to enjoy a sampler of both wine and tapas. You wonder how I knew about this place, tucked away in the city. I explain I did my homework and picked places I thought we would both enjoy. I didn’t want to plan anything ho hum and I wanted to enjoy the new experiences with you.It is getting late so we decide to walk back to the hotel. The night is still beautiful, crisp and cool, must be fall, our favorite season! When we get to our hotel we decide to go to the hotel bar for a night cap. Really, we didn’t drink much wine at the restaurant just a tasting menu with very small portions. I am still drinking vodka, one day I may have the palate for scotch, just not yet. After a drink I ask you to wait in the bar for 10 minutes then come up to our room, I have to make a few preparations. I think right now I might be able to talk you into anything; you know it is all about you, so you agree.You finish your drink and come up to the room. First thing you notice is the lighting; I didn’t want to light a lot of candles since we create plenty of heat on our own. But, I still want everything to be perfect so I put a scarf on the top of the floor lamp so it gives the room a warm red glow. One candle is lit in the bathroom. Now you are wondering if I am going to repeat our shower this afternoon; no not right now, later maybe, I am always open to suggestions. As you walk in, I take your jacket. This time I am going to undress you so I can enjoy the view, I un-tuck your shirt and slowly un-button to remove it. Now your t-shirt, after it is off I lean down and suck each nipple for just a quick second, then give a quick lick as I move my hands to your pants. I have them almost down when you have to sit down, are your knees weak? As you sit on the edge of the bed you reach out to touch my face, it is amazing to me you think I am pretty, you look at me with love in your eyes and give me a heart stopping kiss. BUT, you will not distract me from my mission. I pull away from you, kneel and pull your pants off. You know I think it is so sexy when you don’t wear any underwear, and tonight you didn’t disappoint me. Your cock is doing a small happy dance, not totally hard but it wouldn’t take much to make it that way. There is just a drop of pre-cum, I can’t help myself I have to lean down and lick it off. You moan as I lean down and take your socks off. I really do want just a moment to admire your body, I adore you.Now, you realize I am still clothed. Before I go change I ask you to lie back and, when you can, turn on the bed face down. You wonder what the heck I have planned, you give me a look. I ask if you trust me, you nod and roll over. I change into a slightly sexy nightie but your eyes are closed right now which is fine with me. I try to talk to you quietly, almost a whisper, I really don’t want to mess up this wonderful warm mood. I tell you I purchased more goodies at the botanical shop. You smell cinnamon and vanilla I have massage oil and lotion in that fragrance, again our favorite. You mumble something akin to a purr.I start at your feet. The soles are massaged in all the right reflexology points, totally relaxing what few parts of you weren’t already relaxed. Next I work on each toe, you notice I rub between your toes and massage each one as if were your dick, not tight just a gentle massage. I start to work my way up your legs, my hands are strong and your massage is perfect firm but gentle. As I get close to your bottom I lean down and lick the spot where your butt meets your thigh. For a minute you don’t realize what I am doing then I move and lick right up the middle barely touching you with my tongue right between your cheeks. I then move down to your inner thigh not quite to your balls and taste that area. I know you want me to keep licking but right now lotion bursa escort and hands begin to work up your butt to your lower back. As I massage your back I reach around and down the sides of your torso, I could rub on your for days. I begin working my way up your back to your shoulders and arms. You are so relaxed even your shoulders are warm and pliant. I gently massage your head, personally I love head rubs, back scratches, and face massages. Maybe that is why I always try to make sure I scratch your back every morning when you wake up, one of my love languages I guess. I am done with your back side massage, I am not really aware of time, nor do I care how much has passed. I ask you to roll over on your back and lie sideways across the bed. The first thing you notice is my attire. I know you have told me lingerie really doesn’t ring your bell and I don’t really have the body to pull it off, but I thought you might appreciate this nightgown. It is pale pink, probably not my best color, I look better in darker gem shades. The top is lace and it fits pretty snug holding the double D’s up so they droop too much, the skirt is a usual slip material gown. You can tell I am pretty turned on; my nips are hard buds.Again, I move down to your feet. This time the tops get the attention, not so much reflexology as a gentle massage to loosen any remaining tight spots. Your toes get the same treatment as they did before, my fingers between each toe then grabbing pulling and gently massage as if I were caressing your cock. The calves and thighs get the same attention too, I do have strong hands and you continue to melt down into utter relaxation with every stroke. I lightly touch the crease where your thigh meets your pelvic area. I stroke down and away on the inside of your thighs. I touch and put a little pressure on the area right below your cock as it meets up with your balls. You are getting hard and even though that excites me more than you know I have to move on back to your inner thigh. I am so sorry sweetheart but right now, I am going to pass up your glorious dick, I promise plenty of loving attention will be bestowed upon that particular area later. I massage your chest, and I can’t help myself, I love to gently play with your nipples – they get so erect! I am mesmerized by your chest; you are powerful, sexy and warm. As I continue to stroke the nipples I lean down and gently suckled each one, slightly nipping with my teeth then suck and pull on each with my lips.I slip off the bed and walk around to where your head is laying on the edge, on the edge not hanging off. Again, I am trying to restrain myself but I really need a kiss. So I take a small break and lean down to kiss you. OMG, you my darling man, are the best kisser you make my knees weak. I could kiss you for a century but . . . . I have more plans. For your handsome face I am going to use the lotion, the oil soaked in really well but I don’t want to slip off your face if I need another kiss. I start talking in a warm quiet voice asking if you now about pressure points on your face, about the eastern belief of a third eye, and the healing properties of touch on your neck and ears. You are so relaxed your response is a yes, to all, I think. I start off massaging your ears, the cartilage and the soft lobes, gentle warm strokes is all you need . I pull up your neck just below your ear and then turn your head gently to the side. Gentle pressure to the edge of your elongated neck, rubbing in the wonderful scented lotion, I have to slip down for a gentle kiss. You neck is now so relaxed any tension you may have had left is gone. Then I lift your head slightly and put my hands down behind your back as long as I can reach, I put pressure on either side of your spine with my fingertips and pull up toward your neck and shoulders. I can tell you really like this move so I repeat it a couple of times.Now I move to your face, gently I press on the sides of your nose with my thumbs and pull from bridge to your cheek moving my strokes up toward your orbital bone. I move my hands to your jaw line and massage between my index and thumb, back and forth soft and slow. On the last stroke I move to your forehead. I make small seemingly unending circles just to frame your third eye. Then I work out to your temples with small deliberate strokes. After repeating the pattern for several minutes I start to lightly tap your third eye with my index finger, it almost puts you to sleep.I work my way from your back and neck down your shoulders to massage your arms. As I get to your hands, I turn each over and give you a small kiss in each palm. I put my hand against yours palm to palm and thread my fingers between yours. I stretch your fingers back, pressing my fingertips to your knuckles for leverage. When they are all stretched and relaxed I gently slide my fingers from yours knuckle to knuckle, trip to tip. Then on to the other hand, exact same treatment. Then I turn your hands over and massage the back sides kneading and bending to relax those tendons. Each finger gets a mini massage and pull, like your toes, eventually . . . .like your cock. You and I are both so relaxed. The room is warm, we both smell awesome. As you roll from your back to your side I slip out of my gown and slide into bed right behind you, spooning, caressing – my fingertips do not want to break the connection with your skin. I think to myself, or maybe I say it out loud, THIS is what making love is all about. I love you; I want to show you an intimacy you have never had before. It’s obvious our sexual intimacy is explosive. I know we have something incredibly special; I want to make sure you know it’s not all about sex. As I tickle your back with my fingertips I try to vocalize my thoughts. Our emotional intimacy and our relationship is astounding. I am attracted to you on so many levels, I know you don’t get that but I want you to try. Even if we never had sex again (OMG I hope not!), I would still love you and adore you. Your sexual prowess is just a perfect bow on a perfect package. I have never been so turned on by a man, you do make my juices flow which is amazing and even more amazing now since I am getting older and the juices don’t flow as freely! You are yawning; you are warm and relaxed as am I, so we sleep. I am not sure if you remember but the first night we spent together I cuddled up my back against you. I was amazed at myself that I had done that; I had spent years clinging to my side of the bed not wanting to share my space. Then you came along and in one night I want to be close to you. Close and vulnerable how quickly you melted me…In the middle of the night, you wake me with a soft caress. During the night you have rolled over and you are now behind me spooning the best you can since you have a rock hard dick. You reach around me and caress my breasts then move to my neck and shoulders. You ask if it is ok if you enter from back there, by now I am practically panting so what can I say but YES. Again I am thrilled that we can make love lying on our sides me curled up so you can fuck me with no hindrance. We are both so close, ‘please baby, I want to see you when you cum’. So in one synchronized movement we roll so you are on top, ‘bang me baby’ is all I can get out. OMG do you oblige me. I am hot and wet; I can feel you, the perfect size for my pussy. Banging, the slapping of skin on skin, the slick sweat, then my legs start to tense up you know I am close so you stop for just a second, I whimper ‘PLEASE’. That is all you need, GAWD I love you. The looks in your eyes as you stare down at me says it all. We both cum, and let out the breath we were holding and didn’t even know it. Next comes a heart stopping kiss, we know every inch of each other’s mouths. I run my tongue over your slick teeth, thrust my tongue in your mouth twisting and melding with your tongue. I really could kiss you for hours; my crouch would be soaking, but still. I get up to get a warm cloth to clean you off. I gently wipe you down and they crawl in beside you. Once again I just want to cuddle up and touch you, so I do. We fall asleep again.The next morning I decide to give you a scrub in the shower. Cinnamon and vanilla scrub from last night, was it just last night you got here? Then I soap bursa escort bayan you up and down, we are both sated for now so all we do is shower and caress. . . .with soap. Of course there is some dick dancing and pussy purring but I do have plans for today. It is late so I have planned a late brunch at another local place. They have a fireplace on the front patio so we sit out there drinking bloody mary’s and talk . . . . about everything . . . .about nothing. Brunch takes us a couple of hours and then we decide to explore the city. I lead you to a group of shops, you know I have a destination so you just follow along. As soon as you see the store you have a feeling of love and appreciation for me and my appreciation for you, I did tell you this weekend was all about you. We are at a cook’s market, all the exotic spices, scents, fruits, vegetables and meats at our fingertips. The staff is so welcoming and helpful. They let us taste and question as much as we want. At least 2 hours has passed looking around. Unfortunately, we can’t buy something fun to experiment with and go home to cook together. We decide to buy a big piece of cheese and a few crackers then get a bottle of wine at the wine store next door, and go for a walk and a small picnic. Yes, I know it has only been a couple of hours since we ate but who knows how long we will continue to browse at the multitude of shops here. They are all specialty shops and we have the entire day together.After a nice afternoon of window shopping, we decide to go to a local park. We sit on bench and people watch. The air is a little cold so we cuddle up next to each other. I can’t express in mere words how much this relaxing day with you has meant to me. We have talked about everything and nothing, just enjoying each other. I like to look at you when you talk, you are slightly animated with a twinkle in your eye and, of course, I love listening to your voice. As we make our way back to the hotel I tell you it’s ok to catch up with your Blackberry. I know you have avoided looking at it most of the day and I want you all to myself tonight so I want you to take care of the business you have waiting. Again, we are both a little sleepy (can you tell I love napping with you?), so we decide to lay down a take a quick nap. Also, we both know it may be a long night, mmmm. We sleep. Do you think it’s weird I want to have sex with you every time we are in bed together? I really would like a quickie but I don’t want to wear us out for later tonight. I have a plan in mind that I don’t want to ruin. So instead we kiss and pet and pant. You know I have something special planned for tonight; you don’t want to know while at the same time you are dying to know. My first surprise is my lingerie; I have a cami/corset combo on with my boobs out. (Please see pic) You and I are the only 2 people that know I am sticking the girls out under my clothes. Considering my age and breast size it really is amazing they are still ‘up there’, I know my nips are pointed in a southerly direction but the boobs don’t hang too low. . . .yet. Obviously I can wear a form fitting top, or maybe I can under a larger swing sweater. So out we go, you are commando on the bottom I am commando on the top. When I am with you I have a sense of wild, fearless abandon when I am with you. I trust I can do, say, or wear anything and you will appreciate me. The restaurant tonight is on the nicer side. We decide to have drinks on the patio before going into dinner. Again, our conversation is awesome. We are enjoying the view, the fire pit, and the company. After a while we sit in silence, a nice peaceful silence, not awkward. You are wondering what the heck I have planned for later while I am scheming in my head hoping that everything will be perfect for you.Our dinner is awesome. I could go into detail what my dish is like but I want to share other things with you. The salad we shared was tasty, spinach, raspberries, red onion, gorgonzola, and vinaigrette, really simple but delish. Again, we share a bottle of wine. I know we should drink white with seafood but I don’t care for white so you appease me and order a great red blend. Yes, I am a little tipsy. Not slurring my words or weaving when I walk just happy and sated. I have noticed all night you have been staring at my boobs. Like you wish you had superman’s x-ray vision. I think it is fun that we know about the commando part of our attire and no one else does. So I excuse myself to get up and go to the restroom. As I walk by you, I lean down to give you just a gentle peck on the lips and you reach up and grab a boob. Maybe grab isn’t the right word, caress? Anyway, that makes me hot! I still have one surprise left and I don’t want to ruin it so I take a nice long drink of wine and settle down. We finish at the restaurant and I ask if we can go for one short walk. Then you notice a small strip of little shops hidden behind the restaurant. You follow me around and see that we are going into a cigar parlor. Now, I will not lie and tell you I love the smell in the shop. I ask you to pick the cigar that most appeals to you. As you ponder I walk over and get two glasses of scotch, yes, I am going to try it tonight. Then we step outside, this place has a lot of fire pits!, we sit, you smoke, we sip. After thoroughly enjoying the smoke and drink we head back to the hotel. I want the atmosphere to be perfect so we light candles and open the bed. I didn’t plan for any music but I really don’t think we need to set the mood too much since we are already in the mood. You are wondering if I am going to give you another bath, admittedly I did think about doing that but I want your body close to mine . . . . . . now. I begin to undress you never letting my eyes leave yours, I want you to see the passion and love in my eyes. Every piece of clothing I remove feels like I am opening a door. You have so many rooms and I want to unlock each one of them, in the end I will know you heart and soul. “I’m in love with the way you love me”, I say as I gently push you down on the bed. I begin to undress in front of you, though I am not really comfortable doing this you seem to really enjoy it so I peel off my clothes a layer at a time. When I get to my bra and panties you stand up and take my breast into your mouth, ohhh gawd that feels good. Immediately, both of my nipples harden and I am hot and wet. We stand at the foot of the bed, you suckling my breasts me running my hands over your head and down your neck. I want to make this night last but right now I want you….inside me. I step back to the desk. Did you notice there is a towel there? I sit on the desk, spread my legs, and pull you towards me. You are rock hard and I am hot and wet. “I want you to fuck me baby, please”, you smile that heartbreaking smile and enter. This is the perfect position for you not too much stress on your hip and I am at the perfect level so you don’t have to bend or adjust at all. I lean back close my eyes and feel you hard, stroking me inside and out. You put your finger down and massage my button; it is full as a tic and ready. You know I am so close to an orgasm, like me you want to see my face, you pull me up just as I cum and look me in the eye. Then you feel free to cum, fast and hard. I grab your shoulders to hang on and tell you to fuck me, again please. You have release!We are both panting; your legs are a little weak. You pull away from me and I cannot help but whimper, I really don’t want to let you go. You walk to the bathroom to get a warm cloth for both of us. We lie on the bed. I whisper I have more planned for tonight but I just need a little time. You agree that you do to, so we cuddle up and talk. You know I am ready again as I begin to stroke your chest lower and lower. You are lying on your back and as I look down at your cock, I love the way it sits there slightly turned up just waiting for the attention it deserves. I lean down and start to lick and suckle your nipples. And it begins again…As I lick and suck on your nipples I reach down and stroke your cock ever so gently. As I move down the side of your body I continue to hold on and I can feel you growing in my hand. I can’t help myself I have to lean down and lick the very tip like I am licking a lollipop. escort bursa It is a temptation to suck you into my mouth but I have other plans, so just a lick it is…for now.I lean in and stroke my fingers down the inside of your thighs from your balls to mid-thigh. I reach down and massage the back of your knees then back up to your balls. I wonder if lightly licking your balls would turn you on…or off, I go ahead a lick each one, again not pulling either into my mouth just licking and touching. I hear a slight moan from you so I think that was a great idea! I have always been curious about that dark space between your balls and your anus; it is such a tight little package. I decide to stoke that space with my fingertips, just a touch of pressure not to hurt just to test, the entire line from balls to ass. Is that another moan I hear? It must feel good. I want to put my tongue and lips where my fingers have just traveled; I look into your eyes asking for permission. I definitely see lust; hot, sultry, down and dirty lust in those beautiful eyes. I perceive that look as approval and permission to continue on my journey. My tongue puts pressure and then my lips kiss, all the while I am stroking your penis, just a stroke no gripping yet. Your cock is HARD and HOT, it might be pulsing or that might be my blood pulsing through my body. As I kiss your dark place I stick my tongue out and let the tip just touch your anus. You start, did I just shock you with my dirty ways? You have mentioned on a couple of occasions that move would totally turn you on. I want to turn you on so I tried it to see if you really do like it. I whisper, “baby, is that ok?”, you whisper yes. I lick your balls one more time on my journey back to your cock. I have been reading up on how to please my lover, we don’t get much time to talk, about anything let alone what you would like me to do to pleasure you. I need to treat your cock like an ice cream cone, or a lollipop, since they are two different tongue ‘techniques’ I want to try both. First, ice cream cone, of course I have to take your dick into my mouth and give my lips a squeeze as I move out and off. Next, I lick the sides ice cream dripping down the sides needs to be licked up. Then I swirl my tongue around the tip and then take another lip suck into my mouth. Now the lollipop is just licking all the way from the base to the tip, trying not to miss any little bit of your cock. I cannot help myself, I stop to linger on the spot on the back side just below the tip. The texture of that spot draws my tongue, and my lips. With a taut tongue I massage that spot, you grab the back of my head and say, “GAWD lover, you are such a slutty girl, MY slutty girl”. I have been working on trying to take your entire dick in my mouth, I apologize I am not deep throat, I take you in there is not much room for my tongue to move around so I just suck and move, in and out. With each movement in I try to take you a little deeper. Then I pull off and begin to finish my ice cream cone.I move around and kiss your inner thigh from the crease of your leg down to your knee and back up the other leg. I then settle myself stomach down between your legs, I look up at you and you smile that heart stopping little grin that I love so much. I don’t know if you like it as much as I do when I shimmy my body up yours pressing my boobs together to cradle your cock, I love that feeling. As I move up your body, I lean in and give you kisses and licks all the way up to your nipples. I suck and nip those, you groan and grab my face and pull me in for a kiss.I move back down to your dick. One last experiment, I suck you into my mouth and just as you are almost all the way in I put my tongue on top and push it against the tip of your cock, then let it push past down the shaft. “oh gawd” is all I hear from you. I didn’t know if this move would hurt you or not, doesn’t seem like it is hurting you at all just turning you on. I try that move just a couple more times and I move my head up and down sliding on your cock. At this point I am not really sure which way to move, I want to press my boobs over your cock and shimmy up your wonderfully hard chest. The friction your chest hair causes against my nipples just excites me more. As I move up I stretch my neck out for you to kiss, you know how much I love this so you oblige my neck, the crease of my shoulder and then you have to take a nipple into your mouth. I ask you to nip me with your teeth, my nipples are so taut granting that request is easy.I have been playing with your body for some time now, and I want to try one more thing, chocolate and then coconut oil. As you have already guessed, I am infatuated with your cock. I love the way it dances when I touch and kiss, I really love how rock hard my attentions can make it and (believe it or not) I love the way it looks! I love the way you look, all the time in any condition. So I want to slather on some warm chocolate, on your cock, on your balls and around the ring of your ass. I figure the best way to do it is with my hands, so I dig in the fondue pot and start spreading. You moan at the feel of the warm wet feel of the chocolate and the pressure my fingers are putting on you in all those places. When I am finished I begin to lick, I start at your ass and lick my way up. As I move up and over your balls you are making wonderful sounds. I think my tongue has to push a little harder to get this chocolate off, you are hot enough there is no way it will get hard, the chocolate that is, you are hard I am throbbing and wet and warm. I don’t want to get off subject here, BUT I know you think I am pulling your…leg… when I tell you no other person has ever turned me on the way you do. I know I am not the world’s best lover or most experienced but seriously you get my motor going with just a look, or a hug, or a smile, or a laugh…. Back to the chocolate and your splendid appendage, I have worked my way up for the finale of the blow job. I have been working on the throat opening thing and I am not quite there but I take you completely into my mouth and move my tongue around and up and down to get every bit of chocolate I can get. My mouth is sugary so I slip up and give you a wet, warm chocolaty kiss, then I lean back and whisper, “I want to get on my knees, I want you to fuck me until you orgasm, hard, fast, any way you want”. I slide off the bed and pump some coconut oil into my hand, you watch as I slather some on my pussy then reach over and slather some on your cock. I am afraid the chocolate may not be as viscous. You look at me and lick your lips as I touch my pussy, ‘get on your knees’, and I willingly get on my knees.You slide into me, so hard and hot, and start with a slow motion thrust. You, and I, want to make this last as long as we can but we have our limits. You push and thrust, hard, filling me, taking me, pleasuring me. I am full with you in me, ‘rub your clit’, I oblige. I work my clit the way you taught me to, almost jacking it off in micro movements sliding back and forth over that little swollen button. My knees shake, my arms shake and you can feel my pussy contracting with each thrust. I want to hold you in while at the same time I want you to pound into me. You grab my hips and thrust, ‘baby please’ is all I can say. I want so much for you to be satisfied please let yourself go. . . . . . and you do.We fall onto the bed. On weak legs I get up to get you a warm towel to wipe off, after you are done you share it with me and place the towel on my still throbbing pussy and give it a gentle squeeze. After a few minutes we cuddle/snuggle into each other. I love touching you, I run my hands along your electric fur. I want to touch you everywhere all at once, your ears, your head, your shoulders and on and on.Eventually, we each turn and fall asleep.Sometime in the middle of the night we wake, once more both horny as hell, how can that be? All it takes is a few sweet kisses and you know I am ready. Lying on our sides you enter from the back, reach around and caress my breasts and ask me to rub my clit. We are getting into a rhythm it is slow and perfect. I wake you with a back scratch, light touch but it makes you feel good. We don’t really have time for much so we shower together giving each other a soapy scrub memorizing each part until we see each other again.We part with I love you’s and kisses, we promise to try to do this more often. As you walk away I wipe a single tear from my eye, I miss you already.

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