How and when did i discover i liked women and not


How and when did i discover i liked women and notChapter No1it was some years ago, but its as clear as if it happened yesterday.. I was on my way home from school one afternoon when i suddenly needed a wee, luckily there is a big named suppermarket close by so i thought i will pop in there, i was so tiny back then no one would take any notice of a girl in her school uniform going to the restroom.. In i went, the first thing that caught my young attention, was that it was very very clean, it smelt really nice, so i felt comfortable. it had 3 stalls and 3 washhand basins and a dryer, why am i telling you this?Its called setting the scene…LOLanyways i pick the stall at the end No3, the furthest from the door, i go in, lock the door and look around clean, nice.. i pull my skirt up and my pants down and sit down just as i start to gush pee in a heavy stream, it made a terrible noise and worried me a bit, but it was soon coming to its end when i heard the main door open and shut again, the cubicle next to me closed with a loud click of the lock.. i sat for a bit kinda holding my breath, as bursa escort the rustling and banging and that in the next cubicle next door, i just sat and thought for a bit i looking down at my bald nunu with toilet paper in hand i put my hand down and was wiping myself, front to back as mommy tought me, when as i lent back to do so i saw this piece of paperr come through a hole in the wall a hole id not noticed untill now it fell at my feet, i bent and picked it up and whith shaking hands i opened it up and it said……” i saw you coming in the store i thought you were a cute little thing and i wanted to do something safe so i followed you….Look through the hole this paper fell through ” well my heart was beating so fast i didnt know what was going on or what to expect as i stood to look through the hole in the wall my pants fell round my ankles and my skirt flopped down… i shuffled over to the hole and put my eye to it, and wow i didnt know then that this was the start of my coming of age albe it a little early, but shhhhh…… as i peeped in to the next cubicle, at first appeared bursa escort bayan to be empty, then all of a sudden because i jumped a woman of about my age today, 25 appeard on the standing in front of the hole on the opposite wall, at first i didnt get it? because back then i didnt know people did that, but anyway she was legs apart and was touching her really bushy nunu, in a way i didnt getbut watching her made me so excited i put my hand under my skirt to my hairless nunu and began to watch this total stranger and slide my little hand down the small crease my nunu made up the front ( i know now its called a camel toe )she lifetd her top and was braless as was i but my little things didnt need one, hers were nice i remember thinking as i watched suddenly the main door squeeked open and shut again so all activity stopped, we both i guess sat there wondering how long theyd be here….5 mabe 7 minutes i heard the door close out front, at that point i wanted to run away home to my room but i thought see what happens, im safe in here the doors locked….i was getting more escort bursa adventureus with my hand and fingers and was now for the very first time in my life trying to copy this lady and push a finger in myself, but it was so tight, i looked in my satchel and found a biro pen and i tried it but it to only went n so far as i was still virgo intactico but i did beging to feel moist and eventully could get just my index finger in, omg she was brilliant, no moan or anything but a lot of squwelching sounds, i was still unawares of what i was doing but i knew i liked it and i really liked watching and rememeber thinking i was i was grown enough to do that with an older woman, little did i know? the main door opened again and it sounded like the cleaner or security, we both stopped what we were doing and sat again, i carried on rubbing my nunu from the front very quietly, when the door went again i jumped up straight the whole but my very first experince had lef the toilets, i went back often after that day but was only lucky once more as i was a bit older by this time it was even hornier, because now… i knew what to do and what the outcome is, as im a gusher, so you know what i mean anyway next time ill tell you very intimate experience i had in my local council swiming pool, untill then.. this is me now, keep moist xxxx

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