How I Found Myself in a Ring of Naked Guys at my B


How I Found Myself in a Ring of Naked Guys at my BHow I Found Myself in a Ring of Naked Guys at my Bukkake InitiationIn an hour of group sex, I’d become a true bukkake cum slut. It was exactly what I was meant to be, and it felt incredible. As my face became covered in semen and the streaks stained my nurses’ uniform, I knew my life had changed.wet woman surrounded by menI’ve only got one kinky secret, but I still find it hard to tell my partners. For years, I’ve been a total bukkake whore, only happy with a bunch of guys standing over me, ready to unleash their cum all over my face. But it wasn’t always like that. I had to find out how much of a slut I really was, and I did so by joining the local swingers scene on an online encounters site. Before that, I was completely normal. Well, I had plenty of guys hanging around, and I slept with plenty of them. But I never got into group sex, and I never even thought about bukkake. Until I met up with the guys on that website, I didn’t even know what bukkake was. When one mentioned it to me, I thought it was some sort of food – a cake or a kind of sushi. I guess I’d been hanging with the wrong crowd. No-one taught me about one of the most incredible sexual experiences a girl can have. Believe me, it’s quite a rush. Here’s how I found out.Everything Changes When I Join an Online Hook-Ups SiteI remember it well. It was about three years ago illegal bahis when I was 25. I’d just broken up with a long-term boyfriend, and I was getting bored. The men at my work were all taken or rubbish in bed (don’t ask how I know), and I never seemed to meet anyone worth knowing at the local bars. I needed something different. So I searched on the web for dating sites. After trying a couple of conventional sites, I decided to try something more exotic. One of my web searches came up with an adult encounters site, and I jumped at the chance. Suddenly, the prospect of a site full of horny guys desperate for sex seemed irresistible. I could wrap them round my little finger, or so I thought. I started to get power hungry. Hell, maybe I could even start playing the dominatrix role and get myself a slave. Little did I know, but the reality would turn out to be completely different, and much more satisfying. Anyway, I signed up, added a couple of bikini pictures and one taken by my ex of me in a pink nurses’ uniform. He could never get enough of that costume, and it was still there, hanging in the open closet next to my desk. I touched it, wondering if any of the guys on the site would want to play the role of patient. Soon, I was on the site and chatting.The Local Swingers Group Invites me Over for an Evening of SexBefore long, I was being flooded with messages. One of the guys seemed illegal bahis siteleri cute, and he invited me to join a private group. “Don’t worry,” he wrote, “they’re all great guys, we’ll take it as fast as you like.” I joined up instantly. This was what I wanted – a community of men to serve me. There was a group of local guys there, and 5 of them had a free evening. I think they did what they do every weekend, and invited a girl over for some fun. I guess they saw my nurses’ uniform and thought that I would be up for anything. The idea of being dominated never crossed their minds. In fact, it was going to be the other way round, and I think they assumed that I knew that. I had no idea. As far as I was concerned, I was in charge. When I got to the host’s house, they were all there. Everything seemed fine, until I realised something. I don’t know why it took me so long to realise, but every single one of them was wearing bathrobes with a black face-mask. The door closed shut behind me and part of me wanted to open it again. But most of me was intrigued, and turned on. This was new. What did they want me to do?I Get Dragged Into an All-Night Cum Drenched Sex SessionOne of them came and took my bag and coat, uncovering my pink uniform. It barely covered my hips, it was so short. I could see their eyes move up and down, sizing me up, preparing for something. “Come on into canlı bahis siteleri the bedroom” one of them said, and gently took me by the arm. The bedroom was spotless, with pure bright sunlight coming through a ceiling window. The only strange detail was the pair of leather manacles attached to the bed frame, which were now being strapped around my wrists. I made no move to escape. By now, I was totally in their power. Any ideas about taking control were gone.Pretty soon, the guys were taking turns fucking me. They made me lie face down on the bed, then doggy, then flipped me over. But none of them came. That would come later. After all five of them had their fun. There was a moment’s pause. I thought that was the end, but I didn’t want it to be. I wanted more, and I got it. The next second, the manacles had been cut away from the frame and I was on the floor. As I rolled over, my hands still tied together, the room became dark as all of the guys stood over me, their cocks out, erect, pointed straight at my face. I can remember their urgency, their groans as they got ready to come. I was about to receive the load of my life, and it was amazing. Instead of trying to flinch, I gradually opened my mouth. Well before they started to come, I was kneeling obediently, ready to do whatever they wanted. In an hour of group sex, I’d become a true bukkake cum slut. It was exactly what I was meant to be, and it felt incredible. As my face became covered in semen and the streaks stained my nurses’ uniform, I knew my life had changed. I’d been initiated into something special, the world of all-out, cum-soaked bukkake. I was a new woman.

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