How My Sexuality Began Part 3

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How My Sexuality Began Part 3How My Sexuality Began Part 3I could not stop from thinking about Marie all night. It was all I could do to hide my persistent hard on from my parents.Next morning on my way down the stairs going to school, I saw Marie. I asked her when we will get together again. She said that she is working a double today, so we can get together again tomorrow afternoon, after I get home from school. I was so happy, but had trouble concentrating in school. I was daydreaming about Marie and how much fun I have been having with her. The girls in the class noticed something strange about me. Cathy asked me if “I was getting laid”.I said, “No” and she said that I looked like a guy that has been having sex. “Who is it”? “No one you know”, I said.I went home after school and did my homework right away and got it all done. Then I decided to “get ahead” of the school work. I read a few chapters ahead in my History book and looked ahead in my Geometry book so I could be caught up and have fun with Marie.When I went to school the next day, all the girls were looking at me. I just smiled and continued on with the day. The day couldn’t end fast enough for me.FINALLY, the bell rang and I raced home. Well, not home; to Marie’s apt.I rang her bell and waited for quite a while. Then I heard her coming to the door. She opened the door and said for me to come in. I think I may have awakened her.She said to come in and relax while she had a cup of coffee. “I’ll be with you in a few minutes”. I sat on the sofa and fantasized about Goddess Marie. Then she said from her bedroom, “Why don’t you remove your clothes for me”.It was more of an order than a question. I removed my clothes and sat waiting for her.She emerged from her bedroom wearing only white lingerie… bra, panties, stockings, garter belt, and high heels. I instantly started to get a hard on.She said that she was going to give me an enema until I was clean, then she was going to fuck me with a strap on cock. But first my enema(s)!She had laid a rubber sheet over her bed. “Get on the bed. On your back, while I prepare your first enema solution”.I got on the bed on my back as told. The rubber scent was erotic and my cock got hard.Goddess came in a few minute later and saw my raging hard on and smiled. “MMMMMMMMMM someone is excited”!I turned red and smiled back at her.She had a different looking nozzle at the end of the enema tubing. It looked like a short cock, maybe 5” long.She put gobs of lubricant on it and told me to spread my legs and pick them up to my head. I felt her finger probing my ass and adding multiple fingers in and stretching me.My ass was ready for her and she slowly pushed the cock shaped nozzle into me. Before she let the water go, she played with me by pushing it in and out of my ass. Then like a river, the solution began flowing in hard and fast. She grabbed my cock and balls and started stroking my cock and squeezing my balls. I was flowing pre-cum just as fast as the solution was going in.When the bag was empty, she continued to work the nozzle in and out and all around, making me moan like a whore. She bent down and kissed my cock and balls, then walked me to the toilet with the nozzle still in me. When I sat down, she pulled the nozzle out and the solution gushed out. The expulsion looked clean, but Marie said that one more was in order. I watched her fill the bag again and she led me to the bedroom again, by my cock.“On your knees this time”! I did as ordered. She had full view of my balls hanging down and my cock pointing straight out.The bag emptied and she led me to the toilet as before and removed the nozzle.The water came gushing out, again. “MMMMM good”, she said. “Water is clear.” “Before I go, do you like what I’m wearing?” “Oh Yesssss Goddess”!“Good, I think you will like what I’ll be wearing when I meet you in the bedroom, shortly”. “Clean yourself up and go to the bedroom.”I cleaned up and washed my cock, as it had been running rivers of pre-cum, then made my way to the bedroom.She entered shortly wearing a sheer see through white blouse, and a short black skirt. I had to guess that the lingerie was the same. At least the stockings were.She had me sit on the edge of the bed and told me that I have been a very good “patient and toy” and that she had a wonderful surprise for me.She bent down and kissed me and her tongue went into my mouth. I returned the action. OMG was I HOT. I needed her pussy so bad. She took a step back and raised her skirt. Out popped a black strap on cock about 9 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. My eyes must have popped out of my head, because she asked, “Do you like it”? “Oh yes Goddess, I do”.“Good!”She stepped forward and said, “Open wide”.And she slowly pushed the cock into my mouth. “Suck it my little toy whore”. I greedily sucked it. And she started to move her hips, fucking my mouth. She then started to push it down my throat until I began to gag. I made an oral mess on and under the cock. All the time I could maltepe escort smell her essence and it drove me wild.She removed the cock from my mouth/throat and told me to get on the bed on my knees.She pushed the cock into my ass and started fucking me, slowly at first then faster. She reached under me and began stroking my cock and squeezing my balls. I wanted to shoot right then. She must have sensed that and said, “Don’t cum or I will castrate you”.“Roll onto your back”! She put my legs on her shoulders and fucked me hard and fast. She was the most beautiful person in the world!After several minutes, she pulled out of me and ripped off the strap on and sat on my face. I licked her through her white panties, inhaling all her aroma. She worked her hips on my face and suddenly yelled out “Oh shit, I’m cumming” and gushed cum all over my face and into my mouth. I sucked it all up and licked her dry. My cock felt like it was going to tear out of its skin.She rolled off me and lay on her back. “I want you to fuck me. I will guide you since it is your first time”.I got between her legs and she guided me into her. “Now do to me what I did to your ass.” I began pumping and it felt so wonderful. Her body temperature on my cock head was another level of pleasure. And I think I was hitting the back of her pussy and it felt unbelievable!“That’s it baby. You are doing a good job and it feels sooooo good.” “Harder and faster”!I banged her as hard and as fast as I could. She began moaning and making noised and began bucking her hips up to meet my thrusts.We were going hard and fast and she said, “You can cum inside me baby”.She let out a shriek and climaxed hard and I came at the same time, shooting my jizz into her. She pulled me close and began kissing me and fondling my back and neck. “Oh baby, you are one hell of a fuck. Better than some of the doctors at the hospital!” “You gave me such a wild orgasm”. “Now, clean me up”! She pushed my head down between her legs and told me to suck my cum from her and lick up all her pussy orgasm.We laid there and she took off her shirt and had me lick her breasts and she took off her bra and told me to suckle on her nipples. As I did, she began to moan and I started getting hard again. Her moans were mesmerizing and they made me suckle and lick even more.I felt her hand reach down between her legs and she began playing with her clit. I reached down there too. Her moans got even louder and she had another orgasm, which I cleaned again.She then got down and sucked my raging cock and balls until I shot another huge load, into her mouth.“You know, I have made you my sex slave”! I said, “Yes Goddess, I know. And I love it.”“Good.”We cuddled for a while and as we did I inhaled all of her that I could. She always smells so sensual, soft and desirable.“Come, let’s go shower so you can to home not smelling like a whore. LOL”.We had a sensual shower together and I dressed to go home. “Tell your folks that I have some work for you at my lake cottage and ask if it would be ok for you to stay the weekend.”I said that I would ask and let her know tomorrow.“Rest up. You will need it!”With that I went home. I asked my parents if it would be ok for me to spend the weekend with Marie.They discussed the pros and cons and finally agreed to let me go.I saw Goddess Marie in the hall and told her that I could go for the weekend.She told me to pack a normal bag that everything we will need, she will bring. “If you think my lingerie was nice last night, wait ‘till you see it this weekend”!Now I can’t wait for Friday night!Friday seemed to drag on and on. Finally it was over, and I raced home. I left a note for my parents and told them I would call them. But in any case, I will be home Sunday evening.I grabbed my bag and walked to Marie’s apt. I knocked on the door and Marie opened it.I was so disappointed. She had on a pair of jeans and a printed T-shirt.“Don’t look so sad my little slave. You are not going to be disappointed. We got into her car and she drove off to her cottage.The drive took about 2 hours and my head was spinning with the scent of her perfume. I was intoxicated!We arrived at a quaint little cottage that looked like an English cottage in the country side. It was a lovely cottage. The furnishings were 1st class without being ornate.We entered and she led me to the bedroom. “WE will sleep here, together”.I blushed.“No need to blush after what we have done together.” “No need to unpack, you will not need those clothes, “she said with a wry smile.“Would you like something to drink?”“Yes, please Goddess. A cola if you have it.”Marie went to the small kitchen and retrieved a cola from the fridge.She showed me around the cottage and the grounds. It was very lovely and secluded.“The fishing is wonderful, do you fish?”“Yes, but I’m not good at it.”“Yeah, just like you’re not good in bed! LOL”“Just sit back and relax. Take a nap if you like. My friends won’t be here for a few hours yet.”“FRIENDS??!!!” escort maltepe “Yes a few nurses from work are spending the weekend with us. They wanted to meet you. When they get here, we will go to dinner”.“Relax baby, no one will hurt you, too badly”. ”I’m joking!” “No one is going to hurt anyone”.My heart was racing thinking about all the possibilities that could happen.I was tired from the long ride, so I closed my eyes and fell off to sleep. I must have slept for about an hour or two when I awoke.Goddess had changed from her jeans into a lovely short skirt, black stockings, black pumps, and a black almost see-through blouse. She was beautiful and sexy at the same time.“Goddess, may I change my clothes too, something presentable for dinner?”“Yes baby go ahead. Do you need help?”“I don’t think so, but you can watch if you wish”.Goddess came into the room while I changed.“Oh how I want to have you for dinner. I just want to eat that cock.”With that, my cock began to get hard.“That’s what I want” she said. “But it will have to wait ‘til later”.She teasingly began to rub her breasts and inhaled loudly. That didn’t help matters much.When I finally finished dressing, she grabbed me and started kissing me and said, “I wish I could have you 24/7”.That’s when we heard a car pull into the gravel driveway.We straightened ourselves up and went into the living room. Goddess opened the door and greeted her co-workers. They were dressed casual for the ride.I was introduced to Joanne and Sandra.Each was about 5-3 or 5-5. Very lovely features and very friendly! “So this is steve!” “We have heard a lot about you”!I blushed. OMG, what did they hear from Marie. “Oh look at him blush! How sweet”!Each of them gave me a kiss on the cheek. They both smelled wonderful.“Where can we change, Marie?” Marie showed them to their room.“Sorry but you guys have to double up”.“That’s not a problem, might be fun!”In a few minutes, Joanne and Sandra emerged from the bedroom. Each was more beautiful than the other.Joanne was dressed in a simple black pencil dress with sheer black stockings and high heels.Sandra was dressed in a red satin blouse, black satin skirt, nude stockings and black heels.I am going to have dinner with three of the most beautiful women in the world, I said to myself.Sandra said, “Let’s go to that seafood restaurant on the cove.”We all agreed and off we went. When we walked in, all heads turned around to look at us. I was the most proud guy, being seen with these gorgeous women.We were seated and ordered and ate a wonderful meal. The ladies seemed to have a few too many drinks with dinner.They were laughing and giggling and that turned me on.Before we got to the car, Joanne and Sandra said that they wanted me to sit between them in the back seat. Goddess told me to sit between them and be a good boy. “So, you’re the stud that Marie has been bragging about.”Again I blushed and said, “I’m no stud”!“That’s not what we hear at the hospital.”“Steve, I want you to know that Joanne and Sandra are Dominant Women like me. So, for this weekend you will follow their directions as if they came from me.”I was listening, but they weren’t. Their hands and lips were all over me. Kissing my cheek, tonguing my ears, fondling my crotch! OMG, I will be their play meat this weekend.I knew I was going to be a sex boy toy for Marie, but never imagined being one for an additional two nurses. I didn’t know whether to be happy or scared to death. I trusted Goddess Marie, so I wasn’t too worried.We got to the seafood restaurant and all during dinner Mistress Joanne and Sandra could not keep their hands off my crotch. I’m just glad they didn’t take my cock out.After we finished dinner, with me paying the check, we got into Goddess Marie’s car for the ride back “home”.They fondled my crotch again and this time they pulled out my cock. “MMMMMM what a nice piece of meat”, they almost said in unison. They caressed it and stroked it and Mistress Sandra bent down and French kissed my cock head.When we finally got to Goddess Marie’s house, the Ladies ran into the house and left me to stuff my hard on into my pants and “walk” into the house.Once inside, I was handed a pair of sheer panties and was told to put them on and nothing else. I did as instructed and waited for the Ladies.I waited about 5 minutes or so and the Mistresses arrived in the living room.Mistress Marie was dressed in a very short latex nurse uniform with white stockings and white 5 inch heels. The zipper on the top was pulled down enough to reveal her white lace bra and cleavage.Mistress Joanne was dressed in a black corset, black panties, black stockings and black lace shelf bra. She wore black vinyl boots that came above her knees.Mistress Sandra was wearing a sheer blouse with a black bra underneath. She had on a skirt that was very short, exposing her black stocking tops and black garters. She had on 5” black pumps which really accentuated her legs. Mistress Marie’s and Mistress Sandra’s maltepe escort bayan skirts were so short that as they walked their panties peeked out from underneath.Each was wearing a stethoscope around their neck, and Mistress Sandra and Mistress Joanne carried a small black “doctor’s” type bag.Each of them looked at me wantonly and smiled but said nothing.Goddess Marie said, “Ok all, follow me to the clinic”. Mistress Marie led the way and we followed Her down to the basement. (Me wearing a collar and leash that Goddess had put on me).When the lights were flipped on, I was amazed to see an almost complete medical clinic. “Sit on the exam table”. I did and Goddess went to a cabinet and came back holding two fairly large syringes and two ampules of something. She told me that one will make me and keep me hard for several hours so that they could have their ways with me. The other is a mild tranquilizer to relieve any fear of anxiety.THAT statement made me scared as hell. What were they going to do to me? I was pushed down onto the exam table and Mistress Sandra held me still while Mistress Marie injected me with the sedative. Mistress Joanne took off my sheer panties and placed my feet in the stirrups. I was then strapped down and Mistress Sandra filled the syringe with the d**g to make and keep me hard. I was further restrained by the Mistresses while Mistress Sandra injected the d**g into the side of my penis (Which had gone completely limp by now).I had three dominant nurses prodding and examining me. Their hands and the smell of their perfume made my cock stir again. I have large pointy nipples, so Mistress Sandra took advantage of that and licked and sucked them. My cock felt like it was going to tear apart, it was so hard.Now each of them put on exam gloves and masks. They went to the autoclave and placed some items into it and sterilized them.While they were waiting, they played with my cock and balls and fingered my asshole. I don’t know if they were studying my cock and balls or admiring them, but they seemed to enjoy the view. Nurse Joanne said, “His scrotum is too small, let’s make it bigger”! She took out a huge syringe and drew out 30cc of saline from her supply. She wiped my scrotum with alcohol and proceeded to inject my scrotum with the saline. She did that a few more times for her sheer fun of sticking me with a needle. Then she retrieved a catheter and a bag of saline and began the drip into my ball sac.The bell on the autoclave “dinged” and they retrieved their instruments. Mistress Sandra asked, “Should we pierce his nipples and cock head”? A wave of terror shot through me. I yelled, “NOOOO”!I was told to shut up and a cock gag was put in my mouth. I protested as best I could, “Mffffmffmmmmmmmffffff”! They all laughed at me.For I don’t know how long, they examined, teased and poked me. In the end I did get my nipples pierced.They left me tied on the table with the drip going in my ball sac, and went upstairs.When they returned, the drip was removed and the comment was made, “MMMM, nice balls now!” Each of them handled my balls and said “Oh yesss, very nice”!Nurse Sandra said that my balls were now the size of a baseball, and gave them a good pat. I jumped as best I could being strapped down.“OK girls, time to get our sexual desires satisfied”, said Mistress Marie.Mistress Marie unzipped her uniform and removed it. Nurse Joanne “got comfortable” and Nurse Sandra removed her skirt and sheer blouse (which by the way left nothing to the imagination) and stood there in her black lingerie.They began to suck my cock and one of them climbed up on the table and straddled my face. “Eat my pussy well or we will remove your balls”!I ate like my balls depended on it. (That was bad)All I know is that I got a face full of female cum and loved it and swallowed it all. Then I gently cleaned her. When she climbed off, I saw that it was Mistress Marie.Nurse Joanne got a urethral sound and slid it into my cock and began fucking my cock with it. As she was doing that Nurse Sandra was masturbating me. While they were bent over me, I heard Nurse Joanne say, “OMG Marie, are you eating my pussy”? “Yes, I know you like it”. Now picture this, my cock is getting fucked with a urethral sound, while being jerked off and Mistress Marie is eating Nurse Joanne. Nurse Joanne is making all kinds of erotic sex noises and grinding. I could not hold back any more and I shot a hot load even with the sound in my cock. Nurse Joanne and Sandra dove on my cock to lick up my huge load of cum. Then slid the sound out of my cock and they licked it clean.Nurse Joanne screamed and shot her load onto Mistress Marie’s face.Nurse Sandra got on top of me and pushed my cock into her hot wet pussy. She rode my cock fast and hard until she came. She shot her load all over my cock and balls. All three enjoyed licking me clean. And it felt so good.Mistress Marie said that we all should take a break and resume later if we are up to it. A look at the clock showed that it was well after midnight.After resting and jointly showering, we had a nice night cap and decided to continue tomorrow.We then all went to sleep.This is just one half of this weekend. Look for part 4 very soon. Leave comments please.

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