Husband’s Tale – later


Husband’s Tale – laterSo you won’t get bored with these stories, let’s fast forward ahead 4 years.We had gotten married and bought a cool duplex.I didn’t want her to feel like she had to work so she worked part-time and enjoyed herself too.When she had moved down from OK. she had told me something I’d never heard of before:A hot girl actually responding to stupid guys who tried to flag them down.If you do that to hot girls, do not be dissuaded by any one.It’s good healthy stuff and sometimes you get She had been flagged down by two black guys in a new Eldorado on Hwy 75 about where it crosses the River. She talked to them, got in their car, and went to the nearest motel and fucked both of them for about an hour and half.Then they took her back to her car and she went on.She said she loved it because it was just cool and naughty and now she was full with two cum loads in her cunt. She liked to put her fingers into the wetness and play with clit and lips while she drove.She didn’t wait for them to call the next day.She called them and did them both again and continued to see both of these black guys for the nearly year and half before I met her.One night, I was home from work when she came in from shopping.By then, I’d replenished her wardrobe to sexy little pullover dresses, tight izmir escort tights, crotchless fish-net and six inch pumps.She killed ’em every time she stepped out.Well she had on only this skimpy sheer yellow dress.I had convinced her to try going without panties some months before and she had just loved it.She was also now shaving her cunt totally.So when she walked in, I could see the shadow of sunlight through her dress for just an instant long enough to see her cunt lips outlined. “Wow! You are so fucking gorgeous today, baby!”She was all bubbly, noticeably excited.Then I saw why. Behind her stepping across the threshold was a huge, grinning, athletic looking, well-dressed black man.”Honey, this is Benny Valentine. I saw his corvette going down Harry Hines Blvd. and I flagged him down and brought him home. You like what me liking?”Benny was somewhat uncertain, meeting this hot woman’s husbands.”So you’re another flag down victim, eh?”He laughed.”Ah well, yes, I guess I am.”Leigh was just bouncing on her toes. She couldn’t wait to get at him. Benny turned out to be a super nice guy, ex-quarterback for Tulane Univ., and sporting the biggest cock I’d ever seen.”I knew it!” beamed my wife, unzipping Benny’s slacks and flopping this huge flaccid black meat into her hands. We were still escort izmir not even in thru the front door yet. Benny was kind of just waddling along being led.We made it inside, my wife shut the door and then whirled and pressed one hand against the back of the door, scooched her ass out with hips jack-knife fashion, and put Benny’s huge dick under the hem of her mini-dress against her wet cunt.Wiggling and squirming, she took the whole damn thing in one slow smooth gorgeous slide that made you want almost cum just to see it.Benny looked at me, his eyes bugging.”Holy..” he began as she slowly worked her pussy back and up and back and up.”Oh jeez!” he blurted, trying to pull back.But she forced him in her to the hilt and his huge dick throbbed like a fore arm at the gym, pumping and jerking a huge load into her cunt.”Oh yes, baby,” she stroked his face from around her shoulder.”Like that?”Benny just nodded.”Ok, now its my honey’s turn. He likes me last to himself.”She put both hands against the door and I pushed her minishirt further up.While Benny watched, stroking his wet dick, I slid my cock full to the end into her hot pussy. She was just gushing cum, and her cunt was so delightfully spread, even wider than usual. this the way I loved to fuck her, already full, wet, and ready. I came izmir escort bayan quicker and louder than usual, pounding and slapping Benny’s huge cum load up into ass and down her thighs.Her thighs were quivering, the awesomely shapely muscles twitching with arousal. She grabbed Benny’s cock again.”You better leave me your phone number bad boy,” she grinned mischeviously.”I want to know where he’s gonna be.”Benny was obviously overwhelmed. I patted him on the shoulder.”Are you for real?” he asked her, laughing.’Take me for a ride in your corvette, little big man?” she asked.He looked at me as she put his hand under dress for a palm full of wet pussy.”By all means.” I grinned.”Honey, can I show Ben Val how to properly open his hood?”I laughed.”You bet, baby!”Ben looked at me quizzically. But I just shooed him out the door after her.She was trotting down the pavement in her 6″ pumps, her tits bouncing in the tight low cut top, the hem still stuck up to one side in disarray. A beautiful tanned partial ass cheek, wet from cum, glistened in the sun. She giggled and pulled it down, waving to me.”We’ll be right back!” she exclaimed, opening the door and easing in, being sure Benny got a full shot of her wet pussy.’Opening the hood’ was her term for being fucked out in the open on the hood of the hottest car she could find. This was the hottest car and soon to have the hottest girl.The last time was a businessman going to lunch she’d flagged down in a Porsche.He missed his lunch that day.He came by for dinner that night.

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