I Made Him Cum TWICE!


I Made Him Cum TWICE!Hi everyone! Wow – I am really enjoying this summer! The hot weather really brings out the sex in people. I had a really busy weekend at the adult arcade this week. Yesterday – Sunday – it was really hot and humid, so I chose a pair of hot pink, butt baring short shorts with suspenders, a black bandera style halter top, and 3 inch black and pink high heels! I had a really cute little pink bow in my hair, a cute black clutch purse, and rhinestone sunglasses. Oh – and a frosted pink lipstick! I got such an erection, looking at myself in the full length mirror before I left!The adult arcade is about 3/4 a mile from where I live, so even in high heels it’s not a bad walk. I left my apartment at 2:30 and headed for the arcade. Under my clothes I had a black string bikini that I wear in the arcade when I’m outside the booth. The management is very lenient about what goes on back in the arcade, but I had a complaint from a customer once because I was walking around completely nude in just high heels. He was a regular there, a gay guy, and he was so offended he ran to the manager and complained. The manager was nice though, he told me that if I’m going to be out in the arcade I’d have to wear something. So I started wearing the bikini when I was in the arcade, and going nude in heels in the booth. Anyway, I always dress like a ho when I go to the maltepe escort arcades. Yeah, I get a lot of looks, catcalls, horn blowing, and propositions when I’m on the street. Yesterday I stopped in the 7-11 to get a water, and I heard some guy say, “Look at the legs on THAT!”I turned and saw two latino construction worker looking men staring at me. I’m totally passable, and I’m pretty also. I smiled and walked past them to pay for the water. When I was walking out I heard Ahmed the clerk whisper: “That’s a guy! she’s a tranny.”I smiled to myself. I knew Ahmed would fill them in on me, and that I hang out in the Adult arcade up the street. Believe it or not I get a lot of guys who follow me into the arcade from the streets. There’s a “modeling studio” located in the same building, so a lot of them think I work there, but the girls at the counter know me and usually tell them what the deal is with me. Most do not care that I’m really a guy.It was a little slow at first, so I just hung out, talking to this one old fag who hangs out there. Then I heard the loud click of the door to the arcade and I knew someone was coming in. I was wearing just the bikini and high heels. I heard footsteps and talking approaching. I laughed – it was the guys from 7-11! I smiled as the got near and I noticed that one of them had a huge boner tenting his shorts! I reached escort maltepe down and gave it a tight squeeze. “Want a blowjob, honey?”He nodded running his calloused hand over my legs. “Both together? I asked.”Me first,” he said. I smiled and led him, still holding his hard boner, into the booth. I stripped naked and watched as he took off his t-shirt and kicked off his cargo shorts. He stood there in just his work boots and jockey shorts! I knelt at his feet and hooked my thumbs into the waist band of his jockeys, and slowly eased them down. His hardon sprang free and brushed my pouty lips. I lifted his boots out of the shorts and ran my hands over his muscular legs – his calves and thighs were like IRON! I felt his strong hand run up the back of my neck and through my blonde hair, his other hand pushing his cock to my lips. He groaned as his boner sank into my spit filled mouth. I applied suction and began giving him a sweet blowjob. He was groaning loudly, and I knew that his friend was getting an earful. I drew back, spit hanging from his cock to my mouth. “You wanna fuck me? I asked.I stood up and got up on the bench, my face to the wall, my bare buttocks protruding. I felt him mount me and whimpered softly as the rigid cock entered the mouth of my anus and he began working it in balls deep. I shivered as his rough hands crept under my arms and cupped maltepe escort bayan my bare breasts, and laughed to myself as I felt him kissing my neck and ears as he fucked me in the ass. Like most Latino men he was very rough, slamming his pubis hard up against my buttocks. Suddenly I felt his body tense and he shouted out in a strangled voice, “I cum!” and I felt his semen pumping deep into my bowels, felt the contractions of his strong cock as it pumped cum into me. I used my ass muscles to milk him dry. He was breathing heavily as he backed off and I felt the motion of his penis as it slid from my ass cunt. I dropped to my knees and took his cum covered cock into my mouth to suck him clean. Most men are starting to get soft by this time, but his was rigid hard. So I began sucking his cock again and he grabbed my arm and pushed me to the bench. Oh my GOD – he’s gonna fuck me again!! He mounted my ass like a sex mad bull , his dick sliding up my cum greased anus and he began fucking me like a maniac – the entire booth was rocking, my head was pounding against the wall with every thrust – “BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!” And when he came this time he had his arms around me and for a minute I seriously though he was gonna crack my ribs! And you know what? When he walked out of that booth, his dick was STILL hard!When the door opened and he walked out, I saw a line of men craning their necks to see who had been getting fucked so hard. The other Latino was next to the door and so he came in and I had sex with him too. After that I didn’t get a break until around 5:30, then around 7 it all got busy again.

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