I posted this on fictionmania a few years ago – it


I posted this on fictionmania a few years ago – it”Wow.” Andre looked at me over the top of his too small glasses (well, hehad a big – read fat – face, maybe glasses weren’t made in his size?).”That is so awesome – a spell of possession!”We had found an old book in the back of the stacks of the MiskatonicUniversity. Andre was an “intellectual” – he was always thinking aboutsomething. If he wasn’t thinking about one thing, he was thinking aboutsomething else. So, he gravitated to libraries, and I was his bestfriend, so I sometimes gravitated with him.It was a very strange book; the binding was like nothing I had ever seenbefore. It was some kind of very soft leather, the color of tanned skin,with the embossed face of a demon on the cover. It felt sort of creepy torun your fingers along it.And, there was no library card in the back. It didn’t say it was areserved book, but it didn’t exactly invite itself for check out. SoAndre hid it under the copious folds of his sweatshirt (or, maybe thecopious folds of his fat, but I’d rather not think about that) and weleft with it.Back safely in Andre’s room (also full of books, why he needed to stealany was beyond me), he started to read it. He said it was in English,although it didn’t much look like it, from around the time when settlersfirst came to the Americas (meaning the United States, he just spoke thatway.) Apparently, the Indians (translation of his phrase “aboriginalinhabitants” – you get the idea, so I’ll stop now) had some knowledge ofmagic that they imparted to some of the settlers, who dutifully recordedit. There were entries about getting good crops, good hunts, wishing badcrops and bad hunts on your enemies, all that kind of stuff. Then hecomes across this spell.”Possession! Have you ever thought about the nature of possession?””No, because I don’t know what it is.””Sure you do, Amityville horror, spirits of the dead possessing theliving, or the Omen, with the devil’s minions possessing humans?” He hada look of patience on his fat face. I sometimes wondered why he hung outwith me, except, that nobody else would.”Yeah, yeah, got it. No, never thought much about it.””Well, it was interesting. You normally have this concept of this allpowerful spirit inhabiting some person, but what if it’s all mixedaround, because the inhabitant is not all powerful, and the human isstill there, helping with things.””Interesting,” I said, not because it was, but because that was what hesaid to me when he wasn’t interested.”Yes! So here we have this spell of possession, one human taking overanother, not one powerful being taking over another, what would that looklike? How would that work?””No clue, dude.”He shot me an irritated glance. “Why don’t you let me look this over?I’ll give you a call if I find anything interesting.”This was a bit irritating. I’m not used to being dismissed. I am on thefootball team at Arkham High, after all (second string, but I still madethe team) and I can at least get girls to talk to me. I even got tosecond base once or twice (that is feeling the tits, right?)I was back in my room a couple of hours later, when my cell rang. Ipicked it up, and it was my aunt, Josie.”Rick, could you do me a big favor? I’m going to put a personal ad onYahoo, and I need some photos taken, and you have that nice digitalcamera.”Well, Josie is the teenager’s total wet dream (even if she was mymother’s sister.) She is about 5′ 10″, blond hair, blue eyes, a littleover 30, but she doesn’t look it. And, although I had only seen her titsand figure through he clothes, she looked totally awesome.”Sure Aunt Josie.” I was pretty certain the shots would be tame, youknow, head shots, but who knows?”And could you do me a little favor?” I waited until she told me, but she was obviously going to wait. “Whatfavor?””Well, could you not tell your parents you’re coming over here? I don’texactly want everyone to know what I’m doing. Could you tell them you’regoing to your friend Andre’s or something?”That was weird; I didn’t even know she knew Andre. “Sure thing. I’ll beright over.”Arkham, MA is a small town, so my aunt was within biking distance. I laidthe story on my parents, and headed over. I walked up the front porch of the house where my aunt lived by herself(she lived in the house my grand-parents left to her when they died.) Iknocked on the door, and heard a muffled “Come in!” from inside. I walked into the entry. Josie had never bothered to have the placepainted, so it still had the same dark wood and general spirit offoreboding it had when my grandparents lived there.”I’m in here.” I turned to the right and went into the parlor. Josie wasthere, in a short skirt and white top, looking absolutely fuckable(again, if you can say that about your Aunt). “What do you think?” She did a little twirl. “Very hot – I mean, very pretty Aunt Josie.”She stopped her twirl and gave me a big smile. “Silly, you can say I lookhot! After all, if I want to get dates, I need to have the right look inthe pictures, don’t I? And just call me Josie, after all, you are myfavorite nephew.”I was her only nephew, so that wasn’t much of a stretch – but this didn’tseem the time to point it out.”So, you’re the photographer! What should we do?” And she winked at me. Icould swear it was a suggestive wink, but how could that be?”Er, um, uh, well…” Ok, I can’t exactly say what I want to say. “Howabout some head shots?”I thought she looked a little disappointed. “OK.”I had her sit on the loveseat. The light looked pretty good there, and Idid shots from above and below, some profile, etc. “These are going to be great!” And it was true, they were probably someof the best I’d ever taken, but, consider the subject.”Show me,” she said, and scooted over on the love seat.Well, there wasn’t much room on the love seat anyway, and I perched atthe edge. She pulled me over closer so she could look at the display onthe camera. Her breast was pressed against my arm, and her hair tickledmy nose and she squinted at the display. “Don’t you need your glasses, Aunt, I mean Josie?””Glasses?” She looked into my face, so close I could feel her breath.”Oh, my glasses! Of course, how silly of me! Well, it’s not important,I’m sure the photos are perfect.” She almost purred the syllables of theword.”But,” she looked pensive.”Yes?””Well, shouldn’t we have some pictures of my outfit? I picked itspecially!”You bet! “That would be a good idea, it looks great.”I stood (although it was nice to sit beside her) and started taking morephotos. She crossed and uncrossed her legs in a way that let me know shewas wearing stockings. Suddenly she stood, and I started walking aroundher, taking pictures from the side, back and front as she canted herhips, stuck out her chest, looked sulkily over her shoulder – she seemedto have an endless store of sexy, pouty, smoldering looks.”How about some leg?” she asked, all innocence.”Leg – yeah! Great idea!”She put a leg up on the loveseat and pulled her skirt up a bit. She wasdefinitely wearing stockings, white with white garters. I almost droppedthe camera. “Th-th-that’s great!” I took some more shots.”You know, I may meet, well, you know, somebody special on line.” Shelooked at me speculatively.”Special?””You know, somebody I’m really interested in. Maybe we should take somepictures for him…as long as we’re taking pictures anyway.”My mouth went completely dry. I was thinking of asking for water, but Ididn’t want to interrupt anything. And, I couldn’t really form words. Myjeans felt way too tight, something Josie couldn’t have missed. I thinkshe may have given it an appraising glance.”So, what should I do for that special guy?” she asked, turning her backto me and slowly pulling her sweater over her head. Her bra seemed tomatch the garters and hose I had already seen. It seemed small and lacyfrom the back, and when she turned around I could see it was. It hardlycontained her beautiful breasts, which tried to spill out the top. “Maybesomething like this?” she said, putting canlı bahis a hand on her hip and pushing herbreasts out.Still unable to speak, I started snapping pictures again. She found thezipper on the side of her skirt, slowly pushed it down, and let the skirtfall to the floor. I had never seen such a vision in person, and youseldom saw something this hot even on those internet sites I wasn’tsupposed to be visiting.”You like?” she asked, stepping out of the puddle of skirt on the floorand turning slowly. She wore a tiny thong, and I could tell she wasshaved through it.I kept taking pictures. Suddenly she gave me a cross look over hershoulder, turned, and pushed the camera down.”Do you like?” she demanded.”I like,” I finally croaked. “Very much.””I thought so.” She took the camera from my hand and set it down. Thenshe slowly ran her hand down my shirtfront, stopping at my belt and usedit to yank me towards her. She was as tall as I am in the stiletto heels(did I mention those? Tall white stiletto heels).She put one hand around the back of my neck, and looked deep into myeyes… Her other hand ran slowly down my shirt front, but this timedidn’t stop at my belt. She rubbed her hand over my jeans, my cockstraining underneath.”You know what kind of man I would really like to date?” she whisperedhuskily. “I would love to find somebody like your friend Andre.””Andre?” I gulped.”Uh huh, he is so sexy, so hot, as you said.””Andre?” I couldn’t believe what she was saying. How could she be hot forAndre?Josie suddenly dissolved in laughter, finally sitting back down on thelove seat.”What’s so funny?””Oh, this is priceless. I so had you going!””You mean about you liking Andre? I didn’t believe that.””You idiot, about me being your Aunt.”I blinked. “If you’re not Josie, then who are you?”She shook her head, “You still don’t get it? What were you and Andretalking about earlier?””I don’t remember exactly.””Spells – and a specific type of spell?”Suddenly it became clear, but it wasn’t even possible.”Finally the light dawns.””Possession? You’re possessing Josie?”Josie sat back and crossed her magnificent legs. “That’s right, it’sAndre in here.”I sat down next to her, completely forgetting how close I was to her. “Andre.””Uh-huh, Andre.””So the spell worked.”Josie/Andre stood up and stretched languidly. I was still hard, and shewas still hot, but I was confused.”You could say that.””So, what’s it like?””Well, there are lots of things going on. One is, I appear to knoweverything she knows, or I can get to it. I know how to put on herclothes, put on her makeup, vamp men.” She gave me a meaningful look.”And you’ve got…”She placed her hand between her legs, and smiled. “A pussy, oh yes. Thatwas the first thing I tried out. It was so amazing!” She rubbed her titsthrough her bra as she stuck her fingers inside her panties. “It’s likenothing I’ve ever felt, it just builds and builds, like you’re going up ahill, and then it was such a sweet release. I love it! I could do itagain right now.” She stopped and looked at me. “Say, aren’t you here totake pictures?””I can’t take pictures like this! It isn’t right!””Oh, so it’s OK to take pictures of your aunt, when you think your Auntwants it, your own relative, but now, when it’s not her that wants itit’s not OK?””Well,” I started.”I tell you what, pick up your camera.” I stood and picked up my camera.”Now,” she sat down slowly on the loveseat. “A gorgeous, sexy woman isgoing to sit here in front of you and masturbate. You can choose to takephotos or not. But I know what I’m going to do.”She crossed her legs and began to run her fingers along the top of herbra.”Dude, I can’t do this.””Do I look like a dude?” she asked, pushing down the lacey top of her braso she could reach her right nipple. She licked the fingers of her lefthand and used it to slowly trace the aureole. Her nipple stood up, andshe started breathing heavily.I was torn. It seemed so weird to be turned on by this, since it wasAndre, after all, who didn’t do much for me. But I was hard as a rock.”Oh well,” I said. “What the hell.”I started taking photos, low, high close-ups, everything. Meanwhile,Andre/Josie moved on to her other tit. Her breasts were big enough thatshe could almost reach the nipples with her tongue, and she pushed herbreasts together and licked at them. Then she began pulling at hernipples, gently at first, then harder, her breathing keeping time.”Do you know,” she gasped, “I know every time Josie made love? I remembereverything!”One hand continued to pull at her nipple while the other found its waygreedily into her panties. She began to move her fingers in and out ofher pussy.””Lose the panties!” I said.She opened her eyes and smiled. She stood and unhooked her bra, lettingit fall to the floor. Then she pushed her thong down over her hips. Icould swear that the sound of those panties hitting the floor was one ofthe loudest things I’d ever heard (although it may have just been thepounding of my heart.)One hand reached for her breast again, and the other reached between herparted legs. She began to masturbate as she stood there. As she gotcloser, she started to writhe and heave, finally, she had to grab theback of the love seat, the hand between her pussy lips still working inand out. I stood behind her and took shot after shot, then beside her asher breasts swung back and forth. “God,” she said. “God god god god god god god!”She collapsed on her knees on the floor, her head down, still clutchingthe back of the loveseat. Her tanned back heaved as she tried to catchher breath.I collapsed into the seat, and I couldn’t help myself, I only had totouch the outside of my jeans and I creamed myself.After a minute she looked up, “Well, how was that?” She touched the wetspot on the front of my jeans. “I guess it was good for you, too?”She stood up and started gathering her clothes. “You owe me copies ofthose photos! “I’m not sure how long this will last, the book said something about theinitial spell lasting only a few hours. So you better go and I better putthings back.”She walked slowly out of the room, her perfect ass swaying as she moved.At the door way she looked over her shoulder and waved.”So why did you pick my Aunt?” I demanded, after he called me over to hishouse later that evening.”I didn’t exactly. I was doing the spell, and it didn’t say just how youwere supposed to pick somebody in particular – there appears to be someelement of chance.””Chance?” I considered this. “OK, so you didn’t intend to take over myAunt’s body and masturbate her brains out.””Nope, but when the opportunity presented itself.””You’re slime!””And you’re a slime’s photographer – speaking of which, did you bring thephotos?”A promise was a promise, so I handed him the disk (of course, I had myown copy.)He popped it into the cd tray and started a slide show. God, but Josielooked hot! It was hard to believe that it had happened. The more Ithought about it, the harder it was to believe.”OK,” I said finally, mostly to cover the sound of his heavy breathing.”So what was it like?””Hmmm?” He looked away from the screen. “Oh, well, it was like I said, ormaybe Josie said.” He smirked. I felt for a moment like punching thesmirk off his face, but, well, maybe I could see Josie naked again? Man,this was fucked up! “It’s not like cumming when you’re a guy.””That’s not exactly what I meant. I mean, there you were, getting nakedin front of a guy! And jerking off… well, masturbating, whatever it’scalled when girls do it.””And?””And, well, are you gay?” There, I said it. “I mean, it’s a pretty gaything for a guy to do.”Andre shook his head. “Look, that wasn’t Andre doing that, it was Josie.And it’s not gay for Josie! Although, Josie has had her share of lesbianexperiences.””What, really? How do you know?””It’s like I said, when I’m inside her, I know what she knows, rememberwhat she remembers. You know Sally Jorgensen?””The blonde? You mean Mrs. Jorgensen?””The same. She and Josie have, well, known each bahis siteleri other’s pleasures anumber of times.”This was a hot image, and made me pause for a moment. “Look, you’regetting me off track here. That was you there, it was Josie’s body, butit was you.”Andre sighed. “It’s not that simple. When I possess her, I have herfeelings as well.””So, did you or did you not get turned on stripping and cumming in frontof a guy?”Andre thought for a moment. “I got really turned on by stripping andcumming – Josie wanted to do it in front of you. She’s thought you werepretty hot for a while now.””Josie thinks I’m hot?””Well, cute, but you are her nephew, and half her age, so she would neverdo anything about it.”Josie thought I was cute! That was pretty cool. Still… “Look, dude, I’mout of here. Don’t make yourself blind looking at that stuff.”Andre sort of waved when I left his room, but he didn’t turn away fromthe screen. What a loser!The next night, my cell rang again. “Hi!” It was Josie with a breathlessvoice, like she’d just been, well….”Josie?” I wanted to ask if it was Andre, but that would be weird if itweren’t.”You know it. I left my parent’s video camera outside my house in thehedge. Could you pick it up before you come over?””What makes you think I’m coming over?””Well, I’m looking in the mirror at this beautiful woman, blackstockings, garter belt, high heels, and only a short, sexy, see-thrublack robe covering anything!”God! His/her voice was dripping sex! “Yeah, OK.””Oh, and sweetheart? Come right up to the bedroom?”The phone clicked. Did he just call me sweetheart? Did she?I had the camera when I climbed the stairs a few minutes later. I hadpractically wiped out when I ran a stop sign on my bike, but I made it inrecord time. I don’t know why, but I knocked at the bedroom door.”Who is it?”She was purring again! I pushed open the door. “You know who it is!” Andthen I stopped. She was standing in the middle of the room, dressedexactly as she described over the phone. Sometimes, clothes can look evenbetter than no clothes. But, from what I remembered about her in noclothes (almost!) it would be a difficult choice.”Hi handsome!” she said huskily.”I, uh…”She walked over and took my hands, and led me over to the bed where wesat down, her still holding my hands. “I really need you to do me afavor.” That voice, those lips, her eyes looking like she was already inbed…. “I’ve been thinking about this, and your feelings, but you haveto know you’re the only one that I can do this with?” She paused.”Why?””Think about it for a moment. Josie does have a boyfriend, and a fewgirlfriends.” She laughed, lyrically, musically, oh hell, you get the idea. “But shecan’t go to them, because they would talk to Josie when I wasn’t withher. Then she would know that something was going on. And, what’s more,it wouldn’t be fair to her to have her reputation tarnished like that.””It’s a funny time to start worrying about what’s fair to her.”She took her hands away and pouted. “OK, if you can’t do this, I canunderstand. Thanks for bringing the camera.”I couldn’t leave. I was hard as a baseball bat, and it seemed almost asbig. It wasn’t fair, I shouldn’t be doing this – he shouldn’t be doingthis. But I couldn’t not do it. I’m only 16, I told myself, and I’msupposed to be thinking with my little head.I held up the camera. “OK, let’s get started!”She smiled seductively. “You know, I didn’t really want to start with thecamera.””So what did you want to start with?”Josie blushed! It was so cute, it started near her naked breasts andmoved up over her face. “Well, you know, I know what she knows and sheknows what it’s like to, well.”I stopped tracking that after the second ‘know’. “What? What what islike?”She couldn’t look at me. “I can remember what she remembers – and sex isjust awesome! It’s so much better than masturbating.””So?” And then it dawned on me. “You want to have sex? With me?”She shook her head yes. This was unexpected. Then I remembered somethingmy father always said, “In for a penny, in for a pound.” I wasn’t exactlyclear on why my father compared money and units of weight, but Iunderstood what he meant…”Sometimes,” I said, “you just have to say, Hell yes!”She smiled up at me. “Thank you!” She patted the bed next to her and Isat down.”So, do you want to kiss me?” she asked.My lips were on hers in a heartbeat, and I was pushing her down on thebed, one hand on her breast.”Wait a minute, wait a minute,” she said, pushing me away. “What?!?!” I had practically cum already.She sat up, and I sat up next to her. “You know, Josie, well, I am prettyexperienced.””And?” Great, we’d just started and I’m already a lousy lover.She took my hands again. “You know, there are just things you pick upover time – like how to please a woman. But you have to want to do that!”I looked at her. “You think I don’t want to do that?””Well, it seemed like you were just trying to please yourself.”She had me there. “I guess I didn’t really think about the two thingsbeing that different.”She batted her eyelids and smiled coyly. “They don’t have to be. I canshow you.”I had a hardon that could break rocks, but what she was saying madesense. “OK.””So, the first thing is that, most of the time, women want to take alittle time.””Time to do what?””Heat up – get in the mood. Don’t get me wrong, I’m already in the mood,and the sight of your prick pushing against your jeans is definitelygetting me steamy!””So how do we take time?””We kiss, gently at first, then harder. Then you start touching me, on myface first, then my neck and shoulders. Then you can move your handsdown. I tell you what, let’s get started.”She leaned over and kissed me softly on the mouth. She nibbled at mylips, kissing me on the sides of my mouth, touching me with her tongue.Then she put her hands on either side of my face, looked me deeply in theeyes, and planted her lips firmly on mine, pushing my mouth open with hertongue. When she stopped I was out of breath.”You like?” she asked.”I like, very much.””So you try it. Let’s see if you get the idea.”So I did, I kissed her lightly on her lips, on her ears, on her neck. Shestarted moaning softly. I put my fingers in her hair and pulled her faceclose to mine, pushing my mouth on hers, kissing her deeply.”Oh lover!” she said. “That was perfect! You’re a natural! And as areward for being such a good student, I’m not going to make you wait toomuch longer. We’ll work on the rest of the lessons later!”She unzipped my pants, and as I stood, practically ripped them down mylegs. My cock was perpendicular to my body, and she had a hard timepulling the waist band of my jockeys over it.”Well, very nice!” She said. She took it in her hand and ran her tonguealong the head. “You’re going to come in a second, but I have a feelingyou’ll recover!” She scooted back on the bed. “Come on stud, stick it inme!”I did, and she was right. It must have been just a couple of minutes. Itried delaying, but she said, “No lover, that’s OK, just cum. We’ll takeour time after that.”And I did, cum that is, like a freight train. As I lay there, spent,between her legs, she traced patterns on my back with her fingernails.”All right stud,” she whispered in my ear. “Now that you’ve fucked me,you have to pleasure me.” She started to kiss my ears, my forehead, herfingers tracing lower and lower on my back, over my buttocks. She reachedaround and managed to grab my balls, slowly touching and rubbing them.And she was right, I did recover. I could feel myself getting hard againas I lay on top of her. I started to move in and out of her, but shestopped me, putting her hands on my shoulders. “No darling, now it’s myturn.”I pulled out of her reluctantly, and she caressed my dick, sticky andshining with cum and her fluids.She held my head between her hands and looked me in the eye. “I want youto lick my pussy, baby.”She pushed on my shoulders, and I moved down the bed, stopping when mymouth was near her clit. “It’s really simple, baby, just güvenilir bahis do what I tell you.”And I did. It started with brushing around the outside of her clitlightly with my tongue. Gradually I started to get more confidence, asJosie squirmed under me, saying, “Yes baby, oh god yes! Like that! Nowright on it! Not so hard! And move your tongue around.”She taught me this really wild trick (lord knows where she learned it) -she told me to lick her pussy like I was spelling out the alphabet. Itwas kind of a lot to think about, especially since I was really turned onagain, having my head between her legs, and having her half whispering,half screaming, “God! God! God yes!”Her breasts were heaving. She grabbed my head and pushed it into herpussy so I couldn’t breathe. I was going to protest, but it didn’t lastlong. She screamed one last “Fuck!” and pushed my head away.”Come up here lover and fuck me,” she said. I came up between her legsand pushed my erection into her pussy. She was really wet now, betweenbeing licked and being turned on. I was lasting a lot longer this time.When she realized this, she said. “If you’re up for it, and I know youare, I would really love it from behind. The angle is a lot better forme.”I got out, she came up on all fours, and I pushed back in. She had amagnificent ass, and the view was wonderful. “Reach around me baby andrub my nipples.” I started to do that, then she grabbed my hand and putit in her mouth, sucking on my fingers. “It’s better if your fingers arewet.”She started pushing up against me, faster and faster, and I met herstrokes. She started whimpering, “Oh Rick, please yes, please fuck me,yes, damn it, yes, yes.” She spasmed in orgasm again. I had been hangingon the edge, so I joined her. I fell, spent, over her back. She rolled megently over, and we lay there, our bodies pressed close. I was graduallygetting soft, but I was still inside her.”Mmmmm,” she cooed. “You were magnificent.”I admit, at this point, I wasn’t even thinking that Andre was in theresomeplace. “I’ve never felt anything like that.”She looked over at the clock on the bedstand.”Oh shit.” She jumped up. “Get your clothes on. I’ve got to get cleanedup. Times almost up and I’m about to turn into a pumpkin.” She reachedover and ran a hand up my ass as I bent for my underwear. “A big fatgrinning, well-fucked pumpkin!”Andre called me later. I didn’t particularly feel like seeing him, so wejust talked on the phone.”So she doesn’t remember anything?” I asked.”She does, sort of. She thought the photography session was a dream. Shewas a little freaked out about having that kind of dream about hernephew!””I’ll bet.””This time, I can only imagine! You know, you were the best lover sheever had.””What, how can that be?””Well, apparently, she doesn’t normally tell guys what she likes. Sinceshe told you, and you did what she asked, you gave her a close to perfectexperience.”That was interesting. I hung up a few minutes later, went over to mycomputer, and jerked off to the pictures of Josie. It wasn’t right, whatwe were doing. She was my aunt. And what’s more, I was starting to careabout her in a way I had never felt before. I was seriously sad, a littleangry, very turned on, and somewhat creeped out.The next evening my cell rang again.”Hi, Rick?””Aunt Josie?” I was immediately turned on by her voice. I had beenthinking about this, though, and I couldn’t do it again.”Rick, um, could I talk to you about something?”It didn’t sound like Andre, somehow. I’m not quite sure why I felt that.”About what?””Well, it’s sort of personal. But I’ve been having some dreams, and I’vebeen trying to think about what to do about them. I think I need to talkto you about them.”Hmmmm – it could still be a trick, but… “Sure, Aunt Josie. But why doyou want to talk to me about your dreams?””Well, because you’re in them. Could you come over? I’d rather talk inperson.”Josie answered the door when I knocked. She looked beautiful in a sweaterand skirt. She wasn’t dressed slutty at all, but she was dressed up withmakeup and perfume.”Are you going out, Aunt Josie? You look very nice.”She blushed a little. “No, not going out. Won’t you come in, Rick?”She walked ahead of me into the drawing room. I couldn’t help but thinkabout the great ass under that skirt.She directed me to the chair. “Would you like anything? I bought someMountain Dew Code Red – that’s your favorite, isn’t it?”Josie was a vegetarian, and stayed away from all processed sugar. For herto have something like Mountain Dew in the house was almost unbelievable.”Thanks Aunt Josie, that would be great.”She walked out, with my eyes on the back of her skirt again. She cameback a few minutes later, and set the glass on a coaster on the coffeetable in front of me, and a glass of wine on a coaster in front of her.She smoothed the back of her skirt as she sat down on the love seat. Itwas all I could do to not think about the last time I had seen hersitting there, legs spread, fingers inside her panties.”You don’t mind if I have a glass of wine, do you?””No, not at all.”She smiled at me as she picked up her glass, then flushed and lookeddown. She held the wine in front of her and stared down into the glass.”This is really difficult for me.””You said you were having dreams?””Yes, and you’re in them. They seem so real.””What kind of dreams, Aunt Josie?”She blushed bright red again (from what I could see of her face) and tooka sip of wine, then another. Finally, she took a pretty good swallow andset the glass down.She looked me full in the face. “They’re dreams about…sex.”I could hardly believe she had said it.She hurried on, “I know it’s wrong. I don’t want to have them, but I do,and they just seem to get more erot.. – I mean powerful each time.”She looked down at her hands. “I thought maybe if I talked to you aboutit, it would help. Maybe it’s a bad idea.” She started crying.Boy, did I feel bad! I stood up, walked over to her, and knelt down nextto her. “It’s OK Aunt Josie. I’m sure there’s any number of reasons youcould be having those dreams.”She took my hand and held it in her lap. “You’re so sweet!” She sniffled.She scooted over and pulled me up to where I was sitting next to her. Shesniffled some more and I put my arm around her (it seemed sort ofnatural, since I’d already fucked her). She turned and put her head on mychest, her sobbing subsiding slowly. She looked into my eyes. “I’m sosorry, I must look a mess! Mascara running, nose running.” She rubbed ather nose with her hand.”No, Aunt Josie, you look beautiful.” And it was true, even with hermascara running. She smiled, and then we were kissing. I don’t reallyknow who started it, and that wasn’t really important, anyway. We bothwanted it.She stopped and pulled away. “No, this is wrong.”I didn’t say a word. I put my hands on either side of her face and gentlywiped away some tears with my thumbs. Then I kissed her again, verysoftly. I looked at her again, her eyes were wide, a little scared. Ikissed her again, and she returned it. As I felt her relax I started tonibble at her lips, kissing her cheeks, and down her neck. She started tomoan softly, and soon she had pulled my head back to her face, and hertongue was in my mouth.Well, I knew what to do, of course. She resisted a couple of times, itwas hard to coax her into going up to her bedroom. “It will be morecomfortable there.” But once we were there, all her resistance was gone.I felt a little guilty about fucking my Aunt, but not nearly as guiltyand conflicted as I did about fucking her with Andre banging around inher.She was on top of me, riding me with abandon, crooning a little”Ohhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhh,” (She didn’t seem to swear as much when it was her.In fact, she didn’t swear at all). When suddenly she went rigid andnearly fell over. I grabbed her arms and stopped her. She slumped overme, and then gradually straightened up, a confused look on her face.She looked down and focused on me, “Dude!” she said. “You’re fucking yourAunt!”Andre got over his initial shock, and jumped (or should I say squirmed)right into the spirit of things. He taught me some stuff about the g-spot, and yelled and screamed and swore with gusto.This promised to be really complicated.

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