In Front of the Mirror

Ball Gag


It has been a few weeks since Arianna told everyone that she loved me. I know she is a very reserved person and her announcing that we’re dating while standing on a stage in front of all of her colleagues made me so proud. It feels like my love for her only grows more and more with each day that passes. I don’t even understand how that’s possible, it already feels like I can’t possibly love someone more than this, but then she does something amazing and she proves me wrong, making me love her even more.

Whenever I hold her in my arms I just want to squeeze her tightly against me, I just want to crawl inside of her, and eat her up. I can’t really describe it, but that’s how I feel. Even if she curses at me, teases me or says “ugh, yuck” when I express my love to her, she makes my heart flutter.

“What are you grinning for?” Arianna asks when she sees me looking at her.

“You’re wrapped in a tiny towel in front of me, smelling like vanilla cake. Of course, I’m grinning.”

“Well, you better not think weird stuff because I need to get going. I told you that I’ll hang out with the girls today.”

Oh yes, you told me, Arianna… But you look so yummy right now, so what I’m about to do is entirely your own fault…


“Hey!” his arms fold around me and I just can’t make him release me, no matter how hard I try. “Liam!” I cry out, trying to push him away.

“Look at you,” he says and turns me to the mirror. When I look at his reflection, I know what goes around in that head of his.

“I am not gonna have sex with you now, Liam.”

“Oh… Baby, but why not? How can you expect me to resist something as hot as this?!” He says and smacks hard against my bare ass after he had pulled my towel up. A loud spanking sound bounces off the bedroom walls.


“I wanna fuck you in front of this large mirror, baby. I always wanted to do that one day, and right now seems like a perfect time to do it.”

His hands start to massage my ass cheeks. He squeezes them and rubs them before he brings his hands to my front.

“Come on, Liam…?” I whine.

But…like, why do I even bother? We both know he’s gonna get it anyway. Cause I’m not gonna lie, Liam knows perfectly fine what he is doing right now. I’m just a sucker for the things he says. And his hand caressing between my legs doesn’t help either.

I’m so weak bakırköy escort for him.

“We don’t need to take long, baby… Though, of course, I do prefer to take it slow. You know how much I love to hear you beg for it…”

His hand begins to rub up and down, his thumb rolling over the small bud and I feel my clit aching under his motions.

“J-just close the curtains first,” I weakly mumble when I feel my body getting wet for him.

Liam smirks at me in the mirror and quickly does what I told him to do. We never did it in front of the mirror before and I’m kinda nervous about it. Nervous but very excited too.

After a few seconds, Liam is back. He had closed the curtains and switched the light on. In the meantime, he also took off his shirt. Ugh, I just love his muscled chest and abs so much.

“All closed, now…why are you still wearing that thing, babe?” Liam says and he pulls the towel away from my body and throws it on the floor. “Fuck, baby, every time I see you, I’m amazed by how hot you are.” he begins to caress my breasts and my nipples immediately react to his touch. When his hand runs lower, and his fingers brush between my folds, he says: “God, babe, you’re so fucking wet already… Why did you pretend you didn’t want me at first?”

He softly kneads my breasts with one hand, while caressing over my clit with his other, his fingers slick with my arousal. He kisses my neck too, his tongue running up and down as he looks at me in the mirror. Fuck this feels good…

His other hand runs lower too and he pushes 2 fingers inside.

“I love how you always react to my fingers. You are so eager to suck them inside.”

While both of his hands are busy down there, Liam looks at me this entire time. His eyes dark and his mouth in a constant smirk. Sometimes he licks his lips till they are all shiny and wet and that makes me oh the hornier.

He withdraws his fingers and pushes them in again, curling them until he presses down against my sweet spot.

“Ahh…” I moan, only concentrating on the feeling he gives me.

“Fuck,” Liam whispers in my ear. “I love your face while you moan for me…”

I feel really awkward being on display like this, but at the same time, I can’t be bothered with it. What Liam is doing feels too good to feel awkward about. His lips against my neck, his whispers in my ear, his fingertips drawing circles, and his other beşiktaş escort hand pleasuring me with those skillful fingers of him. I wrap my arm around his neck and turn my head to kiss him.

“Hmm,” I moan against his mouth. Really, I don’t know how he does it, but I always turn into mush when he touches me like this. Maybe because I know what is waiting for me. A whole shitload of ultimate pleasure. Fuck yeah. “Ahh…L-Li-“

He grazes all of his fingers repeatedly over my most sensitive spots while they make slurping sounds as he moves them.

“You like that don’t you? Hm?” he whispers in my ear, his breath hot against the shell.


“What do you want now, Arianna?” He pulls on my hair a little so I look at the mirror again. His lustful eyes staring at mine. “You want my cock inside you now?”


“You wanna look at us? Wanna look at how I fuck you from behind? I really want that, Arianna. I want to look at your face when I slam deep inside of you.” Liam says and he kisses my shoulder while looking at me through his lashes.

Those hungry eyes… I am so dead.

I nod. He can do anything, I don’t care. I just don’t fucking care. At this point, I would lick his feet if he asks me. And the worst part of it is, he knows it all too well.

“Kneel. On hands and knees.”

I do as he says. In the mirror, I see how Liam takes off his pants and underwear. His gorgeous thick cock points proudly towards the ceiling as he gives it a few pumps. Oh, God! The sight of his cock running through his palm makes me crazy. I can feel my juices run down my legs and look down. I’m literally dripping for him.

A hand lands on my head and Liam gently pulls on my hair and makes me watch the mirror again. He kneels behind me.

“Look at us,” he commands.

First, my eyes land on myself. My mouth hangs open and I can see my reflection looking back with lidded eyes. I then look at my lover, and his face looks the same as mine.


His dick pushes against my hole, teasing me a little. Rubbing it over my lips.

“I want you to squirt all over this floor from my cock pounding inside you, baby.”


He looks at me as he pushes inside, making me gasp for air. He shoves it in so leisurely, his large cock filling me up slowly. “Ahh…f-fuck, Li-“

“Shit…” Liam closes his eyes for a moment. “Fuck, this feels beylikdüzü escort good.”

His hands caress my back for a moment, and I take that moment to look at the image in front of me: Me on my hands and knees and him kneeling behind me. He looks so dominant like this, the way he is looking at me while his hands run over my body and his cock is buried inside of me. His hands stop at my hips and he gently pulls out, but I know what will come.

He rams in.


“Damn, baby, you are wet,” he says and he pulls out again and pushes back inside, hard. He repeats and starts to fuck me doggy style in front of the mirror.

Every time his dick so pleasurable grazes over my spot I moan like the biggest slut that ever lived.

“You take my breath away,” Liam pants in between his thrusting. “Everything about you is so beautiful.”

He slaps my ass.

“Oh, fuck!”

“You are doing so well, baby, fuck, you’re so hot. Your pussy sucks my dick so well… Like it was made to do that. You always feel so tight around me…ahh…!” Liam then grabs my hips and starts drilling into me without mercy while his balls slap against my ass.

It’s all moaning, breathing, slapping, and slurping sounds filling our bedroom right now.

I feel I am getting close to reaching that blissful feeling and Liam biting his lips raw while doing me, pushes me closer to the edge for sure.

“Come for me baby, show me how beautiful you are when you fall apart before me…”

My clit aches for a rub. Liam knows so he reached out and rubs it at the same pace he’s fucking me. “Ahh, Liam!”

I feel it coming… My climax. Every muscle inside my body tenses up before I let everything go. My mouth in a silent scream as I come, but moaning out loud with every jolt of pleasure that surges through my body when I’m finally able to produce a sound again.

Liam fills me up, moaning out my name while his eyes are closed and his lip is tucked between his teeth again.

We let ourselves drop to the floor where we relax for a while, having some after pleasure.

“That was great,” Liam says as he nuzzles against my neck.


He pulls out and stands up, offering me his hand.

“You shower and get out to spend time with your friends, I will clean up this mess.”

As I stand I can feel his semen drizzle down my legs.

“You better! This was your idea,” I breathlessly say.

“Oh, come on, baby. You liked it just as much as I did,” he answers and he pulls me against himself, kissing me deeply.

“I liked it.”

“So maybe we should do this more often?”

I smile at him. He looks so well pleased with himself. “Maybe…” I answer. “And…I love you too.”

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