Incestual Love Triangle


Incestual Love TriangleThis happened when I was 15. I had a cute little step-cousin named Ronda. She was 13 at the beginning of this story but turned 14 before we went all the way. Ronda didn’t take my virginity as much as I gave it to her. She was always very sweet to me. And she had such a soft voice when she would say my name.I guess the starting point would be when her older brother showed me a hole in the wall in a utility room in their house. Just a peep hole with a bathroom on the other side of the wall. Ronda had decided to go take a bath in the middle of the day, somewhat unusual when we came over for a visit. I suspect she knew about the peep hole and probably that her brother used it to look at her himself (oh, i****tual love triangle!).So I didn’t hesitate to look through. I remember Ronda sitting in the tub, the top of which only came up about halfway up her abdomen, so there was a perfect, unobstructed view of her tits. Being the first pair I had ever seen live and in person, I had no real perspective. But my memory says they looked like C cups. She was sitting there slowly washing them with lather on her bare hands. I thought it looked more like she was sentually massaging them and the soap was incidental. But either way it was fucking erotic! She never looked at the peep hole, that I remember, but I’m convinced she was putting on a show just for me.Very soon after, the brother told me she liked me. Around that time there was a family gathering at my uncle’s (their stepdad’s) house. My aunt, his sister, was there and I overheard Ronda ask her if she could spend the night. This was a first. My aunt said it was ok if it was ok with her mom. I have been known to be slow to react, to hesitate and miss the bus. Not this time. As soon as I could talk to my aunt without my uncle and Ronda’s mom around, I asked if I could spend the night. I also got a yes. YES!I remember the three of us, me, Ronda and my aunt who was not too much older than me, sitting up til late watching Monty Python. Then my aunt got tired and brought the two of us blankets and pillows. My aunt’s k**s were little and already sleeping in the only other bedroom. She watched me and Ronda make ‘beds’ right next to each other, Ronda on the couch and me on the floor…right illegal bahis in front of the couch. The only things separating us was a little elevation and some clothing. I think my aunt secretly wanted me to get laid.So there we were, alone at last. I let her fall asleep, or at least let enough time pass so she could realistically pretend to be asleep. Then I started moving in. I laid my hand on the front edge of the couch cushion. Then I moved it a little higher. Then I slid it under her cover. Then I slithered it closer to her until I felt her arm. You all remember the first time you had a realistic chance to touch a girl’s, well, anything. My heart felt like it was going to come loose and shoot from my mouth. She was still asleep, or still pretending. I didn’t care which. I wasn’t getting slapped. I continued. My hand crossed from her arm and onto…something. “Shit, I’ll bet my aunt can hear my heart, let alone Ronda!” Where is my hand? Is it on her shoulder? Her stomach? I gently squeezed, repositioned and repeated until “could it be?” I stretched my fingers to take the largest grasp of this mystery body part, to feel as much of it as possible. “Oh my god! My hand is on a tit!”I was sure unconciousness was iminent. She didn’t move. But my hand was still not technically on first base. I was still at home plate because there was a top and a bra between my hand and this SOFT C cup. Yes I could feel the consistency of the fatty tissue and glands inside her breast. But I could be feeling that with my bare hand directly in contact with her skin, if I didn’t screw it up. I moved my hand down her top until I felt the bottom hem. Then I ever so slowly started working my way back up, UNDER the top. Soon I felt (gulp) the bra! I had felt them before. But never with tits in them. My hands trembled so violently I wondered how I was going to get them to my goal, holy land.I dug my trembling fingers, eventually, under the elastic band along the bottom of Ronda’s bra. The only sign of life her steady breathing. I was officially touching the bottom of a breast with my fingertips. But there was no going back now. It was handful or bust. I continued sliding my hand inside her bra until my fingers brushed something. I moved a little more. “Wait. illegal bahis siteleri What was that?” I moved back. “NIPPLE!” Maybe I’d linger a moment. Even Sir Edmund Hillary paused at the summit. I enjoyed the nipple more than I expected. But soon I continued to my original goal, the handful. I had always imagined having a girl’s bare breast in my bare hand and squeezing and kneading it. And so I did. My heartbeat slowed a bit. Getting slapped now wouldn’t deny me my victory.I had a lot of fun groping her right tit. But she was playing along. So why not? She was obviously awake now. I slid my hand out of her disheveled bra and back down her abdomen. I found her jeans, specifically her fly. “Hey, these pants were made wrong. The button is on the wrong side.” No matter. I plucked at it until it popped open. Then I found the zipper pull. Still afraid to wake her, I pulled down slowly, “click…click…click”. It took forever but the zipper eventually reached the bottom. My hand was trembling again. After all, if the breast was holy land the vagina was the garden of Eden. I rubbed her panties. She didn’t object. I came in for a second approach, placing my fingertips under the elastic band of her panties, a GIRL’S panties…with a girl in them! I remind you that this is a 13 year old girl. My fingers trembled so much I wasn’t sure what I was feeling. I knew I was going deeper inside the panties. But for all I knew I had passed my stop. I rested, awkwardly propped up on my left shoulder so I could reach her pubic area with my right hand without letting her see me…for some reason. When I stopped I felt something. On my fingertips I felt a little tickle. Like…hair. Hair? HAIR! PUSSY HAIR! I wiggled my fingers and felt her new pubes brushing my fingertips. I pushed in further. Ultimately there was a handful of that little bush. I played in it like a small c***d in a pile of raked leaves.After some good bush play I removed my hand. Time to go for broke. I grasped the waste band on the right side of her jeans. I pulled down. She raised her right hip. SHE RAISED HER RIGHT HIP! I reached over and grabbed the left side of her waste band. Before I even started pulling she raised her left hip. What a sport. Back and forth, right, left, right. canlı bahis siteleri Until her pants were around her ankles. Now it’s down to the panties. Once I get them down I’ll have a direct shot at that glorious, wet little hole of legend. It was going to happen! Nothing could prevent it. Better not hesitate though. She could change her mind if I take too long. If we had made a little noise my aunt could get up to check. I got on my knees and grabbed the panties with both hands and pulled them down, Ronda lifting her entire ass to ease removal.Pants and panties down around her ankles, I separated her knees and went in closer with my right hand. I felt her bush, this time between her legs. I felt wetness. I tried to maneuver from memory; memory of sex education class and a handful if porno mags I had managed to view thus far. I moved her little lips aside and felt the softest skin I had ever felt. Soft and warm. Warm my ass, it was hot! Soft, warm and wet. Sooo wet! I poked around the wetness until I felt a depression. “Is that it?” I wiggled my middle finger and pushed a little further. It went deeper! Wiggle, push, wiggle, push. I buried my finger and it was surrounded by the most comfortable warmth I had ever felt. I moved my finger. In, out, up, down. Back and forth. This softest of skin was so wonderfully wrinkled inside. I played and played. And Ronda just laid there and let me. “This girl is COOL!”I was completely exhausted. My heart had been pumping enough blood for a marathon. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to fuck her. I just wanted a little break. Time for Ronda to do some of the work. I pulled my finger out and dropped my pants then laid on my back. Ronda wrestled her pants up and climbed down next to me. She began passionately kissing me. Another first, first tongue down my throat. I liked it. It didn’t compare to hot, wet pussy wrinkles around my middle finger but it was nice. She spent as much time exploring the inside of my mouth with her tongue as I did exploring her whole body. My cock was hard this whole time. She could see it! When would she grab it, or suck it?She finished kissing me and raised up. She looked down and leaned back down to my ear, “You better pull your pants up.” She got back onto the couch and covered up. I laid there contemplating. I was spent. Not sexually but physically. I got what I took as a signal that we had gone as far as she was comfortable with. Ok. I smelled my finger. That’s when I knew I wanted to eat pussy. Next time. Next time.

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