Inspection Part 2


Inspection Part 2His hand hovering over her body, watching her soft downy hair standing upright, a mix of anticipation and arousal, tightening her flesh. He gently blows air over her skin, watching the hair dance and quiver, hearing a soft intake of breath from her as the sensation of his breath cool against her already sensitive skin, sends both chills and electricity down her spine. She can feel herself becoming aroused, the deep ache within her building. Her body reacts physically to the mental stimulation, nipples darkening, becoming engorged, the skin around then tightening as they grow firm, protruding from her body. This signal of her arousal does not go un-noticed. He sees hey breasts hanging softly against her chest, slightly parting with their weight. He nipples becoming ridged. He aches to touch them, but knows that the moment he touches her, the moment is lost. He stands there admiring her soft breasts, the skin tight, nipples now fully erect. He imagines himself licking them gently, his saliva glistening of her quivering nipples. Imagines biting them, the soft sensation of his teeth rolling over them, pinching and tugging at them. Feeling the weight of her breasts in illegal bahis his neck and jaw. He stifles such distracting thoughts. Crushes them down, feeding his lascivious desires. He takes a step back, and peers over her shoulder at something behind her. She notices his gaze and fights the urge to turn her lead, seeking his interest, feeling a pang of jealousy as his attention is drawn away from her.He steps to her side, she tenses, expecting the contact she so desires. She is left feeling rejected as the is left by the air caressing her naked body as he walks past. Hearing his footsteps as he retreats behind her, unseen. Fighting the desperate urge to turn and investigate. She hears a soft metallic noise, as if metal is girding against metal. Not harsh, but a soft drawn out sound. Her pulse quickens at the thoughts career in her mind. “What is it” she desperately thinks to herself. Her mind conjuring up image after image in her mind, each much worse than the last! Fear spreads through her like fire, still fighting the urge to turn. Her pulse now racing her mind filling her with trepidation, adrenaline coursing through her veins.She knows she can’t control herself much longer, illegal bahis siteleri her fingers shaking as the Adrenalin seeps into every cell of her body! Her head begins to move imperceptibly sideways, she catches herself, stops all movement but the shaking of her fingers and the trembling of her body, the uncontrollable reaction to her own mind, working against her.He stands there watching her, noticing the tiniest movement of her body, sees her fingers quaking. Knowing that she must be fighting the urge to turn and see what he has for her, knowing that when she does, this reaction will pale in comparison. A deep sense of quiet descends over him, a silence that fills his mind, allowing him to savour every moment of delicious anticipation of her reaction. He studies her, watching her hair shift softly quietly as she fights for composure, her conscious mind wrangling with her u*********s mind! Seeing that she is slowly failing, her sense of self-preservation losing against her need to know, her curiosity is stronger, more determined.After what seems like eons, she breathes deeply, turns slowly, eyes closed. Her breasts gently moving just out of time with her body, canlı bahis siteleri as she stops turning, they gently sway side to side, the feeling almost a distraction as her skin tightens and relaxes with the motion of their movement. She exhales slowly, opens her eyes.The sight is difficult to take in, confusion explodes into her mind, racing with her attempts at comprehension. She sees him standing there, a look of pleasure across his face. Yet to the side a sight that is utterly unexpected, one that she had not thought of. More terrifying than any she had in her mind. Panic raises inside her like a serpent, wrapping its self around her lungs, squeezing her heart. Blood drains from her face as realisation comes crashing over her like a wave. She swallows, with no relief, her mouth dry, her ears filled with the sound of kettle drums as her heart beats within her like a caged bird. With what is left of her senses, she stares out, drinking in the sight before her. Her breath coming in raged, shaking gulps of air, her breasts heaving up and down rapidly.“My GOD……….so many people! Why are there so many people looking at me”He stands there breathing deeply as he sees her panic, an almost tangible feeling emanating from her. Watching her heaving breasts and quivering body. He turns to the window, pulling the final few inches of the curtain aside, smiling to the gathered crown without. Knowing that they will enjoy the next step!

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