It Starts Again – Fantasy Chapter 3


It Starts Again – Fantasy Chapter 3It Starts Again – A Cross Dressing Fantasy Chapter 3“Transformation”, a word that Beth had used at dinner stuck in my head. She also said she would help me become the girlfriend she had wanted. I knew Beth had some lesbian encounters before we met and she had said, “I loved the intimacy but did not want to be defined by my choice in partners.” I never fully understood what she was trying to say but did not question it as we both had a past that we’d opted to leave in the past.YES, I had thoughts of dressing after we met, but no strong urges. And YES, sometimes when I saw Beth naked I would wonder what it would be like to have her boobs and her pussy. “What would it be like,” I wondered, “to lay on my back and be taken the way I took her.” Missionary was my favorite position, I loved her legs wrapped around me pulling my little cock as far into her as possible. I loved feeling her shaved pussy against me as I thrust into her. And I loved her wrapping her arms around me pulling my face down to her tits to suck her nipples.But I resisted all urges to dress and over time they had diminished to the point that they were not my primary thoughts like when I was a teen. I always loved her choice in lingerie, she seemed to pick things that really aroused me, even her everyday simple cotton panties had just enough style to make me want to touch her.Now as I stood in the bathroom looking in the full length mirror at my sexy pink nightgown I was truly amazed at the cleavage Beth had managed with my meager boobs and a push-up bra. In my teen years I loved any bra I got my hands on but I had never really had a bra that was purchased for me and to accomplish the goal of giving me a feminine bust line.My tiny cock had been hard for two hours and I knew I was leaking a bit of pre-cum from this special treatment. I have mentioned my size several times so to be clear, my cock is truly small, not just in my mind but in actuality. I am not more than 4 inches long when hard and although my tip is nice sized, my shaft is small in diameter and my balls are very small as well.When not aroused my cock almost vanishes and I have in the past tugged and pulled to see what I would look like without a cock. When wearing a tight panty as a teen it was like I had no cock and balls at all and I loved the clean smooth line that I presented in my panties. But having described my manhood I can tell you Beth always seemed illegal bahis pleased with my size and our sex was pleasurable for both of us.Now as I looked at myself in the mirror I began to see more of a female form than I would have expected. Yes, it was just clothing, but I had often thought that my overall shape was feminine, for instance my hips were wider than most men and my ass had a nice bubble shape instead of the tight shape of most men. I had a clearly defined waistline, although a bit chubby in the middle. My shoulders were pronounced but not nearly as wide as most men my size.“Is it the wine”? I thought to myself, “Is the wine messing up my head and these thoughts that seem to be filling my brain are so strong.”My thoughts were interrupted with Beth tapping on the door, “Are you decent”? she asked with a giggle as she opened the door slowly removing the mirror from view. I stood there, my cock as hard as a rock making a little tent in my panties and nightgown, my boobs pushed up making a bit of cleavage, and confusion in my brain.Beth was wearing her matching pink panties and a lace bra. “Oh my,” Beth said, “I have been so naughty, leaving you high and dry with your arousal, we need to fix that first.”Beth pulled the nightgown off of me and hung it neatly on the hook on the wall. She knelt in front of me, pulled my panties down and immediately licked the tip of my cock removing the clear droplet of pre-cum that seeped out. Then she opened her full lips and sucked the tip of my cock like a piece of candy. Her plump full lips were so soft and wet and before she had me further in her mouth I groaned feeling the cramp deep inside.Beth knew what was happening and cupped my balls as my cock spurted my creamy white cum into her mouth. I felt her tongue against the underside of my cock as she sucked me clear into her mouth and pushed her nose against my hairy pubis. My cock jerked several times and I felt weak in the knees as my orgasm took full effect. I steadied myself with a hand on the vanity as my cock finished unloading in her mouth. I felt her swallow my cum and pull off of me.“I am so sorry,” I said, “I wanted to pleasure you before cumming but I seemed to have no control tonight.”“Don’t worry about that Karin,” Beth said, “we have all night, now let’s do a bit of shaving on your body before your hot bubble bath.”After removing the panties I reached behind me to unclasp the bra and Beth stopped me, illegal bahis siteleri “Let’s leave that on for a bit, I love your boobies this way.”I can honestly tell you that I did too, it just seemed natural for some reason, again my mind seemed to have switched from resisting my dressing urges to total acceptance, and all in a matter of a few hours.Beth had me set on the seat of our big soaking tub and lathered my legs and began shaving the hair from my legs. She moved quickly from my toes to my crotch. Then she lathered my entire crotch and took all the hair off my pubis and balls. I was left completely bare from the waist to my toes and my little cock seemed smaller yet as it blended into the pale skin surrounding it.Beth splashed water around washing the hair and shaving cream away. She bent and kissed the bare skin of my thighs, moved up to my crotch and sucked my shrunken little cock into her mouth and flicked it with the tip of her tongue. She pulled off leaving my cock shrunken as she found it and said, “ummm, that is so much better without all the hair to tickle my nose.”I was setting on the side of the tub and Beth moved behind me and unhooked my bra. I hated feeling it come off my body, I looked down and could see the lines left by the bra and in a strange way my boobs seemed larger. I scoffed at the thought, “it is all in your imagination,” I thought as I felt Beth’s warm hands on my back, and then down under my arms. She paused a second and kissed my neck and the moved her hands up cupping my little boobs.She rolled my nipples between her thumb and forefingers making them harden and stand out. “I love boobies, don’t you Karin?” she asked and without waiting for an answer she said, “let’s shave that hair off too, and of course under you arms. I was like putty in her hands, and before I knew it I was hair free from my neck down. Unlike my cock that seemed smaller when it was shaved my boobs seemed bigger and I loved the feeling of them being bare.I had never shaved like this before and Beth’s hands seemed to glide over every inch of my bald body and my cock responded becoming stiff for the first time since she sucked me off. Beth kissed me on the neck again and then started the bath water. She poured in some bubble bath and I recognized the name, it was the same scent as the perfume she loved.I eased myself into the slippery water feeling the oily bath water film on my smooth skin. Beth used her canlı bahis siteleri net body cloth and soaped my turning my skin red from the action. It was so sensuous yet for some reason my cock shrunk out of sight without any further release. “Now you soak for a minute,” Beth said, “I’ll be back in a minute.”As I lay in that tub of warm scented water my mind drifted back to my teen years. I had never been able to pamper myself this way then, just dress, enjoy the feeling of sexy garments, pretend I was a woman, and then make a mess with my cum. All totaled I probably never spent more than an hour dressed, but I would return to it several times a day. I wanted to stay dressed while I slept but was afraid I’d be caught so avoided it.When I thought about being caught I thought of that April when I was 13. Mom had attended the shower for my cousin Katie. Katie lived next door and when the shower was over her and my mom brought a load of boxes into the house. I heard mom say, “we are happy to store these here for you Katie, you know you can come over anytime to get this all organized for the wedding.”The next day I was alone in the house and slipped into the guest bedroom where all the boxes were and started poking through them. They were filled with beautiful garments, lots of pastel colors, lace, satin, slippery nylon, I touched all of them and felt my cock harden in my pants. I opened my pants letting my little stiffy out of its confines of cotton briefs.I rubbed it against a pretty mint colored panty and was rewarded with the pleasure that only nylon or satin can bring a guy. My heart was beating in my chest as I continued investigating the treasures all around me. I noted the tags, “size 4” panties, which meant nothing to me. But the number stuck in my head. Suddenly my heart skipped a beat, I heard the back door and Katie calling for my mom.I got my little cock back in my pants and got out of the bedroom and was walking back to my room when she rounded the corner. “Hey you,” she said and said nothing more. I knew I had be busted, my face glowed red and I turned, “Is you mom home?” she asked with a lilt in her voice.“Uh, no,” was all I could stammer.“Well my mom wants you guys to come over for dinner tonight, can you pass the word?”I agreed and later when we visited I felt so sheepish playing with all her pretty things. But when I went to their bathroom there was a clothes hamper and I just had to investigate. And YES, there was a pretty pink nylon panty, in size 4! I turned into a panty snatcher at that moment and tucked it inside my briefs to enjoy later.Little did I know how sensuous those panties would feel against the tip of my cock the rest of the evening.

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