It was alwasy wrong, but i tried it, and OMG its t


It was alwasy wrong, but i tried it, and OMG its tIt started about 3 years ago. I met a man who is wild, spontaneous and crazy. I used to go to his house and we would drink some Crown, and coke, smoke some killer dro, and have an awesome time. One night he put on a porno, and after being married for 18 years i honestly had never seen but maybe 3 flicks in my entire life. I was raised country, my parents were not racist, but dating outside of your race, was held in the highest prejudice. They had been taught it was wrong, so thats what they believed. Back to my new romance that had been getting very interesting very fast. He is a 6 ft tall white dude, with a bad boy attitude, who has seen a lot of the down side of life, he had an attitude a temper, but was working hard at being a professional. He was laid back and totally cool, sexy as hell with his beautiful blue eyes, and big ass arms. He made me wet in the first 2 min of conversation that I had with him, even though he wasn’t being dirty, or trying to. I was hinest with him about it and he smiled with a laugh and said, “doll its because I am an Aries,” I am a very powerful and sexual creature. I radiate sex from my pores…lol!So i am hanging with this AWESOME, & CHARMING, BEAUTIFUL MAN CREATURE. One night he put on some porn, he of course ask me if it was ok…reluctantly i said yes. At first was just the regular guy and girl sex…Interesting…I thought. To each their own…I suppose he could tell that i was bored…so he decided to switch gears, he asked me, “you ever fucked a black dude?”I was shocked and speechless, “fuck NO!” i said kind of mad cause he asked…He said good, cause I cant be with a woman who has before…I stared at him searching his face for anything…He was staring right at me like he was piercing my soul…Behind him suddenly there was an image that I have never been able to erase out of my head since. It was of a dick…Not like the few dicks that I had seen up to here…NO! It was quite long, very thick, and muscular….The veins in it looked very large, especially his urethra. It was so shiny and an amazing specimen, (although I dont know what i thought then) I had never seen a BLACK COCK…ever!I was seemingly more shocked now than I had been when he asked me the question…”Do you, or will you trust me for just a few minutes,” he asked. I was puzzled and stared with eyes locked on this massive black dick now on the screen. But I said with cautious reluctance “yes” He stood up and pulled me close to him and kissed me on my lips for reassurance. HE PUSHED ME BACK ON THE BED…He never broke his stare into my eyes…He confidently said, I am about to change your whole life. I was confused, and still staring at the black dick behind him, as now a young blonde white woman was trying to put it all the way in her mouth. “Baby, i want you to take off your pants and just lie back in the bed.Note; we had never had sex yet…I thought to myself this is strange foreplay. He started to gently kiss my lips and some how already unbuttoned my pants and had them sliding down my legs to the floor…He says, “I am not going to fuck you until I know the truth about something. I looked at him and said what could i lie about? I barely know u, and you me. No since in lying, he patted the bed next to him and said, “come sit down,:” so i did. All the while still watching the movie. He looked at me and asked, do you like black men? Do you want to fuck one or something…I thought he was in some kind of weird jealousy mode, brought on by an obvious previous bad cheating experience. One of his ex’s must of cheated with a black dude.”Look, Charlie, I was raised that you only date white men, and not supposed to go outside your race. It makes me nautilus, looking at that on your tv. Why are you watching a bllack guy and white woman.””Do you like cheating,” He asked.”FUCK NO!” hmmm, “dude what the fuck?”He looked me in the eyes and says,” I just want you to lay back and keep your eyes exactly as they are now,” He move his hand to the mouse and clicked on the video to now make it full screen. “this video here is actually of my ex…” wtf right? “There is a reason why I am showing you this,””ok WhY?”…..he paused as if to correctly arrange each thought before it came out of his mouth, “Her name was Jayme, and she cheated on me with this guy all the time…pretty much since after the first six months we were together…I know this because I had hidden cameras installed in our home. I was the only person who knew though. Three months after we met, this dude started working on the assembly line right next to her.”I was in a state of shock, a little nervous and getting a little scared, Charlie was a very big and mean looking guy. He was/is very intimidating something about him said he was a dangerous man. Yet when I was with him I felt so completely safe. “why are you telling me this and showing me this?””It ruined my relationship, and she lied about it every time I asked. Yet I never told her I had it all on recording. I didnt record us as a freaky thing, it was for security purposes, because I used to sell some bad stuff…so I always kept a look out for haters, cops, and thieves…I actually would have never know this had someone not stole my cell phone from me…” HE took a deep breath and paused…”I came across this on accident. I was looking for a thief and caught the pussy bandit…I was in shock when I seen this, and had such a rush of emotions, anger, jealousy…hate betrayal. I could not believe she was doing this to me, and with a black guy…wtf ya know?” He looked at me for understanding of what he was talking about. ” I had never cheated on her, and was in shock when I seen this…I very quickly started rewinding videos, and every about 5-7 days this dude was coming over and fucking my girl…My beautiful innocent woman. I can understand why he was fucking her…but why was she him? I gave her everything she wanted, we even had a c***d together. I was in love with her…I couldn’t believe she bursa escort had been doing this…she never showed any signs of cheating, We were very happy together, building a life and raising our c***dren.”I searched to have compassion for him, poor guy. “I am sorry charlie i am sure it must of been hard for you.””Yes, not at first it wasn’t, I was obsessed with this new knowledge and wanted to know everything. However, I could not just blatantly tell her that I knew about this, she had no idea the security measures I had taken, frankly I didn’t even trust her around the product. I didn’t trust anyone..” I kept watching the videos every chance I got. I felt sick in my stomach. This had real consequences on our relationship. I couldn’t even make love to her anymore thinking all the time about her and this fucking……fucking all the time, obviously every time her work schedule was different from mine, but the same with his. They worked in the same department. It made me feel like complete shit. Look how big his dick was, and look at how she was all into it, moaning and screaming. She loved what she was doing…obviously.””I could never imagine how that would of felt,” I shook my head, And patted him on the leg…”I loved her so much, I could not let this black hood rat destroy my relationship. One night I got the perfect opportunity to catch her in person. In the act itself…I hacked into her computer and cell phone. They had plans for meeting up at a hotel on the outskirts of Cincinnati. They were actually going to spend the weekend together so it seemed. I impatiently, patiently waited…till that Wednesday when they were planning on hooking up. I took a vacation day, and purposefully loaded my .45. I would kill this little black son of a bitch. Thats what I convinced myself I needed to do. What I had to do.” He looked at me I suppose to gauge my reaction.”I guess I cant blame you?” I didn’t know what to say, but wanted to know what happened next. I was helplessly, engulfed in this mans life, and history. I had never been through anything like that in the 18+ years of marriage. My life was ‘safe.’ “So, what did you do? Please tell me your not confessing to a murder…?””No thats where this actually gets a little strange. I followed her to the hotel in a friends borrowed car. I waited in the parking lot for about 15 min before walking up to the door, on the third floor. The hotel had rooms that had an outside facing door and window. It was time to handle some dirty work. I walked up to the door, where i had seen them go in. It was very quiet as it was 3:45 in the a.m, except for a continuous familiar sound radiating from behind the closed door. It was my beautiful baby, moaning and screaming…It cut like a knife deep into my heart and soul. I paced in front of the door collecting my thoughts and nerve…suddenly I looked over and the curtains were not pulled all the way closed. I moved in to peek through. I cant explain what happened next. I saw this guy named Chris, I short 5′ 7” stocky built black dude sitting in a chair, and Jayme was straddling him, faced away, squatting down on his enormous cock. She acted like I hurt her at times, I was amazed she was making it all disappear inside of her.””The look she had on her face,” he paused, “I had never seen that look before! She was in pure ecstasy, her eyes were rolling into the back of her head, and she was giving him all the effort it seemed she had. She was fucking him so hard…How? I cant believe this…Yet just as your eyes has not left that screen. I couldn’t turn away from what my eyes were seeing. I felt sick to my stomach, yet I realized my dick was getting so hard. Watching them go at it, I was getting sexually excited…I could hear her, see her, and was embarrassed and confused as to why I was getting excited…WTF!Suddenly, Jayme screamed…CUM IN ME AGAIN YOU FUCKING NIGGER!!! I know you dont know her, but you must take my word for it…this was not my woman, this was a possessed replacement. I had never seen her acting so out of sorts, but for some reason my dick must of liked it…She started grinding him…and he says in his deep voice…I am gonna cum, he starts groaning, and she slams down on him…and he starts jerking…ya know the way you do when your cumming…he seemed to cum for five minutes, if a sec. She looked exhausted, and a side of slutty that I had never seen in her before. She was a very classy woman. This Jayme looked like a cheap used slut…and I loved it. She smiled like I had never seen before, and says…I love your cock so much…I have never been fucked so good before…She lifts off of him and cum dripped out, as soon as I seen this I busted a nut in my own pants…not just that little leak of stuff…no I mean, my balls were heavy and hurting, however, I had not touched it at all…I blew a complete nut, and it was an awesome feeling…I was so turned on…Lost in the moment.””Are you serious? Wow, so you just watched them…? I don’t understand, thought you brought your pistol?”Yes I did, but I couldn’t explain what just happened, I had never been so sexually frustrated and excited ever…I just witnessed the love of my life, get fucked so much better than I ever could have done…I had never heard such sounds coming from her, nor seen so many levels of contortion in her face…It was actually in a weird way pleasing to see her get so much pleasure…I was lost in the moment when suddenly she told Chris that she couldnt stay, she wanted to come back home to me…”Chris I love your big black dick, but I love Charlie…You satisfy me in a way thats un- explainable, but I love him,” She smiles, ” I just want your big black dick…all the time, there is a difference in love and sex! Your a good fuck, but I miss him,”Suddenly I had to spring into action and make a mad dash to my car, I almost felt after glow from really good sex, and it was intoxicating. It was weird, sick and a unexplained guilt in my stomach, but I had just came mersin escort in my pants watching my girl get an incredible fucking… I was mad and jealous, but I was also relieved in a weird way. I was there to witness that…that beautiful thing that they just did. I would never feel the same again. How can you compete with that?”He looks me over and asks..”.have you ever been so turned on that you feel it deep in your stomach, yet you feel completely guilty because your not supposed to enjoy this, taboo?” He looks down at the ground…”I was home about 30 min before she was, and I waited up for her acting as if I WAS CLUELESS…As soon as she walked through the door, I started kissing her, and was pulling her close to me. She looked at me as if I were crazy…probably the guilt showing as what she had done. I said I want to eat your pussy baby. Quickly she objected…obviously knowing what was leaking from it still. Yet I was not taking no for an answer. I was obsessed to do this and had no idea why, it was beyond my understanding. She kept trying to get away, playfully smiling telling me how she hadn’t had a shower…I told her I would rather eat her dirty pussy…she looked at me, searching to find out if I somehow knew…but for some reason thats when she stopped fighting me.”Fine, then eat my dirty twat,” she started to laugh a little, maybe it was because she knew what she had done and it was turning her on. I ate her pussy so good that night, I could taste the different flavors of their affair, and as I lapped at it little strings of cum would stretch from her twat to my mouth,,,her pussy had never tasted so good, and again I came…hard. Why was this turning me on so much…I am licking her pussy that was filled with black cum…and I like it, love it…I was not gay in any way…but I loved this new flavor of her pussy, sweat, pussy juice and nigga jizz…I had lost my mind.Suddenly he rolled over on top of me and asked, “does this turn you on too? You wanna fuck a nig?””NO!”He reached between my legs and much to my own surprise I was soaking wet, and I had also came…I was filled with guilt and excuses instantly. “I stay like this…” I lied, he knew it somehow…He makes a serious face and states, “the pussy don’t lie, if a woman isn’t turned on, she cant just make it wet…you have not stopped staring at this movie since i put it in…”I really didn’t know why i couldn’t stop looking at it. I felt guilty bad, dirty inside because it had made me feel like this. This was so wrong…this was the first time I had ever seen a black cock…Looking back now I must say it was so beautiful, especially when it gets pussy juice on it, shiny…the contrast of the black and white skin…the taboo of it, the size and length…”so Jayme was fucking this guy?” I asked dumbfounded…”yeah and a lot too…It made me feel like a weak worthless man, except when I was licking her pussy after each time it was filled, I had to think about them together just to get off…I was obsessed with it, confused myself to say the least. Doll your pussy is soaking wet.”I knew it was I could feel it, “No it isnt, I am sorry dont mean to stare, just never seen a black one before,””if you like it, then you like it…just be honest about it. Would you like to try one?”Again I was shocked, “NO!” but I think I did.”All I ask is if you want it then please tell me before you do it, I don’t want to be a fool, I will help you set it up. I want to watch you.””You want to watch me? Fuck a black man?””yes,””that is never going to happen I am not attracted to black men,””Well your turned on right now from it,”I began to feel a little sick for some reason, for some reason I did like it, but I knew I wasn’t supposed to. It was against what I had learned. :{” I dont want no black men, or a big black dick,”Well, your pussy says differently, I just dont want to be cheated on, would rather watch you then be cheated on. I would love to see you get your first one.”I could not explain why i was so wet, so I lied and said,” I am turned on because of just listening to your voice and watching your mouth..imagining-it was my pussy you were eating.””just promise me if you ever want it you will just tell me?”Fact is I didn’t want it, or at least I didn’t think so. I ask him if he wanted to eat my pussy now, mostly to change the hot seat back to him. He smiled and started getting into a position that granted him easier access…As he started licking me, I started to imagine what he had told me, as well as I couldn’t get the image of that cock out of my mind it was literally the biggest thing I had ever seen on a man, it looked like it could please a horse….As soon as I felt his tongue flick against my clit, I started gushing…it was all the cum that I had been holding back for a while, he just licked away. I couldn’t help but to wonder what it would be like to fuck a black man…These thoughts started to occur throughout most days, as I was working or riding the bus to and from work. I stared to notice black men, and they obviously noticed that I noticed. I started imagining myself with one, but the guilt would soon cause me to have to stop…One day I was taking out my garbage and before my eyes was this huge, black man. His arms were bigger than charlies, and he looked incredibly strong. He was smoking a joint and asked me if I would like a hit. Of course I said yes…soon he was back in my house, shooting the breeze, being friendly and flirting. I told him I didn’t date black men. Yet he still persisted, everyday he was at my house, and every day I would lie to myself that I didn’t want any, and my curiosity was only due to something new and strange. Charlie mean while was playing porn with black men fucking white women almost everyday…I was cumming more than I ever had in my entire life…probably more in that first week than i had in 18 years of marriage.Finally one day when I was alone at charlies house, I “accidentally” turned on the movie he had of his sakarya escort ex fucking this huge black dick. I didst mean to, but before I knew it, I was playing with my pussy and really involved in what I was seeing on the screen. I had been thinking about black dick a lot…yet I was not going to FUCK one! I promised myself that. That is until the day Kevin was sitting in my living room, begging me to let him fuck me. He learned I had never been with a black man, and now he was undoubtedly trying to be my first. I had noticed how much i kept telling charlie about my new friend, conveniently leaving out the part that he was black. One day charlie came over and finally him and Kevin paths crossed. He looked at Kevin then shot his eyes directly to me. I knew he was jealous, yet there was things I didn’t know yet…Kevin was not just by happenstance standing outside of my door, I learned down the road, that Charlie had paid him to meet me. It was his way of knowing if I was honest and loyal.Charlie every time I talked to him, I could tell he was getting jealous, and bothered by the situation. He asked me one night in the middle of sex if I would like to fuck Kevin. He said he would let me and watch quietly, because watching was not cheating. I assured him it was the last thing from my mind, even know I fantasized about fucking Kevin everyday, but I was scared, I was not supposed to let any other race in my pussy especially a black man! I was not sure if it was a trick or if Charlie really wanted me to do it. I just played it off….One day Charlie and I had a fight over his jealousy about Kevin always being at my house, he was really mean and ugly to me…accused me of fucking him, and being a cheater. I had never fucked him outside of my mind, and honestly believed i never would either. I was upset and mad, suddenly there was a knock at my door. I opened it up trying to hide the fact I had been crying and upset. It was Kevin. He asked me what was wrong, and I said nothing didn’t want him to know charlie was getting a little angry, if these two men went to war the results would of been ugly. He put his arms around me and pulled me into an embrace. He was so strong, and smelled so good…and omg I could feel his dick pressing through his jeans. I pulled away and could see he was actually hard, with a huge bulge.”I know you said you dont fuck niggas, but you gonna see this black dick…I want you bad Laura, and I promise I will be gentle and easy,” I shook me head and rolled my eyes, hell no! I looked away searching to find another way to occupy my mind, Kevin grabbed me and forced my hand onto h8is dick through his pants…”See how hard you making a nigga, You cant keep teasing me.” His dick was as hard as a brick, and I felt my pussy get wet…really wet.He unzipped his pants and I tried to pull away, suddenly his huge cock was out in my kitchen, his huge black cock…I was in shock, yet my mouth suddenly was going towards it, as I went down on my knees…I had seemed to have lost control over my own body. I put his dick in my mouth and came so hard. Was I really doing this? I couldn’t help myself, his dick was so fat and long…twice or three times the size of charlie. I was enjoying sucking this dick, I mean i had done it before but never like this, I was actually liking doing it, and had started to cum a lot. I had never been so turned on, and my body was not able to resist anymore….I needed this dick, I had inadvertently picked him as my first subconsciously. Little did I know at the time charlie had picked him for me, obviously knowing i wouldn’t be able to resist. I honestly thought i had denied it for so long, but fact is, this was only the third day he had been around.Kevin whispers in my ear, “girl I am about to give you the best dick you have ever had.” It was already amazing to me. “Charlies little white dick isn’t no where near this big is it…” I just shook my head with his dick still in my mouth. He started cumming….WTF? hell no! “Its alright girl, this black dick wont even go down after that…He pulls me up and leads me to the bedroom where he climbs into my bed. I was overwhelmed with hornyness and guilt, I couldn’t believe I was not telling him no, i needed to stop and tell him NO!He pulls me onto the bed with him, and his cock must have been every bit of 10 inches long, I had never seen a black dick in person, or a dick this big in a movie or in real life, and it was in my bed….this big, huge, amazing, beautiful cock was right here…He pulls me on top of him saying, “take as much of this dick as you want, just get used to it, ” I threw one leg over him and could feel the heat radiating from his cock and balls, huge balls too. I could barely get my hand around it, and could feel the left over cum on his head. I didn’t even think about a condom, as soon as it was pointed into my cunt, I pushed down on it with all I had, it exploded inside of my pussy causing an earth quaking earth shaking pleasure…I wasn’t just cumming I was already having an orgasm, a massive orgasm. I think I had just became a “black cock slut,” Every time either i moved or he did it was like I kept cumming over and over…NOTHING on this earth should feel so goddamn good…and it was so goddamn good. My body started trembling, and uncontrollably shaking…I was cumming all the guilt out of my pussy…Kevin says loudly, “Bitch I am about to cum again…” I didn’t even pause, or think…”Dump all that cum in this white pussy….ALL OF IT!” I could feel him start swelling even harder, and then I feel the pulsating of his dick deep inside my pussy, he was hitting bottom…I could feel the squirts over and over hitting me deep. He came so much that it instantly started cumming back out of my pussy, each squirt made me cum again…and again, and again. This was more than I had ever expected, the greatest dick on earth…ALL WHITE WOMEN SHOULD GET THIS AT LEAST ONCE…I was in shock and amazement when he didn’t even interrupt his rhythm, he flipped me over on my back and asks, “who owns that pussy now?”I was in heavan, I loved this dick…I fantasized it would be good, but I had no idea…i really did not. “Fuck that pussy like you own it! Its so much better than Charlie could wish to have…Why did I wait so fucking long….OMFG! I LOVE BLACK DICK!

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