It’s Love But There’s A Problem


Sexy little romance about a recovering rich older guy hires a young live-in nurse to help him rehabilitate. That naughty man has more in mind for her than that, but not before a bit of self discovery. Hope you enjoy! Comments welcome, public and private. Let me know in your comments if we want to find out what happens!

“Look at this address, right on Siesta Key. Big money there, Sia,” my sister stated.

“Thank you captain obvious,” I said, laughing. A talent Lynne had a knack for.

“Seriously! Do you have a name?”

“I only received a file containing the patient, his issues, and my expected duties.” I looked at the contract again for a moment. “I’ll admit it’s the most I’ve ever been paid, and there’s a confidentiality agreement as well.”

“Well yeah you should get paid well,” she drawled. “You are a top-notch registered nurse. He must be someone if it’s that much secrecy.”

“Right, one that bailed out of the hospital pressure because of my anxiety. At only 26 years old even.” I was still disappointed in myself that I couldn’t adjust. Since I’ve my nurse concierge business I haven’t had one anxiety attack.

Lynne and I were sunning at the condo pool and it was time to flip. We both rolled on our backs and I’m sure anyone looking from afar would think we were twins. We were identical natural blondes with identical 38C breasts and identical in height at five foot six inches tall. The only thing is, we were two years apart in age, but even up close people often mistook us for twins.

“Look how successful you are!”

“I am pleased. When one job ends, another seems to appear.” I stowed the file in my bag to review later tonight so it would be fresh tomorrow morning when I met my client.

It was indeed one of the largest mansions on the key and had been recently built. A man that introduced himself as Peter, the mystery man’s personal assistant, took me into what seemed to be a seating area. It had a spectacular view of the Gulf of Mexico and the blinding white sand of Siesta Key.

After going over the contract and the confidentiality agreement, Peter took me to meet my new client. He was in another room with the same view. He was sitting in a wheelchair looking out.

“Sir, Sia is here,” Peter said, as though announcing a friend.

The wheelchair spun around and I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out. As a nurse, virtually nothing flusters us, but I was momentarily speechless.

“I probably need no introduction.” His smile was lopsided, some words indistinct. From the files, I knew he suffered a stroke and was currently rehabilitating.

“No sir,” I said, finally finding my voice. He was very famous in the area. He owned several furniture stores and was known for his loud and abrasive television commercials. It must have worked because he became a multi-millionaire from selling furniture.

“Bobby. Call me Bobby. Everyone else does,” he said, his lips twisting into a humorous grin. “Thank you, Peter. I think Sia and will be fine now.” Peter silently left the room. “Have a seat.”

He wheeled in front of me and made no apologies looking me over, or that his eyes lingered on my breasts. I heard he was a playboy, and just discovered it wasn’t just a rumor.

“Maybe I should have requested you wear one of those tight little white nurse’s uniforms while you’re here eh,” he said in a perfect Tony Soprano voice. Yep, I am going to have my hands full with him, I thought to myself.

“If that’s what you’d prefer, absolutely,” I said, tossing it back in his court.

He looked at me for a bit and his laughter rang off the walls. “I’m gonna like you Miss Sia.” He hesitated. “You’re a miss I assume or you wouldn’t be staying in strange men’s homes for weeks and weeks.”

I just smiled.

Peter came to show me to my room. All my bags had been brought up from my car. He informed me that my car was stored in the garage and there was a driver to take me anywhere I needed to go. He said that Bobby told me to relax this evening and we would meet in the morning to begin our day.

My corner bedroom was on a floor above the room I was in earlier. The wall of sliders opened to a deck that overlooked the Gulf of Mexico and a pool below. I walked around the corner on the deck and found an elaborate putting green as well as other golfing accouterments.

In between were tropical gardens with colorful flowers and scents I could smell from above. At sunset, lights edged winding paths through the compound. A tall wall around the perimeter maintained privacy.

I walked back around the corner and saw Bobby sitting on the deck, seemingly waiting for me.

“Do you have everything you need?”

“I do. Thank you. I was just enjoying the grounds, it’s beautiful here.” I looked out as more flickering flames and lighting came on as the sun settled into the Gulf.

“If you’d like, I’ll take you on a tour tomorrow?” He seemed hesitant. Almost as though he was surprised that I appreciated the compound.

“Of course. I’d love that.”

“You illegal bahis know I don’t need that much care and am improving every day. You’re more of a companion to me and a nurse to keep everyone happy,” he grinned that funny lopsided grin.

“That’ll be our secret!” He turned and wheeled through the doors of the next room down.

When the client doesn’t specify, I wear scrubs. It saves clothes in case I get involved in messy. I feel it’s more professional.

I took the elevator to the next level down since that seemed to be the living level. Bobby was in the breakfast room with a cup of coffee and the Wall Street Journal. He gave me that big goofy grin that he was known for in his commercials. The kind that makes you think of him as a teddy bear.

“Help yourself,” he said, waving to a sidebar of various breakfast items. “I hope you drink coffee? I don’t trust anyone that doesn’t drink coffee!”

“I’m a nurse. I live on coffee,” I said, laughing.

While he was eating and reading the morning paper I had a chance to really look at him. I hadn’t thought about it until this morning, but he had a strong resemblance to Tony Soprano from the television show. Out of the chair, I suspected Bobby was a large man.

He looked up and caught me looking. He smiled. “I have therapy this morning if you’d like to sit in on it.”

“I would yes. Thanks!” See what he is capable of will be helpful in my care of him. “Is there anything you’d like to do before that?”

“Nah, nothing really,” he said thinking. “Hey! Why don’t you go for a swim? You’ve probably seen where the pool is.”

“One, I’m supposed to be working for you, helping you. Two, I didn’t bring a swimsuit because I’m supposed to be working for you and helping you.”

He belly laughed. “Good one, Sia. Good one.” I smiled and dipped my head in thanks. “Okay, so you’re working for me….. Then I’m telling you that I want you to swim. No suit? Look in the pool house. There’s plenty there to choose from.”

I went back to my room to finish unpacking. When I was done, I still had another hour and a half until his therapy session. I grabbed a book and took the elevator to the ground level.

The pool house did indeed look like a retail store of swimwear. But only if you wanted a bikini. I laughed and shook my head. I should have expected no less from Bobby.

I chose a red and white striped bikini in my size and changed. The top was a bit more abbreviated than I would normally choose, but there weren’t many around to judge. Even though Mama said I was well proportioned, I was always self-conscious about the size of my breasts.

I settled on the chaise and began reading and had a text message from Bobby.

I like your style. Good choice.

I looked up and he was on the balcony looking over.

I’m glad you approve.

Oh, I more than approve. I think that should be your uniform when you’re working for me.

I looked up and laughed.

His therapy focused on strengthening his weakest side. He was doing remarkably well for a man his size. I read up a bit on him and found he was a college football player. Not surprising. I was also surprised that he was older than I thought. I had guessed him ten years younger than his actual fifty-six. Despite the stroke, he remained youthful.

The therapist was pleased with the progress he was making and warned him to go too fast. He could easily undo everything he had accomplished to this point.

He was off to take a shower after therapy and met me in the living area after.

“I’m just not able to wash my hair while I’m in this chair and keep it from tangling. There is a hair-cutting room on the lower level. Would you help me?”

His idea of a hair cutting room and mine differed greatly. It was set up with two professional stylist areas. Adjustable chairs, deep sinks, and dryers.

He was able to move from his chair to a washbowl chair easily and I removed the band from his hair.

“I decided that I wasn’t going to cut my hair until I was back on my feet again.”

I smiled. “You do have beautiful hair.”

I dropped the shampoo into my palm and lathered it and began stroking it through his hair. Not gray and not white but a variety of each in every shade. I began a scalp massage around his face.

My fingers moved his scalp in tiny circles and moved back incrementally. By the time I was at the back of his head, I was leaning over the washbowl with my breast pressed against the side of his head.

He rubbed his cheek on it and made an appreciative sound. “Bobby,” I said in warning.

I massaged towards the front again so I wasn’t leaning over him so far, but now he turned and his nose was pressing into my breast. Had I not had clothing on, my nipple would have been in his mouth.

“Bobby!” And there was that big goofy furniture selling woman seducing grin. “Behave.”

I tested the water to rinsed beginning his hairline in the front. Of course and I worked my way back, I had to lean over him again, and this time he pressed his illegal bahis siteleri mouth into my breast and hummed. The vibration and heat from his breath made my knees weak.

Oh get over it, I told myself. You’re just horny. Have some fun tonight before you fall asleep. You’ll be better in the morning.

“Just think how this would have worked if you wore that bikini you had on this morning,” he murmured. I swallowed hard and finished rinsing his hair, not replying.

I helped him move to a stylist’s chair so I could blow-dry his hair. He watched me in the mirror as I prepared the dryer and the remainder of the project went smoothly.

I wasn’t needed until he texted me later in the afternoon.

Meet me at the pool in 30.

He was waiting when I got there. “I promised I’d show you the grounds. Jump on!” he said, indicating his lap.

“I really shouldn’t-“

“Oh come on, you have the option to run away from me if you want, right?”

Big man and big lap so I was very comfortable as his chair slowly rolled along on the wandering paths. Florida landscape can look like Tahiti and that’s just what his compound looked like. A detached guest house was tucked away in the corner, secluded and private.

Bridges and ponds with koi but mostly lush tropical jungle plants. Fragrant orchids were attached to trees, yellow and red lobster claws swayed in the breeze, bright orange bird of paradise spikes were everywhere. Private and shady seating areas were tucked here and there throughout the grounds.

“This is so beautiful, Bobby,” I said sincerely. “It’s like another world.”

I sat sideways on his lap with my arm across the top of the chair. My breast was pressed into his broad chest. As we continued to ride through the gardens, a discernible heat and hardness pressed against my thigh.

We stopped at an isolated area that overlooked the beach. We were concealed from prying eyes but had a view of the sand and Gulf. I started to get up but he grabbed me around the waist.

“Don’t leave me. Just stay here with me for a bit.” Another persona to this big blustery man.

I leaned back against him and his arm went around my waist, his hand splayed on my midriff. We watched the kids playing in the surf, while the seagulls laughed and swooped looking for food. The never-ending crash of the waves in the sand. It was all so relaxing that I dozed off a bit. I jerked when a child’s shrill scream woke me up.

“Oh my gosh, I’m sorry!”

“About what, Being so trusting of me that you can sleep in my arms?” he said, grinning.


“Sadly we have to get back. I have a conference call coming up soon.” After his stroke, he had sold his furniture business but seemed to have other business interests. Which was good because it kept him motivated to get back on track.

We wheeled back to the pool. “Thank you for the tour.”

“Thank you for coming with me and for helping ensure me that all my parts are working correctly.” For just that moment I hesitated, then felt a blush creeping up my neck.

He grinned that big goofy grin and wheeled away.

Other than blood pressure and pulse, I had little to do daily and almost felt guilty for taking a paycheck.

“I’d like to get some pool therapy in today, are you up for that?” He asked at breakfast.

“Of course! Let me know when.”

Several hours later I got his text…

I’m ready when you are.

I took the elevator down and headed to the pool.

“You’re not wearing that in the pool are you?” he said, laughing.

I had to laugh when I looked down and saw my regular working scrubs. “I left the swimsuit in the pool house. Let me get changed.”

I was self-conscious because the top barely covered my breasts. The usual issue I had with bikinis. I went down the ramp a bit and faced him. He pulled himself up on the handrails and began walking into the pool.

“Nice Bobby. Your gait is perfect!”

I waited at the bottom beyond the handrails, where he may need help. Continued past the end of the rails for another five or six steady steps and suddenly splashed against me.

I grabbed him as he grabbed me. As I quickly tried to figure out what happened, I realized that he wasn’t flailing and in fact just had his arms around me.

“Did you do that on purpose?” I asked, frowning.


That seductive silly-ass grin again. I need to immunize myself against it.

“Let’s do some pool exercises for your legs.” I created extra resistance on his weaker leg but his strength was increasing amazingly fast.

He was breathing hard by the time we got done.

“You’re a tough taskmaster! Time to relax and have fun,” he said, at the same time picking me up and tossing me up in the air. I came down with a splash and sputtering.

“Ohhhh you’re in trouble now!” I dove and swam between his legs and came up behind him. When he turned, I dove again and came up across the pool. He dove, came after me, and grabbed me.

I grew up with brothers and a pool and knew how canlı bahis siteleri to water wrestle but so did he. I was breathless and laughing.

“Not fair!” I laughed. “Tickling me!” I had my hands on his shoulder and his hands were around my waist. My chest was heaving and he glanced down.

My bikini cups have slipped to the side. One totally exposed my nipple, the other just a peek of aureole. I felt his fingers tighten on my waist.

“Your breasts are beautiful, Sia,” he murmured. He pulled me closer and my breasts mashed against his furred chest. “You feel so good against me. It’s been so long. I began to wonder if I’d ever feel it again.”

This was more than just a client coming on to me. Way more. I put my arms around his neck and hugged him, relaxing against his body. The current of the water softly bumped us against each other.

“I want you, Sia. But I don’t want a fling. I like you a lot. I partied hard before my stroke. They blamed my stroke on that. I ate poorly, drove myself, and drank too much.” He gazed at the putting green. “I’m working toward the day I can stand on my own and putt. Then I can practice getting good at it again.”

“Bobby I see the improvement in you every day. You’re focused and it makes a lot of difference. So many get fatigued mentally and spiritually and just quit. You have goals.”

“I have an even bigger goal than getting back on the golf course.” I leaned back and looked at him. “I want to make love to you, Sia. I want to be the man in your bed and not just a patient.”

He brushed my lips with his. All my instincts screamed at me to back away. He is your patient. I’m too young for him. He will recover and move on with his jet-set lifestyle and you’ll be left alone.

My eyes closed and I pressed my lips against him. He sighed and gatherer me closer. I tasted his lips, he tasted mine. Our tongues dueled. I wove my fingers through his hair and gripped, tipping my head and kissing him again.

He cupped my ass and pulled me against his hard throbbing cock. Swim shorts and my bikini bottom separated us, but the heat was intense.

He groaned, stroking his tongue in and out of my mouth and I teased the tip with my tongue. He pulled back, gasping.

“If we don’t stop now, doll, we aren’t stopping.” He pulled my thighs around him, nestled his cock between my legs, and ground into me. It would be nothing to let our clothes float away and let him penetrate me beneath the water. But I knew he wanted to wait, as did I.

“Let’s stop,” I ground out. “You’re not ready. Neither am I, really.” I kept my hands on his shoulders and let myself float away.

“Doll, I when I get you in my bed, you won’t want to leave,” he said in that Tony Soprano accent and a big grin.

I’ll just bet you’re right, I thought to myself.

His speech therapist signed off on him the following week. He was walking on his own, without any help and they cut down on his therapy to once a week as long as he worked at it in-between times. That’s where I came in.

He had a complete gym on the lower level and that is where we would work out. I made out a daily schedule that was approved by his doctors and therapists.

I woke up, showered, and changed into workout clothes. I never ate before working out and just met him in the gym.

He walked in with the help of a cane for balance. He stopped and stared at me, shaking his head.


“I thought it’d be better to work with you but I’m wondering now.” He walked over to an upper-body machine and sat down.

I bent over and adjusted the weights. He groaned and I looked up at him and rolled my eyes.

“You’re losing focus!” I said.

“You bend over like that in that low cut thing–“

“It’s a tank top. All women work out in this!”

“Yeah, but they don’t have knockers like yours,” he said grinning that goofy you have to love it grin.

“Oh behave!”

I started him on pull-downs and his weaker side became fatigued, so I moved him to a machine that independently and gave him a lower weight so he could do more repetitions. That seemed to help immensely so we started him out doing that. As he regained strength we could go back.

He did make his own fun with what had to have been grueling at times. He would ask me to bend over and change the weights several times. I was also asked to walk across the gym for various things. I laughed it off. It kept him in a good mood and it made his workouts easier I think.

We had a grueling four days in the gym and he called for a day off the next day. I couldn’t deny him because he worked doubly as hard as anyone I’d ever worked with.

Peter knocked on my door later that evening and told me a car would be waiting for me at 9AM the next morning. Nothing else. Just that.

I opened my laptop and proceeded to do something I’d never done before. At least not with a client. I did an online search on Bobby.

Picture after picture of him at parties, with different women, in different cities. And almost always with a drink in his hand. He owned his own jet. And although his businesses were in Florida, he was from upper New York state and owned a home there. It also appeared he owned other homes around the world. I snapped the laptop closed, sorry I had looked.

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