Jenny has sex on stage in front of an audience


Jenny has sex on stage in front of an audienceJenny Jenner, known to her friends as JJ, was just 26 when her life changed forever. Her life up until then had been full of disappointments in most things and constant heartache when it came to her love life. Throughout her teens and her time at University, each successive boyfriend had either dumped her, cheated on her or was just been plain bad as with her last boyfriend. Even though she’s intelligent and certainly not stupid, perhaps she was basically naïve, trusting and easily led. This is certainly still the case here as she allowed her emotions to rule over common sense. She was the worst judge of character when it came to her men as that last boyfriend proved having offered her the earth but everything he obtained came i*****lly which subsequently caused him to be locked up in prison for five years for theft leaving JJ alone again to pick up the pieces and sort out the mess he’d left behind. The flat they had shared was rented and she found out after his arrest that the rent hadn’t been paid for three months even though JJ had been paying her way, sharing all the running cost of the flat (or so she thought). The outcome of this disaster was JJ had ended up back at her parent’s house again which is not what a modern independent girl really wants as much as she loves her mum and dad. That was until just a few weeks ago when she found another little apartment in Nottingham close to her work as a supervisor in a high street travel company. This time she wasn’t intending sharing with anyone.JJ is really pretty and petite just 5ft 2″ tall and only 51 kg in weight and she was born and bred in Nottingham of white English parents. She has light brown short hair, brown eyes and she keeps herself very trim and fit by going to her local gym daily and sticking closely to a low fat diet. A couple of her boyfriends and work colleagues keep telling her she looks a lot like Natalie Portman which JJ, although flattered, does not really believe.It was at the gym that she first met Dolly (real name Delores) who works as a supervisor in a local adult night club. JJ and Dolly seemed to hit it off straight away and soon started meeting at other times and places as well. Dolly is a few years older (32) than JJ and is the daughter of black African parents, 55kg in weight 5ft 5″ tall. Dolly always makes JJ feel comfortable in her company and JJ now shares a lot of her intimate thoughts and feelings with Dolly, almost like sisters. Dolly was very supportive of JJ during her recent disaster with her boyfriend and she helped her forget by introducing her to life away from him and introduced her some of the things she has enjoyed in her own fruity life at the club.The club has quite a reputation for naughty goings-on but, so far, they had always any avoided police attention, probably because many of its drinking customers are local policemen and women whose station is nearby and the club is one of their favourite watering holes.As well as an all-night drinking establishment the club offers pole dancing, lap dancing and naked strip shows but they are known for offering more personal treatment for their customers at the right price. Dolly had been at the club since it opened about 7 years ago and she had “entertained” customers both on stage and in the private rooms although JJ did not find this out until much later. Dolly and another black girl called Cheryl also provide extra girl-on-girl services which they enjoy doing as young women are less inhibited in Nottingham about lesbianism nowadays.The owners wanted the club to go the final mile and provide live sex shows on stage with no holds barred but they needed believable people and that was the role given to Dolly to recruit suitable girls without them actually knowing what was required. So it was not just a chance meeting when Dolly and JJ got together although JJ was totally unaware of what Dolly and the club were planning for her.As we now know Dolly was grooming JJ to perform at the club so the thing for her to do was make sure that JJ was introduced to the public sex acts the club wanted to emulate and the best place for that was on-line porn sites. JJ got totally engrossed in some of these sites which she watched with Dolly and when JJ got really horny she would watch the sites again after Dolly had left and masturbating herself to shattering orgasms. JJ was totally turned on by naked girls being tied up and brought to orgasms by groups of men and women and especially some of the sites where couples had sex in front of an audience. She loved the uncensored Japanese sites where this activity is done so well and the pretty Japanese girls really seem to enjoy their sex.Confiding in Dolly about how these videos affected her Dolly knew that her plans for JJ were working out very well indeed. Dolly was determined to get JJ to such a level of sexual arousal with these videos that she would be “gagging for it” as they say colloquially in Nottingham. She also introduced JJ to the “Hungry Duck Club in Moscow” videos albeit they are rather poor quality filmed on mobile phones. They still showed everything as all the girls were stripped naked by four muscular men and there was even a simulated fucking of a naked blonde girl on stage by one of the naked black men. Well JJ assumed it was simulated.”We do that type of thing at the club where girls are “invited” onto the stage and the black men strip them naked and display them to the crowd,” JJ was squirming in her seat as Dolly went on to explain, “Some special nights we allow things to go a bit too far and the girls get more than just being stripped naked, they end up with the black men naked as well and the girls are caressed intimately all over their bodies by the men. The naked girls all react differently depending on the circumstances but we’ve had no real complaints from the girls who seem to love it a lot. We’ve had a few complaints from their menfolk though.” JJ listened with her mouth open in amazement and the visualisations her brain was formulating and the images generated by the videos, left her breathless. Dolly continued, “We seem to be getting more and more girls at the club as the word gets around and we’ve even had a crazy hen night where all 12 girls from the group were naked on the stage at the same time.”Dolly went in for the kill, “It’s Saturday and we have a private party on tonight at the club, why don’t you come along later and see for yourself? As it’s a private party it’ll be by invite only so you never know you might enjoy it.” JJ’s red face and heaving chest said it all. “Oh! OK” stammered JJ, but inside her tummy was in turmoil and her brain imagining all sorts. Dolly now knew her plan was coming together beautifully. “I’ll meet you at the door around midnight so tart yourself up and wear as little as possible and showing lots of flesh; that way the black men will notice you and you might get lucky.” Dolly laughed but she knew that this lovely little girl was going to get more than lucky and she (Dolly) would get a big fat bonus from the club owners.JJ was still in a real state (just as Dolly wanted) as she showered letting the warm jets of water wash over her pussy making her jerk a little. JJ had noticed watching the porn sites that all the girls were shaved and it looked good so if she was going to be stripped tonight she wanted to look as good, so she’d been to the gym earlier where they offer an intimate waxing service and she had a total Brazilian waxing on and around her pussy which actually made her very aroused but the girl assistant said she understood as it happens quite a lot. Now dressed in a pink satin bra and matching thong type panties with a small white lacy top that left her midriff exposed and a short loose flowery mini skirt which showed a lot of her shapely thighs so with her little handbag JJ set off just down the road at about 11.45pm. When she arrived at the club and big sign saying “Midnight Private Party – Tickets only” greeted her as she reached the door to the main auditorium. One of two very large Afro-Caribbean doormen asked for her ticket and JJ told him that she was the guest of Dolly. “Ah you must be JJ, they’re expecting you,” as he opened the door to let her through. She spotted Dolly talking to two well-dressed men and a black girl near the top of the main aisle. On seeing JJ Dolly seemed to say “She’s here now,” as she turned to JJ. “Ah sweetheart, this is my colleague Cheryl, we’re so pleased you could make it, come on,” beckoning her to join her. “You look absolutely perfect babe.”As she walked with Dolly, JJ took in her surroundings. The auditorium was like a small Roman Arena with seats sloping down from the back on three sides to a small stage behind a long curved curtain around the front hiding it from the audience. The actual stage was only about 2ft high with a gap of about 6ft to the front row seats which were at the same height as the stage with the 6ft well in front guarded by railings. There were lighting rigs over the stage and cameras set at about a dozen positions around and above the stage. There were large flat screen TV monitors all around the stage facing the audience and also nurdağı escort above the audience further back so everyone could see what was going on. The arena was nearly full, mostly of men of all ages but quite a lot of young women as JJ was shown to her seat right in the middle in front of the centre of the stage. Dolly gave JJ a quick peck on the cheek and said “I’ll see more of you later babe – Good luck,” she winked as she walked off through a door at the rear of the stage. The stage was now clear and the lights in the main auditorium were dimmed and the stage lights went out.As the loud music struck up as the curtains opened and four muscular black men came out from the curtains at the back of the stage wearing nothing more than small thongs which just covered their obvious manhood which bounced around as they twisted and gyrated through a vigorous acrobatic routine. The four lads JJ now knows as Errol, James, Michael and Lenny were very experienced performers but they knew that tonight was going to be something special. JJ could hardly take her eyes of this erotic display and she realised from the movement under their thongs that all four of the men were very well endowed indeed and she also realised that all this manhood will be on show later if Dolly was right.After just a couple of minutes of the routine the music level dropped and Cheryl, dressed in a little white bikini, came out to the front with a microphone and welcomed everyone to the show. “We have a very special show tonight so without further delay we want a lady volunteer to join us on stage.” JJ was a bit taken aback and before she could raise her hand three other ladies sitting on the front row leapt up and screamed to be chosen.The four men leapt from the stage and selected a pretty blonde woman from the trio and carried her to the stage. She was very pretty and JJ didn’t think her boyfriend or husband was very happy as he kept shaking his head in either anger or disbelief or both. With the dancer’s hands moving all over her body they deftly removed her dress, shoes, bra and panties in as many seconds as it takes to write this. She really had a terrific figure and her shaved pussy was very prominent. The naked blonde was lifted high by the black men and displayed to the appreciative audience. As she was held high above the stage two of the black men opened the girl’s legs wide apart and displayed her shaven pussy to the crowd as flashes from the audience’s cameras added to the tense atmosphere.Shaking all over with her growing arousal at the spectacle in front of her, JJ noticed that the audience was cheering and also she noticed that the TV screens were zooming in on the girls pussy and the rest of her naked body so everyone in the room could see her most private areas.As the girl was slowly lowered to the floor James gave the girl’s pussy a kiss before they released her through the curtains at the rear of the stage. It was all over and the crowd were baying for more. Even before Cheryl could ask for another volunteer the men were in front again selecting a Chinese looking woman who appeared to be somewhat older than most of the women. She was very tiny, even smaller than JJ and she still had a terrific figure. She was stripped in no time and displayed in the same way and JJ noticed that as the black men opened her up to display her pussy Lenny actually put two fingers inside her just for a second then licked his fingers as he removed them, before they lowered her and ushered her through the curtains. It was all so precise and quick that if it hadn’t been captured on the TVs it would be easy to miss it. Two more women were selected and stripped naked and their pussies shown to the audience. One had her pussy licked for a second or two by Errol before being released and the other had a dildo pushed inside her vagina by Michael before being released and she had to leave the stage with this still inside her. JJ was totally transfixed by the action and was certainly turned on watching the spectacle she had been fantasising about, playing out in front of her. Before she realised what was happening the four men had come over to her and they lifted her up and carried her above their heads onto the stage. Her time had come and she was visible shaking and blushing hard.What happened next really stunned JJ as Cheryl went onto the microphone and boldly announced “Hi everyone! Now we’ve reached the moment we’ve all been waiting for, please give a big hand to our special guest JJ who is joining us for the first time tonight and now we are in for some really ground-breaking adult entertainment for all of you to enjoy. Please welcome our star for tonight — JJ.” Michael and Errol lifted JJ’s arms and helped her wave to the crowd.As the crowd cheered and clapped JJ was really puzzled as none of the other girls had been introduced or named but she had no time to dwell on this as the four black men started removing JJ’s little top exposing her bra. In no time this was removed and her little skirt removed leaving her topless in just her panties and shoes. Her shoes were removed next before her panties were slowly pulled down and removed. She was now totally naked like all the other girls and lifted up and displayed to the crowd with her legs really wide apart. JJ could feel the draft of the air conditioning on her already wet open pussy as she was so sexually aroused her face and neck were red with excitement and the cameras picked that up.JJ’s mind was racing as she took in the full magnitude of what was happening to her, knowing that the room full of strangers were now able to view her naked body and especially her open pussy on their monitors around the arena. She was being held up by her shoulders and bottom with her unsupported head sagging down then she was lowered firstly to head height she suddenly felt someone else between her thighs. She could just see herself on one of the monitors near the back of the stage and was amazed to see her friend Dolly, now dressed in a tiny white bikini just like Cheryl, standing between JJ’s spread thighs with her head close to JJ’s pussy. Dolly opened her up until all of her pussy was exposed for the audience, then she started licking and rapidly rubbing JJs exposed clitoris which made her jerk with the wonderful sensation. The four black men held JJ a little lower so Dolly could thrust three fingers as deep as possible into JJ’s pussy and started finger-fucking her as fast as she could. JJ had never expected a woman to be involved in the performance and having Dolly licking and fingering her pussy and in front of so many people she knew Dolly was making her cum — and my god she really wanted to cum. The realisation that she was reaching an orgasm brought on by another girl in full view of nearly 200 people nearly made her blow her mind. JJs head was shaking from side to side and her orgasmic face transmitted to the audience on the TVs.Just a she was reaching her orgasm, although JJ couldn’t see it as her eyes were tight shut with her orgasm growing in intensity, the camera technicians had focussed on her pussy and face with a split screen on the TVs and everyone around the arena could hear her moaning as she reached a huge climax. JJ had reached the point of no return and she screamed as she came hard with huge jerks as her body went onto spasm and, for the first time in her life, she squirted a little orgasmic fluid all over Dolly and all this was captured on TV in front of all those people. They were on their feet screaming and cheering as JJ was cumming for them in a most spectacular way. None of them had ever seen anything like this in public before and they loved it.The four black men now lowered a shaking JJ onto her unsteady feet and they started to pour oil all over her, massaging it in to every part of her naked body including her pussy. This done they carefully picked JJ up again and laid her out on a vinyl padded board which had straps fastened to each corner. JJ’s arms and ankles were strapped in and her naked body stretched out so tightly in and X shape she could not move at all. Three large magic-wand cordless vibrators were passed onto the stage and given to Errol, James and Lenny while Michael was given a little tray covered in a blue silk cloth. JJ was now going to experience the full power of these beautiful tools as she lay there prone and unable to move other than to squirm a little in her restraints.JJ now had a microphone headset placed on her head so everyone could hear her voice as the treatment took effect on her naked body. Her nipples were the first to be massaged by Errol and James with the magic wands on full power and her areolas started to swell into little breasts with the stimulation of the vibrations. Lenny now started on JJ’s clitoris with one of the magic wands and very soon it was obvious that JJ was going to cum again, now Michael uncovered what was on his tray and showed a large black latex dildo to the crowd. He liberally covered it with the oil before slowly pushing it deep into JJ’s dripping pussy. JJ was screaming at the intrusion onto her pussy as Michael pushed the dildo in and out and with şahinbey escort the powerful vibrations of the magic wands she was in absolute orgasmic heaven as her body was now totally consumed with the full power of these wonderful orgasmic sensations.Amazingly her second orgasm exploded even more powerfully than her first and her screams of pure ecstasy echoed around the auditorium. The crowd were on their feet cheering and egging on the black lads to give JJ even more. Multiple orgasms are not all that common in reality but it was plain to everyone that this little girl was going to prove that she could just keep cumming. Her slight body was jerking hard in her restraints as the power of her orgasms overwhelmed her senses again and she squirted for a second time spraying out onto the vibrator and covering Lenny and Michael with her cum juice.JJ’s body was vibed with the magic wands and dildo fucked for nearly 10 minutes until she had little left to cum and the vibrators and dildo were taken away. One of the magic wands was handed to Cheryl who had another purpose for it.The four black men were obviously aroused themselves by all the wonderful sexual activity that they were involved in and the prominent bulges in their little pants were clear for all to see.Dolly and Cheryl both joined the lads on the stage and they quickly removed the lads little pants showing their large black cocks to the crowd. Dolly and Cheryl were now stripped by the four lads removing their tiny white bikinis leaving seven totally naked bodies on the stage – four black men with growing erections, two naked black girls and one tied up naked little white girl who was still jerking from her orgasmic exertions.Dolly went over to the prone body of JJ as she was still gasping for air and her chest heaving. She kissed JJ on the lips and whispered in her ear so the mike wouldn’t pick it up “You’ve still got more to cum sweetheart, so brace yourself.” Whilst Dolly was with JJ, Cheryl went over to Michael and started slowly caressing his growing cock with her hands and the magic wand until his erection was bar-hard pointing up towards the lights. Michael’s cock when fully erect was a superb specimen and measured over 8″ long and 7″ girth and Cheryl had now brought him to his full majesty. Michael immediately went over to JJ and lay between her legs and slowly easing his weapon into her soaking wet pussy until the whole of his cock was balls-deep inside her. “Oh my god – Oh my god Oh fucking hell yes,” screamed JJ as she felt Michael’s massive erection go deeper inside her than anything she had ever experienced before even deeper than the black dildo. He drew fully out of his little slave and pushed back in hard then progressively faster and faster. JJ was screaming the house down again and everyone in arena knew she was cumming again as Michael massive monster cock fucked her brains out. JJ’s pussy was so stretched with the girth of his monster and now after all the videos she’d seen on the internet she finally understood and felt what it was like to be black fucked whilst tied up. After a couple of minutes of this fantastic fucking, JJ’s arms and legs were untied and, before she could move them, Michael had pulled her legs up spread them wide until her ankles were almost level with her head held by his arms. He pinned her arms above her head and fucked her even harder and deeper than ever. Michael was going in and out of her like a ramrod with his balls banging against her bottom and stretching her pussy so wide it moved with each thrust of his weapon. JJ inevitably had another massive orgasm and she could not stop screaming as the fantastic sensations of this black fucking overwhelmed her again.Every second of this amazing action was still being caught in graphic detail by the cameras and the crowd could see everything in close-up and every other angle possible. It was the best porn show anyone had ever seen. JJ’s orgasm this time seemed to go on and on as if she was in permanent orgasm when Michael started grunting and his whole body tensed. If it was possible his erection got even harder as he built up to an amazing climax and he screamed loudly, as his own orgasm exploded, his whole body jerking hard as the flow of his hot sperm went deep into JJ’s vagina. Apart from the amazing tension just before he came, JJ could now feel the hot stream of his cum as it shot deep inside her. Michael only managed a few more strokes before he stopped and pulled out leaving a trail of his cum dripping out of JJ’s pussy as her legs fell back onto the mat.Whilst all this was going on Dolly and Cheryl were bringing Lenny, Errol and James to their massive erections and it was now Errol’s turn to fuck JJ and he lifted her onto all fours with her head on the stage to take her doggie fashion with her facing the audience so that they all could see her face. JJ could now see the audience properly for the first time, and although she was being fucked hard again by another massive black cock, she suddenly realised that she recognised a group of men near the front. They all worked in the store next to her shop and they obviously recognised her as they were calling out her name as she was being mercilessly black fucked right in front of them. Errol reached forward and pulled JJ’s arms backwards and holding on to her wrists her lifted her head up as he continued pounded her pussy with his monster. Dolly and Cheryl came up alongside JJ on their knees facing the crowd and they were also taken doggie fashion as Lenny took Dolly and James took Cheryl. JJ had hardly anything left but Cheryl and Dolly had only just started and both were cumming hard. All three men were now going flat out and even JJ started to cum again albeit less intensely but still wonderful. After nearly ten minutes of this fabulous triple fucking all three lads started to tense up and within seconds of each other they came together filling up all three girl’s pussies up with their cum.Whilst all three girls were having their brains fucked out, one lady out of the audience was giving Michael a blow job to finish him off after his exertions. His helmet was still very sensitive and the lady managed to get just a little more cum out of him which she dutifully swallowed before his erection finally subsided and he went limp.As Lenny, James and Errol pulled out three more girls from the audience finished them off with blow-jobs while the three naked girls on stage just collapsed in utter exhaustion.Cheryl, still naked with James’s cum dripping out of her pussy picked up the microphone stood up to face the crowd and in a breathless voice thanked everyone for coming “or in the case of the boys and us girls on stage, quite literally. We can’t promise nights like this too often but we will do our best,” she wished everyone a goodnight and a safe journey home.As she waved to the crowd the curtains finally closed and the auditorium quickly emptied.Michael lifted JJ up and carried her off the stage while the rest of them picked up the clothes and other things on the stage and followed them.There were a couple of couches and three chairs in the changing room and Michael laid JJ on one of the couches.Dolly managed to walk over to where JJ lay and give her a big kiss on the mouth and holding JJ’s face in her hands she quietly asked “How are you sweetheart? Is that what you expected?” JJ was still breathing quite heavily from her exertions and struggled to reply. “Oh my god, what have you done to me? I expected maybe to be displayed like the other girls but I didn’t expect to be ****d in public.”Dolly was a little taken-aback by the **** reference but JJ just smiled at her and said, “Don’t worry darling, even though I’ve got hundreds of witnesses I won’t be pressing charges,” she laughed but the effort was still too much for her and she burst into fits of coughing which then caused more of Michael and Errol’s cum to drip out of her distended and red pussy.All four lads were just sitting calmly, still naked, drinking lager from cans brought to them by the back-stage crew. The naked form of Cheryl had just slumped onto the other couch and fallen asleep with her unopened can falling on the floor. Dolly passed a can to JJ and took one herself. “I think we’ve earned this tonight don’t you?” Everyone but Cheryl agreed; she was now snoring quietly.”I still can’t believe that this happened to me tonight Dolly. If I told anyone else, who wasn’t here tonight, that I’ve been stripped naked in front of a theatre full of people, been tied up and fucked by black studs, and had multiple orgasms as well, no-one would believe me would they?” Dolly just laughed and said “Well isn’t that just what you dreamed about before?” JJ just nodded then shook her head as a wave of tiredness took hold of her. Dolly noticed and suggested they all went for a shower to freshen up and wake up. Everyone agreed.There are three showers in the back of the club for the artistes and the lads took turns to use two while Dolly and JJ shared the other one leaving Cheryl still in the land of nod on the couch. JJ spent ages trying to wash away the oil and the lads cum which was still şehitkamil escort oozing from her pussy.Making sure the cum washed down the plug hole JJ said to Dolly, “It’s a good job we take contraceptive precautions isn’t it, or we could all be pregnant expecting little black babies now?” JJ mentioned this whilst she allowed Dolly to scrub the rest of the oil off her back.”You speak for yourself babe, both Cheryl and I are married and we’re both trying for babies anyway. Who the fathers are will be a matter for debate because we’ve been fucking the club lads regularly and also many of the customers without our husbands knowing. They think we’re just drinks waitresses here. They’ve no idea, or really care I guess, what we get up to.” JJ was gobsmacked at this revelation. She didn’t even know Dolly was married even after all their time together. It was only then that her brain finally clicked into gear and suddenly dawned on her that Dolly had set her up and planned tonight’s show just for her.”You knew this was going to happen tonight didn’t you?” Dolly just smiled as JJ then remembered the introduction by Cheryl, the knowing looks by everyone on stage and even the doorman. “Everyone knew except me I suppose?” she looked hard at Dolly.”Yes; Even the audience knew although they didn’t know who it was, they were told it was a pretty amateur girl having her first try at porn.” said Dolly so matter-of-factly that JJ was staggered.”Oh you bastard — you bastard,” she threw the sponge at Dolly and stormed out of the shower.As she was drying herself she was fuming as the consequences of what they had done to her sank in. The four lads were getting dressed and Michael came over to JJ and put his arm around her shoulders. “Don’t blame Dolly too much JJ, anyone of us could have been put in the same position by the guys that run this club. It was them who wanted Dolly to find a new face to kick-start a live sex show and you were lucky girl who got the chance.” Michael gave her a big hug and told her to get dressed and said “We’ll all have another drink and talk it over.”Despite the fantastic experience of the last couple of hours or so, JJ felt as though she’d been too stupid to realise she was being set up by Dolly, yet her clandestine actions had fulfilled all JJ’s dreams albeit by subterfuge. She dreamed of being tied up and vibrators used on her. She dreamed of sex with a well hung black men and she dreamed of being stripped naked in public. She had also wondered what it might be like to be brought to orgasm by another woman and on this momentous night all those dreams and thoughts had been fulfilled big time on that night club stage.As she got dressed it suddenly dawned on her that her whole life had now changed. How could she go back to her job knowing that someone from the shop next door could expose her sexual performance at any moment? How many other people were in that crowd and recognised her and might gossip to someone she knew. What on earth was she going to do now?It was now 2.30am and Cheryl had woken from her doze and showered, now dressed, she joined everyone in the main theatre again where the technicians and the bosses were chatting. JJ had continued to brood about how here future was going to pan out with this potential millstone weighing her down and despite reassurances by Dolly and Michael she could not see a way she could carry as before and she did blame Dolly for getting her into this quandary.”Right everyone,” said Gerry, one of the owners, “Thanks to you guys (pointing at the regulars) and especially you JJ, we now have the potential for a regular theme of private live sex parties if we can keep up the standard of last night’s performance.” JJ was pleased to be recognised in this but it was another kind of recognition she really worried about. Whilst she was pondering Gerry carried on:-“Thanks to the very hard work of our camera & video technicians we have the first draft of the best porn film I have ever seen right here on this DVD,” waving the plastic case above his head. “Thanks to JJ and the rest of you we should be able to market this and the on-line product for a very substantial fee and, if all goes according to plan, we will be coining it very soon. We hope to put this out live on a new Website later on today and the DVD should be on sale by next week. Well done everyone; you can now go home happy in the knowledge that you’ve created history here today. Thanks again.”If JJ was in a quandary before she was in total panic mode now “You can’t do that, I don’t want to be the subject of a porn film even if it’s good as you say. I won’t allow it.” She was almost screaming but Gerry never batted an eyelid. “JJ, you don’t get a say dear. We own rights to anything filmed in this club and you weren’t forced to take part. From what I saw you happily volunteered and didn’t try and stop anything that happened to you so you have to accept it girl. Money talks babe and I’m sure we can arrange for you to get a % of royalties. Live with it JJ – Goodnight.” He upped and left leaving everyone stunned.As they all trailed out of the building Dolly tried to speak to JJ but she wouldn’t speak to her. Cheryl quietly slipped a copy of the DVD into JJ’s little bag without her seeing. Michael agreed to walk her home as it was now 3am and Nottingham at this time is not the place for young girls out.When they reached JJ’s apartment after just 10 minutes she unlocked the door and Michael pulled her to him and kissed her. “I’m sorry if everything’s gone sour JJ but I loved every second of our time on stage last night and I think you are the best girl I’ve ever fucked and I’ve had a lot to say the least. JJ you’re a natural, so fresh so responsive. You don’t fake orgasms and you could make a really good living if you joined us you know?”JJ was stunned by Michael’s candour but she could tell his offer to do more porn with them at the club was sincere and it hit her like a hammer. “I can’t be a porn star Michael, I’ve got a job already,” she was babbling. His offer had some merit but she was scared of making a commitment to a job like that considering what an insecure industry it was.”Do you want to come in for a coffee Michael and we’ll talk?” he nodded and they went inside. Michael only stayed for a coffee and just a chat even though JJ thought he might be up for more than that, but she was so tired and her body was still sore from her exertions she suggested they meet again soon. JJ stripped for bed and noticed that there was still a little cum coming out of her and her mind was racing again, remembering all that she’d done on that stage and the fantastic orgasms she’s had with all those people watching —- in no time she was asleep.It was perhaps as well that it was still Sunday when JJ awoke and showered. The thought of going in to work was still worrying her but at least she’d got until tomorrow to rest and think about what she’d do things if turned awkward. She started sorting her washing out and doing the usual things around the apartment. She decided to swap her things from her little bag into her main handbag when she pulled out the DVD case. Puzzled and a bit apprehensive she opened it but there was not label to say what it was but she had guessed it was the DVD from last night. Even though it reignited her worries she decided she must look at it just to see what they had filmed.The DVD was only just an hour long and JJ was totally enthralled by the HD quality of the images and the part when the four lads picked her out just brought it all back. It looked even better than any other porn film she’d seen and she now could see why they wanted to use it. Even though it was her being fucked on the disc she could understand why it was so important to the club to use it despite the possible ramifications to her life. JJ got so turned on again just watching herself again she needed to relieve herself quickly.Before she could do anything her doorbell went and JJ took a deep breath to calm down and went to see who it was.”JJ please let us come in, we need to talk. We can’t let our friendship just go like that,” It was Dolly pleading and looking quite distraught and obviously close to tears. Cheryl was with her as well and JJ almost burst into tears herself giving Dolly a big hug and let them both inside.”Don’t worry Dolly I had a long talk with Michael when he brought me home and I’ve just looked at the video which I found in my bag and I can now understand what they said last night. It’s so good I nearly came again just watching it.” Dolly and Cheryl gave JJ a joint hug and Dolly said “Go on then, put it on again and we’ll all watch it.”Pressing the remote control the superb quality porn film ran through again and Dolly and Cheryl looked at JJ and took hold of her and started to undress her. JJ put up no resistance and in no time she was naked and the two experienced black girls brought her to orgasm after orgasm as JJ enjoyed her first real lesbian fucking. Both Dolly and Cheryl then stripped, and for the next hour or so they pleasured each other until they were all satisfied.Before Dolly and Cheryl left JJ agreed to try and continue at work and the rest of her life with all the downsides that possible recognition might entail but she also wanted to take them up on the offer of life as a porn actress with them as well. This is the story so far of a young girl from Nottingham fulfilling all her sexual fantasies and still living her other life. Only time will tell how she copes – the lucky cow!!

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