kate sunday evening


kate sunday eveningSally and I sat in the garden trying to make polite conversation,i think we was both a bit embarrassedKate came back she had put a skirt on, What was you talking about ? Kate askedNothing really sally replied,We had another drink, the conversation got onto me again and how good I was, And Kate bought up the walk I did in her clothes and told sally I had enjoyed itSally asked if I wanted to be a girl?No I said I like being a guy and took another sip of wineSo why do you like dressing up then, I don’t know! It turns me on I guess.What items of girls clothing do you like most, bras,knickers tights or the dresses?The alcohol had eased my mouth and shynessknickers I said feeling my self blushBoth of them laughed, why knickers Kate asked,?I don’t know I think its the material,and they turn me on more then my pants I laughedKate poured me some more wine,Do you want to go out again tonight dressed upNo its to light I said,No later, me and sally will dress and make you up and make you look and feel like a real girl.My embarrassment came back , no I saidIn my head I wanted to it was turning me on just the thought of itKate said OK , it was just for a bit of fun, me and sally will have fun on our own, she stood up and went to sally and kissed her on the lipsHer hand moved down on to Sally’s breastsSally had a glass in one hand and a fag in the other , she tried to put the glass down , it smashed on the floorThey laughed Are you sure you don’t want to play ChrissyKate stood up straight and lifted Sally’s hand up in side her dress, sally hesitated, but carried on, Kate parted her legs a little Sally’s arm move further up Kate’s skirt,Kate sighed and bent over kissing SallySally responded,her hand up the skirt moved faster her other arm went round Kate’s neck pulling her closerKate’s was squeezing one of Sally’s breastsI sat staringat them my cock was fully erect oh god I saidThey stopped kissing bursa escort and Kate said, do you want to play Chrissy? This is your last chance! Take it or leave itThey both stared at meOK yes I want to playThey laughed,Kate asked do you want us to dress you up then?Yes I repliedWell ask us then she laughedDress me up I saidNo ask nicely Kate said Please dress me up KateChris sally is here to so you need to ask her nicelyas wellSally said do you want us to make you feel like a real girl ChrissyYes please.Kate said no this isn’t good enough, clean up the glass ChrisPlease dress meClean up the glassI got a dust pan and brush Kate and sally had walked down the garden talkingI swept the glass up and went into the kitchen and threw it in the binWhen I came back out the girls was sitting down laughingOK Chris , so you really want to play with us Kate saidYes please I repliedYou will do what ever we tell you Sally askedyes I promiseOK Kate said strip off nowI pulled of my shirt and undid my shoes and kicked them off, I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down with my pants, and kicked them off Sally was laughing really loudRight said Kate ask us again ,No sally said get on your knees and beg us to make you a girl,,!I got on my knees Kate and sally please make me look like a girl,They burst out laughingkiss our feet Kate said kicking off her shoesI crawled over , Kate’s held up her foot, I kissed it, No lick it I licked her foot she lifted it higher so I licked the sole of her foot,And between my toes she laughedmy tongue slipped between each toe untilshe was satisfiedShe lifted the other footI repeated what I had done to the other foot till she felt it was clean enough,Now do Sally’sI undid Sally’s shoes and took them off , and started to lick her foot , she kept kicking away because it was tickling herKate stood up suck her toes, and went into the house,I carried sucking Sally’s toes Sally asked me was bursa escort bayan I enjoying doing itI nodded yes I saidShe held up her other foot and started sucking her toes Kate returnedPut your arms behind you she demandedI obeyed,i felt the hand cuffs snap around my wrists, Right stand up, she helped me up Sally laughed pointing at my cock,A long string of pre cum was hanging down ozzing from under my foreskinKate put her finger under it and lifted her hand catching most of it on her finger then put it to my mouth,Lick it she said I licked her finger clean, while they both laughedKate then walked down the garden to the shed and came out with a bamboo cane mum used to hold plants up.Right up to my room Kate saidWhen we went into her room she moved the chair into the middle sit down she laughedHave you been in here ChrisYes I cleaned it for youWhat else did you do Err nothing I saidRemember what happens when you lie Christell Sally what happens,My head lowered I get spankedSally laughedSo Chris what did you do?Nothing I just clean upShe went over to her draw and took out the knickersi had wanked into , does these ring any bellsI’m sorry I saidOh really she Kate said and you lied to me, do you want to know how I know?You saw the stain I asked both of them laughed No Chrissy this is how I knowShe move the mouse on her computer the screen came onShe typed in her password and clicked a fileOn the screen was me in the video , making things tidy then me looking in the mirror in her knickers licking them and then wanking into themMy heart sank I was totally humiliated as both girls laughed at me , calling me a little perv.Any thing to say Kate askedI’m sorry I said.Sorry doesn’t cut it she said , you will be punished you know that don’t you?Yes I said, my erection had disappearedOooo let’s watch this one SallyShe clicked another file, There was me again dressed up and blindfolded and Kate puttingthe escort bursa vibrator inside me and pulling the knickers back upKate please don’t I askedShut up she barkedSallys eyes was fixed on the screen laughing her head off omg she giggledThe video went on to Kate holding the vibrator on my cock, and my knees buckling and the muffled sound of me groaning as I cumGod you are a little pervert arnt you.The video then showed Kate picking up the camera and bringing closer and pointing it at my crouch,I could see the dark patch in the knickers and my cum, coming through the mesh of the tightsHe comes a lot Sally laughed,bucket loads Kate repliedThe camera then moved back and I could see Kate unwrapping my head and taking the knickers out of my mouth ,Then Kate asking if I had enjoyed it, and me saying yes.My humiliation was complete.well Kate said?I’m sorry Katei really amDo you want me to email them to you Sally,Yes please do Sally repliedWe can email them to your friends Chrisno please don’t I sobbedSally and Kate both looking at me laughing, where’s your hard cock gone Chris,Please undo the cuffs I pleadedOh no Chrissy you lied, you need to be punished,She grabbed my hair and bent me over the bed, my face pushed down into the quilt , I heard the woosh of the bamboo coming through the airThen the sting as it struck my bum cheeks , I yelp in pain and stood up trying to get my hand to rub the sting away, but the cuffs cut into my wrists.Kate gabbed my hair and forced me back down, sit on him Sally,I felt sally climb on the bed and her legs shuffle past my shoulders , then her bum push down on my shoulder blades ,How many do we give him Kate asked Sally50 sally laughed,What do you think ChrisNo please don’t I beggedMy head was facing the door being pushed into the quilt Kate crouched down and looked at me, You are going to get caned you tell me how manyPlease Kate don’tHow many or I will do 50 Kate laughed6 I saidOh no you lied to meOK 10 I saidNo 20 that’s what your going to get, she then got the knickers I had cum over and pushed them in my mouth and stood up.Pull his hand back Kate said to SallyI felt her pull the cuffs up my backTbc

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