Kitty’s first suck


Kitty’s first suckEver since I was a c***d I had always fantasized about being a girl. Every chance I got I would sneak into my mom’s closet and try on her panties, slips, nylons and dresses. The feel of the sheer silks and nylons against my skin would drive me crazy. When I hit puberty and discovered the joys of masturbation these two activities seemed to combine perfectly. So much so that while jacking off dressed as a girl I would fantasize about being sexually used by men. Eventually I felt I needed a real life person to place my desires onto. Not wanting to pick anyone that lived close by, as these strange feelings might grow stronger and create awkward situations, I happened to pick one of the only people I knew in real life that lived far away, my cousin Damu. For years I had all sorts of fantasies about having sex with him while I was dressed like a girl. Some were hot and raunchy, like I would be his little prostitute slave and suck his cock and take it up the ass like a good little whore. Damu, the son of my aunt Latika and uncle Prakash, was blond with blue eyes with great broad shoulders and at 18 my rural cousin was a strapping example of manhood. At six feet tall and about 165 pounds he never seemed to have any problems getting the girls in his small town to take notice of him. While we were both the same age, mine was a different story entirely. With long hair I was five foot five and 125 pounds sopping wet if I was lucky. Living in the city and going to such a large high school I don’t think there was a single girl in my class who actually knew my name. Several times a year, usually vacations from school, my parents would drop me off at my aunt and uncle’s house. They lived on a farm outside a small rural town about four hours from the city, and just as I would go to their house to visit occasionally Damu would also come stay with us at times. Because we had a small house, we had always shared my bed when he would come to visit, but despite this I had never had any of my “other” feelings come up when he was over. Last year Damu had come down from the farm to stay with us for a few days. As we were lying in bed the first night, talking, he rolled over and looked me square in the eye. He said. “Would you suck my dick?” My heart jumped in my chest! Was one of my deepest fantasies tuzla ukraynalı escort about to come true? Did he really want me to suck his cock? I had to play it cool. What if he was just fucking with me? What if he told our family I willingly gave him a blow job? I could be turned into the family “faggot” in no time and endure a lifetime of harassment and ostracism. I looked at him as calmly as I could. “I’ll suck yours, if you suck mine.” I replied.To my delight he agreed and said he would go first. We set up a five minute timer on a wrist watch and the one receiving would tell the other if he was going to cum as neither wanted it in our mouths(well I did but I didn’t want him to know that, at least not yet). We stripped off our underwear and I was delighted to see Damu’s cock for the first time. It was soft still but about six inches long and appropriately thick and looked absolutely huge compared to my five inch erection. I started a timer on my watch as he went down on me, and although it felt good I just couldn’t enjoy it as I was so eager to get his manhood into my mouth. After about 3 minutes I stopped the watch and reset it and told him the time was up. He rolled over and I crawled down and hovered my head over his crotch. He was starting to get hard but still wasn’t fully erect, but even so it was growing and now was around eight inches. I gingerly placed one hand around his balls and the other at the base of his shaft and raised it towards my eagerly waiting mouth. Slowly I began lick the tip of his rapidly swelling cock and in no time it was fully engorged and rock hard. Now it was proudly standing tall at nine and a half inches. The only thing missing, I thought, was me dressed up as his little cock sucking whore. I took the swollen purple head into my mouth and began running circles around it with my tongue as he closed his eyes, leaned back and softly moaned with pleasure. I slowly began working up and down the shaft, trying to get more and more of it into my eager mouth, but it kept bottoming out at the back of my throat four inches in. My own little boner was now erect and aching. Feeling the warmth of his throbbing cock sliding in and out of my mouth and through my lips was electrifying. I picked up the pace and pumped his meat into my waiting tuzla rus escort mouth with reckless abandon, gagging slightly every time it hit my throat. I was in heaven! I licked and slurped my way over every possible inch of that glorious pole completely oblivious to everything else but his cock in my mouth. Time must have flown by because it seemed like only thirty seconds later the watch beeper went off. By this time I was just too hot to stop. I kept sucking on his pole like my life depended on it, even though he was telling me the time was up and I could stop now. He tried to pull me off, but I was having none of it. In fact the feeling of his hand on the back of my head just made me hotter and more determined. I was getting my reward and no one was going to stop me. After fifteen seconds or so he realized I wasn’t going to quit, so he just leaned back to enjoy the ride. I was stuffing my face with his rod while I massaged his balls with one hand and stroked the base of his shaft with the other. I popped his tip out and licked it eagerly, lapping up the leaking precum, then quickly sliding it back in to my waiting mouth where it repeatedly hit the back of my throat making me gag each time it did, but I didn’t mind. I couldn’t get enough of this hot rod and wanted to deep throat it with every fiber of my being, but lacking the experience I had to content myself with the 4 inches or so I could easily fit into my mouth.I’m not sure how much longer I was there stuffing his cock into my mouth but I eventually felt his balls tense up. Again he tried to tell me to pull off, telling me that he was cuming, but I kept at it. His whole body tensed and spasmed as he flooded my mouth with his hot spunk. This sent me over the edge as well and I exploded all over the top of the sheets as I eagerly swallowed as much of his load as I could, but some still leaked out of my mouth and down my cheek. I stayed there till I was sure I had gotten it all and his dick started going soft. When I finally pulled off his cock he was looking down at me and I knew my secret was out.”That was awesome!” he said.”Thanks.” I replied somewhat meekly.”Where’d you learn to do that?” he asked.”Ummm… no where really. Just kind of seemed natural I guess.” I told him, trying to guard my answers.”C’mon. escort bayan You mean to tell me you’ve never done that before? I think skill at that level takes some practice. You’ve been sucking other guys cocks, you little faggot!” he exclaimed.”No, no, no! This is the first time I’ve ever done that! I promise! Please don’t tell anyone else!” I pleaded.”I don’t know man. I’m not sure I can keep this a secret, you being a cocksucker and all.” he smiled at me.”Hey.” I replied. “You sucked my dick too! Don’t go telling anyone or I’ll say you’re the same.””Fuck You!” He hissed. “You blew me like a pro for a good fifteen minutes then swallowed my load and came all over the bed without even touching yourself! I think that makes you way more of a faggot than I’ll ever be.” He had me right where he wanted me.”Please!” I begged. “Please don’t tell anyone! I’ll do anything! Please just don’t say anything!”He paused for a bit then said “I think I’d be willing to keep it our little secret….. on a few conditions.” His lips pulled into a tight little sneer.”Ok… well… what did you have in mind?” I asked nervously.”Well, for starters I want a blow job pretty much any time I ask. No questions.” he said sternly.”Ok.” I said sheepishly “What else?””You don’t say nothing to nobody. If you ever mention this to anyone, not only will I deny it, but I will kick your everloving ass the next time I see you and tell the whole family that you’re a gay ass little queer. Got it?”I nodded. At least it sounded like he was as scared as I was of the family finding out about our sexual liaison, so I thought we were both good on that point. “Anything else?” I asked.”That’s all for now.” he said. “I’ll let you know if and when I want to add anything to it.”And that was it for the night. He rolled over and went to sleep. I was left there to lie in my own wet spot with my head buzzing about what had just happened. It took me a while to drift off, but I eventually did, and when we woke up the next morning we both acted like nothing ever happened. We went about and did all the things we usually did, like going to the mall, visiting the music shops, hanging out at the corner store, drinking cokes and eating candy bars. When it was time for bed that night we both stripped down to our underwear and got into bed. We just kind of chatted about nothing in particular for a while till he was sure my parents were asleep. Then he looked over at me, pulled the covers down and stripped off his underwear. His cock was hard, and he started slapping it gently against his stomach.”You know what I want.” he said.

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