Leaning on Each Other – Chapter 6

Ariella Ferrera

Leaning on Each Other – Chapter 6It was Thursday evening and Adam was just getting home from Jennifer’s house. She and Cassandra had arranged that each Thursday – Adam’s last day of classes for the week – Adam would spend the early evening with Jennifer at her place while Cassandra finished her last broadcast of the week. That would allow the two of them some “alone” time with each other rather than their typical threesome that included Cassandra. It was nearly 8:30 and his mother was already home. His mother was standing at the kitchen counter with her back to him when he walked in. She didn’t turn to face him when she spoke.”Hi baby, how was your time with Jennifer?”Adam just stood in the doorway looking at her. “It was good. Never as good as with you, but it was good.”Cassie was dressed the way he would always like for her to be dressed. She was wearing one of his button-down dress shirts. He could tell by the way it hung on her shoulders and tapered to the waist that she only buttoned the lower one or two buttons at the most. The tails of the shirt just barely covered her beautifully tight, heart shaped ass. Her legs – and probably her ass were bare. The sleeves were rolled up twice to create a three-quarter sleeve. Other than that, she was only wearing her black heels, accentuating her sleek, perfect legs. Her hair rested on her shoulders and was slightly mussed. He could imagine the front view revealing the inner flesh of her breasts and her upper thighs, with her body communicating the need to be fucked. In Adam’s mind, that was a beautiful woman’s perfect outfit. She lifted a glass of wine to her lips, still not turning to face her son.He broke the silence by asking, “How was your day?”His mother’s head lowered with her chin clearly settling on her chest. She turned to face him and it became obvious that she had been crying. “Mom, what’s wrong?””The station announced to us this afternoon that they sold to a syndication. The format of the station is changing to a classic TV programming station, so there will be no more news broadcasting. All of us are out of a job as of the last broadcast tonight.””Oh, mom. I am sorry.” His mind shifted from his cock to his mother’s emotional needs and he walked up to her and took her in his arms for a reassuring hug. “But, you know, you are wildly popular and very talented. You could easily land a similar gig with a network or something. You have had those offers before and turned them down for my benefit. You don’t have to do that now.””That’s not how it works, son. You see, I had a five year contract I just signed a few months ago. That contract required that in the event the station sold or the role I performed was canceled for any reason, they would pay out that contract as long as I agreed to sign the non-compete agreement. I did, so they paid out my contract, but that means I cannot anchor another news program of any kind for the remainder of the contract period.””As far as the money is concerned, we are in great shape. The two things that bother me is that not everyone I worked with are as fortunate as me, so they will be scrambling. The other thing is I am just not sure what I am going to do with myself in the near future. I have always worked. I was proud of what I was doing and felt like I was making a difference.””You know what, mom? As talented as you are, you can do anything you want and you will be great at it. And as beautiful as you are, you could do some modeling if you wanted. I think the world is yours if you want it.”Cassie smiled through the tears and hugged her son more tightly.”How did I get so lucky to have a handsome son who is also my number one fan and the best lover in the world?” she said, looking up at him and kissing him. She used her hands to lift herself up onto the counter into a sitting position.”Why don’t we start my new life by you dropping your pants and fucking your mother right here on the counter?””I thought you would never ask,” Adam said, smiling as he unbuckled his belt. By the time his pants were piled on the floor, his cock was hard and zeroing in on his mother’s pussy.”And I wasn’t sure you would have anything left after pounding your art teacher all evening.” Cassie shot back playfully.”Mom, you know I always have something ready for you whenever you want it.” With that comment, Adam began sliding his cock into that familiar, warm, wet entrance that brought both of them so much pleasure and satisfaction. He was right about her wearing nothing under the shirt – no bra and no panties. He slipped his hands inside the panels of her shirt and cupped her large, firm tits. Her nipples were already hard to his touch and the sadness left her face, replaced by closed eyes, an open mouth, and low moans of pleasure filling the room. She wrapped her legs and heel covered feet around his waist and pulled him deep inside her. She leaned in to kiss him deeply as he slowly stroked in and out of her. Her hands began exploring his ass and occasionally using both, her hands and her legs, to pull him into her as if she wanted him entirely back into her womb. Her pace began to quicken, adding urgency to their slow fuck. Adam responded by speeding up his humping motions.Cassie’s sitting position on the counter assured that every stroke provided maximum stimulation on her clit and she was quickly building to a major climax. Each drive he made into her sent electric shocks that emanated throughout her body, reaching her nipples, up through her back and down to her toes. Her back arched, pushing her forward so that her tits were pressing hard against Adam’s chest and her mouth was near his ear as she let out gasps and low decibel shrieks as her climax wracked her body. With her arms around his neck, holding on for dear life, her legs tightened around him, Adam could barely continue his fucking motions. He did only what he needed to in order to make sure her orgasm was as complete and satisfying as possible. Once she came down from her orgasmic bliss, she pushed him back, causing him to slide out of her, pendik escort surprising him a bit.Cassandra slid off of the counter and quickly lowered herself to her knees on the floor in front of him.”I want to finish you off this time with my mouth. Is that okay with you?””Yeah, sure, mom. Whatever you want is always fine with me. You know that.” he responded quietly.Cassie responded by taking his long, hard shaft in her hand and slid the head of his cock into her mouth and began to suck feverishly on his cock, taking more and more each time her head came forward. One hand cupped his balls and the other stroked his shaft as her mouth soaked and sucked his knob. His mind’s eye took a photo of her looking up into his eyes as she lovingly made love to his cock with her mouth. He could see around his cock to her tits bouncing lightly inside her shirt, jiggling seductively. Her nipples were still hard from the stimulation of the shirt fabric rubbing them with the rhythmic movement. Her blonde hair framed her face and at that moment, Adam understood better than ever before the beauty of loving another and giving of one’s self to the pleasure of another. He couldn’t put it into words, but he was sure he could express it in a drawing. He was getting close to filling his mother’s mouth with his love cream when she moved her hand from his balls to the area between his balls and his asshole and rubbed it gently, then quickly slid a finger into his ass without warning. He couldn’t contain himself any longer and shot thick ropes of cum against the back of her throat in what seemed to both of them to be an endless stream. His knees felt weak and balance unsteady as he released all that he had into his mother’s mouth. Once they were both sure he was done, she backed away from him. Cassie chuckled when she realized that both of them were dressed the same way – shirts and shoes only – and decided that maybe they should always fuck that way. Adam agreed that she was certainly as sexy as was humanly possible dressed that way, but he still preferred to be completely naked when they fucked.Adam spontaneously swept her off her feet and carried her down the hall to the bedroom and gently laid her on the bed and helped her get under the covers. He went to his room to retrieve his drawing supplies and came back to bed with his mother.”Wait a second here, mister. Are you telling me that you are done fucking for the night in favor of drawing?!” Cassie teased.Adam smiled, “Not at all. But I have an image in my head that I just need to transfer to paper. Then I am all yours again. That okay?””Of course. But don’t forget I am lying here waiting for you.” As she said it, she reached under the covers and grabbed his cock as if to make sure it was still there.For more than a half hour, Adam carefully, with the finest attention to detail, converted his mind’s image into his work of art. When he was done, he asked his mother if she wanted to see it. Of course she did. “This one is just for us. No one else will ever see it, mom.”She looked it over carefully and then looked up at him. “Is this how I really look when I am sucking your cock?”His drawing was from the perspective of him looking down at her while she looked up at him. Just below her eyes and nose was her mouth wrapped around his cock. Cassie was blown away by the detail of the expression on her face, capturing the exact emotion she was feeling while giving him the blow job. Every detail from the position of her fingers wrapped around his shaft to the scale of her lips and his cock were perfect. “If I am that beautiful while sucking your cock, it’s no wonder you love my blow jobs so much!” she said with wonder and admiration for his skill as an artist. “But I agree. As much as I would like the world to see your skills, this is only for us. Makes me horny all over again. Ready to fuck my ass for a change of pace? That drawing makes me want to inspire you to draw one from another perspective.””Check and make sure I am ready. If so, then roll over.” he said teasingly.Cassie reached up and pinched his cheek and then reached down and found his hard cock ready for another round.Adam was surprised at his mother’s interest in his erotic depiction of her sex act on him and made mental note to make more of them for her each time they had sex in a different position. His next one would be looking down at her lying face down on the bed with his cock buried in her ass. When they had finished and lay there in each other’s arms, saying nothing, just holding each other, Cassie propped herself up on an elbow and looked into his eyes. “What would you say to the two of us getting away for a long weekend. Since I am now a free woman and you don’t have Friday classes this semester, we could go somewhere not too far away and just get a hotel room, order room service, fuck our brains out and binge watch movies when I am not giving you inspiration for more artwork.””Sounds like a great idea, mom. I’m in.”They fell asleep, arm in arm. Sometime during the middle of the night, Cassie felt his hard cock rubbing against her, so she woke him up for a midnight quickie and went back to sleep.They got up the next morning and took a minimalist approach to packing and hurried off for three day trip to a hotel suite Cassie booked earlier that morning. She picked a town just a couple of hours away. The destination wasn’t as important as getting away and spending time anywhere but home and their hometown. They checked in as soon as they could and then headed for a grocery store to get a few supplies so that they would not have to leave their room unless they wanted to. It was not fancy, but it was clean and spacious and it had two rooms – a living room with a kitchenette and a separate bedroom. It also had a large shower that they could share so that they never had to be separated from each other, including while taking a shower. They got to the grocery store and bought their supplies. Adam stopped at the exit for a couple of minutes to kartal escort look at a couple of magazines while his mother headed for their SUV to unload the cart.By the time Adam walked out, his mother was already at the back of the SUV with the hatch up. She was about 50 yards from the door and Adam noticed that their vehicle was parked next to another of similar style, also with the hatch up and a woman also standing at the back preparing to unload her cart. Because of the slope of the parking lot, they were struggling to keep their carts from rolling away. They were laughing and talking to each other and Adam’s artistic eye saw a bit of modern day Americana. Similar vehicles, two carts wedged against each other to prevent rolling away, and two women of similar age and size on the outside of each cart trying to load their cars. Another drawing in the making. But then something grabbed Adam’s attention. He was halfway to his mom when he saw a scrawny, stringy haired young man approaching the women as he lifted the hood on his sweatshirt to hide his face. Adam hurried his pace and arced his approach so that the young man did not see him coming. Adam’s hunch was correct. By the time he was within five feet of the man, the hooded figure grabbed the purses of both women in the front basket of the carts and turned to run. As soon as the thief turned around and began to run, however, his face came in contact with a right cross that had the effect of stopping his face while his body continued to move forward. The result was the thief was flat on his back, as still and limp as a corpse, u*********s from the sudden blow. Both women were in shock as they saw the flash of the attempted theft, the loud smack of Adam’s punch and the thud of the young man hitting the ground.Adam calmly reached down to pick up the spilled contents of the unknown woman’s purse and laid it all just inside the open hatch for her to sort through. His mother’s purse had been closed so nothing spilled from it. The “neighbor” woman was badly shaken up, but grateful for Adam’s quick thinking. “Are you alright? Do I need to call the police? Oh my, I have never had anything like this happen before. I can’t stop shaking. I cannot imagine what I would have done if he had gotten away with my purse.”The woman went on with the non-stop stream of consciousness dialog. Cassie was unnerved by the event, but was more outwardly calm and tried to calm the woman. Adam finally spoke after assessing the situation. He also noticed that the thief was beginning to come around and that his mouth was bleeding quite a bit from the direct blow he had suffered. Both carts were empty now.”I don’t think there’s any need to call the police.” He reached down, and lifted the thief by the waistband of his pants and the collar of his hoodie and dropped him into the cart with arms and legs dangling out the sides of the cart. “Now you listen to me, you little shithead. If I even so much as see you again, there won’t be enough of you left to fill a sandwich bag, so I suggest you find a new place to live.” He turned the cart to face the far end of the parking lot that led to a drainage ditch just beyond the curb at the end of the lot.”Care to do the honors?” he asked the woman still shaking. She stood up, nodded, and gave the cart a push, send the thief at an increasing speed to the end of the lot, watched it hit the curb, flip and send the young man rolling down the hill and out of sight. Moments later, the thwarted purse snatcher could be seen running up the other side of the ditch and out of sight.”I wish I knew how to thank you or reward you. But nothing I could do seems like it would be adequate. Why didn’t you think I should call the police?””Well, between the concussion he had to have gotten when his head hit the pavement and dental work he is probably going to need, and the prospect of having to think about moving, he has probably paid a high enough price.” Adam rationalized.The woman calmed slightly and looked at Adam with admiration. “You are wise beyond your years. If my husband had been here, he would have called the cops, chewed their asses for doing nothing and then, if they did catch him, he would have made the k** miserable for the rest of his life. But he would not have done one damned thing himself.”Cassie took all of this in and realized at that moment that her son was a perfect replica of his father twenty years earlier and her loved swelled again, now with an additional amount of respect, pride and admiration added in. Then she looked at the woman more closely. The woman was about 5’6″ tall, sandy red hair, slim, pixie cute bordering on beautiful and looked to be mid thirties in age. The woman was still not entirely pulled together and Cassie was worried about her. She found out her name was Amanda and went by Mandy.”Mandy, do you live nearby? Do we need to call your husband and have him come get you?” Cassie probed.”I live about three miles from here, but my husband is out of town for the weekend. He’s in sales and this weekend is the corporate golf tournament where they host many of their customers and entertain them all weekend.”Cassie suggested that Mandy come to their hotel for the evening, have a drink or two until she settled down and felt like going home. Mandy was grateful for the invitation and accepted. Adam rolled his eyes. “There goes my fucking evening – or more accurately my evening fucking” he thought to himself.”Adam, you drive our car back to the hotel and I will drive Mandy in her car. I don’t think she is up to driving right now. Do you mind?””Of course not, you are right. That seems like the best thing for her right now. I don’t think she should be alone for awhile.”Cassie felt the pride well up again.Mother and son escorted the woman into their hotel suite. She was impressed with the accommodations and Cassie fixed the lady a stiff drink of bourbon with a mixer. Cassie was grateful she had packed the alcohol if for no other reason than to calm the woman maltepe escort and get her back on feet. Cassie had packed it to spice up the weekend for her and her son, but this was a good excuse to get lit earlier than planned.Adam unloaded their supplies while the two women talked and then went into the bedroom to let them carry on and began to sketch again. Midway through the second drink, the alcohol began to have its intended effect. The woman settled down and was getting a little tipsy. And she opened up. “You are so lucky to have Adam. My husband is such a shit in difficult situations. He’s all talk and no do. I have to say, if you didn’t already have him, I know how I would pay him back. I don’t have a lot of spare money, but I would fuck him ’til he couldn’t walk. That’s how I would pay him back. Just sayin’ so you know I am completely honest. But I wouldn’t do that to you. My husband, on the other hand,” she said looking at her watch, “if he isn’t group fucking some whore right now, he will be within the next hour. All in the name of business.””Actually, Adam and I have an open relationship. So if that is the way you really want to reward him, just go in there and tell him so. I am sure he would be open to the idea. The only caveat is that I get to watch if I want. Can you handle that?”Mandy laughed nervously. “Oh, I could handle that okay, but I don’t know. I have never fucked around on my husband. That’s what I am not sure about. And as beautiful as you are, Cassie, I could probably fuck you too.” Mandy giggled at herself for talking that way. She had never said anything like that to anyone before and realized the impact the alcohol was having. “I wouldn’t be opposed to that either. We enjoy a good threesome from time to time. Let’s go in together.”Mandy blushed and fiddled with her blouse button and swirled her drink in its glass before chugging the rest of it.”Besides,” Cassie continued, “if your hubby is the type you say he is, you probably owe him one or two good fucking around sessions.””True, true. Okay, no time like the present and no one better than your man to be my first!”They walked hand in hand into the bedroom where Adam sat in a bedside chair, sketching the scene before the attempted theft.”Adam,” Cassie started, “Mandy has figured out how to repay you for being her knight in shining armor.”He gave his mother that look and she nodded ever so slightly and smiled. “You go first and then she and I will have a go at it. Afterward, I will fix us all a drink.”Cassie was already feeling her own drink taking over as she helped Amanda get undressed. Their room was on the third floor and the d****s were still open, but no one gave it any thought. Mandy was standing in front of Adam, already naked and he was undressed as well. “Holy shit! Not only are you handsome and heroic, but you are hung too. I can’t believe I am going to fuck another man besides my husband. You know what? I want the whole world to see me do it, too. Do you mind fucking me against the window with the d****s open? I have always fantasized about someone watching me fuck.””I’m going to be watching,” said Cassie, “don’t I count?” then she laughed.”Yeah, but I want to imagine another man watching me fuck.””Mandy, put your heels back on. The angle will be better for you and Adam likes fucking a woman in heels.”Mandy giggled again and slipped her heels back on and walked to the uncovered windows and spread her arms and legs, putting her hands against the glass. Adam walked up behind her and reached around, cupping the woman’s B-cup breasts and tweaking her nipples and kissed her neck. Cassie walked up behind Adam and began playing with his ass and reaching between his legs to caress his balls. Adam guided his cock to Mandy’s pussy and began pushing into her. Her cunt was soaking wet and ready for him, but he found her very tight and difficult to enter. She took a deep breath as his size was far more than she was used to entertaining. He took it slow so as not to cause her any undue discomfort, but once she relaxed, he was able to make his way all the way into her tight hole. Cassie watched her son as he began to take control of the situation and began a steady fucking motion that soon had Mandy panting and rolling her head back and forth from one side to the other. Cassie looked out the window and noticed a couple of men in the parking lot, who appeared to be drinking a beer as they talked. She hoped against hope that they would look up in their direction and fulfill Mandy’s fantasy.Fortunately, Adam could take his time and Mandy was getting into it and started fucking back on Adam’s cock. Then Cassie noticed that the men were scanning the upper floors of the hotel and locked in on the woman taking cock and pointed up toward their window. Cassie pointed out the audience to Mandy, who really got revved up knowing she was being watched. It sent her to a whole new level and she fucked and squealed and soon came hard on Adam’s cock. She watched the men who were gesturing as if they were jacking off as they watched her fuck. They must have been somewhat intoxicated themselves because they opened their pants to reveal to her their own hard cocks and stroked some as they watched.After Mandy finished cumming, she turned and went down on Adam in an angle that allowed her to watch the men watch her suck cock. Adam warned her that he was about to cum and she pointed to her face, indicating she wanted him to pull out and cum on her. He did as she indicated, pulled out and shot a massive load that covered more than half of her face. Mandy stood up and faced the window, pointing at her cum covered face to the silent applause of the two men below. “Fuck! I thought the one thing my husband could do decently was fuck. But I just realized this is the first time I have really been fucked!”Cassie closed the d****s and retrieved a towel to wipe the cum from her face. She then led Mandy to the bed and the two of them engaged in some high quality mutual pussy eating. Adam sat back in his chair and proceeded to sketch the scene playing out in front of him. Mandy chose to spend the night with her new friends and enjoyed a series of new experiences. When she left the next morning, they exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet up again sometime soon.[The rest of the weekend will be in the next chapter.]

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