Leather Belting and Increased Libido

Female Ejaculation

Leather Belting and Increased LibidoMy husband and his perverted friend, when drunk, always talked about what type of sex turned them on.Hubbies was a tad boring, but his friend, an ex-public schoolboy, thought caning a girl was a nice thing to do, before fucking her, he always said if you look at a girls face when she is being fucked, and again, when she is being caned, there was no difference in expression, as pain and pleasure went hand in hand, but by alternating between them, she would have an extremely heightened orgasm.I can remember when I first met him he started talking about sex and with me being Swedish, his English-ness, drew on the assumption, we were all sexually turned-on and ready to drop our knickers, whenever an offer came along.Thankfully hubby had pre-warned me of his kinkiness, but also added it was more to do with the fact he was not getting any sex, so his fantasies took over.As a woman listening to him, I would sit and listen and wonder what was going through his mind as he sat next to me reciting all things sexual, and when each opportunity came, when we were left alone, I would ask him things about cocks and fucking.Having a beautiful Swedish girl ask you about fucking does something to a man, I would excuse myself for being forward in my questioning, and put it down to my open minded Swedishness, but this drove him wild with lust and when I hinted about helping him, I would then recant and say it would not be fair to my husband, in other words, I teased him terribly. I was always intrigued by him, not in bakırköy escort a romantic way, but raw sex wise, there was something in his urgency and perversion, that coaxed me towards him, and dropping my knickers to let him have a quick fuck would be easy for me, a hubby would turn a blind eye to our dalliance, I wanted something else, I wanted to watch him in action, so I needed another woman to let him abuse her as I watched them.To gauge his temperament I needed to know just how hard he would be when confronted with a woman, bound and naked, awaiting his attention, so I suggested to my husband I be the guinea-pig and we would see how he reacted.So he was invited over to stay for the weekend and was immediately plied with copious amounts of Brandy and a scantily clad wife, willing to show more than he had previously seen before.Of course I talked dirty to him, waiting for him to say his, ‘All sluts should be caned on their bare bottoms’, and I would get more personal each time hubby left the room, showing my knickers and tits to him, under the pretence of having consumed too much alcohol.Eventually the ruse worked and he responded as predicted, demanding my bottom be caned for foul mouthing and indecent exposure.Both myself and Hubby laughed it off with hubby slightly agreeing with him to my needing discipline, so I jumped up off my chair and hiked my skirt up and thrust my thong clad bottom into his face, ‘Go on then’, I ordered, ‘Spank me’ and bent over exposed to his hand and peering eyes, and beşiktaş escort looking at his shocked expression I reached behind and pulled my exposed cheeks further apart, exposing my vagina and ass-hole inches from his face.I looked at hubby, who was sitting in front of me, so he could not see what his friend was looking at, I winked, he nodded and said, ‘Go on give it to her, hard’.His hand touched my bottom, then his other hand and together he caressed my cheeks, and then he kissed each cheek remarking on their beauty and encouraged by both myself and my husbands relaxed attitude, openly confessed I had a beautiful looking cunt and asshole.Hubby laughed and I thanked him for the compliment as he lifted the thin string away from the snug fit between my bum cheeks, and pulling it up and away, fully exposing my genitalia to his lustful gaze.I looked at hubby once more and was about to remark when I felt his tongue lick my pussy and trace a saliva laden trail from my asshole to my clitoris.I moaned out loud and looking again at hubby saw he was pleased with the sexual show unfolding before him.All the k**ding and teasing had taken a new turn it had gone to far, both myself and his friend were now openly engaging in full oral sex, and I was more the instigator on the receiving end, but I was now also thinking about letting him fuck me in front of my husband, I was at my hottest and I wanted this to end in pleasure for all.Suddenly my husband asked his friend to prove his theory about pain and pleasure, beylikdüzü escort the later I was now deep into as each millimetre of tongue movement made me week at the knees and beg for more.I was still bent over facing my husband as he got out of his seat, now supplementing his tongue with his fingers thrusting into my vagina with force and he remarked to my husband how much I needed to be fucked and he was offering to fuck me and discipline me.’You ready Mariel, you fucking dirty slut’? ‘Yes’ I uttered between clenched teeth and before I could ready myself for whatever he planned as I was still tingling between my legs and yearning for the promised fuck, The leather belt whacked across my exposed buttocks, with a crack, which strangely subsided and a warmth crept across mixing and blending with the feeling of sexuality, and giving a new pleasurable feeling, calming and yielding.I never felt scared or threatened just pleasure and so when the second powerful whack came I found it enjoyable and looked back at my tormentor, his face twisted in pleasure, his brow tinged with sweat beads, and his eyes focused on my bottom, rising in welts and no doubt seeing the secretions no openly flowing from my open pussy.’Do it again, harder’ I mouthed to him, there was no pain no, just warmth and a feeling of denigration, a hint of sexual perversion, and I was enjoying being disciplined by my husbands friend in such a degrading fashion.After 4 hard whacks I bowed to his theory and proudly paraded my stripped bare bottom with its fiery red welts and stood beside him in submission.I then stripped off and lay down on the floor, ‘Now fuck me’ I said, opening my legs and ignoring the fact my husband was there, watching his friend undress, looking down on me as I lay submissively, looking at his penis rising to the fuck he always wanted

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