lesbain club


lesbain clubMy friend call they said if i want to go to a lesbian club. i was fingering my self while they called and i said sure why not they told me they be there in an hour. dam i have to finsh faster so i start to rub my clint faster i was getting cum on everthing then oooooo yes oo god there there faster faster then i climax i was squirting all over the place it was good. I was looking through my closet i wanted to look slutly. first i look for under wear i put on some black fishnet stocking they attached to my thong. my thong was a red thong i look through my bra then said to myself fuck wearing a bra my boobs where to big for a bra i was a d cup all natural.i look for a shirt i put on a white shirt that people can see through i got my favorite pair of long black leather boots. i got my favorite mini skirk it was as long as my pinky finger it was a black latex skirt. My ass was showing i went to the bathroom to clean my hair i was a blond my skin was white i had blue eyes and i look at my ass in the mirror it was a bubble butt and my pussy was white soft and clean it was also tight. then i was ready my friend call they said if i was ready and i said yes. i went to her car my two best horny friends there names are roxy and janie. roxy was a tan latina women her breast where as big fethiye escort as my and her ass was as big as my and her skin was tan and her hair was red she was wearing tights with a cameltoe and she was wearing a ironic t shirt. and janie was the complete opposite of all of us she was a asian girl black hair her breast where small but perky she was a b cup and her ass was small. she was wearing tight jeans a whale tale and a see through blue blouse.janie own the car she was the horniest of all she had a seat with a dildo attached to it i sat on that one because i was the only one wearing a skirt i move my thong of my pussy and sat in the 6 inch dildo. she said be carefull not to cum in my car i said dont worry. after a 10 minute car ride to this extrem lesbian club called girls. i got at of the car and i havent cum at all we where all ready for fucking roxy grab my ass and shooked it. we went inside it was great only girls there where lazer and dub step music. we went to the dance me and friend where ready for a fucking. we where all dance in group roxy was grabing my ass and janie was infront of me grabing and pinching my boob and nipples it felt great. My thong was starting to get wet my cum was starting to dripp in the floor then roxy spread my asscheck and start fisting my escort fethiye asshole she was starting to rub her pussy and janie start to fist my vagina janie also start to makeout with me her whole arm was in me i was getting wet and i was cumming all over her arm. i grab janie ass and put my hand down her pants i started to play with her put whole then both of my friend start to pull there arm in and out i start to play with her asshole harder janie arm start to get cover with a bunch of cum then roxy with her other hand start to play with my clit god she knew how to play with a clit then this girl was a redhead tan girl with a big she was only wearing really tight with a cameltoe her breast where a c cup at least her nipple where pepperioni nipples she said if she can join we all said anyone can join then she said her name was peggy she start to fist my vagina too i scream with plessure i roxy,janie and peggy laugh then roxy start to rub my clit faster and put her arm deeper and janie and peggy start to put there arm deeper i start to moan there names and then yes i climax they pull there arm out and got in front of my vagina i was squirting cum all over there face it was a ton of cum it came out in a spray then we all went to this part of the club where there where a bunch of dildos fethiye escort bayan where. there where five stationary bikes they had a seat and then i move one of the peadal and a 6 inch dildo came out. i told roxy,janie and peggy to come over here they. i said let ride this dildo bikes first they said yeah. i said let just get naked janie you have the backpack so we can put our cloth she said yeah. we where all naked it was cold so all our nipples where hard. i got on the first bike roxy got on the second one janie on the third and peggy on the fourth. We start to pedal we all start slow it felt great then this girl came she had nipple clamps she attach it to all four of us they where tight i love it i pedal a little faster my pussy was starting to get really wet we all start to pedal really fast then this girl came and told me if i want anal to i said hell yeah she flip a switch and this other dildo came and it was 5 inches and it was in my asshole that felt great. we all start to move the pedal as fast as possible. There was a bunch of cum all over the floor we where all cumming all over the floor. I stop we then janie then peggy but roxy keep going she was cumming so much i was licking it all up. I was really tired we been her for 8 hours fucking and i decide to take a brake. i went to go get a drink then this girl name brenda said if i like eximent i said yes and then she said how much stuff can you fit in your butthole and vagina. i said a lot she if i want to smuggle some d**g for a lot of money. i said

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