lockerroom fun


lockerroom fun1st semester I had a gym class with a guy only 2 months older than me named Kyle. He was just a bit taller than me; 5’7′. When we changed in the locker room I would always glare at what kind of boxers he was wearing every day. His legs were hairy, his pubic trial was easily visible and he had light fuzz growing in between his pecs. He was also very ripped from football. He often joked around about being half naked in the locker room with the other guys, which was when it started to get hard for me – literally. They would talk about which girl was hot, but I noticed Kyle was always a little shy in the subject. They would talk about their dick lengths and how one persons was larger than the others, they were only comfortable with that because of football, they saw each other in the shower on a daily basis. I had never seen any one of them naked. They talked about who was ‘freshly shaven’ when at first I thought they meant their face, but I soon realized I knew they meant under the belt line.Later in the semester we were to start swimming, like most gay boys I was afraid that I would react in a socially negative way (in my pants) when I saw all the guys in my gym class completely naked. Then I realized that my crush Kyle would also be there, naked. We started the swimming class, and for about a week there was no action between my legs. One day of our swimming unit Kyle mentioned to everyone that we should all just take a shower in the swimming locker room. I realized I really hadn’t gotten to see Kyle full frontal and I was sad, but a little upset with myself. The next day I showed up for gym, with stuff to shower with. Today I took the locker next to Kyle in the locker room. ‘Dylan, you brought shower stuff, I forgot, can I borrow yours after class?’ I said sure. Kyle got naked first, and I timed it out so that my face would be 5 in. away from his cock when I got undressed. He was bigger than me soft… I guessed about 4 in., nothing like what I’ve seen while I was watching porn..We went through our lame swimming lessons from our instructor for about half an hour. The end of class was nearing and I started to worry about the soon public shower I was about to take with this boy I adored. Ten minutes later, class had ended. We all walked back into the locker room. Kyle announced ‘Shower time!’ I was already a little aroused. I dropped my swimsuit and walked into the shower area, Kyle followed me because we would soon be sharing shower items. I was remaining calm, and still no action between my legs, which I’m sure I could induce while I was in bed later that night. We took a regular shower with four people because all the rest of the boys in our gym class wimped out. We shut off the water, and headed back for the locker room, Kyle right next to me talking to me.He asked me if we were going to shower again tomorrow and I said I didn’t care, I thought that would be a cool enough answer. Sure enough that night when I was in bed, bakırköy escort I hammered myself thinking about fucking Kyle in the shower, imagining how big his cock could get when it was hard. The next day rolled around, and it was time for gym, I walked slowly down the stairs to the pool locker room to make sure Kyle would be there before me. When I arrived in the locker room, he wasn’t there yet. So I started to place my stuff in a locker, when Kyle did arrive, he walked to the locker next to mine, avoiding his football teammates to use the locker next to me. I put my shower stuff in my locker again, ‘Shit, I forgot my shit again, can I borrow yours again?’ I said I didn’t care, still thinking that would be cool. We suffered through our lessons again, and I was getting nervous… again.Class had ended and I couldn’t wait to take a shower with the k** who probably had the biggest freshmen dick in our school. Then I realized I had to calm myself because my swimming suit which was too small for me started to move a little. I went straight to my locker when our gym teacher said we could shower and change to get ready to go. Kyle showed up also with a towel tied around his waist. I wondered if he had a boner or something he wanted to cover up. He removed it just as I had gotten my hopes up, but nothing was up in his swim trunks. He again said to me ‘Shower time!’ and I agreed we took our swim suits off at almost the same time when our faces met as we bent over. It was awkward. He then said to me, ‘Dylan, I’ll race you to the shower, whoever there is last washes the other pussies back first!’ he started running and I watched his dick flap around and mine started moving, there was nobody in the locker room except for me, no one else had wanted to take a shower today except Kyle and I.I was almost hard, and realized that I had to go because he would be expecting to use my shower stuff. I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my waist just in time before Kyle got back to see my slight hardon. He asked why I hadn’t even tried to race him, and called me a pussy. I joked and said fuck you! He said, well I guess if it’s such a big deal to you – I thought about his cock – he would was my back first. I said fine, let’s go, hoping that my 1st stage erection was gone. He walked away first and I dropped my towel grabbed my shower stuff and walked to the shower. Kyle talked to me while he scrubbed my back and I noticed my cock getting hard. I didn’t want to turn around to return the favor of washing his back for him in fear of me accidentally poking him with my prick. I washed my hair, while I was turned away from him, and I just glanced over my shoulder to try and read his expression or get a glance of the sea monster below his waste.When I had looked over, I noticed that he too was turned away. I was looking at his ass; it was kind of bubbly, but still very muscular. While I was looking I caught him peeking over beşiktaş escort his shoulder. I quickly looked away, but then realized what was going on. He probably had a pole protruding from between his legs too. I asked him what was going on. He didn’t reply, I took my chances and turned to face him. I didn’t say anything, I just turned. I noticed he took another glance over his shoulder and stared. Not at my face, but between my legs. I was pretty sure he noticed that I saw what he was doing. He then turned towards me. His cock tapped mine. We both looked at each other very confused.I looked away from his swelling erection, to look at his gorgeous face. He was still staring at my 7 erect inches. His jaw kind of dropped and turned me on a little bit more. I was the first to speak. ‘This isn’t the least bit awkward!’ he replied with a mere ‘No…’ I finished washing while he still stood there. I walked out with my boner bouncing slightly. I looked over to catch him staring at my ass to. I wondered if he was gay like I was and he was just hiding it from the rest of the football team or if he was just mesmerized by the fact that he actually saw a real live rock hard cock. When I got home from school I felt very awkward. I didn’t know what to do, if I should tell anyone or if I should just wait it out and see what happens tomorrow. Later in the evening I got a text from and unfamiliar number, it asked me what I was doing that night, I replied with a ‘Who is this?’ the next text I received revealed that it was Kyle. I told him I wasn’t doing anything, and asked why he asked. He followed up with a no reason, and asked me if was going to bring my shower stuff tomorrow. I replied with an ‘Ok?’ and yes in regards to my shower things.The next day rolled around and I didn’t know what to expect. I sat through every class waiting for gym so I can get over the nerves, but every time I started to think about the ‘incident’, I started to lose control in my pants. 8th hour was getting closer and closer, but it seemed so slow compared to other days. Eventually gym showed up. I walked to the locker room to find Kyle already in his swimming suit. He was sitting on the bench waiting for our gym teacher to unlock the door to the pool. I felt awkward with him just sitting there, and the rest of the class changing, not knowing if he was attracted to just me, or guys in general, though I was determined it was one of the two. We again dragged through yet another training in basic swimming, and headed back to the locker room. Kyle and I stood there while the rest of the class changed and left. We were alone again. He looked at me and asked ‘Is this cool?’ I said, ‘I’m fucking lovin’ it!’ he replied with ‘I am too!’I was happy to hear that. We dropped our trunks looked each other in the eye and walked to the shower. Everyone’s cocks were calm… for the moment.I turned on the water; he took the head closest to mine and turned beylikdüzü escort on his too. He turned to me and asks another question, ‘Should we like, do something?’ I could tell he was nervous to say anything while we were naked together. I didn’t reply, but I felt kind of like a jerk for not. I knew I was probably more nervous than him. I looked at him about 2 minutes later and said, ‘What?’ He said that he knew how to do a lot of stuff from watching porn. I asked what kind of porn, and he responded with ‘Anything that has two guys going at it.’ This answered my question, he was gay, just like me.I grabbed his dick. It felt so good in my hands, warm and tense. He looked at me and smirked. He took my throbbing creamer in his hand also, his hands were big and soft. I started lightly stroking it, when I fell to my knees and wrapped my mouth around it. I looked up at his face, he looked high. He lay down on the shower floor as to place his mouth on my cock. We sixty-nined for a bit, until he came in my mouth, I shortly exploded in to his mouth after. We both swallowed each other’s warm cum. But I didn’t feel any want to quit. I stayed hard. So did he. He bent over; I knew immediately what I had to do. I lowered my face to his little jungle between his muscular ass. I licked his little hole like there was no end. I reached around his leg and started stroking him again.I stood up and asked him if he was ready. He didn’t answer but I knew he wanted it. He looked back with a perplexed look. I asked him again. This time he nodded. I suggested we change positions so we can sit down and not slip and fall. He agreed again. I was ready to shove my sex driver up his little hole yet. I put my middle finger in his mouth and let him suck on it. I then slowly wiggled it around his butt hole. He moaned. I shoved it a little more and started to fuck him with my finger. I loved it. So did he. He turned to me and begged. Now I was ready, I told him to spit on my cock, and I bend over in a doggie style sex position. He obeyed. I pushed the head of my cock just past the hole. He almost screamed if I didn’t pull it out right away and cover his mouth with my hand. I asked him if he was ready one last time.Before he answered, I pushed my head past again, penetrating his virgin hole. This time no scream because he knew what to expect. I slowly inched in, he grunted ever movement. He turned his head around trying to watch. I pushed a little more, another moan. I was fucking turned on. I could tell he was enjoying himself because he wasn’t trying to kill me like any other one of the football jocks. With one sweeping action, I pushed all my 7 inches in so my light layer of pubic hair rested on his ass. This time he did yell… loud. I pulled out which made him whale again. He said ‘FUCK! Do it again! FUCK ME!’ I obeyed. No shouting continued until he got behind me.This sex in the shower continued through the rest of the swimming unit. After swimming ended, he came home with me sometimes to jump in the shower at my house. Or I went with him to jump in the shower at his house. We fucked a lot from the on. Kyle quit football because there were rumors (that were true) going around school about the two freshmen who fucked a couple times in the pool locker room showers.

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