Long story about Trish


Long story about TrishThis is a true story. I have only changed her name to protect her privacy and memory.Way back when, when rocks were soft- not really, just the 80’s. The days of working my eight hour shift and then spending every evening at the bar or nightclub having a good time until closing, getting up at 530a.m. to do it all over again. Those were some days! The local bar/nightclub had something going every night- Monday was sports night all year round, with drink and food specials, Tuesdays were tacos and Tequila and so on until Friday when it was a meat market. My buddy Rich and I used to go stag every Friday and Saturday, knowing full well we were going home with some “lucky” lady.Rich and I were man whores. Dressed up and a pocket full of cash ready to drink and get laid. Rich was stocky and short, but the chicks dug his beard (which he had since early High School). I was 6 tall, 180 lbs., muscular with olive skin, tight body (sports and working in construction) and a mustache. For some reason, all the girls like Rich, mostly because he was easy to talk to. Unfortunately, these women were always the ones that either wanted a relationship or were just clingy. I always went for the chicks that were dressed nice and were bitchy. Mainly because they wanted sex, nothing more, nothing less, just a b**st with two backs hot pig sex. I got what I wanted, they got what they wanted and most likely we would rarely hook up again. I rarely stayed the night. I blew my wad a couple of times and when she fell asleep, I left.Anyway, this one particular Friday, the club was dead. Few lone ladies, mostly couples or ones I was not interested in. A few would buy drinks, we would dance a bit and I did not feel it. When the bar closed, Rich’s brother, who was a bar tender always needed help closing, so we pitched in and helped close and move people on. We grabbed a 6 pack on our way out.As we left, this lady was sitting on the steps at the bar, we both knew her, she was a couple of years younger than us. Her name was Trish. She had dirty blonde hair, so so looks and always dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, kinda tom boyish. She was about 5’6” nice hips, tight round ass and pretty decent sized tits, probably around 34 DD. She was smoking a cigarette istanbul escort and we topped to talk with her. The conversation went from “How have you been, we have not seen you around” to “ I am horny, you guys wanna take me up to my apartment and fuck the living shit out of me?” Trish had not been at the bar, but she seemed pretty liquor loose. So I looked at Rich, he at me, and we said “what the hell”. We walked her upstairs to her apartment. Well, not HER apartment, her parents. She said they were out of town and she was alone and did not want to be alone. So we had a few beers and she started to get undressed. She said “I am REALLY horny and I want both of you to do me at the same time” Well, who could say no. She finished undressing and said “You boys joining me?” We got up and followed her into her room. I turned on the light, but she wanted it off. She said she would turn on a table lamp but that was about it.Rich and I undressed and she got on her knees and tarted sucking our semi hard cocks, one at a time while jerking the other. After a bit, I helped her up and pushed her onto the bed and started sucking on her tight trimmed bush as she sucked Rich. We went on that way for a bit, but for everything I did to her twat, she did not cum. I was a bit disconcerted, because what I did to her had women begging for more. I liked her clit, I sucked her lips, I probed her inner most regions, she barely got wet. I even tried fingering her ass, which she did not like at all. So I rolled off because Rich was ready to penetrate her before he popped. Rich did not have a large cock by any means, but he had enough to make a lady happy. My 8 inch uncut cock was throbbing hard, which Trish beckoned me to her mouth. She did love sucking cock, especially uncut cock. She would pull the foreskin up over her tongue and and probe around under the skin, she would pull the skin up around the head and nibble on it. She loved cock! She would lick up and down the shaft, circle the head with her tongue and take it to the base. I knew it wouldn’t be long until my load would fill her mouth.Rich was banging her full force, he rammed in and out of her, short stroking her, then ramming it avcılar escort home. I had never watched another guy fuck a girl, but this was like my own little porn movie! Of course, Trish was loving the ramming and the cock in her mouth. Within a few minutes, Rich started grunting and so did I. I blew my load in Trish’s mouth and she kept sucking as Rich blew his load in her pussy. Trish kept sucking me until I could not take it anymore and I pulled away. Rich, got off of her and she slid down and sucked his cock clean. I left the room and grabbed a beer and sat in the kitchen. They came out a little later and Trish asked if I could fuck her. I was pretty drained after her blow job and said I would have to pass.We all got dressed and drank the rest of the beer and talked as the sun started to come up.Trish gave us her number and said not to forget her. Rich and I left and went home. I got up a few hours later and got a shower and figured I would call Trish. I called her and she said she was still in bed. I asked her if she wanted to grab some breakfast and she said sure, but she wanted to shower first. So I got my stuff together and headed down to her house. We went to breakfast and she said she was really happy that we took her up on the offer last night. I said it was a night to remember, since I had never had a threesome- that would change in the future! Anyway, she said she would like to spend some time maybe go for a walk. We drove out of town to a local reservoir park and walked on the trail for a bit. We stopped at a bench and she asked if I would fuck her now. She was wearing a short jean skirt and he reached down under her shorts and pulled off her panties. I was wearing gym shorts and pulled my cock out and she spit on her hand and sat on it. It took her a while to get it the whole way in. MY GOD,SHE WAS TIGHT. It took a while, she grimaced a bit but got all the way in. I could tell she was uncomfortable and I asked her if she was ok. She said I was a bit bigger than she thought and she slid off me. I was disappointed, but She went down on me and sucked me with her expert mouth and as I got ready to blow my load. She pulled away as I began to cum and it shot on her face. She went back şirinevler escort down and finished cleaning me up. She said she was sorry she was too tight for me, but she hoped I still had a good time. How could I not! I asked her if she wanted me to go down on her and he confessed she really did not like guys eating her. I asked what that meant, and she said that eating pussy is something her and her girlfriend did and guys did not do that for her, but she did like being fucked and sucking cock, especially sucking cock. I was surprised, but not shocked.We straightened up and she shoved her panties in my waist band and said they were for me. I took her home and went home.A couple of days later, she called me and asked what I was doing, and I said I was getting ready to go out, and she asked if I wanted my dick sucked first. Guess what I said…yep. Anyway, she took her time servicing me and swallowed my cum. I went to the club, and left later with a lady I knew from a previous evening, and as I left, she came up to us and told my “date” she had better suck me off good, or I would be back to see her (Trish). That kind of made the night short. I took the lady home and we bid good night. I called Trish and was PISSED. She told me nobody sucked cock better than her, and she was right. I went home and called it a night.Trish went in the Air Force after that and I did not see her for a number of years. Until one day I saw her, she looked like hell. I asked what was up and she said she was divorced and was not doing well. I took her to lunch and we talked. She said she had an addiction problem she could not shake and wished she could. I asked her if I could help her get into a rehab, she refused. I dropped her off at where she said her apartment was I saw her walk up the stairs, but as I drove away I saw her walk back down and down the street. I asked a friend, who was a cop, about her and he asked if I knew her, and I told him I did, and he told me to stay away. I asked why, and he said she is a methed out crack whore. She was a garbage can, taking whatever she could to alter her life and pulling tricks. He had busted her several times in the last couple of months.I was engaged at the time and wasn’t sure if I wanted to get involved, but I found her brother and asked him if there was anything I could do. He said the family gave up on her, and that was it. I never saw her again until I saw her obituary in the paper. I went to her viewing and funeral, and felt bad that I could do nothing to help her. I still remember her fondly, and am saddened what addiction does to people.

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