Lusting For Eva 2 by loyalsock


Lusting For Eva 2 by loyalsockPaul watched her, amazed by what he had just heard. How could any man try to cause a beautiful creature such as her so much pain? She was so small and delicate, not to mention sexy as hell. If he had her as his own, he would give her nothing but compliments and would try to satisfy all of her needs. He leaned down and kissed her gently. His one hand rubbed down her leg and the other squeezed her side. She felt smooth and perfect. Soon, the kiss turned more aggressive. Before he knew it, both of their tongues were melding in each others mouths. Paul broke away. “I want to make you feel beautiful,” he said. Eva looked up at him, confused. He sat up and pushed himself away from her. He rolled her body back so she was lying down on the bed, facing up. He then moved between her legs, lifting her legs up and over his shoulders. şişli escort “I want to know if you taste as good as you look,” he said. He could hear Eva quickly take in a deep breath as his head moved down between her legs. He gave her little kisses on the insides of her thighs, and then blew on her gently. Eva lifted her hips up in an effort to bring his mouth closer to her. “Mmmm,” he said appreciatively. “I can see that someone wants to be licked.” His tongue reached out and lightly caressed the inside of her thigh, moving closer to her core. When he reached her mound, he let his tongue slide across one lip and moved to the other side. He then pulled back slightly to look at her. “Such a pretty pussy.” She was brown on the outside, but a luscious pink on the inside, as every woman was. Already her wetness was glistening and spreading mecidiyeköy escort outside of her. He leaned forward again, flattening his tongue against her, licking the cum away. Eva cried out and wrapped her legs tighter around his neck. Her hands stretched above her head on the pillows, attempting to find something to grab to hold her steady. Paul’s tongue slithered inside of her, fucking her hard. His dick was rigid and ready to penetrate her as well. However, he wanted to…no, needed to taste her. Also he wanted her to know how beautiful and irresistible she was. He licked her inside, and then his tongue trailed outside, upwards to her clit. As he licked it in circles, he brought his hand up to cup her mound. He then allowed three thick fingers to fit inside her and stroke her in and out while he continued to lick esenyurt escort and suck on her clit. Eva’s back arched completely off the bed. “Faster,” she screamed, rocking her hips back and forth. As his fingers thrust in and out of her, he could hear them squishing against her cum. He loved knowing that he made her get so wet. “Come on, baby,” he urged her on. “You know you can do it. You look so sexy right now. You’ll look even more beautiful cumming against my mouth.”His pace of licking and finger fucking increased. Eva continued gyrating against his hand and finally screamed out. She convulsed for several moments and then fell back into the pillows, sighing in exhaustion. Paul looked down at her and how perfect she looked. It had only been a couple of hours in bed, but he had already fallen for her. It was undeniable at this point, that they would be compatible in the bedroom. He lay back down on the bed and gently kissed her forehead and then her lips. She snuggled against him and within minutes, he knew she was asleep. Moments later, he followed her lead. Collection of my previous stories-all in one anthology.

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