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Lusting For MomHi, I’m Devon. My story begins about 2 years ago. It was just an average rainy day in Texas, my mother having been divorced from my father now for 8 years and my mom was always trying to find new ways to help her life out. I had just turned 18yr and my mother is 44yr. Now for my mother at that age, I was the only k** in school that all my friends dreamed about having sex with. They said I was lucky to have a mother that is a hottie and with her tit size that even made all my guy friends dicks hard. They just couldn’t stop talking about her. I have to admit I do have a very drop dead hottie as my mother. My friends even said that my sister was equally as hot. One night as I was going to bed I could hear strange noises coming from my mothers room. The door was cracked open just a little bit and I could see in her room.My room was just off my mother’s so you can see how I could just hear everything from it. My sister’s room was directly across from our mother’s door. I knew that my sister was sound asleep. Since her door was shut there was no way that anyone could know that I was about to take a peek at my mother. I glanced into the room and her bed was very clear from my view, but as I looked I could only hear my mother making sounds. I just couldn’t see her yet. Then she plops on the bed and to my eyes I see her fully naked body. I could feel my dick growing in my boxers now. I could see why my friends said they would want to fuck my mother. She is very hot and even I was getting little nasty thoughts in my head about fucking her. All I could do is watch her finger her bald hairless pussy and her huge 48DDD tits bouncing. I had to do something about my dick and I couldn’t just walk in there and fuck her right there. I just had to beat my cock off to the thoughts of my mother before I make my move on her.I had to get up fast so that she’d never see that I was watching her get herself off. I had to run to the bathroom and jack off to my little nasty i****tuous thoughts. I could hear my mother from the bathroom and it only made me beat off harder and faster. My dick was bigger than most guys in my school. I had finally cum. I had cum so hard that when I let go of my dick it was red like the life was jerked out of it. I went to bed still with the i****tuous thoughts about my mother and me fucking her. That morning I went into the kitchen. My mother was making breakfast and talking to my hot sister. I even had sexual thoughts about fucking her too. I won’t lie. I’ve even have wanted to fuck my sister many times but never did. My mom only had on a robe and nothing on under it. My sister had to leave the room to get something from her room for school that day. I did something that I had never done before. I grabbed my sexy hot sister’s ass as she walked by me.All she could do was give me that look like what are you doing you sick pervert. Yet it wasn’t the way she looked that said it. It’s what she did later that day to me that said let’s fuck. That’s for later though. Now my full attention was on my mother as she was standing there cooking looking very hot to my way of thinking. I was so hung on my mother right now nothing mattered from the point on. So I had to fake going to school to stay home that way I can make my move on my mother. I told my mother that I wasn’t feeling very well that I might be coming down with something. All she could do was tell me that I’m going to school and not fake around her at all. I gave a big smile as she set my food on the table. All I could do is watch her every move. Then for some odd reason and I think she might have done it herself just to get my reaction, she got her robe caught in the door of the refrigerator. Her robe came undone and it just opened up just long enough for me to see her nice huge tits and shaved pussy.All she could do is say “I’m sorry. I didn’t know that was going to happen. Just forget what I saw and go to school.” As my sister drove us to school, I couldn’t get what my mother did to see if I was going to look at her even though she saw that I looked anyway. And that look she gave was a look of “I want your dick in my pussy soon” with a hint of lust in her eyes. All day long I could only think about halkalı escort my mother and how much of a hottie she really is. I couldn’t see why my parents just gave up and left each other. But that was in the past when both my sister and I were only 10yrs old. I couldn’t get my mind on my work in class no matter I did. All I could do is think of many ways to fuck my mother. As I waited for my sister at her car, someone came up from behind me and covered my eyes up. I know that it was a girl. I was asked by her in a low whisper to turn around to face her, but with my eyes closed. That I would get a surprise.Now I was not very good about surprises and all. I just went along with it anyway. The next thing that happened was the girl started to kiss me and jam her tongue into my mouth. I now know a good kisser. I even felt her 38D tits press against me. I took one hand and lifted her short skirt, pushing it pass her thong. I then felt her pussy with my fingers. I wanted this little kiss to head right to fucking. To my surprise she stops and what got to me is what she said to me.”We had better not let mom know that we want to fuck each other. Let’s wait until tonight to fuck okay.” my sister said.All I could do was stand there realizing that not only was I kissing my own sister, but I was feeling her up on her pussy. She drove us to a little spot that no one ever goes to anymore. Both of us looked at the water. Then my sister had a much better idea in mind before we went home that day. What my sister did next got my sexual fire going. We both got into the back of the car and we just started to just take off our clothes as though it would be our last days on the earth. I just looked at my sister Angela and she was hot then. I just couldn’t help myself. I ripped off my shirt and pants as fast as I could. When I took off my boxers my huge massive dick popped out. It was so hard that you could stab someone with it. The size of my dick from what I had assumed was almost as big as my fathers. I guess you can say that I inherited the big dick gene that he has. I had never been this close to coming right here just to see my hot naked sister for the first time in 13yrs. I knew that my sister had on only a skirt with a really tight ass tank top that showed off her 38D tits very well.All I wanted to do now was to lick her dripping wet cunt clean. I ripped her thin skirt off and could see just how wet she really was. I saw a very light amount of hair on her dripping wet pussy. So much of that precious cunt juice was being lost in the back seat. I had to act fast. I jammed my tongue into her very wet and dripping pussy. All my sister could do was moan out loud to my lashing tongue hitting her clit fast then slow. As I licked her cunt, I reached up and grabbed her tits tweaking the nipples. It just made her go wild and moan louder then the first time. Then out of nowhere my sister had one orgasm after another. My last count was 5 in a row. I just kept right on licking her pussy. Then I just wanted to do this ever since I saw it on a porno flick. I started licking her asshole and she just went insane. Her hips bucked as I not only licked her wet cunt, but her ass just as well.Just as I licked both pussy and ass my sister’s hips went up in the air. In that very short time she had one big orgasm that made her limp all over. I stopped licking. I then took my head from between her legs and started to place my huge dick at her waiting cunt opening. I didn’t waste time. I just rammed my dick into her pussy all the way to my balls. My sister gasped as her pussy took my whole 13inch long shaft to my balls. I mean I knew that I was really stretching her pussy to the max. I mean I was only 13inches long and 4inches wide yet her pussy took my huge dick. I was filling her pussy all the way up. I started to pull out then back in again. I kept doing this until her pussy let my dick slid in and out with ease. I started to pick up the pace jamming her pussy with my dick faster and faster. Angela moaned even louder in absolute pleasure. Both of us had forgotten what time it was and just kept right on fucking each other.The car was rocking back and forth taksim escort so much that we didn’t even know it. I leaned down and started to suck on her big tits. The whole time we had fucked my sister was about to climax again. Her pussy clamped onto my huge dick like a vice and she had a big orgasm again. The head of my dick had been hitting her g-spot for the last 20minutes that we had been fucking. Now she said it was my turn to cum. She told me that it was okay if I came in her pussy that she didn’t care. I was pumping so hard that I lost all control and I exploded a full load of cum into her pussy. I kissed my sister then I laid my head on top of her big tits with my dick still buried in her cum filled pussy. We both laid there for a little while holding each other and realizing that this is our last few weeks of high school left. That she would be leaving to go off to college, and I would still be stuck here at home for a little while. I never felt that I wanted to go to college like my sister is doing.We both got up and put our clothes on as fast as we took them off. We booked it home hoping that we would beat mom home before she found out what we had done that day. When we got home, Mom had not yet had gotten off from her job. We beat our mother home by 20minutes. That gave us time to clean our selves up and do our normal things that we did after school let out. I was on my computer as always when I heard mom pull up into the garage. Then just out of the blue my sister comes into my room giving me a hard kiss on the lips and says.”We are going to fuck tonight as I promised. Okay b*o”. Angela says.Then she darts back into her room and starts doing her homework making it look like we had not done anything at all. Mom goes to my sister’s room looking in on her making sure that she is doing what she needs to do. Then my mother comes to my door. She looks at me not in anger but with a little half smirk like she’s up to something.”Hey I need to talk to you after dinner tonight, Let your sister put the dishes in the washer”. Mom said.If I only knew what she had in mind for me tonight. I walked into my sister’s room and whispered in her ear.”Looks like our night is not going to happen tonight. Mom wants to talk to me for some reason.” I said.I left the room as to not let our mother know what we did after school today. Late that night Mom cooked dinner for us. She looked at me as though she was thinking about something to do to me. Maybe it was going to be a punishment for not mowing the lawn or something. After dinner was over, all my mother had to do was just look at me and I knew that I was in trouble. She walked to her bedroom and called me to her room. She shut the door hard as to make me think that I was in deep shit with her. I stood there lifeless and wondering why my own mother wanted to talk to me.”Devon come sit on the bed right next to me, okay.” Mom said softlyI sat next to her. Granted I couldn’t look her in the eyes so I tried my best not to look at her face. It was hopeless. All I could see was two huge tits that were the size of my head pointing right at me. My mother took her hand and placed it on my chin easing my head to make sure that our eyes met. Once that happened all I could see was love and tons of lust in them. She licked her lips and all I could do was put my hands on my lap.”Now what am I going to do with you. You can’t seem to keep your mind on track in school. Your grades are good, but you can’t seem to do what you need to do. I’ll have to punish you somehow someway. I’ll let you know how you can do your punishment. As of right now, I need your help. I need you to do something for me.” Mom said softly.With that my mother took her hands and held mine. Then she placed my hands on her huge 48DDD tits. All I could do was knead them. She started to moan in a low tone. Then she pushed my hands away and took off her shirt unfastening her bra. Out popped the two biggest tits I had ever seen. All I could do was look at them. My mom pulled my face into her tits. I started to suck on her huge tits like it was lunch time and it was all mine. I did this for about 10 minutes. Then for no reason my mom pulled me away putting şişli escort her bra and shirt back on. She then told me to go to bed. I wanted to talk to my sister about what just happened to me in there, but by that time I was too late. She had gone to bed and the door was shut. I went to my bedroom thinking that was my punishment. Mom closed her door and I closed mine. Then I went to bed.Three months had passed since my sister and I fucked. And that one night my mother had me suck on her huge tits. In that time I had dated and fucked 4 women. My sister had only seen 2 guys. Our mother had been running the family business with me and my sister’s help. Both my sister and I had graduated 2 days ago. She was heading off to a university in Oregon. Since I was out of school I had a full time helping my mother run the shop. 3 days had passed since my sister left for college. There had only been my mother and me now. That night we had dinner early. The whole time we ate she never said anything. After eating my mom went right to bed. I cleaned up and went to my mother’s room. I had remembered the last time that I was in there.I took a deep breath and opened the door. My mom was lying on the bed fully nude. I left the door open since there was no one else in the house. I walked over to my mother. I could see a very busty and really sexy mother in her bed just laying there in the buff. Her fully shaved pussy really showed since her legs had been left wide open. I looked at her little bit of curves, her flat tummy, then to her huge tits and at last her face. I could see that she was resting but not asleep. I did the only thing that I had been thinking about for the last three months. I slowly removed all my clothes, keeping my eye on her. Then I removed my boxers. My huge dick was really hard. It had popped out and was standing at attention. I took the advantage and I got right in between her legs. I then started licking her wet pussy.The next thing that happened made me move back. She had asked me to keep going. That it had not felt that good since my father was there last. I kept licking her pussy like my life depended on her hot cunt juices. Like before, I licked my mother’s pussy fast and furious. When I started doing that, she moaned even more loudly then my sister could ever moan. I felt her hands pulling my head closer to her pussy. I just licked harder and faster then I had ever done. My mother was about to orgasm. Her hips bucked up when she climaxed, but when she tried to push my head away from her pussy I just kept right on licking her pussy. I wasn’t going to stop until my tongue got tired. This time I was the one in control and I wanted my mother’s hot twat.My mother had to hold onto the head board while I kept on licking her pussy like the a****l that I had become. My mother was about to climax again. By now she had cum 30 times in 45minutes. This time she was so wiped out from me licking her pussy for so long that it was not very hard to get ready to ram my huge dick into her pussy. I stopped licking her pussy, put up her legs and spread them wider. My mother just looked at me and smiled. She then told me that she loved me and she wanted me to fuck her pussy as hard as I wanted. That I could cum in her. I started to stick my huge dick into her pussy, ramming it into her waiting cunt hard and deep.My mother’s eyes got wide with lust. She said that I could fuck her for as long as I want for as many years as I want. I started fucking my mother’s pussy without worrying about hurting her since my father had fucked her in the past and had a huge dick as well. I rammed her so much that her pussy got red. Then I felt her pussy clamp onto my dick as she climaxed all over my dick. I had kept on fucking her still wet and very tight. She had climaxed 10 times before I felt mine coming. I kept fucking her then I started to feel my balls hurting and my dick get wider. Then I had one huge rush of cum hit my mothers pussy walls before I started to suck her huge tits again. However in my case I didn’t want to stop fucking my mother’s pussy. I moved my dick to her ass and pushed my dick in fucking her ass so hard. I wanted to cum but not in her ass. I pulled out and rammed it in her pussy coming really hard. Then I finally did something that I had never done before. I had kissed my mother like I was kissing my lover. I hope that one day my sister might come back and we can tell our mother what we did together. And maybe both the women in my life get to have a baby.

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