Male teen sucks his friend’s dad.


Male teen sucks his friend’s dad.I held my pants up as I walked back into Jon’s room. My chest, stomach and cock still covered in my own cum after Jon’s dad had given me the best orgasm of my young life. Just out of sight of his dads room, I stopped. His dad clearly wanted more and I releaized i did too. Thinking i may never get another chance to experience his cock, thoughts raced through my head. I listened and still heard the porno playing on their TV. I turned back and peered through the open door and saw that he had now stripped down and was laying on his bed, nude and watching the movie as he slowly stroked his massive erection. He looked over at me and I shyly looked at the floor, then I let my pants fall and I stepped out of them, now totally nude also. I nervously sat back down on the edge of his bed, facing away from him. He moved his big hairy leg over and touched it against me, as he giving me the “go ahead” sign. I knew what I wanted and without saying a word, leaned over between his now open, thick, hairy legs. I stared at his hard cock and full, tight hairy balls. I could feel my own cock begin to twitch and harden as i layed on it, tuzla escort rubbing it against the bedding. I watched as he slowly stroked himself, then he pushed it down, pointing it at my face as if to offer me a taste, a lick of his cock. I moved forward and ran my tongue across his fat cocks head. My first taste of cock! So delicious, so addicting, I only wanted more. I moved forward between his legs and softly licked his tight, hairy balls. He let out a “mmmmm” sound and I almost moaned in delight. I couldn’t help but smile to myself as a wave of warmth and happiness rushed over me. It seemed so natural to be here, between his big, manly hairy legs, pleasuring him. I was more than happy to do so. My hands stroked his muscular thighs as I ran my tongue from his balls up his thick shaft and then back down again, over and over. I licked hard on the underside of his engorged cocks head, hoping to coax his cum out, then wrapped my stretched lips around his head and tried to suck his cum out. The fact that I was sucking my first cock didn’t occur to me until later, I was totally lost in the moment, all there was in the world was his cock and my mouth. tuzla escort bayan He wrapped his his fat fingers around his even fatter, cocks base and continued to slowly stroke himself again as I sucked hungerly on the head. I felt the well defined edge and ridges of his helmet as my out stretched lips slid over them. His cock felt wonderful in my mouth and I loved the taste and full feeling it gave me. I tried to take more of his thick dick into my and when my lips hit his clenched fingers I gagged alittle. The thought and feeling of having so much cock in my mouth that it actually gagged me was strangely and eroticly arousing. I forced my mouth back down him again til I reached my limited, enjoying the cock stuffed moment. I let out a muffled moan, alittle ashamed at the time to let him know how much I was enjoying this. I felt his legs twitch in my hands and his body begin to shake. I knew he was close to orgasm and it excited me! I moved my mouth off off of him to let his hand continue to bring him to the edge. I licked at his tip and sucked on his head, waiting for that thick white cum that I had seen spill out of him the day before. I pulled escort tuzla away and watched with lust as just inches away from my face, his cock began to ooze out its precious, thick, white, sticky fluid. I watched as he became lost to his orgasm and the the cum ran down his thick shaft and settled on his big, hairy balls. He was breathing hard and his body shook when I leaned forward again and tasted his cum on my tongue. The flavor was instantly familiar as the taste and texture of sperm filled my senses. I had tasted my own, but it was nothing as intoxicating as this, I was instantly hooked. I licked the thick, sticky fluid off his balls and his body shook and twitched, I smiled again to myself, knowing the pleasure I was giving him, knowing how much he enjoyed my mouth. I licked my way up the length of his cock and collected and swallowed all of his semen. He reached over and lightly held the side of my face as I licked him clean. As his manhood began to soften, I kissed it softly, feeling the soft yet firm feeling of him on my lips. I layed there next to him and let my hands explore his big, muscular body until the sound of someone opening the front door made me spring up, collect my clothes and run out of the room. I quickly dressed just before Jon walked back into his room. “Have fun studying?” he asked sarcastically. “Yeah” I said, “It was amazing!”

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