Marlin Part one


Marlin Part oneIt was a wild party, a celebration and an ending to four, very long years of grueling studies.I was ready to spread my wings and see the world. All I dreamt of was the big seas and the open skies.Anywhere in the world, where there were beaches and sand…I was ready and as able bodied as any twenty-one year old.Spent many lonely nights dreaming of all those places in the world that were exotic.Enough of the day dreaming, I had an interview for a day job on the following Monday morning.I had to live now, in a big reality, the reality that bites.As I was about to get up and walk to the bar, this handsome 6’3′ guy walks up to me.His eyes were as dark as the night, his body was as rugged and strong as the tallest mountain.I wanted to resist this hunk, like all hunks, a bit too self-assured about sacking out with any body they wanted.For a moment, he repulsed me, his over confidence, his conceitedness, his arrogance, but I could not resist this hunk of a man.When he asked me my name , I tried so hard to ignore him, but his voice melted every fiber of my body and soul.My mind was spinning out of control, as I stuttered my name in resistance.When I looked up at him, I mean, kayseri escort really looked at him, I felt a sense of lust sneak up on my.There was no doubt, he was irresistible. I sat down and he went to the bar and freshened my drink…I almost was afraid to sip it, for fear he spiked it with Spanish Fly or something to arouse me uncontrollably.I sipped my drink slowly, as we talked about college days and our desires to see the world.There was, after all, a humanity in this hunk of a man. He was off, to do a stint with a Worldwide Charitable organization. My impressions of him changed and I was, now, looking at a different hunk.I wanted to kiss him right there, right there in front of everyone, but how could I kiss and embarrass such a heart felt man.I began to search deeper into his eyes. My desire for him grew with every humane discovery.I wanted to undress him, make him mine for the moment; be wrapped in arms.I imagined his hard cock soothingly pouncing every inch of my cunt.I was hot and ready for him, but I waited until he made the passes.My nipples were hard; you could see them through my sweater. They were protruding as if they wanted to be kissed. I wanted him to kiss them…He told his name was Marlin. So sexy the way he pronounced it..Marlin, hmmm.. I wanted him fast and furiously.Did he desire me? Did he see my nipples? Was he aware of my lust for him?His cock was all I wanted.. I wanted to suck and fuck it.I wanted his body wrapped around mine..I was not in love, at least this time, so I thought.I was in infatuated..I had no real compassion for Marlin. I had just met him..I knew very little, except that he had a heart felt compassion for the disenfranchised in the world.Was he avoiding intimate love through this human compassion?The party was ending and everyone was saying their goodbyes and well wishes..I needed a ride home, back to my studio apartment. I had a little too much to drink and was not too steady on my feet.I was hoping marlin would oblige..Just as I was cleaning up and clearing away the party mess, Marlin stepped up behind me and grabbed the empty glasses from me, so obliging he was.I knew then, that Marlin was desiring me.. I got a hot and wild rush…Everyone had left the hall and Marlin and I were alone. The party favors and empty glasses had been cleared away.We had finished cleaning up and suddenly, there was a dead silence. The kind of silence before a passionate kiss. I turned around and Marlin eyes were beaming, they were looking directly into mine.. I melted, I could not resist him..I kissed him and I kissed him again.. I could not help myself.We had embraced as lovers do. There was no denying our passions.There were several chairs and couches available in the party hall. A very intimate place.We sat down on one of the couches and continued to kiss. I wanted to spread my legs and pull up my sweater.My breasts wanted to be kissed.It was getting real warm and my heart was pounding..I could see Marlin’s cock swell to the tip of his belt buckle.. I wanted his cock in my mouth, inside me…My hands were trying to resist his pants, but I felt his cock any way..He loved every second of my hand caressing him..I pulled my sweater up to my neck revealing to Marlin, my hardened nipples.Marlin cupped my breasts in his hands and began to play with my nipples.Before I could gasp at the excitement, he was sucking my breasts.I was coming in my underwear… I spread my legs for his hands to rub my clit.I wanted him to get down on me and eat me out..His tongue and french kisses were like velvet.As my legs begged and begged, as they spread even wider, for his kiss..End of part oneMy

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