Memories Of Our Babysitter Ch. 05


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All persons engaged in sexual activity in this story, are over 18 years of age.

I was persuaded to write another chapter; I’ll see what reception it receives before writing the concluding part.

It is certainly worth reading the preceding four chapters first, to understand the full background. However, you might be able to read this chapter as a stand-alone story if you wish, although you will not understand how I got into this position.

As in previous chapters, this is the background to the time and place.

This story is based in the mid 1980’s in the United Kingdom when the internet was barely an infant and not available to the majority of individuals. As for mobile phones, they were huge, solid, brick-like blocks weighing over two pounds and were owned by only the very wealthy. This meant that knowledge of sex was gleaned mostly by looking at adult magazines aka Playboy, Hustler and so on which were often bought by older brothers or sisters. Certain books like ‘Tropic of Cancer’ that were ‘borrowed’ from someone’s father’s collection also worked a treat. Hearing playground chat amongst more or less ‘informed’ friends, proved popular too.

Finding out officially what ‘sex’ was all about was mainly limited to the teachings of the Biology teacher who, if he/she were confident, would talk you through the reproductive cycle of humans or if not, would tell you how frogs and newts reproduced (not very useful and definitely not very sexy!). Boys and girls were nowhere near as mature or knowledgeable about sex at age 18 compared to many of today’s 14, or 15-year-olds, thanks mainly to the multitude of internet ‘information’ that can now be accessed by anyone that can type ‘sex’ into a search engine.

All of this is to set the scene for you, to make you aware that in the late 1970s, early 1980s, unlike the present, many boys and girls at age 18 were considerably naïve when it came to real sexual encounters and in the UK (as is now) anyone over the age of 18 could buy and consume alcohol.


Ch 5.

While Cassandra, our babysitter that the first four stories are about, was away at college studying hard and no doubt enjoying the extracurricular activities as well, my wife organised a few different babysitters to cover the time when our shifts overlapped at night. They were all middle-aged, friends of friends of my wife, some I knew and some I did not, and so there were no hints of impropriety with any of them.

After Cass and Nat, they would have had to be very special anyway, and none of them were, so when I got home from work on those days, I simply paid them the agreed rate and they left in their own cars. Life went back to normal, although I did somewhat miss seeing Cass.

I said at the beginning that Cass came from a large family, and I thought she enjoyed babysitting as it got her some peace and quiet to study uninterrupted. I didn’t know much about the rest of the family, as my wife usually arranged the babysitter and talked with them.

“Pete,” my wife said one morning, as we were having breakfast, “you remember Cass who used to babysit for us months ago?”

“Yes, of course,” I answered warily, my guilty conscience alerting me to wonder what was coming next.

“Well, I saw her mother in the shops yesterday and she said that Helen was looking for a babysitting job.”

“Oh, ok,” I replied, quietly relieved that it wasn’t something that was coming back to bite me. “Err, but who is Helen?” I asked, thinking it was probably another middle-aged friend.

“You must know, it’s Cass’ sister,” she said, as if I should know all these details.

“Cass’ sister?” I repeated, dumbly, “I didn’t know she had one.”

“Yes, for goodness’ sake Pete, keep up, Helen is looking for a bit of spending money, so now that she has just turned 18 and often looks after her two younger brothers and a sister, her mom thinks she is responsible enough to do some babysitting.”

“Ohh, I see.”

“Good, at last, well I thought we might give her a chance, as she only lives around the corner and Cass was very good, wasn’t she?”

I nearly choked on my cornflakes, “Ummm yes, she was, very good,” I mumbled, trying to not blush at the thoughts going through my head.

“That’s settled then, next time we need one, I’ll see if she is free and see how she works out,” she said, oblivious to my discomfort.

Cass’ sister, I thought, goodness, Cass never mentioned her I don’t think. I wonder what she is like I mused. I can’t imagine Cass would have said anything to her about what we did, so it’ll probably just be like any of the others we’ve had babysitting for us here.

How wrong can you be?


It was about two weeks later, when I had more or less forgotten our conversation, that our shifts collided again, and my wife told me she had booked Helen to come over and babysit.

As usual, she would be at home to meet her, show her everything, and then go to work at the hospital. The babysitter would be home with our two children mersinescort for about four hours, until I got home around 11:30 pm. In truth, as the children were still quite young, once they were in bed, there was little for the babysitter to do, as they usually slept right though now.

On arriving home that night, I parked the car on the drive and went into the house, curious as to what this Helen was like.

It was like deja-vu.

Helen was sitting on the sofa, her bare feet on the coffee table, quietly watching TV. However, she was nothing like Cass.

As she heard me enter the room, she muted the TV and stood up, all 5′ 7”ish of her, a tall, thin, leggy blonde with the bluest eyes I think I have ever seen. I struggled to keep my jaw from dropping as I took in her micro-short skirt and fashionable boob-tube. It was clear that she had very small breasts, as the material stretched across where they should be, was almost flat.

“Hi,” I said, “you must be Helen, I’m Pete.”

She held out her hand for us to shake hands. What a polite girl I thought.

“Nice to meet you,” she answered, with a lovely smile on her face. “The children have been fine; they’ve been no bother at all. I checked on them only a few minutes ago, fast asleep.”

“That’s good, I’ll just pop up and see them if you can hang on for a few more moments.”

“Yes of course,” she said, sitting back down, but demurely sitting with her legs together, feet on the floor.

I went up to their room and just cracked the door, sure enough both were fast asleep. I was sure they would be, but I always did that when we had a babysitter looking after them.

Walking back into the living room, Helen was still sitting on the sofa and didn’t make a move to stand up to leave.

I felt I ought to make a bit of small talk and acquaint myself with her a bit more.

“So, you’re Cass’ sister my wife said?”

“Yes, she is a few months older than me.”

When she said ‘a few months’ I was slightly confused and was trying to do the maths. When Cass was babysitting for us, she had just turned 18, and that was several months ago, but nowhere near nine months. I was sure my wife had said that Helen was 18 too, so that didn’t make sense.

“But you are sisters?” I asked.

She must have seen the confusion on my face.

“Well, yes…and no,” she paused, “oh, you didn’t know that I am adopted?”

“No, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to pry, it’s just that…”

“It’s ok,” she cut in, “I have known for as long as I can remember. Cass’ mom and my mom were sisters.”

I had noted the word ‘were’ so I assumed something had happened, although it wasn’t really any of my business.

“Don’t worry,” I said,” you don’t have to explain anything if you don’t want to, I just didn’t realise.”

“I don’t mind,” she said, “most people know anyway. Both my parents were killed in a car crash when I was only three. Cass’ mom was looking after me for the day while they went to visit friends. They never came back.”

She paused briefly as a sad look crossed her face quickly.

“Anyway,” she continued, “my aunt and uncle, that’s Cass’ parents of course, decided to adopt me, as there was no one else, so I am both a cousin and sister to Cass. Quite weird really.”

“Oh, I am sorry,” I said, at a loss for words.

“No, don’t be,” she smiled, “they are great parents, and I really don’t remember much about my real ones, so being in this family is all I know, and they are great, but maybe a bit strict,” she grimaced.

“Oh yes, Cass said something like that too, no alcohol, no smoking, and restricted boyfriend access, if I remember right,” I said, smiling.

“Yes, pretty much like that, but there are ways around it if I want,” she said, a conspiratorial grin on her very attractive face.

“So how many of those do you manage to do?” I asked, a bit cheekily.

“Some of number one, a tiny bit of number three, but I certainly don’t smoke,” she said, a blush creeping up her neck.

“Well two out of three isn’t bad.” I laughed.

“Hmm well it’s almost just the first one, I find the boys a bit juvenile when they have had a little to drink, always showing off.”

“Oh, I think they’ll grow out of it soon enough,” I said, remembering some of the silly things I did at their age.

“Well, I wish they would hurry up, life is supposed to be fun at my age,” she said, a bit wistfully.

“I’m sure an attractive girl like you won’t have any difficulty having fun,” I said, without putting my brain in gear first, and remembering this wasn’t Cass I was talking to.

“Do you think so?” she said, blushing more.

“That you’ll have fun?”

“No, the other bit, that you think I’m attractive?”

“Uhh, well, yes of course, but I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that, I wasn’t thinking, and I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

“You haven’t,” she said, “it’s just that I don’t think I’m very attractive, my body is sort of like a boy’s, if you see what I mean.” She looked down at her flat chest.

I yenişehir escort hadn’t meant to go down this route, I had only just met the girl, but I couldn’t just agree with her, breasts, or no breasts, she was absolutely gorgeous. I felt I needed to give her a little confidence before she left.

“Being attractive isn’t just about the look of your body,” I started, “it’s about personality, intelligence, what good company you are, and all those things.”

“So, you are agreeing with me that I have to rely on my personality, because my body has no…curves?” She was still blushing.

I was digging a hole for myself, and the shovel was getting bigger.

“No, that’s not what I meant, look, I shouldn’t be saying this to you, but different men like different things, personally I think your figure is very sexy, and yes, you are very attractive. Some men might want … as you say … more curves, but I like what I see…oh, hey, you have me embarrassed now,” I said, feeling myself blushing too. “I think we’d better forget we had this conversation, and I will walk you to the end of the road to make sure you get home ok.”

“It’s fine, I did ask you anyway, it’s nice to get an honest opinion from someone more mature than the boys I know. Sorry if I embarrassed you,” she said, unfolding her long legs as she stood up, slipping into her high platform sandals, and putting on her long coat that was on the armchair. With those sandals on, she had gained another couple of inches in height, and was almost taller than me.

“Here is the money we agreed,” I said, handing her the envelope my wife had left for her, “and thank you for sitting.”

“It’s a pleasure,” she said, touching my arm with her hand as she passed by me. “I hope your wife will book me again, and maybe we can chat some more next time,” she said, looking at me with those penetrating blue eyes.

She walked to the door, with me following, grabbing my own coat on the way, but when she opened it, we discovered it was raining quite hard.

“Hold on, I’ll just get an umbrella,” I said, turning back into the house.

As I opened the cupboard to reach for it, I head a shriek and sort of ‘thump’.

I rushed back to the door to find Helen on her knees outside.

“What on earth has happened,” I said, putting my arms round her slim body to help her up slowly.

“Ohhh, I slipped,” she whimpered, clearly a bit shook up.

“Come back inside for a minute, lets see if you’ve hurt yourself,” I said, unable to see what she had done in the darkness.

I helped her back into the house and living room, gently lowering her onto one of the chairs and put the main lights on.

I could see immediately that one of her knees was bleeding slightly and the other had dirt on it from where she had hit the ground. Fortunately, it didn’t look too bad, and she hadn’t fallen further than her knees.

“Ohh, I’m bleeding,” she said, looking at the damage to one knee.

“It’s ok, I don’t think it’s too serious, I’ll just get some warm water and clean it up so we can see,” I said, moving quickly to the kitchen to get what I needed. We were used to the odd scrape and bruise that boisterous children often get, so I had all the first aid stuff to hand in the kitchen.

I came back with a bowl of warm water, cotton wool, plasters, and some antiseptic cream, to find she had calmed down a bit, and was gingerly examining her knees.

I knelt down in front of her.

“I’m just going to bathe this gently to get the dirt off and then we’ll see what’s what,” I said, looking up at her.

“Ok, thank you, I am sorry to be such a nuisance, I think I slipped with one of these sandals and as they are tall, I lost my balance.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll soon have you cleaned up,” I said, going into my ‘Dad can fix things’ mode, without realising it.

I carefully dabbed at one knee and found only dirt and no cuts. “This one is ok see, no damage,” I said.

As I moved over to the other one that had some blood on it, she leaned down to look at the one I had cleaned up, and inadvertently opened her legs. With her skirt so short, I had a bird’s eye view straight up her skirt, right to her small white panties. I am ashamed to say I did take a good look, noting that her slim legs tapered towards the end, leaving a substantial gap between them at the top where her panties started.

I quickly began on the other knee before she caught me looking, but as I held her leg steady with one hand, she made no effort to close them, and if I looked sideways, that delicious view remained in my sight the whole time. I may have taken more time than was necessary with that knee, but I convinced myself it was because I didn’t want to hurt her, and it did look as if it had a small cut.

Once cleaned up, it had stopped bleeding and didn’t really need a plaster.

“I’ll just put a small dab of antiseptic ointment on it Helen, and I think it will be ok,” I said, as I gently rubbed it into the white, soft, skin of her knee.

It would toroslar escort have been nice to massage more of her leg, but I tried to not let my thoughts wander too far in that direction, this wasn’t Cass.

“Thank you Pete, for looking after me, you seemed to know exactly what to do, it doesn’t feel too bad now.”

“Don’t forget my wife is a nurse, I have had a bit of training,” I grinned. “Stand up and see how it feels,” I said, still kneeling in front of her.

She wobbled a bit on those dammed platform soles as she stood up, the bottom of her skirt almost level with my eyes.

“I’m ok,” she said, as I stood up from my knees in front of her, “shall we try the ‘going home’ bit again, but without an accident this time,” she smiled. “Thank you again,” she said, stroking my upper arm once again in a friendly way.

“I’m glad it was no worse, but maybe those tall shoes aren’t the best idea this time of the year,” I said, raising an eyebrow as I looked at her.

She just grinned back.

We made it this time, and I walked her to the end of the road where I could see my house and keep an eye on her walking back to her own house.

Just before she left me, she turned and said,” I hope you won’t think I am accident prone and tell your wife not to book me, I hope I can come back again.”

“I won’t tell her if you don’t want me to, no harm has been done, it will just be between you and me,” I said, “you take care now, your knees might be a bit sore tomorrow.”

She walked away, tall, slim, but slightly wobbly on those shoes.

She had said that she hoped to babysit again, I was beginning to hope so too…


I could never keep track of my wife’s shifts at the hospital, they seemed so random, but she knew what the sequence was, and could work out when our work times clashed. I therefore left it to her to organise a babysitter for those occasions, and it seemed to work out fine.

It had been about 10 days since Helen had babysat for us for the first time.

“Pete, I nearly forgot, we need a babysitter on Friday,” my wife said on Wednesday evening as we were watching TV. “Are you happy if I ask Helen again, she seemed ok, didn’t she?”

“Yea, she seemed fairly sensible, and the children seemed to like her, but if it is Friday night, she may already have plans to go out or something.” I hadn’t mentioned her accident to my wife; it wasn’t really Helen’s fault, and we did agree not to mention it.

“Hmm, you may be right, but it’s not too late, I’ll give her a ring now and see if she is free. It would be good to have a regular person like Cass that we can rely on, wouldn’t it?”

Yes, I thought, it would be good to have someone like Cass, but dream on.

She came back a few minutes later, “Yes she has agreed, she seemed quite keen, I guess she likes the bit of extra pocket money as she is still studying.”

“Just out of curiosity, what is she doing, she never said,” I asked.

“Her mother said she wants to go to the same college as her sister, so she is studying hard to get the right qualifications. Helen and Cass are quite close I think, and she misses her being away so long.”

“Oh, I see,” I said, wondering how close they were, could Cass have said anything to her about her time babysitting, I pondered it, and didn’t think it likely, but didn’t have any way of finding out.


Sure enough, when I came home on Friday evening, Helen was in the living room, although she didn’t get up from the sofa this time, I guess she felt more comfortable than the first time we met.

“Everything ok?” I asked, “with the children I mean?”

“Yes,” she said, looking over the back of the sofa at me, “they are as good as gold, I almost feel a fraud taking your money for sitting here watching TV,” she giggled.

“That’s good …err, I mean about the children…umm, not the fraud bit…of course.”

Why did it all come out wrong when I talked to her, I thought, as I went upstairs to check on them.

When I came down, I went and sat at the opposite end of the three-seater sofa to her. I noticed she had on a different skirt than before, in black, but just as short as the last time and another elasticated boob tube, this time also in black. The contrast of the dark clothes with her long blonde hair was striking and made her look even more attractive, even if she did look a bit waif-like in her figure.

“No platform shoes this time I see,” I said, smiling, as I saw the flat open-toed sandals by her bare feet.

She laughed, “No, you were right, I’ll save them for summer, and for when I don’t have to walk too far. My knee healed up nicely too thanks to your first aid,” she added, “look.”

She turned towards me and lifted her leg up so that her knee pointed at me.

Oh God, once again a flash of white panties under that short skirt, surely, she must know that I can see up there, or perhaps she doesn’t, or even doesn’t care.

“Yes, emm, good, it looks fine, I’m glad,” I stuttered, gazing at what she was showing me, and I don’t mean her knee. She seemed to have this knack of making me tongue-tied, while she remained quietly confident.

There was a lull in the conversation, as she turned back round and glanced at the TV for a moment or two.

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