Milky Adventure Part -9 (No More Breastfeeding)


Milky Adventure Part -9 (No More Breastfeeding)deleteddeleteddeleteddeletedthis is the next part of the milky adventure. This one really touched my heart and I could feel it while writing. Hope you guys like it too.Please read my older stories of this series to understand more about Riya.The light coming in through a chink in the curtains woke Riya from a deep sleep. She kept her eyes closed but the light still made her stir. It was warm in the bed already, and she kicked off the blanket from her leg and dangled it over the side of the bed.She stretched lazily, her arms above her head, and stretched her legs, tightening her whole body for a short time then relaxed. She opened her eyes for a second, then closed them against the light, then slowly opened them again, allowing the day to creep up on her.It was still early she knew, not yet 6 am, and she felt her body responding to the warmth of the morning. She felt like a flower kissed by the sun that opens its petals. She raised her leg, the one outside the sheets and stretched, then pointed her toes.She felt her calf muscles tighten, and she couldn’t help but admire her shapely calf and ankle. She placed one hand against her thigh, just below her buttock, and bent her leg at the knee, and straightened it again, repeating the action three times, then rested her foot on the bed, her knee bent. She caressed her thigh then down to the knee, feeling the taut smoothness.Next to her a stirring, then a soft moan. She looked across at her son, Shreyas. Laying on his front, his head turned towards her, his eyes deeply shut and his breathing slow and measured in his sleep. Such a handsome boy, she thought to herself, and the more she looked at him, the more she knew that he was her boy no longer, he was a young man, a month short of his 18th year.No matter, he was still her boy, and they both felt comforted sharing her bed. He moaned again in his sleep, then rolled until he was on his back, the sheet over his waist and one leg outside for coolness, as hers had been.She turned on her side towards him, propped herself up on her elbow and gazed at him. He was her life. A powerful wave of maternal love washed over her as she gazed at him.Yes, he had grown. His boyish features had hardened, although there was still a softness around his mouth and eyes. A dusting of darker down under his nose told her that it was inevitable that he would be a man soon. She reached out and touched his face, smoothed his thick hair off his forehead, then caressed his smooth chest.She brought her face close to his and kissed his forehead, her whole being filled with her love for him. She thought every day what would become of him, how would he make his way in the world, and in these intimate moments she worried for him, he seemed so innocent and yet becoming manly.Her hand continued to caress his chest and his stomach, she felt a soft trail of dark hair that disappeared under the sheet and into his shorts. He stirred again, rearranged his limbs so his leg closer to her fitted against her thighs. His hand pushed the sheet away and rested on his groin.She snuck a look down and she could see that he was hard in his shorts, his fingers resting on himself. Quickly she looked away, back to his face, feeling almost guilty that she had seen this intimate moment.Of course, he was hard at this time, she remembered his father in the mornings, hard and urgent as he woke her with his cock pressed against her thighs or ass, his fingers reaching to touch her, to caress her. The best times for her were when she would be sleeping on her stomach.She would wake up with the weight of him on her, his cock pressed against her ass. She would raise her hips to accommodate him, and he would slide easily inside her, gently moving in and out, his weight on his arms, his lower body pressed against her.She would be in a dreamland between sleep and wake, and in this state, her orgasm came easily. It wasn’t usually a high-intensity orgasm, just a gentle wave that she could feel deep inside her at first. Then feel it building in gentle waves that washed over her as he pushed his hardness deep inside her before he too exploded in a gush that seemed to fill her.After he had got up from the bed she often lay there in the same foggy zone, fulfilled, languid, her limbs almost dead. She would feel trickles of semen from her lips. Sometimes he returned with a warm cloth and cleaned her, gently washing her, then leaving her in her reverie. Riya felt a warmth inside her at the memory, she involuntarily squeezed her thighs together, and pressed her hand between them.She felt her eyes drawn down again to Shreyas’ waist, to his fingers resting on his hardness. She could see the firm outline under his shorts. Her own hand caressed his waist and stomach, her fingers lightly touching him. He stirred again, and in his sleep turned towards her, his face nestled between her neck and her chest. He sighed deeply and settled against her.They bursa escort were pressed together, and Riya was reluctant to move, wanting to let him enjoy his rest. She looked at his face close to her, and again the powerful maternal love washed over her. She kissed his forehead again, then his cheek. Her hand rested on his hip, she moved it across his back and caressed his smooth skin, up to his shoulders and down to his lower back.Without thinking her hand slipped inside his shorts and caressed the smoothness of his buttock, then quickly she removed it and mentally chastised herself for this slip. She felt complete holding him, her motherly instincts strong inside her. He was pressed against her and she could feel his hardness against her thigh.She remembered the time with him and Rajesh. When she had used her tongue and lips to bring them both to orgasm, then swallowed their cum. Rajesh was thicker, her Shreyas was hard and strong in her mouth, stronger than she thought.She was fond of Rajesh. There was a vulnerability about him that she put down to his upbringing in the orphanage. Sure he pretended to be tough but she could see in his eyes a fear that he couldn’t hide from her. She knew he considered her to be his Riyamom too, and she felt close to him and loved him.Lost in her thoughts she felt Shreyas’ arm tighten around her, and his hand found the soft curve of her breast. At first, his fingers just rested on her, then his palm tightened and held her, his thumb resting on her nipple. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her nightie was silky smooth.He squeezed, then his fingers relaxed, then he squeezed again, his thumb brushing back and forth over her nipple. She felt her nipple harden to his touch. She wondered if he really was asleep, or was he faking it. She looked closely at him, he breathed steadily, his eyes closed, occasionally fluttering, and she knew he was asleep.She kissed him on the forehead, lifted his hand from her breast and lay it over his chest, and carefully extricated herself from the sheets. She closed the curtains against the light and looked at his darkened form on the bed.In the bathroom, she washed the sleep from her eyes, then stood back and looked at herself in the full-length mirror. The satin-like nightie, coming down to just above her knees accentuated her figure, her shapely legs, trim waist, full breasts unhindered by a bra, her nipples faintly prominent through the lime green material.She cupped her breasts and lifted and squeezed them. Yes, they weren’t as perky as when she was a young woman, but she had breastfed two c***dren. Her thumbs and forefingers squeezed her nipples and she felt them harden. She stood, legs slightly apart, cupping her breasts, her head high and proud and she liked what she saw, a strong female.She turned from the mirror, easily lifted the nightie over her head, and stepped naked into the shower. Later, in a colorful sari, her feet bare she prepared some breakfast. Shreyas wandered in, still dressed in just his shorts and wiping the sleep from his eyes.“Shreyas, go and wash and put a shirt on before we eat, you will feel better.”She cut off his protests with a wave of her hand. Later she told him she was going to do some shopping, but she would be away for only an hour.“Rajesh is coming today?”“Yeah, he is coming on the bus about midday.”“What do you plan to do?”“Not sure yet, he is bringing a new computer game he downloaded, I’m excited to play it.”“Ok, that sounds good, I will see you later, ok?”“Yes mom, see you soon.”The market was crowded, and Riya didn’t linger but was back home within the hour.“Shreyas, where are you, I’m back.”“We’re up here, playing the new game,” came the voice from upstairs in the bedroom.She looked in the hall mirror, tidying up some stray hairs across her forehead. The boys didn’t look up as she walked in on them, they were focused on the game, and the various noises from the game was her only greeting. She stood behind them, one hand on each shoulder, then she bent down to kiss the top of Shreyas’ forehead.She turned towards Rajesh, but he had anticipated her kiss and instead of his forehead, she was kissing his lips. As she pulled back from the kiss he followed her, opening his mouth slightly, and kissing her deeply for a moment. His strong arms were around her and he buried his face between her breasts.“Hiya Riyamom, how are you, I have missed you.”She held his head in her hand and her other arm held him to her.“Me too my beautiful boy, I hope you are well.”His face rested against one breast, and his hand reached up to cup it, she felt his strong grasp through her bra, and he squeezed.“Mmmmm I have missed this.”“C’mon Rajesh, what are you doing, we have to get to the next level!”He unfolded himself from Riya and turned back to the game, picking up the controller. As she walked to the door, Riya knew his eyes were following her. She felt tingles in her nipples as she descended the stairs“Shreyas, Rajesh, come down bursa escort bayan for lunch!”Riya had decided to surprise them and had set up a blanket in a secluded corner of the garden, behind a hedge and under the shade of the tree.As they came into the kitchen, she gave each a tray of food and signaled to follow her.“Wow! This is great Riyamom, what a lovely surprise.”They settled on the blanket, enough room for the three of them and the food. While they ate they laughed and talked, Rajesh giving hilarious imitations of some of the people at the orphanage. During a lull, Riya asked if he liked being at the orphanage still.‘Yep, it’s better now that I have a real family, a real brother and a real mom too. When I feel lonely I think of you.”“That’s so sweet Rajesh, you are my son too, you are both my sons.”Riya reached over to Rajesh and encircled him with her arms. He leaned back into her, and she felt his manly strength as she held him. He clasped her arms to his chest and rocked back and forth as she held him. He turned his face to her and kissed her cheek.Later they lay on the rug, the food cleared away. Riya lay between them one arm around each of them and they amused each other by pointing out different shapes in the clouds. Riya felt the same overpowering mothering feeling she felt with Shreyas in the morning.It seemed perfect, the sunshine, the blue sky, and passing clouds, the after food indolence, and her two boys with her. She could feel Rajesh’s hand on her thigh as they lay there, he was moving it up and down, caressing her, and now and then squeezing her.She felt Shreyas relaxing against her, and she thought he was drifting off into sleep. He turned towards her, his cheek resting on her breast.“Mommy, can I have some milk please?” he murmured.“Honey, you know I have no milk now that I am not feeding the baby. When I stop feeding her my body makes no more milk.’He grunted, then murmured again. “But can I just pretend… you know, pretend to have your milk?”Riya let this thought sink in for a minute. Her first reaction was one of revulsion – what he was asking was impossible.“Please mom, I have missed your milk.”She looked down at him, the top of his head in her view. Was it really that bad? It wasn’t as if both boys hadn’t seen her breasts, or tasted her nipples. But that was different, at times they were helping her out with excess milk.She loved them both, she wanted to be a good mom to them, to make them know they were loved and cared for deeply. She reached for the buttons on her blouse and slowly undid them. Her bra was a front clasp, one of her nursing ones, and she undid the clasp, pushing the cups to the side.Both boys were sitting facing her, the looks on their faces almost amusing to her. Shreyas’ was almost one of relief, Rajesh, on the other hand, was amazed, to the extent that his jaw had almost dropped. Shreyas reached out and cupped her breast in his hand, lifting, feeling the softness and the weight.She propped some cushions behind her and settled back into them, then motioned to her boys to come to her. Willingly they did, Shreyas more hungrily, he lay facing her, his mouth closing over her nipple. She felt his gentle sucking, establishing a rhythm with his breathing.Rajesh too lay facing her, he lay for a few seconds, his mouth inches from her breast, his eyes transfixed. He moved into her and took her nipple into his mouth. Unlike Shreyas, he didn’t immediately suck her. But he grazed his tongue lightly over her hardening nipple, circling her nipple with his tongue round and round, then he took her nipple between his lips and sucked lightly.He opened his mouth and swallowed as much of her plump flesh as he could, then he sucked, her nipple felt like it had been swallowed. Riya tightened her arm around Shreyas, folding her to him but she was a little wary of Rajesh. This was not entirely what she had in mind, but she knew she could put a stop to it if it became too much.Besides, she could feel herself responding. The love and maternal instinct for her boys were powerful, but occasionally she felt a sensual response to their touch, a tingling between her thighs and deep inside her pussy.She could feel Shreyas relaxing against her. But Rajesh was everything but relaxed as he caressed her breast and nipple with his mouth, tongue, and lips. His arm rested on her belly, and he caressed her, his fingers tracing lines from her breast down to below her navel. She was careful to keep her thighs together so he wouldn’t get too adventurous.Now as he caressed, she felt his elbow pressing against her mound, he pressed in circles, the hardness of his bone against her mound penetrated to her clit and it was thrilling. She consciously breathed out, relaxing, not wanting to succumb to any feelings of passion.She felt Rajesh’s lower body twist away from her, and the hand that before caressed her now fumbled with himself. Riya guessed what he was doing, but pretended she wasn’t aware. escort bursa The fumbling stopped, and his body was still.Without moving her head she lowered her eyes and she could clearly see the head of his cock poking out of the waistband of his shorts. He was hard and strong, and his fingers caressed the tip of his cock, back and forth. She could see the wetness on his fingers, a string of precum.He groaned softly, and pressed himself into her. She could feel the head of his cock against her thigh, even through the thin cotton of her sari. On the other side, Shreyas too was stirring.She could feel his hardness pressed against her too, she felt loved, adored, she felt like a woman fulfilled by the love for and by her sons. Eventually, she felt more than heard Shreyas murmur.“What is it my darling?”“Mom, you remember that time when… you… well, you know…”“What time honey?”“The time when … you… gave us a bj?”“Bj? What is… oh yes, I understand now. Yes, honey, I remember.”Riya was guarded, knowing full well where this was headed. Was she ready for this? Is this what she wanted? She loved her boys, she wanted to please them, she knew their hormones were raging inside them.She had noticed the sticky sheets and bed shorts of Shreyas. She could show her love for them in this most intimate way without harming them. She sat up and rolled Shreyas away from her, so he was on his back. Rajesh sat up.“What is it?” he said.“Just wait for me, honey.”“Wait for what?”“Its ok Rajesh, just wait for me, please.”Riya turned back to Shreyas, still on his back. She undid his belt, grasped the waistband of his shorts and pulled them over his hips, now raised to accommodate her movements.His cock sprang up from the confines of his shorts. Riya could see a light bush of hair at the base of his cock. She spat on her fingers and circled the head with her hand and gently began stroking him, her fingers just a light touch. Once again she marveled at his hardness.She knew at his age he was coming into the prime of his sexuality. She continued to caress him, now caressing the tip of his cock with her thumb. It was dry at first, but then she felt a stickiness of precum on her thumb. She caressed with her fingers so the whole head was lubricated.On her knees, she leaned forward, kissed his forehead, and then kissed the tip of his pulsating cock. She liked the nutty taste of his precum. With her tongue she caressed and teased him, licking him from the base of his cock to the tip then taking his head into her mouth and sucking. He lay with his head back, his fists clenched, his toes flexing.Riya could feel his cock twitching. Behind her she heard a moan, she turned her head slightly, Rajesh had his shorts off and was stroking his hard cock, watching intently as his mom pleasured his brother.In her kneeling position, her head over Shreya, her open blouse allowed her breasts to be free. She felt movement behind her, and then Rajesh hand firmly cup her breast. She continued to suck on Shreyas cock, her movements faster and faster as her head bobbed, sucking him, her mouth and tongue teasing him, her fingers played with his balls.Rajesh’ fingers softly kneaded her breast, squeezing, teasing her nipples with his fingers and thumb. She squirmed her hips, squeezing her thighs together. She could feel Shreyas building through his body, his cock hardened, twitched against her tongue and then he exploded in spurts of hot cum in her mouth.He moaned over and over, raising his hips. She sucked him until there was no more, her mouth full of his hot sweetness. She turned away from him, and spat into a cloth, wiping her mouth.Rajesh stopped his caressing her breasts, and lay back, looking at her, his cock hard and thick. His gaze at her was gentle and loving and she felt his warmth and love for her. In truth her body was tingling, her nipples almost jumping off her chest, her between her thighs she felt the heat, and her pussy was damp.She did not let these feelings betray her however, her heart was full of love for her boys. She moved closer to Rajesh, her hand reaching for him. She closed her fingers around his cock and marveled at his hardness. This time, no subtle teasing for Rajesh, she closed her mouth over him and took all of him.He moaned loudly and she began to fuck him with her mouth and tongue. It didn’t take long, he was on a knife edge after watching her with Shreyas, stroking himself and playing with her. His hips raised and he exploded in her mouth, a burst of warm fluid filling her mouth and touching the back of her throat.Spurt followed spurt, hard at first then gradually lessening until she felt a trickle. Again she wiped her mouth with the cloth. She sat back on her haunches, looking from Shreyas to Rajesh, both boys spent.“Fix up your shorts,” she said.Rajesh kneeling, and Shreyas standing, they obeyed. She settled back against the cushions.“Now come here with me my darlings, come and rest.”They settled against her, her arms around each back, and their heads resting against her. She gazed up at the clouds s**ttering across the blue sky. Riya was content, she felt her love for her boys, as big as the sky above.Thanks for reading. Please do comment.

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