Moguls – Father-Son Breakfast


Moguls – Father-Son BreakfastLuca Alessandro Marc Branch woke up early. Next to the six-foot-two-inch, slender, cashew-skinned man lay his wife, Tenika. He picked up his cell phone and perused a couple of news stories before messaging his father to see if the old man was awake. It buzzed back shortly thereafter indicating that Doug Branch was indeed up and at ‘em. ‘What’s up,’ wrote the dad.‘Nada. Wanna run out and grab some breakfast?’‘Yeah! Give me 10.’The Branch men met outside on the front porch. Luca was dressed in a crimson and grey St. Joseph’s University basketball tee and silver Under Armour athletic pants. Doug had on some black training pants and a NJCAA tournament sweatshirt. “My car or yours,” inquired Doug.“We can take the rental since it’s already out,” Luca opined.The guys climbed into the Dodge Caravan. Luca was behind the wheel. Doug gave his son directions to the Omelette House. They walked into the diner and took a seat next to the window close by the front door. A homely looking white woman came over carrying a coffee pot. She flipped over the cups that sat on saucers and poured each of them some of the beverage. “Cream and sugar,” she asked.“No, grazie,” said Luca!“None for me,” added Doug.“You fellas know what you want yet?”Doug started, “Sure! I’m gonna get the three-egg western omelet and some link sausage.”“Can I get the french toast with bacon and two eggs over easy,” asked Luca.“Of course! Comin’ right up,” the lady assured them.“Oh, let us get a side of hashbrowns too,” Doug amended the order.“Extra crispy,” Luca requested.“Certainly. Anything to drink?”“Milk,” Luca smiled.“O.J.,” Doug declared.As they waited for the food to arrive, Luca began the conversation. “Dad, I think I wanna move back to Italy.”“Oh wow! I know you’ve been bursa escort toying with the idea for a while. What does Tenika think about it?”“She says she’ll think about it, but I know she’s not too much into the idea.”“What’s holding her back?”“She likes being near her family and plus you know she recently got promoted. I kinda feel bad asking her to give it up.”“She couldn’t work remotely and do her job?”“Yeah, I don’t really think that’s an option.”“How bad do you wanna go back? And, for how long,” inquired the former professional ball player.“Pretty damn bad, pops,” admitted Luca. “I think we could spend three to five years there and come back for the k**s to do high school and college over here.”“It doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me. Would you go without her and the k**s for a year?”“Nah, man! I’m not trying to do that. I don’t know that we’d make it through that.”“Is there something wrong?”“I mean nothing out of the ordinary. Just the usual marital stuff, ya know?!?”“I understand.”“She’d probably be pissed at me every day for leaving her with the k**s while she thinks I’m doing only God knows what over there. Her imagination is pretty frickin’ wild.”“Oh damn, son,” chuckled Doug. “That’s no good.”“Plus, I don’t really wanna leave my k**s here if I’m there.”“So, what are you going to do,” Doug asked.“I’m going to ask her if we can go in a year,” Luca said. “I’ll probably insist that we at least try it for a year.”“What’s your plan over there?”“Well, I have a standing job offer to teach and coach at a private school over there. Housing would be included. So we wouldn’t need to worry about that.”“That’s a plus.”“Yeah! I know.”“How are you gonna broach the subject of Tenika’s career?”“I’ll see if she can talk to her boss about possibly working from there. She bursa escort bayan could always start applying for jobs over there. There’s plenty of banks all over the world.”“True.”The food arrived and the men dug into their plates.“I wish you the best, son,” Doug said. “All I can say is pray about – solo and together. See what your answer is and follow that path.”“Thanks, dad,” Luca posited. “I got a li’l soul searching to do.”“Don’t we all?”“So, when do Monique and Todd come back?”“In about six more months.”“How’s it going with the k**s?”“Pretty good. They do keep us on our toes though.”“I bet. You know if you need a break, we could take them until they get back.”“Oh no. But thanks! It’d be too hectic on them having to change scenery again.”“k**s are resilient, pops.”“You’re right, but mama and Alia love having them here. And so do I.”“Cool.”Once they finished, Luca asked for the check.“No, son. I’ll pay,” Doug demanded.Luca disagreed, “Nope. Consider it a birthday gift.”“Alright,” the older man relented.Back at the house, the family was finally stirring about. Mama Bee was making pancakes, bacon, and scrambled eggs. The k**s were attempting to play hide and seek. Carina was assisting her grandmother while Alia, Tenika, and Jada, Carina’s significant other, were sitting at the table discussing how much they all detested the current POTUS.“Hey, guys,” Alia beamed.“Hey, baby,” Doug winked. “How’s everyone?”“Smells great, granny,” Luca said moving towards the stove and stealing a piece of bacon.“Thank you, baby,” the elderly woman smiled.“Let me wrangle up the grandk**s,” Doug said walking out of the room.When Doug returned, the k**s were hanging all over him. Everyone ate – including Doug and Luca again. As the morning wound down, the guests began packing escort bursa their vehicles to return to their homes.Now, it was just the standard residents in the house. Glenda Branch was in her room watching Law & Order: SVU. Marc and Kylah were looking at episodes of Doc McStuffins. Doug had preseason football on the tube and Alia was reading a book with her head in his lap.“Leave it down there too long and you know what you’ll have to do,” Doug warned her.“I look forward to it, sexy,” she shot back.“And you’re so good at it!”“Thank you, daddy!”“See you got my dick hard now. Can I get a quickie?”“Why not. Meet me upstairs.”Doug followed behind his short wife and smacked her rotund booty as she climbed the stairs. He locked the bedroom door behind them and picked up Alia. He gently tossed her onto the bed and started removing her clothes. He, too, got naked. He admired the beauty before him. He smacked his big dick on her encaged clitty and climbed on top of her. His massive body swallowed her suppleness.Doug drove his cock inside of Alia with restrained eagerness. She moaned, “Oh, Doug!”“Yeah, baby girl,” the man of the house howled. “My pussy is tight!”“Yes, Big Daddy! It’s your pussy! Fuck me!”“Damn, baby! Give Daddy that sweet, tranny pussy!”“I love you, Doug! Oh god! I love you!”“I love you, too, baby!”The power couple enjoyed each other. Alia’s small hands were grabbing and massaging her large man’s majestic being. Her manicured nails dug into his butt as she pulled him deeper into her with each of his thrusts. Doug stroked his wife’s hair and admired her adorable, naturally green eyes. He stared into them getting lost in her soul. He felt as if she could see straight through him.Alia felt the sensuality emanating from Doug. She pursed her lips and kissed him. As they tongue wrestled, Doug could take no more.He yelled, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiitttttttt!” He nutted hard and rolled over on his back. Alia nestled up against him as they lay there in harmonious, loving goodness.

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