Mother And Son– Part 1


Mother And Son– Part 1deletedI’m deeply aroused by mom son i****t. This is such a story which is a work of pure imagination. I’m writing with the intention of giving the reader a great orgasmic experience. I hope it works !!Dev was a gentleman in everyone’s eyes, a soft-spoken shy guy, yet cheerful and good-humored. He was the only son of a business man, Ravi. A shrewd business man he was, Ravi was known for his greediness and cunning. Ravi started his business under an old noble business man. Ravi with his cunning, managed to woo the old man’s daughter Priya, he made her pregnant when she was barely 20. The old man had no choice but to marry her off to Ravi. With Priya, Ravi gained access to her family’s wealth. When Priya, then being a young girl with her romantic fantasies about love and marriage realized the true color of her lover, it was too late.Dev was born. Her father thought he had married his daughter off to the man she loved. Everyone in the family was so happy. Only Ravi and Priya knew the reality and the reality hurt.For years, Priya wore the garb of the happy better half of Ravi, wearing expensive clothes and sarees, smiling and pretending to be content. She made sure Dev never got exposed to the dishonorable ways of his father.They sent him to boarding school and Dev spent most of time away from home. Dev grew up to be everything opposite of his father. He was kind, strong, helping and sensitive, yet he was not a pussy and knew his strengths.It all started when Dev finished his college and was waiting for final results. Dev was tall and had a muscular figure with broad chest, wide shoulders, and defined muscles. Most women take a second glance at this hunk of a man. Whenever they used to go for functions Dev was a subject of talk for women and Priya always felt happy but jealous when other women talked about him. When some young chick tries to hook up with Dev, Priya would be possessed by so much jealousy that she’ll find some subtle ways to ward off the other woman.A woman in her late thirties, Priya was the ideal mature women, fertile in every aspect, not lean but not bulky either, blessed with a slender neck, full breasts, flaring fertile hips, and long legs, Priya looked ravishing and elegant. She had fat at the right places; she was intelligent and mature, sure-footed and graceful in her movements. Unlike other women, Priya did mild exercises to keep her in shape, she wore light makeup and she commanded the respect of everyone.There was a huge party one night, Priya drank a little, Ravi was dead drunk, Although Dev had some drinks, he was sober enough. He drove the car and the son and mother carried off Ravi to bed.Priya and Dev were a bit tired but they were in no mood to sleep.“Would you like some more wine ma?” Dev asked.“Sure. But only if you give me company!”“Sure ma!” Dev returned with a good cellar wine and two wine glasses.They poured wine and conversations started flowing.”I can’t believe time flew so fast, look at you now, soon you’ll be a graduate, you’ve grown up to be a fine man!”“And look at you, you look the same…beautiful woman!”“Are you teasing me or what?”“I mean what I said Ma, you are very beautiful!”Priya blushed.“I want to tell you something serious beta, now that you are going to be here and take part in the business. You have to be who you are now.”“I know what you mean Ma, I won’t cheat anyone. I won’t trick anyone.”“You know Dev, your father ruined my life, cheated me, he took my family, my wealth, he made me trust him, but he was playing me. I got played. We have status, people love us, but in the end I got played..Then you came along, the moment I saw you, my pains disappeared…and even though everyone loves me, I’m unloved”Dev came closer to Priya,“You are wrong mother, I love you”Dev inched closer to her, he parted her fallen hair locks and looked deep into her eyes, he held her slender neck and with trembling lips inched closer to her, their lips met for the first time and he felt something like electric shock. She leaned on to the sofa in an act of loving submission. She opened her mouth to allow Dev’s tongue and as they danced, Dev’s hand slowly pressed her breasts..“ohhhh…my son…no…” she whispered“Oh yes mom” Dev continued kissing her.Priya then pushed him away.“Its illegal bahis wrong, so wrong…stop it Dev” she commanded. Dev stopped his advances and looked into her eyes.“I need you mother, as a woman….I know you feel jealous when other girls come around me and I’m possessive of you too maa..”Priya felt a strange sense of awakening. His honesty disarmed her defenses. A woman can be loving and feeling only to a man she can fully trust and Ravi had crushed this sacred trust. All there was in their intimate life was some emotionless, fake moments of rutting which didn’t even give her pleasure. She thought her sex life had ended, but now she began to feel that strange sensations returning again.As she lay on the sofa, she felt Dev advancing towards her, he tenderly sat besides her“Shall I remove this maa?” saying so, he lovingly ran his palm through her feet and unstrapped her sandals. He removed her left sandal and gently licked her feet, sucking her toes. Priya arched her feet in abandon and wonder as her son cared for her feet, licking her sole, massaging her ankles, he removed her other sandal and did the same..“Stop it beta…they are dirty!” Priya whispered.“Never!” dev replied sucked and slurped her toes.. as he rose after the foot worship, looking into her eyes. Priya was pleased.“That was so good beta, your wife will truly be a lucky woman. This is enough…let me go..”Priya got up“You really want to end this maa” Dev whispered.Priya didn’t know what to say. She stood there. She said nothing when he stood close to her, she said nothing as she kissed her lips, her heat was rising, she was melting under his love.“Take me to your room” she moaned under the kisses.Dev swept her off her feet and took her to his room.“Please turn off the lights Dev…..I feel so ashamed”“You don’t have to ma…But I will turn off the lights”Dev switched off the lights and lit a candle. In that glowing light of the candle, his mother looked like a goddess, they kissed deeply and passionately, she removed her saree in a hurry…Clad in red blouse and petticoat, she stood there quietly. Dev had an instant hard on seeing Priya like that, he gazed at her sweaty neck, her full breasts, her beautiful stomach beholding her deep navel, giving way to flaring fertile hips.“Do I look okay?” Mom whispered.“Look what you’ve done to me!!” Dev removed his shorts to reveal his hard on.“God! You are…um…so huge” Priya flushed thinking she could still give a man such a hardon.He sat down on the bed, his erect penis standing out like a pole.“The pressure, it is paining Ma…”“Let me help you”Priya knelt down between his legs. She slowly brought her hand to his trembling penis, she gently pulled his foreskin down to reveal his glans. She inhaled the musky scent of her own son….Priya gently began jerking his penis up and down.“We need lubrication!” She looked at Dev with lust filled eyes and in the next moment, she licked on his balls, slurping and sucking¬, she then lashed her wet tongue from the root to his glans. Dev closed his eyes at the pleasurable sensations. He felt her warm mouth engulf his penis.Priya’s mouth covered her son’s glans, blowing in and out, As she got more comfortable she swallowed more of his penis,“God! My own mother, my dream lady, giving me this pleasure! What luck!” Dev thought as his mother gave him his first and best blowjob. She increased her pace. Dev was lost in pleasure. He felt the first ripples of impending orgasm. Priya was quick to sense his spasm. She quickly tightened her grip around his glans and stimulated the tip of his head with her forefingers.“Ah…Maa, would you like to taste my milk?”She replied with another strong sucking motion. He shot loads of cum into his mother’s waiting mouth. Priya couldn’t take it all. She choked and the remaining ropes and ropes of her son’s hot semen fell on her neck and blouse and hands.She let go of his manhood and kissed Dev, they exchanged his cum fluid.“Did you like it Dev?”“It was the best mother!”“Look what you’ve done to me son, look the mess you’ve made on my blouse”“I’m sorry ma!”“You better be. Remove my blouse” she lay on the bed.Dev meticulously unhooked her blouse from the front.“Do you like what you see?”Dev cupped her full breasts with his palms and kneaded them gently.“Oh mom! They illegal bahis siteleri are so soft”“Pull down my brazier beta, touch me!”The blouse and bra were gone in an instant and Dev eagerly grabbed his prize.“God beta! Your hands are so rough”“Does it hurt ma!”“No you fool! I love this. Touch me like that”Dev squeezed and massaged his mother’s breasts. He had dreamed this for long. Her melons were firm like mangoes and smelled of milk and sweat.He pinched her hard nipples.“oh! Son, they are sensitive…!” Priya gasped.“Don’t you want to suckle beta!”“Oh yes maaa, here you go”Priya closed her eyes as her son gently nibbled and chewed her nipple. He alternated with both her jugs giving Priya great pleasurable sensations.Priya was sweating like anything and shivering in heat.Dev shifted his attention to her stomach, lapping her belly. He pointed his tongue and inserted into his mother’s deep round navel. Priya wiggled as his facial hairs ticked her belly.“you love this mom!” Dev laughed as he ticked her navel and stomach with his rough facial hairs.“that was good beta…but there is one place that needs your attention!”She took his hands and gently guided it into her panties. Dev felt the slipperiness of his mother’s love hole. He began fingering her gently. Her precum oozed over his hands. He took out his finger to find his mother’s slime. He tasted it.“Want some mother?” He pointed his fingers towards Priya which she sucked eagerly.“Take off my petticoat”Dev unfastened her petticoat and all that was remaining was his mother’s sticky slimy panties.Priya gently removed her panties. She felt Dev’s hand on her secret mount. God! This was the first time someone other than her husband is touching her privates and the one touching her cunt is none other than her own son!Dev was curious. He brought his nose to his mother’s cunt hole and deeply inhaled the pungent sexy aroma of her pheromones.“You hungry?” Priya asked.“Oh maa, its like a dream come true”“Then eat me Dev, I can’t wait!”Dev with both his hands spread apart her labia and brought his lips to his mother’s sacred hole. At the first contact, Priya gasped. Dev entered his tongue into her canal and began teasing her cunt walls. Priya enjoyed the new sensations. Her warm pussy responded to his invasion by sending copious amount of precum.“lick there honey, ya right there….yes…harder honey, harder…oh yessssss!!hmmmm mmmf aaaahhh baby, that’s the spot….aaah ahhh faseter…uffffffff” priya wiggled as her first waves of orgasm spread through her being.Dev didn’t seem to stop, he slurped and sucked and plucked her pussy walls with his mouth. He led her to another big orgasm, she clutched the bedsheets and pulled Dev’s hairs as ecstasy overtook her.Dev then climbed back on Priya, kissing her passionately, he lay next to her. He saw his mother’s face, she looked so happy. He brought her closer and they caressed each other.“Keep this secret, won’t you”“I promise maa”“You are so wicked, son, seducing your own mother, kissing her, suckling her breasts! Can you imagine?”“You are also mean mother, looking like a goddess seducing me with your words, giving me erotic nightmares, taking your son’s penis and jerking it”“ I can’t believe I let you eat my pussy. Did you enjoy?”“So much maa, your pussy tasted sweet and your moans are so sexy!”“And you are so sexy son, your body is so sculpted” she said wrapping herself around him“And your cock is so big”“Really?”“The biggest!”Dev hugged her back, his hardon began touching his mother’s pussy lips.“Someone is knocking my entrance” Priya giggled.Dev rose up and pinned his mother to bed, he placed himself on top of her. His mother parted her legs and their pelvis crossed each other.He held his hardon and rubbed it against his mother’s velvet entrance“Will you let me in mother”“Is it right son?”“I don’t know maa”“It is a sin Dev….I enjoyed this much, but what you are asking for is the most forbidden…it is taboo…we can’t do this…eat me when you want but …this…its…its impossible beta”“Is it against your wishes Maa”“Yes son..I don’t want this…”“Really?” Dev asked jerking his cock quickly across her entrance.“I mean it my beautiful son…” Priya didn’t want to make break the final boundary. That would endanger her marriage, complicate her relationship, canlı bahis siteleri affect Dev’s future and more over he was unprotected.“We are unprotected and I’m on the unsafe days”Dev released his grip from his cock and kissed her passionately.“I love you maa…but can I just go in once, slowly” Dev pleaded.“Okay beta, just once “Priya spread her legs again and placed her son’s mammoth cock at her entrance.“Now push it in slowly….ohhh…slowly..yes..god! You are so big Deva, my walls are being stretched!” Priya bit her lips as he entered her.“You are such a sweet c***d Dev…Now pull back” Priya whispered.Dev looked back at her into her eyes. He gently withdrew“I love you maa”In a swift motion, he clutched his mother’s body and stabbed deep into her womb…“Ahhhhh” Priya moaned loudly at the unexpected move.Dev pinned her to the bed and began thrusting inside her, Priya tried to pull him off but his strength was no match for her..Her body instinctively clutched his body, heralding his entry.“Nooooo! Noo beta….you can’t do this….ahhhh..”Their breathing became heavy as Dev began to ride his mother.“Ahhh son….nooo…please…no…ummm,..¬Yeah….ohhh beta…stop it…ah huff…huff….ahhh…isss…..nooo…..”Soon her moans of defiance turned to moans of pleasure.“Yes beta….ohhhh…my son…ahhhh…ahhhhh…ahhhhhh…ufff yess”Dev’s huge cock stimulated every inch of her tight hot vagina. Every inch of her tissues was deeply massaged by her son’s massive cock. Dev thrust and grunted inside her gently but firmly.The heat and mating made their body sweat, sweat lubricated their movements. Priya was in seventh heaven, she was being taken and lovingly fucked by a man whom she could trust. Dev smiled in pleasure as his mother’s tight love walls made delicious friction against his invading cock.“Do you love this mother?”“Ahh…I love it…ufff…oh my god! Beta…you pervert, look what you are doing, having sex with your own mother! Whaaa…why did you stop”“Tell me you want me maa…”“Ohh…I want you son, I want you to make love to your mother and make her scream in ecstacy, I want you deep inside me, I want your seed beta….make love to your maa…ohhhhh…ohhhhhhhh…deeper son deeper, faster…yaaa, yeahh…issss..aahhhh…ahhh..aahhh”They mated like a****ls with Dev pounding her with his mighty cock and Priya receiving his strength in all openness. Their pelvis slapped against each other, the bed shook and the room was filled with “slutch” “sluch” noise as the mother and son made their forbidden consummation.“Ohhh baby…aahhhhh…ahhhhhhhhhhh….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Priya was so lost in her enjoyment, she wrapped her legs like a vice across her son, she clasped his body pulled him closer to her body. She clawled on her back and bit her shoulders as orgasm approached like waves….Dev felt his mother’s grip tighten and her breathing became erratic, her juicy pussy walls gripped his cock even tighter as convolutions overtook his cockDev let go of everything and fucked his mother with abandon, the thrusting was so dramatic, they fell from the bed to the floor and still, they clasped each other in wild mating frenzy .“Oh god, mommy…I’m cumming!!!”“Ahhhhhhhhh…ahhhhhhhhh…Come inside your mother you sick bastard….give me everything…”Dev and Priya came together, as waves of her orgasms pulled his cock deep into her cervix, waves of Dev’s orgasm made him shoot torrents and torrents of semen into his mother’s fertile unprotected womb. Priya felt her son’s spunk unloading inside her inner wallsThey girdled and clutched each other like inseparable souls. Dev lifted her and placed her on the bed and caressed his mother. She was still lost in the orgasm. So was he….Entwined against each other the mother and son drifted off to sleep.The darkness gave way to dawn, Priya was woken up from sleep by the gentle sensations of her son licking her lovehole.“Good morning maa” he growled amidst his lickings.“What a way to wake your mother…issss” Priya moaned again.“My morning wood needs some attention”“Put it into your mother’s choot, I will take care”Priya opened her legs. Dev placed his wood inside her and they made love early that morning till he cummed deep inside her again.Then Dev fell back on bed tired. Priya tenderly kissed her son in the lips.“You are amazing son, now get some sleep”Priya got up and saw the bedsheet crumbled and stainedAs she bent down to pick her panties, their love juice seeped out of her pussy. She felt them flowing down into trails through her thighs.She smiled…After years, she felt like a woman.Next on part 3

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