Mr. Egyptian


Mr. EgyptianMr. Egyptian10-20-2012EnglishWe have been sexting for months now. Each time we talked, it left my loins ablazed, wet and hungry. I longed for the real thing. Sex, unfortunately, has not been a part of my life for more than two years. If you were to ask me how long has it been since I have had good sex, then I would have to say it has been more than five years now. It is a god-awful long time for someone with a high sex drive and he truly challenged my life of celibacy.Naturally, I augment my sex life using the internet. I surf a porn site for films, chat with some sexually aggressive conversationalists, and stare at pictures of hard cock. My thoughts were always full of cocks. I would imagine, long, thick hard cocks whose sole purpose was to fill a woman up. My favorite films are the creampie gangbang films. The more men in the film, the more the film turns me on. Hmmm the idea of having so many cocks available to fuck me. All different shapes and sizes designed to titillate and stimulate me in all different types of ways. Yeah I must have the creampies too. It was the ultimate finality of raw, uninhibited sex we all crave for. My favorite gangbangs have an endless supply of men and one woman who seems to lust, crave and demand it. She will beckon for them to come and present her pussy for them to fuck. She loves laying there with her legs open accepting one man after another to pump her, fuck her and fill her up. I love it too when she is surrounded by cock. Several by her head, some in her hands, one or two in her mouth and hands feeling her body and fondling her breast. Just the idea of being so overwhelmed with touch, feel, cock and cum gives me explosive orgasms when I masturbate to those films. He loved knowing I did this and even shared the experience with me sometimes.He was sex on a stick baby. A sex god packaged in a delicious, male human body. At least from what I can tell when we are video chatting. Hmmm tall, dark in complexion, brilliant, almond shaped hazel eyes, long, wavy black hair and muscles that appeared to be lovingly sculpted by God’s hands instead of earned by hours of sweat at a gym. Yeah he seemed both dicktastic and dickalicious. I couldn’t help but wet my lips every time I saw him. I knew his real name or the one he elected to give me but it didn’t matter. I called him Mr. Egyptian.Mr. bakırköy escort Egyptian and I connected once a week. He complimented our chat with a joint and Hennessey and I preferred the sweet taste of a white wine called Menage et Trois and a water pipe with apple flavored tobacco. Mr. Egyptian, if nothing else is a gentleman. We always began our chat with easy going banter while we sipped our drinks of choice and smoked on our favorite plant of choice. We always began fully clothed while we caught up on our weekly news of our life. You know the same old boring shit. How is work? How are other things blah blah blah? Then the liquor will begin its effects causing our lust to make our loins ache. Today was no different.His lips are so full, moist holding back a thick and long tongue. He sat closer to the camera so I can see every detail of those lips and picture kissing them passionately. I am imagining how they would feel wrapped around a nipple sucking them and of course teasing my clit with that awesome tongue of his. I put the camera focus on my ample bosom and he loved it. I remove the top I am wearing to reveal a sexy bra which emphasizes my cleavage. Moistness escaped his lips. He began removing his shirt revealing a nice white tank tshirt, those beautiful muscled arms and a promise of a cut chest. Our conversation began to change from the simplicities of life to the raw lust we are feeling right now this. He looks at my caramel-skin ample bosom and say “I would love to grab a handful of your tits, push them together and suck both nipples at the same time.” Now it is my turn to show a little moistness and I respond “hmmm here you go baby suck” as I lift my bosom still packaged in the bra up and squeeze them together putting them directly into the camera. I heard him gasp and make the sound as if he was shaking his head in my cleavage. I step back from the camera and slip off the skirt I am wearing. I step back further so he could take in my full voluptuous curves in a red lace bra and panties, sheer red thigh highs, and simple black stilettos. In response, he stood up grabbed his massive bulge and let his pants drop and then remove his crisp white t-shirt revealing white, silk bikinis that only made my mouth gape open in anticipation of seeing that cock.I blow a kiss to him and beşiktaş escort stroll towards the computer. We both sit again. “So what film will compliment us today?” He asks. “Let’s go with something you will enjoy. Here is the link sweetie.” It is just what you like, a black man taming a big black woman! He clicks on the link and shares his desktop so we can watch the film at the same time while we virtually play with one another.While we watch the film he says “Free those tits. I need to see me those big beautiful boobs!”“Say it. Say what I need to hear.” I say.“Caramelicious please let me see those tits.” He says with that sexy, devilish grin.I slowly slide the straps down, unhook it from the back, and cup my tits until the straps were free from my arms. “Come on baby. Stop teasing me.” He stands up showing an even greater bulge. I smile and let the bra fall away. I lean back, relax, lick my finger and trace the wetness on my nipples so they will grow stiff. He sits back in his own chair, his eyes grow hungry, and he places one leg over the arm of his chair and begins rubbing his bulge. I tense up because goddam I like that. I couldn’t wait to see it. The film continues playing in our background. I lick my fingers again and shove them into my panties to finger my cunt. He begins to stroke his massive dick more intensely through his underwear until his balls begin to fall through. His face contorts in pleasure. I stand up suddenly, let my cute panties fall to the floor, stroke my pussy while turning my back to him, and then I bend over and spread my ass cheeks….wide. I turn back to face him only now to see him stand up aggressively and drop his underpants to free his large, 10” tool that he pushes into the camera so I get a large view of that massive head moist with pre-cum. Spittle escapes my mouth and I just want to wrap my tongue and mouth around that cock and suck deeply. We both sit in our respective chairs. We both put spread our legs over the arms of our chairs and as the film got into some high-gear fucking he strokes his massive cock while I play with my pussy. Both of us are mutually heating up. Both of our bodies become warm, beads of sweat forming on our brows, our breath beylikdüzü escort becoming labored. We stroke, we watch each other with sentiments of “ooh baby, that’s it. Do it for me. Do it for me.” We stroke until we cum to a mutual climax in time with the movie!We both relax. Look at each other and lean towards the monitor to kiss the virtual lips of one another. Mr. Egyptian, my chocolate virtual lover. Now that we are warmed up and that first orgasm was out of the way. We both stand up out of our chairs and prepare for round two.I stand straddled and soaked my fingers in my own saliva. He opted for a lotion lubricant. “Ready baby?” he asks.“Oh yeah, I am more than ready.” I reply with hungry eyes. “I kiss your lips.”“Hmmm you taste good. Your breast s feels good in my hand. I can barely hold one.”“That’s because I keep them full for you Papi.” I lift one into my mouth and suck the nipple as I am fingering my clit.“Oh baby that looks good” he says as he begins to finger his own nipple.“Can you feel the warmth of my mouth circling your nipple? Hmmm, let me stroke that dick for you.”He thrust his cock to the camera, “Take it baby. Feel my tongue on your nipple and my finger on your clit.”I squirm at the thought of this and lick my palm and make the gesture that I am stroking that dick. “Let me lick and blow warm air on that dick.”“It’s yours baby, do as you like. Yeah take it. Take my black cock and suck it.”I lick my lips and said “hmmm dickalicious.” I play with my pussy frantically while I watch him stroke.“I could grab your big ass and pound my dick in that pussy.”The thought of that made me tremble. I look up and notice he is trembling at the sight of my own pleasure. Without warning I scream and tremble even harder as a second orgasm rocks through my body. I look up at the video on my computer and hear him howl with his own pleasure. I see him shoot a load worthy of filling up a beautiful pussy. I can’t help but slide the camera up and down my pussy as he shoots that huge load which splatters onto his chest. I return the camera and went to the screen and lick the video as if I was licking his cum from his sculpted chest. He collapses back in his chair and I snake back into mine.It is second time we are sitting in our chairs breathing hard. “Did you enjoy it baby?” he asks.“Yes I did. Do you feel good Papi?”“Oh fuck yeah. But you know what? One day, I am coming for that ass so I can drink that nectar for myself.”“Oh Papi, I would welcome you with open pussy lips.”We both begin to relax. He sips his Hennessey as I sip my wine. He smokes another joint and I smoke from my water pipe. “Until next time Papi?” “Always baby.”

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