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MRS. YU TANMrs.Yu Tan, 27, is a very self-confident and pretty business woman. She grew up in China so she doesn’t speak much English, much more tagalog. She wanted to open business here because she heard a lot of chinese coming here for business.Mrs. had a sexy body and enjoys lathering a thick layer of soap all over her naked body and allowing the jets of water to strike her ripe breasts enlarging her nipples. She had large brown nipples that always appeared hard.After drying off, Mrs. Yu Tan dressed for her business meeting even though it was still 2 hours off. She wore thin, blue, floral panties with a matching strapless bra. Over the bra she wore a conservative, white, opaque button up blouse with a narrow collar.Next, being very near-sighted, she put on her square shaped glasses so she could see clear enough to put her dark, brown hair up in an old-fashioned bun. A real pearl necklace highlighted her smooth, delicate neck while a pair of dangling pearl earrings completed the effect.Finally, she pulled on her navy skirt and navy jacket. Observing herself in the mirror she smiled. She was full of confidence; after all, her fortune cookie last night had said “strangers will enjoy your wares”.Outside on the busy street in binondo she looked around wondering which way was going to ongpin and approached a local guy. After much gesturing, the guy gave up and waved vaguely down the street. Mrs. walked in the direction she thought was pointed out to her but in a different direction. Instead of ongpin her direction was going to the piers, and she got confused and ended up somewhere near parola in delpan.Mrs. turned left and strode confidently hoping to find the way to her meeting.After about a half-hour, Mrs. noticed that the street had become rather seedy looking so she stopped a trio of young men at the street corner to once again ask directions.”Scuse,” she said.The muscular young men turned to look at the foreigner interrupting their conversation about a new chick in the neighborhood. Two wore bandannas and sleeveless shirts while the third wore a filthy sando.”I go?” Mrs. Yu Tan smiled as she showed them the address.One said to the other in the local dialect she didn’t understand, “Looks like we have a new dilihensya and fresh meat!”Mrs. said, “Scuse? I go? You show?” Again she showed them the address.The third man with the shaven head and tattooed arms told her in tagalog, “Sarap ng dyoga mo ah, maalog. Gusto mo iyot?”Mrs. kocaeli escort misunderstood and replied, “Here? You show?”The trio grinned at each other realizing that Mrs. understood nothing. They openly discussed what they would do to her while she smiled hopefully.The boy of the slums smirked and waved for her to follow him across the street.Hearing “come”, Mrs. was very pleased that these kind boys would help her and said, “Good. I go.” She followed him across the street while the other two big boys accompanied her, one on each side of her. Unknown to Mrs., their cocks were quickly hardening at the thought of the unexpected opportunity that had just come their way. They intended to escort Mrs. to a suitable location and then “sample her wares”.Turning a corner to go down an even filthier street, they stopped, looked down at Mrs. and asked, “Mam Puta, What’s your name?”Mrs. smiled as she didn’t understand the derisive tagalog word but heard “name”. Pointing to herself she replied, “Mrs. Yu Tan.” She didn’t understand why all three burst out into laughter.The one with the shaved head hooted, fucking right she will. Right after they rip her clothes off they’re going to stick their prick up her pussy.Mrs. politely laughed with them while wondering what was so funny.But Mrs. was just a little perturbed at the squalid area they were walking through. If the area was this run-down, could the merchants she was going to present to afford her merchandise?A couple other young men waved at her escort and jerked his thumb toward her and made an odd gesture with his hands: he put the thumb and forefinger of one hand to form a circle and then repeatedly jabbed the forefinger of the other hand in and out of the circle. The other young men laughed uproariously and joined with her escort.Now she had five young men helping her – one in front, one on each side of her and two behind. Mrs. felt quite puzzled at the meaning of the boys’ gestures.Soon they reached the entrance to a shabby 2 storey brick building. A few windows were broken and the entrance was spray-painted with graffiti. A broken sign over the entrance read “…rec…center”.Mrs. didn’t like the looks of the place. Maybe it was the wrong place? She asked, “Inside? No.” She showed them the paper with the address again.That was when everything went bad. The young man flung the door open and the men behind shoved her roughly inside. Turning in a panic, she saw a huge bulge pushing out kocaeli escort bayan the front of the young man’s pants. Mrs. suddenly realized what the men actually had in mind.Opening her mouth to scream, Mrs. felt a large hand clamp over her face. One of her escorts pulled out a balisong, waved it at her and put a finger to his lips. Mrs. understood that he meant she must be quiet. Her wide, brown eyes just stared at the blade he had aimed at her. Tears welled up in her eyes.They pushed her into a lounge area containing a couple beat up old sofas, a broken coffee table and a stained, dirty carpet.Mrs. found herself encircled by five big, strong boys. Sobbing, she put her hands together and pleaded, “Please. No. I go? Please?” She stuck her hand into her purse, pulled out a large wad of cash, pushed it toward her assailants and repeated, “Please? I go?”One man took the cash, said “salamat” and pushed her roughly into another guy. The rough boys started pushing her from one to the other. Mrs. tried to keep her footing while trying to plead in her unintelligible English.A hand grabbed the front of her navy jacket, yanked and Mrs. heard a ripping sound as the two buttons fastening the jacket tore off. Another hand pulled the jacket from behind at the neck and the jacket slid down her back. In seconds, Mrs.’s crisp, new business jacket lay on the floor; her assailant’s feet trampling it into the filth.As one man pushed her backward, a black man spanked her knocking the thick, square-shaped glasses off her face. Her assailants’ instantly went out of focus.A voice said, “Hey look at the pearl necklace on the bitch. It looks real!” She had no idea what the voice said but felt her pearl necklace ripped from her delicate neck. Her pearl earrings were pulled off next. Luckily she didn’t have pierced ears.Again the voice, “They’re real. This will sell for a fortune!” Again Mrs. had no idea what they said but she did know she had just been robbed of her expensive pearls as well as all of her cash.A hand grabbed her hair bun and pulled until it came loose sending her long, dark brown hair cascading down her back.The men continued to shove Poor Mrs. back and forth. One pinched her bum hard, and another one grabbed her tits through her conservative, white blouse.She wanted to scream for help she could still see the blade and in her mind her fear grew bigger by the second.The hooded man with the tattoos yanked her newly dry-cleaned navy izmit escort skirt downward. Mrs. heard a loud tearing sound as it fell to the floor in tatters; trampled underfoot together with her jacket.Tears’ streaming down her face, poor Mrs. was now protected only by her crisp white blouse, her thin blue, floral panties and her matching strapless bra. Not for long.Without her glasses, she could only see an indistinct face hovering into view. A hand clutched the top of her blouse where it touched her throat. A rough downward motion resulted in another tearing sound as the front of her once pristine white blouse shredded. Another hand ripped the off the back of her blouse leaving poor Mrs. clad only in her pretty underwear.Two large hands gripped and twisted the front of her bra causing yet another ripping sound. Suddenly, Mrs.’s ripe tits with their large brown nipples were fully exposed. Mrs. in vain tried to protect and hide her breasts as another hand grabbed the front of her panties and tore them off too.The pushing and shoving stopped. The once confident, proud Mrs. Yu Tan, business woman, stood shaking in the middle of the circle of r****ts. One hand tried to cover her ripe breasts while the other tried to cover her black-haired pussy to little effect. Reluctantly she felt her nipple harden, as well as her clitoris, engorged with hormone swelling up getting noticeable!The five men, large bulges swelling the front of their pants, when they noticed it laughed at her knowing she was too frightened to scream and probably couldn’t identify any of them, is getting horny too. After all, to a Chinese woman, all of them looked pretty much the same filthy and scary.One of them seized her wrists and forced her arms to extend straight above her head so they could get a better look at their naked, trembling prize………………….. ===========I AM A DECENT ASIAN TEACHER, PURE AND CHERISH VIRTUE, BUT I EXPERIENCED BEING VIOLATED m*****ED HUMILIATED BY A ROUGH BOY FROM THE SQUATTERS, WHICH I TRY TO FORGET AS A BAD NIGHTMARE IN THE PAST.THOUGH I DO NOT WANT TO RELIVE MY PAST, BUT NOWADAYS, IF I READ OR HEAR OVER THE PHONE ABOUT CONSERVATIVE PRIM AND PROPER PRETTY WHITE LADIES OR RICH ASIAN WOMEN forceD BY LOWLIFE BLACK BOYS TO BE AROUSED DEFILED AGAINST THEIR WILL AND HUMILIATED, I DON’T KNOW WHY BUT I BECOME SECRETLY TURNED ON!!!I WISH TO REMAIN SAFE BUT ALSO REGULARLY MASTURBATE ABOUT IT. CAN YOU CALL ME AND TELL ME TRUE STORIES OF DECENT PRETTY WHITE WOMEN OR RICH DECENT PRETTY ASIAN LADY BOSSES VIOLATED HUMILIATED MILKED SPANKED BRED AGAINST THEIR WILL BY LOWLIFE ROUGH BLACK MUGGERS NIGGER BOYS WHO force THEM BECOME THEIR SLUTS?

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