Ms. Jones’s Revenge! Ch. 03


“So, who’s this guy coming over today?” Ms. Evans asked.

“His name is Joel. He and my son used to go to school together. He’s in need of some extra money, so I asked him to come by and help with your garden today,” Ms. Jones asked. “That’s not all, from what my son said, he’s supposed to be a massive pervert who’s never gotten laid.”

“I see now. So you want to get him craving MILF-flesh then make him pounce on us. If that’s the case, then I better wear something appropriate.”

Ms. Jones and Ms. Evans changed in Ms. Evans’s bedroom and waited for the mystery man to come by. Within the hour, the doorbell rang. Ms. Jones walked over and opened the front door.

“Joel! So glad you could come over!” Ms. Jones said, giving him a hug. “I’ll take you to the backyard so that we can get started.”

“Right! Let’s start gardening!” Joel said with a smile.

Joel was 19-year-old college guy, Caucasian and as eager as ever to be in a MILF’s house. Ms. Jones recalled all of the times her son would tell him about Joel’s dedication to the female body and how it became incessant sometimes. For today, he was wearing work boots with his white button-up shirt tucked into his jeans in an attempt to look presentable while still being able to work. As he followed behind Ms. Jones, he couldn’t help but stare at her from behind. She wasn’t wearing anything special, just white T-shirt and jeans, but her pants were very tight around her ass; making it really prominent.

“Hey, Olivia! Joel’s here!” Ms. Jones shouted out.

Ms. Evans came from around the corner and went to greet Joel.

“Hi, Joel! I’m Olivia Evans, but you can just call me Ms. Evans,” she said, shaking his hand with a smile.

“N-Nice to meet you, Miss,” Joel said back.

Joel was stunned by Ms. Evans’s appearance. She was wearing overalls without a shirt nor bra and from what his male sixth sense was telling him, nothing else but her shoes.

“Grab some gloves and start pullin’ out weeds,” she said to him.

Joel put on some gardening gloves and walked over to the section of garden to his right. He didn’t know much about gardening but could handle something simple like weeding. Although he was playing it cool, his carnal desires started to become more prominent. Joel snuck peaks at Ms. Evans, who was on the other side of the backyard. He stared non-stop when she was crouched down, watching her voluptuous breasts push her overalls away from her body.

Ms. Jones was putting some strain on his sight as well. When Joel inevitably looked over at her, his eyes focused even more. Ms. Jones’s shirt was already soaked in sweat from the hot sun and her bra was clearly seen and outlined. Her pants were slightly sagging enough to show the thong she was wearing. When she crouched down to pull on weeds, they dropped down enough to completely expose her ass.

Ms. Jones did exaggerated grunts as she “struggled” to pull a particularly deep weed.

“It’s so thick!” she said.

She made sure to bounce up and down as she pulled harder. Finally, she yanked the weed out. Upon standing up, Joel saw that her pants were still sagging down. He got a good look at her big ass enveloping her black thong before she pulled her pants up. Joel quickly turned the other way when Ms. Jones turned around to move to a new area and focused back on Ms. Evans. Joel was back to watching her intensely as she was crouched down, spreading her legs and drinking from a water bottle. The way that she was drinking made it look like she was sucking off the bottle, spilling some onto her breasts and overalls. Joel finally tried to focus back on weeding and spent a longer time crouched.

“How’s he doing?” Ms. Evans asked Ms. Jones as she got next to her.

“He’s been watching us more than he’s been working,” Ms. Jones said.

“We need to push him some more then.”

Joel finished up weeding shortly and walked over to Ms. Evans to ask what he needed to do next.

“See that empty patch of soil? Can you plant these seeds for me?” Ms. Evans said, handing him a packet.

As Joel went to get started, Ms. Evans brought over a ladder.

“I need to fix the fences in the soil,” she said.

Ms. Evans climbed to the top of ladder, which wasn’t very high off the ground, and sat on the top as she wrapped string around fence brackets to hold them together. Joel, once again, found himself taking peeks at Ms. Evans. Her perfect, chocolate booty hung over the edge just a couple feet above him. Joel watched it jiggle and shake as she leaned forward to wrap the fences.

Ms. Evans finished up shortly and worked alongside Ms. Jones to plant more seeds. All of them were now next to each other.

“So, Joel, what are you going to school for?” Ms. Jones asked.

“Oh, I’m looking to get a degree in teaching,” Joel said.

“Teaching, huh? We have a friend that used to be a teacher,” Ms. Evans said.

“Sorry we had to take you away from spending time with your girlfriend to help with this,” Ms. Jones said.

“No girlfriend for me, Miss. I didn’t have anything kurtköy escort to do today,” Joel said.

Ms. Jones and Ms. Evans exchanged mischievous looks with each other before continuing talking.

“Don’t let it keep you down. I’ve been divorced for a while now,” Ms. Evans said.

“I’ve been single too,” Ms. Jones added.

As they continued their talk, the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it,” Ms. Evans said.

Ms. Evans draped a towel around her shoulders to cover the bare skin around her chest and walked over to answer the door. Upon opening it, she saw a long-forgotten face.

“Hi! Is this where Joel is? I thought I’d drop off some extra equipment in case he needed it,” the woman said.

“Yeah, he’s here and helping us out greatly!” Ms. Evans said.

“Oh, that’s good to hear! Well, I’ll be off then,” the woman said before leaving.

Ms. Evans took the bag to the backyard then took Ms. Jones aside for a private conversation.

“Guess who was at the door,” Ms. Evans said.

“Who? Joel’s mom?” Ms. Jones said.

“Yeah, but his mom is Sherry.”

“What?! Sherry from high school? The one who put dildos in our backpacks and had teachers search through them and pull them out?”

“Yep, the same one. By the way we talked, it seemed like she didn’t recognize who I was.”

“I was planning on having us take Joel upstairs and convert him to MILFodism, but I have a newer plan now.”

Ms. Jones and Ms. Evans went back to tending the garden alongside Joel.

“How nice of your mom to drop off some stuff for you,” Ms. Jones said to him.

“Yeah, she was probably stopping by on the way to the city with my dad. I think they had a date night or something,” Joel said.

The three worked in silence before the MILFs initiated their scheme.

“Man, it really is hot today,” Ms. Evans said, wiping the sweat off her forehead.

“I really want to go to the pool but the public one is way too crowded,” Ms. Jones said.

“Would you two like to come over and use my house?” Joel asked. “Er, wait, forget I said that. My parents aren’t home.”

“Hm? Why would that stop us? They don’t have to know we’re over. We could always leave before they come back if you’re not supposed to have anyone over,” Ms. Jones said.

“Well… they do call me right before they come home as a way of making sure I’ve done any chores they left me. You know what, you two can come over.”

“Awesome! Ms. Jones and I will be over 6 then,” Ms. Evans said.

The three finished up the garden work. Joel collected his pay and left the house anticipating the MILFs’ arrival later.

“Let’s get ready then,” Ms. Jones said to Ms. Evans as the two went back to the bedroom.


Ms. Evans drove herself and Ms. Jones over to Joel’s house per the address he texted Ms. Jones. She parked in front of the house and the two inspected each other’s attire as well as reviewed the plan.

“Got the stuff?” Ms. Jones asked Ms. Evans, who was wearing skinny jeans, a grey shirt, and sandals.

“Yes, I do,” Ms. Evans said, opening the bag and showing her two bikinis. “Your outfit looks good too.”

Ms. Jones looked at herself in the reflection of the car window. She was wearing skinny jeans, a green shirt and brown sandals as well. The two walked up to Joel’s house and rang the doorbell. Joel answered shortly and let the two in. The MILFs got a quick tour of the house before being led to the backyard.

“Alright, here’s the pool,” he said. “I’ll show you the bathroom so you can get changed.”

Ms. Evans and Ms. Jones were shown the bathroom in the hall.

“Oh, this is much too small for the two of us to fit into,” Ms. Evans said.

“Yeah, let’s change in the hall,” Ms. Jones said.

Joel’s eyes lit up.

“O-Oh! Okay! I’ll just go to my room and give you two privacy,” Joel said.

“Aww, you’re so courteous!” Ms. Evans said.

Joel sat on his bed in silence as he listened to the pulling of cloth and unbuttoning of pants just outside his door. He heard silence and opened the door and was greeted to the sight of the two of them wearing their bikinis. Both of which were a size too small with Ms. Jones’s being red and Ms. Evans’s being pink.

“Ready to go for a swim?” Ms. Jones asked Joel.

“I’d love to, but I really need to study for an exam,” Joel said.

“That’s too bad. We’ll try not to be too loud then,” Ms. Evans said.

Joel watched the two take their leave to the backyard before going back to his room.

“Studying, yeah right. I’d kill to go out there, but there’s so much temptation that it would definitely show how much it’s affecting me,” he thought to himself.

Joel studied at his desk in an attempt to forget about what was happening in his backyard. After a while, he peaked through his blinds. He saw Ms. Evans and Ms. Jones talking, laughing and swimming in the pool. The sight alone made him smile… at first. It wasn’t until Ms. Evans pulled herself out of the water that he saw that she was not wearing her top.

Joel malatya escort pitched a massive tent as she watched her giant, wet tits bounce as she walked over to the diving board. He grew even harder seeing her ass swallow up her bikini bottom. Ms. Evans jumped into the pool, showering Ms. Jones. Ms. Jones was the next to go up to the diving board. Joel saw her big breasts as well due to her lack of wearing a top.

Joel found himself soon jerking his cock every time he saw their bare skin exposed. Unfortunately, it was starting to get chilly outside and the MILFs soon went back in. Joel quickly put his dick back in his pants and washed his hands then waited in his room.

“Jeez, it got cold!” Ms. Jones said with a wink to Ms. Evans as the two walked into Joel’s room.

“It’s much warmer in here!” Ms. Evans said.

Joel couldn’t take his eyes off the MILFs as they stood in his room in just their bikinis. He quickly got them towels from the bathroom to dry off.

“Joel, do you think you could dry my back for me? I can’t reach it,” Ms. Jones said.

Joel nervously took the towel and wiped down Ms. Jones’s back. Against his knowledge, Ms. Jones had loosened the strings beforehand. The instant he rubbed against the top, it untied and fell to the floor. Ms. Jones quickly undid her bottom part and now stood naked.

“Oh, no!” she said, faking embarrassment.

Joel turned to the side as Ms. Jones put her bikini back on.

“Sorry you had to see that,” Ms. Jones said.

“No worries, Ms. Jones. You look pretty amazing,” Joel said.

“Amazing, huh?” she said back.

Ms. Jones looked over at Ms. Evans.

“Joel, you’ve been such a good friend to my son over the years. I really need to thank you somehow,” she said to him.

“No need to t-thank me! I’m happy to be his friend!” Joel said.

“No, seriously. I must thank you with something. Be it money, food… even sex,” Ms. Jones said.

Joel looked at Ms. Jones’s wide-eyed as she unstrung her bikini with a smile. Ms. Evans closed the door as Ms. Jones got closer to him.

“Yes, Joel, even sex. I’ll give you anything you want.”

Ms. Evans was next to drop her bikini and approach Joel.

“I need to thank you too. The work you put in today is worth more than just a few dollars,” she said.

Joel fell on his bed and Ms. Jones and Ms. Evans crawled up to him.

“Just tell us what you want us to do,” Ms. Jones said.

“Fuck! I want to fuck you two so bad!” Joel said.

“Great to here!” Ms. Jones said.

Joel quickly took his clothes off and sat on his bed with his hard cock in the air.

“Look at his dick, Ms. Evans,” Ms. Jones said as she gripped it.

“It’s so nice that I just want to suck it all night,” Ms. Evans said.

The two took turns licking all over. Ms. Jones was the first to suck on the tip before going to the base. When Ms. Evans’s took over, she went straight to the base and gagged. She pulled off, leaving Joel’s dick covered in saliva. Joel’s phone went off but fell upon deaf ears.

Ms. Evans took the entirety of Joel’s sack into her mouth and slurped all over them as she jerked his cock, leaving it twitching wildly for Ms. Jones. Ms. Jones deepthroated him unrelentingly.

“Do you want to cum in my mouth, Joel? I’ll suck out all of the cum in your balls!” Ms. Jones said.

“Fuck my mouth, Joel! Hold my head down and cum down my throat!” Ms. Evans said.

Ms. Evans lied on her back with her head hanging off the side of the bed while Ms. Jones got on her knees. Ms. Jones opened her mouth and pointed to it while Ms. Evans opened hers and reached her hands out.

Joel assessed his options before starting with Ms. Evans. He stuck his cock in her mouth and gripped her tits as he thrusted. His dick slid in and out with ease. He looked down and watched Ms. Evans’s throat distend and lips slide with each push and pull. He pulled out, letting Ms. Evans suckle and lick his tip before he went to Ms. Jones.

“Use my head like a fucktoy,” she said to him.

Joel grabbed her head and did just that. He crouched close to her and thrusted wildly in her mouth. Saliva spilled out and covered his thighs, her mouth and the floor below them. She sucked, gagged and moaned lightly as Joel continued without letting up.

“Ah, fuck! I’m cumming!” he said.

Joel held Ms. Jones down and exploded down her throat. Ms. Jones held onto the back of his thighs and closed her eyes as she swallowed each sticky drop. Ms. Evans reached over and massaged his balls and perineum to further push out even more jizz. When Joel was finished, Ms. Jones showed him the leftovers in her mouth before swallowing the rest.

“That was so good, baby,” Ms. Jones panted to say.

Joel sat on the bed between the MILFs.

“Are you still good to go or do you need some encouragement?” Ms. Evans asked, rubbing Joel’s shoulders.

“Maybe a little encouragement couldn’t hurt,” he said back.

Ms. Jones and Ms. Evans got closer to him.

“Up for some more throatfucking? Let’s have an oral kayseri escort orgy right here in your room!” Ms. Jones said.

“You can just take one of us, kick the other out and lock the door. I’ll get on my knees and do nothing but suck your cock even after you’re empty!” Ms. Evans said.

“Wait, Ms. Evans. He’s a young, horny man. He clearly wants some pussy,” Ms. Jones said.

“Are you sure? Maybe he wants some ass,” Ms. Evans said.

The MILFs spread their pussies out. Joel stuck his fingers and felt around their insides. He noted how warm and wet they were before switching to their assholes. Each hole tightened around Joel’s fingers. The feeling was similar to their pussies but the added taboo made it feel even better.

One of my biggest fantasies to lose my virginity to anal, especially with a MILF!” Joel said.

“We can work with that,” Ms. Jones said to Ms. Evans.

Ms. Jones and Ms. Evans put a leg on the bed and spread their asses open with one hand. Joel got close and looked at both of their welcoming asses.

“See this, Joel? These are assholes, *MILF* assholes. In the bedroom, they are exclusively for draining cocks. Tonight, their yours and yours along, so we want you to plunge your cock up our asses and pump out as much cum as you can into them,” Ms. Evans said.

“Who goes first?” Ms. Jones said.

“I want you, Ms. Jones!” Joel said.

“I’ll go first then Ms. Evans can take the load,” Ms. Jones said.

“One last condition, you have to fuck us while we wear these bags over our heads,” Ms. Jones said.

Ms. Evans pulled the paper bags out of her bag she brought in. The bags had no holes cut out and instead had black holes markered in where the eyes should be.

“Let me make your first time memorable,” Ms. Jones said.

Ms. Jones uncapped the bottle of body oil from the bag and inserted the tip in her ass. After squirting out a generous amount, she let the excess drizzle onto Joel’s cock. Joel lied back on the bed and let Ms. Jones be the one to take his first time. Ms. Jones carefully guided his cock into her ass before putting the paper bag over her head. Joel moaned once Ms. Jones sunk to the base and started moving. Ms. Evans played with her pussy as she watched the two go at it.

“Fuck my ass, Joel!” Ms. Jones cried out.

Ms. Evans put Joel’s head between her thighs.

“Are you sure you don’t some pussy tonight?” she asked him.

“No, anal feels amazing!” Joel said.

“You’re going to need to warm me up then,” Ms. Evans said.

Ms. Evans sat up and then sat back down on Joel’s face, putting lower orifices on his lips. Joel was now being smothered by Ms. Evans’s ass while Ms. Jones rode his cock like a mechanical bull before moving to a squatting position and slamming down on him.

“Oh, god, I’m so close!” Ms. Jones said.

She rode Joel for little more before dismounting him. Ms. Jones put her back to the headboard of the bed and let Ms. Evans sink her fingers into her pussy. With her other hand, she massaged her clit while moving her fingers in rapidly. Ms. Jones’s lower body quivered as she orgasmed. Joel watched the whole thing, even the part where she laid herself out to catch her breath.

Ms. Evans got on all fours and spread her cheeks apart.

“Come take my ass, Joel!” she said.

Joel got on his knees and stuck his cock into Ms. Evans’s ass. He felt the tight sensation of her asshole gripping him the more he pushed in. Once down to the balls, he stayed still to take in and thoroughly enjoy the feeling before thrusting.

Joel’s bed shook as his hips slapped against her ass.

“Fuck my ass like you mean it, baby! Stretch my fuck-hole with your thick cock!” she said.

“I-I’m gonna cum!” Joel said.

Ms. Evans quickly got off Joel and sat next to him on the bed, letting his cock twitch in the air. Joel did not cum and questioned Ms. Evans on why she did what she did.

“Why did you stop?” he asked her.

“Don’t you want to *really* fill my ass? Your first anal creampie should be fucking massive,” Ms. Evans said. “Why don’t you let your cock get limp then feel up our tits to get hard again.”

Joel closed his eyes and calmed himself down. When he opened them, Ms. Evans and Ms. Jones were on their knees side by side. Joel took his time massaging their breasts, sucking and licking all over them. The two did him a kindness by smothering his face with their breasts. They felt Joel’s dick, assuring that it was hard before Ms. Evans climbed back on. Ms. Jones grabbed a marker and wrote “Winner” on the back of Ms. Evans’s bag.

Ms. Evans rode Joel with his back to him and his feet towards the door. Ms. Jones stood at the edge of the bed and smothered his face with her tits, letting him play with them as Ms. Evans fucked him. She grabbed his feet and bounced up and down on his dick.

“You like this, Joel? Fucking these bag wearing MILFs like they’re out of some kind of porno? Squirt your cock juice in my ass already!” she said to him.

The group of three were too busy fucking to hear the front door open. Outside of the room, Joel’s parents had arrived back at their house.

“Joel didn’t answer his phone. I hope he was able to do the dishes and put the towels in the dryer,” Sherry said to her husband.

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