Mustis’ Adventures Part 110


Mustis’ Adventures Part 110The next morning everything was soaked, and the rain was threatening to resume. The dogs had assembled the cattle in their usual place, to await Pete to milk them. Pate came down wrapped in a poncho and wearing knee-high rubber boots. In a couple of places the water had gathered until it threatened to overwhelm the boots. It had been like this before, even if it had been awhile. He just had to deal with it. The cows HAD to be milked. No ifs, ands, or buts. He got a squeegee out and started sweeping the worst of it out of the barn. Luckily the barn had been built a slight bit higher than the surrounding ground. It cost him a few minutes of his time, but, it was well worth the effort. Sadly, it was impossible to housebreak cattle, and they crapped whenever, and wherever, they happened to be standing when the urge hit them. He made a point of keeping his barn as clean as possible, and had a scoop in the corner, by the door, to clean out the manure as soon as it was dropped. When the pile got large enough to be a bother, he used the sc****r blade that was on the small tractor, and pushed it out of the way, so he could use it for fertilizer wherever it was needed. He laughed to himself. All this talk about “organic.” Farmers and ranchers had been doing it as much as possible, for as long as anyone could remember. Cow pies made one of the best fertilizers, along with chicken droppings, and horse crap, than any that could be bought. Everybody he had ever known had at least one, and sometimes more, places that were well away from the house, to pile it up until it was needed.Satisfied with his clean-up, he started bringing in the cows and hooking them to the machines. He had only put the squeegee in its place, and Rick and Mike appeared in the door. “Hey, Pop!!! Are we having fun, yet?” Rick asked, laughing. Pete gave him what was intended to be a scowl, but it was difficult to keep from laughing. “Another commodian in the house. Just another shitty sense of humor.” All started laughing. Mike and Rick both went over and grabbed buckets. Mike looked up and said. “You went out before the forecast came on. The weatherman said it was going to be like this for another whole, and maybe a little more, day. It’s what was left from a system out in the Pacific. They show a line of storms clear into Mexico.Both men went over and dipped their buckets in a bin full of sweet feed, and dipped a can into another bin filled with out of date brown and powdered sugar. Pete had, many years ago, arranged with the managers of several large markets, to buy, at a highly cut rate, all the brown and powdered sugar, and, if it was available, molasses, and other syrups, to feed his cows. They didn’t get much of the syrups, but they got enough of the sugars to give a portion to the cows while the were being milked. Some of the weeds made the milk taste a little off, and the sugars took care of the problem, and made the cows produce richer milk.In spite of the problems caused by the rain, the milking went pretty much as it was supposed to. It took a little longer than usual, but soon the dogs were herding the cattle out to feed in the pasture for the day. He would try to start a little earlier this afternoon When they finished and took the milk to the house for the day, they ate breakfast. They could hear Misti moving around upstairs, and talking with Sue. Sue was getting around on her cast now that she was getting used to it. She had put her crutches in the corner, out of the way, but was using her show cane when it was needed. They had used it when they showed sheep or calves in the FFA livestock shows. Every one of the k**s had participated in FFA at school. It, around here, was a part of growing up. That and 4-H club. It was almost like a fraternity, or a sorority. The babies were put in Johnny boards, and sat on the Dining table while the big people ate their meals. Doris had tried to carry breakfast up to Misti, but she had stated that she didn’t want to be treated like she was sick, and cause any problems. She would come down to the kitchen like everyone else. Sam had carried one of the girls down, and Ben had carried the other. Both spoke Thai to them, as did Misti. They wanted them to grow up speaking both American and Thai. They would learn, as they grew up, to read and write both languages, and Ben and Sam would teach them about the history and customs of Thailand. Sam had quickly got into the routine of their, and the Kelly homes. She had came down the stairs this morning, completely naked. She had smiled at Doris and told her that she, like Misti, loved the freedom of being naked. She enjoyed showing her body as much as any of them. She had also given Pete a whopper of a kiss, when he came down the stairs, and told him that all he had to do was tell her what he wanted. She would gladly go to bed with bakırköy escort him. She even said that she liked to have 3 ways, if he wanted. Doris had been told about Ben’s talent for making a woman happy, and let it be known that she was looking forward to having him show her what he could do. They heard the door opening, and it was Bruce, Robbi, and Billy. They were going to go after Bruce’s things and move them out to Billy and Cathy’s house. Abe and Gail were going to meet them, after going by the hospital to give Cathy something she needed. Gail was going to make an appointment to see Dr. Immelmann, for an initial screening. Abe was looking forward to meeting his nurse and the receptionist.Gail, last night, had enticed Bruce to spend the night with her, while Robbi had kept Abe company. The only thing that had stopped a free-for-all, was that Cathy had needed to get some sleep so she could go to work, today. Billy had had to settle for 2 good fucks, before going to sleep. CATHY WASN’T THAT TIRED!!! While they were talking, the door opened once more. Dave had gone out early this morning to check the building site. The hole for the basement/cellar was flooded. He had called the foreman and told him that all that was needed was for 3 guys to come out and pump the water out, and shovel the mud from the hole. It would only take a few hours, and whoever came would receive credit for a full day. The others would get credit for a half day. He had stayed until the 3 men had arrived, just in case they had any questions. He was confident in any of his crew. He had hired people that knew what they were doing, and were ready to learn new things as well. Almost any of them could, if necessary, step in and do the Foreman’s job. He had hired the 2 newest people straight out of school, at the recommendation of the teacher. They both showed more than a little promise. One was a carpenter, and the other was a pipe fitter and welder.They along with Rick and Mike, at Misti’s urging went to Bruce’s apartment. It only took a few minutes to load everything in Billy’s truck. He only had a limited amount of things, mostly books and clothes, and turned in his key to the landlord, and they started back to the farm. They stopped at Jerry’s shop to look at the progress on Sue’s truck. The paint was ready, and it looked just like a new truck. All the dents and dings had been hammered out, and 4 coats of paint, and 2 of clear-coat had been put on it. The seats would be ready the day after tomorrow, and the parts needed for the motor were being put on. So far it had been 11 days since the accident. Jerry showed them a new CD player and the speakers. He was putting in the Air Conditioner today. They all were surprised that it was ready so quickly. Bruce spoke to him about a few things he wanted to do to his truck, and was assured that it would take less than a week to finish. He told Jerry that he would bring it by next week.Cathy had got the things that Abe and Gail had brought her. One of them was her laptop. She was going to enjoy some extracurricular activities, and wanted to get them recorded. She told her parents what was in the offing, and had introduced them to “Big John.” They had a date for the linen closet for this afternoon. She had, the other day caught him in one of the empty rooms, and had asked him to show her how he had earned his name. He had been hesitant, at first, but after a long, hot kiss, had succumbed to her wishes. He had pulled out a long, black dick, and she had tried to wrap her fingers around it, WITHOUT success. It was too big around. It was so beautiful, to her, that she had given him a blow-job on the spot, taking every drop from him, and swallowing it so he could watch her. She could barely fit it into her mouth. In fact, her jaws had ached from the effort. Today she was going to see how much she could fit inside her pussy.She took care of her paperwork, and saw to the cleaning of the rooms. The custodial people had quickly finished. She had gone into a supply closet and Jilled off, to help her relax. She knew that she was facing an ordeal. But WHAT A FUN ORDEAL!!! She saw the nurse aid that she had asked to go with her, and they both giggled. The aid had already had a session with John, and assured her that it would be as good as it could be.Cathy asked one of the LPNs to cover for her if anything came up, and the LPN told her, “Good Luck,” and winked at her. The 2 women went around the corner to the linen closet and went in. Cathy made the necessary tasks on the laptop and they were ready. The aid also took Cathy’s phone, and set it to take pictures, so she could get better closeup shots. The door opened. John came in and kissed both of the ladies, and helped both of them to remove their clothes. Cathy watched as he stuck his finger into the aid, and brought her quickly beşiktaş escort to an orgasm, then inserted a finger into her butt, and made her cum that way, too. The sight was making Cathy so wet it was hard to believe. She went over and yanked John’s pants and underwear to the floor. She sank to her knees and began fitting his dick into her mouth. It wasn’t so difficult this time. She rook him until she started to gag, and pushed a little more. The feeling was overwhelming. The aid was setting the laptop to catch everything, and whispered to relax her throat some more. Cathy pulled back and swallowed and cleared her throat, hoping that it would help. She pulled him in, again, and it helped a little. She managed to get around half of his length inside of her mouth and felt it going into her throat a bit. She tried the same thing she had done when she was fucking a larger cock, and pulled back, again, and went in some more. IT WORKED!!! The last attempt took all but a little of him into her mouth. He put his hands around her head and began to fuck her mouth. It felt a little strange, This was the first time a dick had been this far into her mouth. He held her, fucking as if he was inside her pussy already. She wondered what it would feel like when he shot his cum. Suddenly she was finding out. He shot his cum so far down her throat it must have gone straight into her stomach. She felt like she had drank a malt too quickly. It was a soothing feeling, except she needed to burp so badly. Then it happened. She let out a huge belch. She felt like she had earten a good meal. Hohn took her over to a pile of used sheets and blankets, and spread one of the blankets on top of the pile. She felt him insert a finger into her pussy. It was so big, too. He finger-fucked her to her first orgasm, and used the juice covered finger to go into her ass. OH MY GOD!!! It felt bigger than Ricky or Billy’s dicks had. She felt him pushing it so deep that she could feel the other fingers hitting her ass. Suddenly she felt the beginnings of another orgasm. She relaxed and went with it. It made her whole body shake. He had opened her legs while she was bouncing around, and she felt his tongue going inside her vagina. OH, DAMN!!! THAT FELT WONDERFUL!!! She came several more times, whimpering with each spasm that washed over her. WHY, OH WHY, HAD SHE WAITED THIS LONG? John pushed her over onto her back, and pulled her legs as wide as he could. She saw the massive tool that was his cock going out of sight as she laid there, helpless. She felt it touching her labia, and forcing it open. I felt like it was making her split wide open, as it began to slide in. It just kept going. How could something that size go inside of her. He took her shoulders and lifted her enough that she could see where he was inside of her. He began pulling back. It amazed her how much he had inside of her. It seemed to take forever until she could see the head. He pulled it all the way out. NOW, WHY WAS HE DOING THAT? He laid it on her stomach. His balls were resting against her pussy, and the end was well past her belly-button. She realized that he had put that whole thing inside of her, once, already, and, as she watched, he started inside of her, again. Surely she was seeing things. Her pussy WASN’T THAT BIG!!! She watched a he went in, once again, as far as he could push it. She saw the aid holding her camera close enough to catch every detail. Her pussy lips spread wide as his coal black dick possessed her.This time he put her on her back, and put her legs over his shoulders. He supported his weight on his hands, and his toes and began to long dong her in and out. Each time she felt a stab as he must have been hitting to outer edges of her womb with his massive dick, Each time she grunted as he hit bottom, as he must surely be doing. On and on, over and over he plunged his pecker inside f her. She was breathing so fast it hardly felt like the air was getting into her lungs All her senses were centered on what was happening between her legs. The aid had moved the laptop to where it was capturing the images of them full length, showing the huge tool going in and out of her. She was holding the phone to get the images of them from between their legs showing that it was, indeed, going into her pussy. She felt his ass muscles tighten and knew he was about to fill her with his cum. She felt the white hot feel of his sperm going inside her, and being pushed deeper and deeper. There was a different feel to this time, though, that she figured out was his sperm going all the way inside her womb. It felt so HOT! She felt him relax. He was just as hard as EVER, though. WAS HE….He rolled her over on her stomach. She felt him lifting her up until she was in doggy position. She couldn’t say anything, she was so out of breath. He was beylikdüzü escort holding her high enough her knees weren’t touching the “bed.” He was using his thumbs to spread her ass-cheeks. The next thing she felt was her anus being forced open. This time it hurt a little bit. She felt thankful that she had let Rick and Billy fuck her ass, otherwise it would have hurt much more. She felt his penis going inside her ass. The were still right in front of the laptop. He had turned them enough that it was plainly showing him going into her ass. She felt more filled than she had ever felt before. He fucked her for a VERY long time before he let her down and put his hand in the middle of her back, pinning her down and laying full length on top of her. His knees were holding her legs open. He was thrusting in and out of her. It was what she had heard called and old fashioned butt-fucking. What had William called it? OH, YEAH!!! CORN-HOLING!!! HE WAS CORN-HOLING HER!!! WHAT A FUNNY NAME!!!He had reached around and put his hands under her and was kneading at her breasts. His hands were rough, and it make her nipples stand out more. He squeezed them and pushed them together. She could feel his hot breath on the back of her neck. She had felt her sphincter muscles tighten and release. Robbi had said that was how she came when she had HER ass fucked. It didn’t hurt any more, and had begun to feel pretty good. He had held it all the way inside of her while he fucked her ass, so far, but now, he was long-donging her ass, like he had done her pussy, and with nearly the same results. He was not only feeling it in her ass, but her pussy, as well. She was coming over and over. She felt him tense in his stomach muscles this time, and felt him shooting her ass full of cum. She hoped it wouldn’t make her bowels move. It would be embarrassing to shit on her lover. She felt the stream of cum cease, and he was, thankfully, taking his time in pulling out of her. She, with assistance, rolled to her back. He had some baby wipes, cleaning his dick.She realized what she was seeing, as impossible as it seemed. HE WAS STILL AS HARD AS HE HAD BEEN AT THE FIRST TIME. He smiled at her. “You some goood piece o’ ass, girly. I’m gonna get me some moah o’ that pussy. It jes’ begs to be fucked ovah an’ ovah. I’m gonna fuck ya’ till quitin’ time. Then I’ll get some Honey on my dick. SHE loves to be fucked by her “Big John.” Nobody heah to bother wit’ us, so we can fuck all night. I done took some Viagra, to keep it up, and I’m gonna fuck till I can’t stand up. Honey tole me you ain’t takin birth control. Be funny if ya give ya ol’ man a black baby. Ya kin tell ‘im it come from “Big John” an his big dick.” She was scared at what she was hearing. SUPPOSE SHE WAS TO GET PREGNANT? WHAT THEN? He turned his back and she jumped up. The fear wa propelling her. She grabbed at her clothing, and sprinted to the door, unlocking it and leaping outside. The nurses heard her and saw her running down the hall to the lounge. They followed her inside and began to ask her questions. She told them what John had said. One nurse then another went back down the hall to the linen room. They went in and saw the aid and John in a tangle of arms and legs. One of the nurses pulled him over. The two of them were laughing. They explained that they had pulled a joke on Cathy. They had shut off and closed the laptop, and closed the app on the phone.They went down to the lounge, and went in. John and the aid both apologized to Cathy for scaring her so bad. It took a bit, but Cathy finally calmed down, took a deep breath, and accepted their apologies. The aid, still naked, held out a bundle to her. “If you want, here are YOUR clothes. You grabbed mine.” Cathy started laughing. John held out a mini recorder and played back the whole episode to her, from the time he had entered the room, until she had run out. He had recorded it for Glenda to listen to, tonight. One of the older LPNs hugged Cathy, and admitted to helping to set her up. “We had just about given up on catching you with your panties down. Glenda did her part by telling you we didn’t wear bras at work, and most didn’t wear panties, either. We watched, and saw you coming in without a bra, but you still wore your panties. That’s why one of us patted your ass when you got here in the morning. Last couple of days we saw you weren’t wearing your panties, and told John that it was almost time for him to do HIS part. That’s why he made the suggestion, yesterday. When your folks brought your laptop to you, we knew that today was the day. We knew we had built him up to be the best thing since bubble gum, and a young, healthy, and hot girl like you would be curious. The only thing that surprised us was how long you stayed in the linen room. You lasted MUCH longer than any of us thought you would. BY THE WAY!!! WELCOME TO MATERNITY!!! WE HOPE TO HAVE YOU HERE FOR A LONG, LONG TIME. WE ALL LOVE YA!!!” They all kissed and hugged her. John kissed her so tenderly it made her weak in the knees. One of the nurses tapped her on the shoulder. “If you’re interested, you still have plenty of time before end of shift.”

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