My best buddy


My best buddy[cut]It was the past fall. Early October when I asked my buddy over to the house for some beer. So as always he said sure as I knew he would my wife was working all night on a night shift and his was having a girls night. He is 33 and I’m 31. He is about 6’4 and I’m 6′. He has black hair as I do. He is very fit and I’m just average. I pick him up and 2 hours later we have drank 8-9 beer each. He is on the recliner and I’m on the sofa. Watching you tube like we always do. He brings up a topic about a girl he used to like when he was younger and I know her too. We talk about how we would love to fuck her. Her big ass and lil tits. We joke about a threesome with her but no crossing swords lol. Then the convo wanders to funny videos and you tube. An hour and half later we have a dozen beer gone and he is loaded and I’m close as well. He brings up the crush he had in his younger years… The same girl. He talks more dirty now. About how he would love to fuck her in the ass and make her scream.. ThenI notice the bulge in his jeans. Holy fuck it is huge. I can see his cock growing down his leg. Had to be Atleast 8 inches. Then I feel my urges come. Feel my cock tingle n twitch. bursa escort I can’t stop staring at his bulge. He doesn’t even notice my staring. Just keeps talking about this girl with the big ass. I’m not gay by no means but bi sexual yes I am. Very straight looking and acting. Then I see him put his hand down to cover the bulge. And turn a lil to help. Then silence….Then he turns and looks at me n says I saw u looking at my dick. I said so what??We would always make gay comments and things as buddies do sometimesThen another pause…. Then he turns and looks at me and says u want to suck my dick?? I thought he was k**ding so I said you don’t have the guts to let me.All the meanwhile I was thinking about all the times he would joke about sucking my dick or me sucking his or him fucking my ass or vice versa. He sometimes would act like he was going to show me his dick but never would and I just passed it off as him being humourous or drunk. One time he dry humped me as I bent to pick money off the floor but I never thought anything off it. So here we are…He smirks, struggles to his feet, walks and stands in front of me by the couch, unzips his jeans, and pulls his semi hard bursa escort bayan now cock out an arms length from my face. I could smell is cock and balls as he probably didn’t shower to just drink with me. He let his pants hit the floor. Started stroking his cock which went fully hard in secondsI could only stare in shock. I didn’t measure but it was most likely 8 inches. And the fattest cock I have seen even in porn. He did have his dick clean shaven and his balls clean shaven too. His misses must have told him to do so or he did it for comfort. He was uncut with a huge foreskin that still covered the head of his penis while fully erect. His balls hung very low as the house was very warm. His cock had a beautiful colour to it and barely had a blemish on it. It almost seemed like a perfect porn cock. Even with the musty smell it looked and smelled like he was a pornstar. He stood there for a few minutes just looking down and admiring my reaction as he flexed his cock making it bounce up and down. Then he reached down and started pulling the foreskin back and started jerking his cock making it as hard as it could be. Pre cum started to work its way to the tip and it slowly escort bursa bubbled as the foreskin continuously rubbed the tip of the head. Before I knew it he said he was close.. He grabs my head jams half his cock in my mouth cause that’s all I could take..He gripped my hair so hard I almost screamed but the pain was half the pleasure I was having. The smell of his sweaty balls was so arousing that I felt so horney and giddy I had to wonder what this meant for me. I love women but this shock is surely confusing. He pumped my face a dozen more times and I felt him tense up and push that mushroom head right to the back of my throat and as it touched the back of my throat I felt the foreskin roll away one last time as he started shooting hot, thick, mouthful, of cum down my throat. I barely swallowed it all when he pulled his cock out and collapsed on the couch beside me. As he sat there my jaw pounded with pain and my throat was tender from almost letting his cock slide all the way down. His cock was half soft now as he lay there. He panted and said that his buzz was so good from the booze and that he loved ducking my mouth. He said I won’t tell anyone what happened but he would probably be trying this again anytime we were alone and maybe more. All I could say was…. Ok….He turned to me and said.. Your my fuck toy from now on when I come over..He said this is our secret….To be continued….

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