My FIL And His Friends – 3


My FIL And His Friends – 3deleteddeleteddeleteddeleteddeleteddeletedThose who don’t know me can read my previous stories My fil and his friends 1,2&3. In my previous story I mentioned that my husbands cousin(rakesh) also fucked me. In this story I will continue to narrate my sex adventures.After he fucked me I used to do whatever he told me. If I went to his room for giving milk in early morning then he asks for blow job. Sometimes we used to have a quickie session there itself. Almost every day we used to fuck. After 2-3 days I got addicted to his cock because he is young and had a huge one. I think its perfect for my tight pussy. Of course my fil also used to fuck me but I never got satisfaction like this. I also get satisfaction when my hus band fucks me. But it is very rare. Anyway I got addicted to his cock.Once my mil and fil went to some where else for a marriage. My hus was already in abroad. Rakesh & me were alone in house. I thought rakesh will come to me and asks for fuck. But he never asked. He simply sat in sofa and watching tv. I thought I should seduce him. Then I went to my room and changed my dress to skirt & bra. And I went to Rakesh. He was stunned to see me in that and asked me “do you want get fucked?”. I said “yes, I got addicted to your big fat cock. I need you right now. Let us enjoy these three days.” He said “ then go to your room and remove your clothes and wait I will come and bang you.” I went to my room and removed my clothes. Then I waited for 5 minutes then door was knocked I went and opened the door. Here comes big shock it was my fil and rakesh. Fil then said “ rakesh lets bang my daughter in law”. I said “ Fil you should be at marriage no?” he said “ yeah but it was booring I left my wife there and came back to fuck you. I already knew that rakesh is fucking you lets have fun together.”I felt some shy then rakesh told “ you were being fucked by both of us then lets have some fun together. Also bitches should not be shy.” I noticed they were In only their boxers and their cocks were erect. When I saw them I was not able to deny and accepted gladly. They immediately removed their boxers and came to me. Rakesh had a handy cam in his hand. I told “rakesh plzz don’t shoot this thing”. He told me that “ it will be safe I will delete it later.” I said “ ok then”. Then my fil pushed me on to bed and started eating my pussy. Mean while rakesh arranged cam so that it will catch scene. My fil is excellent pussy eater I started to moan loudly “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ahhahhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhh lick my pussy aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” then rakesh came to me and gave his cock I gladly took it in my mouth and started to suck it. This continued for some time. Then I cummed in fils mouth he drank it every bit of my juices. Mean while rakesh played with my boobs while I was sucking him.Then fil said “time for real action.” He went to dressing table and brought oil. I understood his intention. Then rakesh laid on bed. I went to him and started to sit on his cock slowly. As it was big I am keeping in my pussy slowly. Each and every wall of my pussy is feeling his cock. Already I am very wet this gave more access. After half the way rakesh held my hips and started to bang my pussy from bottom I liked this position and bent over so that we had a kiss. The kiss was so passionate. I usually kiss like that only with my husband. I think he also felt same way and gave good response. He then increased his pace and suddenly stopped.Then my fil lubed his cock and asshole and started to insert it in my asshole. It begin to pain a little but not much. I don’t know why my ass pains although I had few ass fucking sessions. Where as my friends says it wont pain and gives at most pleasure. Then after some pressure it was half way. My fil said “ I like your asshole it is tight and hot” then I replied with smile. He held my hair and pulled back and said “ you dirty whore I know you like pendik escort it .” then I again I smiled.Then both of them started to fuck me. I was moaning like hell “aaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaahahhhhhh…………….. fuck me fuuuuuuuuuckme” I am stuffed in both holes with huge cocks. This time they are fucking me slowly not hardcore action. I like this group fuck when it is soft. Rakesh held my boobs and started to press them and pinch nipples while he is fucking me.My fil was fucking my ass very soft nice I like something moving in my asshole slowly it is giving me pleasure and very little pain. My moans are increasing “ I like this session please fuck me like it ahhhhhhhh” saying this I again gave kiss to each of them. After some time I was about to cum. Then I said I was about to cum then they took their cocks. Fil said “ we should see how you will cum” and he inserted his two fingers and started to finger fuck me fastly. Then first time in my life I cummed a lot it was very huge amount on my fils finger and on rakesh.Then they both lifted me in arms and started to insert. Rakesh in ass and fil in pussy. This is a new angle. Their cocks went deep in this angle. I liked it. I was sandwiched in between them. I never knew group was this much fun . I already had with my fil friends but it was not this much fun. After some time they changed position. Rakesh laid on bed and I sat on his cock with ass it went with some difficulty as he was huge. Then fil started to enter in my pussy.They started to fuck me again. It was very nice. My fil held my bobs and started to fuck fastly. Rakesh also increased pace. I was moaning“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck that little pussy and ass hole…………….hmmmmmmmmmm ………… ahhhhhhhh” then I came on fils cock. They didn’t stop this time. Fil said he was about to cum I said “cum in my pussy” he increased pace and with a large grunt he cummed in my pussy. It was a huge load. It felt very nice and hot it overflowed my pussy.Then he went aside rakesh also told he will cum.i went to his cock and started to give blow job. He then cummed in my mouth I drank all of it. He then went to cam and switched it off.We three were exhausted it was most one of the enjoyed session. I said we should have this session daily. They said ok. We all fell asleep soon. Later I woke up and prepared food nude. When I went to my room they are watching the video. I immediately got aroused hearing my moans. Then I said after eating we will have another round. They said ok and we all ate fully. After it we had another round.This continued for three days. I enjoyed fully and had full satisfaction.My life is going well with two shades. In front of my hus I am a conservative house wife and in front of my fil and rakesh I am a slut. Whenever my hus was at home he satisfies me well he is an excellent fucker. But when he is out of station either fil or rakesh or both of them satisfies me. So on an average at least 4 days a week I am sexually active person.One fine day my husband told me to visit my fil’s native place where most of my hus relatives will live. along with Rakesh as it had been a very long time since our is a village. Its only a 3 and half hours journey from our house. I was thrilled hearing that. I got a chance to enjoy with rakesh. I agreed immediately. He told me to go by a car.He called rakesh and gave instructions carefully. He told him that we should return by day after tomorrow. At evening we packed things to start our journey. I informed my fil and mil. They said ok.We started our journey at 7 pm. We informed at village that we are coming. There will be no traffic in the route where we are going. After we left the city and hit a way where it is forest like area. It is one way and has lot of tress and bushes either side of road. The tress are thick and dense. rakesh stopped the car at one side of the road where there are bushes beside.he took his cock outside escort pendik and said “ suck it bitch…..”. I gladly took it in my mouth and started to suck it.He began to pinch my nipples and press my boobs. I was turned on fully at the instant I saw his cock. He then undressed my top and removed my bra. I didn’t care if it was highway or not I just concentrated on sucking cock. He removed his pants completely and took of his shirt. He told me to get nude. I did it . then he asked me get down and go to the bushes. I was shocked . he said “ no problem it was almost 9.30 pm. No one will come in this way it is safe here.” We both got down nakedly from car and went to bushes. After going into some distance we found a tree and rakesh made me to lean on the tree. It was very dark with the help of light for mobile we figured the route.Rakesh started to lick my pussy while I am against the tree. I started to moan heavily “ hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lick that pussy dear ahhhhhhhhhhhh………”. He was very skilled in licking. This is a new experience for me. To get fucked in an open area at night. Rakesh was very kinky guy. He inserted 1 finger in my pussy aand started to finger me. I was in heaven that time. Next he got up and started to bite my left nipple and press my right boob. As my boobs are heavy he sure enjoys a lot.I held his head and pressed on my boobs. This continued for some time. He said “ time for real action baby get ready to get pounded.” I said “ ok honey its all yours ….. I will do anything to get that 9.5 inches cock in me…… I am your slut…..” he said “ I know you are ……………..”. he held my throat and slapped on my bobbs hardly. It was very painful. Then he turned me I held the trees trunk.Then he started to enter me. I am very wet. He applied some force that it went well inside me. He started slowly and increased his pace. I am moaning “ hmmmmmmmm aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuck me fuck me faster …………… oh my faster”. He heard it and increased his pace. He then started roughly to fuck me. My pussy is feeelingeach and every inch of his cock. He started to slap on my ass cheeks. I am loving it. I can feel his passion towards me in his fucking.I too started to move towards him. He said bitch “ you have the tightest pussy. I like it . I love to fuck it. I will make you a fucking whore. You wil drive men crazy with your boobs.” I said “ as you like honey this pussy is yours……….. aaaaahhhhhhhhhh …………….fuck me0eeeeeeeee. Make me whore or anything…………… you like………………. Your cock is so gooooood I ammm cumming baby I am cummminggggggggggggggg aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh”.I cummed on his cock. He said “ get down and suck my cock bitch”. I did as he said. I sucked his cock and licked his balls. He later started to give me a mouth fuck. It gagged me a lot as it was huge cock. I am unable to take its whole in my mouth. Then with a large grunt he unloaded his load in my mouth. It was a huge load and I drank all of it. We were drenched in sweat. We got in our car took some rest got ourselves dressed cleaned and continued our journey.We reached there. Our relatives are waiting for us. There are many of them. They all are kind and happy that I came to visit them. The next day I spent with them and next day after noon rakesh and me again set for our journey back to home. On the way he said “ I told you that I will make you a whore. time had came to make you a whore. It will be fun watching you fucked by group of men.” He took my phone and called my husband. He said that he will show me near by villages and will return at night. My husband agreed for it. I don’t know what he has planned. He made a call and talked to someone.Next he took me to some town which is very far from our city. He then parked car near railway station and took auto from there. We reached a slum like area. I thought auto driver will leave us after dropping. We reached a shabby house. To my surprise auto driver lead us into house. pendik escort bayan In that house there are two other men drinking cheap liquor.Rakesh said “ this after noon I sold you to these three men.” I was shocked. They all were huge and stinky. They were ugly. When I am about to say something rakesh interrupted “ show that you will do anything I said bitch.” I greed to him. He said to that auto driver “ this afternoon this bitch Is yours.”They immediately asked me to get naked. I did it. I was stark naked. Then one of them came near to me and held my 38 sized boobs and said “ this bitch had got nice boobs.” He started to press them and kissed me on lips he entered his tongue inside me. I responded well. I can taste the liquor. We exchanged our saliva for a couple of minutes. He said “ hmmmm good bitch.” He then inserted his finger in my pussy and ass and said “she got tight pussy and ass.” Rakesh was enjoying scene sitting away.Then one by one got naked. I was delighted to see their cocks. They all are huge and enormous. They all got minimum of 9 inch. They kept me on bed.They all jumped into action. One guy started to suck my melons and other came near me and gave his cock. Other guy came and started to lick my pussy. It was great feeling. I am moaning heavily. They were very rough. My melons are being crushed by them. I am moaning heavily.After some time they changed their places until I cummed. Then they started to insert me. One guy in my wet pussy and other in my tight ass and other in my mouth. They were very rough. Last time my group session was not painful. But this was quiet painful. They treat me like a whore. Their strokes are rough both in pussy ass and moth. My insides are being hurt. I asked them to do it slow. They stopped it and started to do it from slow pace but again reached it to normal stage. They said bitches should never back down. After some time I felt it pleasurable. They are fucking me fast and nice. I am enjoying. I felt my self in heaven. They even increased their pace. Rakesh was enjoying all the scene.I cummed very intensively on the dick. Next they interchanged their positions and resumed their fuck. I am moaning heavily. “Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………………aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fucccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.”I like their roughness. They are like a****l. We all were showering in our own sweat. I am enjoying every bit of it. I can feel cocks entering in my pussy and ass and mouth simultaneously. I am a really a dirty whore. I am lucky to have rakesh. They are fucking me crazily with full pace that no one reach. They are moaning and slapping wherever they want on my body especially on my ass.Next I sat on one guys dick with ass hole. Other entered in my pussy from front and other started to fuck my mouth. The guy in ass was very violent. He is showing no mercy. I am enjoying that. I would end up like a trash after this fuck. Next I again cummed on the dick in my pussy. It was also very intense. they said they are cumming. They in the ass cummed first. He left. Then the guy in the pussy cummed he too left. Then the guy in my mouth came to my pussy and started to bang my pussy hard. After some time he too cummed. In my pussy.The best part comes here. One of them held my hair and dragged me to on floor. He said to kneel dowm. I did as he said. Then they all pissed on my face and body I was drenched in it. It felt so disgusting. But I enjoyed it warm and soft on my body. They asked me get up and clean myself. I went to bathroom and cleaned my self. When I got outside everyone was preparing to eat. I too ate some food to regain my strength.I saw again hard ons in their cocks. We again had another hardcore session. After it rakesh and I set for home. They gave me 500 rupees for fuck. I felt like I am a cheap whore. I said “I will be available at any for you and winked at them.”While driving rakesh said “ there is more to come my dear………………” I smiled back to him. While travelling I slept like a log. We reached home at night and again I slept.See you in next part friends hope you enjoyed it.Comments below dear readers

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