My First Time Story


My First Time StoryI was s*******n and very popular. I mean I had girls begging me for it. I don’t know why I was scared but I was. Maybe I was afraid I would knock somebody up or that they would find me funny at fucking and make of me. Or maybe I felt the bar was set so high that I could not meet it on my time. Any way I did want to fuck and it was on my mind. I did have a girlfriend, Molly, that we were working our way towards fucking, slowly.Molly and I both worked at this fancy seafood restaurant. This place was huge and very busy. Molly worked on one side and I on the other. My teammate was Linda. She was the server and I did everything else. She was an older woman, maybe mid to late forties or could she could be fifty or fifty one years old. I liked her. I found her very sexy. She had blonde/brown hair about mid way down her back. Great legs! Small tits. She looked a little old in the face but I think her body was hot. All the women wore short skirts with these white low cut blouses with lace. Very up scale and sexy. Linda and I became close and would talk alot about her personal life. Linda had been married from since she was my age and had only been with that one man her whole life. She was the only person I had told about me still being a virgin. We would have to clean our sections after closing. Linda would take off her hose and run around bare footed. When we would leave for the night, her hair would be all messy with her blouse untucked. I think this woman could rock a burlap sack!One friday Linda husband was out of town and her car had a rpoblem so she called me for a ride. I got to her house and she came out to the car tucking her blouse in to her skirt. Then when she sat in my car her skirt was up giving me a good view of her white panties. As we got to work she put on her hose and shoes. Gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and we went in. We would finish drinks the patrons left and this night we both got a good buzz. After close we clean our section quickly, Linda had a few glasses of wine as she cleaned because she did not have to drive. We left gaziosmanpaşa escort and I drove her to her house. Once there Linda invited me in as her husband was gone and she did not want to be alone. Molly had already told me she was going home and to bed so I had nothing else to do. We sat on the couch with a couple glasses of wine and Linda placed her feet on my lap and I began to rub them. She really liked this. I liked it too because as I rubbed her feet I could see up her skirt, those cute white panties. I told her to lay on the floor and I could rub her back and body which she did. I even got her blouse off then loosened her bra. “I think you are trying to get me naked so you can take advantage of me!” Linda said with a coy smile. I replied with “Virgin!” “Well you can’t take advantage of the willing.” Was her response. I undid the zipper on her skirt and she wriggled out of that so now she was laying there in just her sexy panties. My cock was so hard at this point. All of a sudden Linda sat up with a grin on her face. “Why are you still a virgin? A good looking guy like you should be bagging a lot of girls. Let me see, have you ever kissed a girl?” She quized. “Yes I have.” Linda leaned over and kissed me softly on the lips. “Have you ever seen a girl with no top on?” And she straightened up her back so that her little tits stuck straight out with those cute hard nipples standing at attention. “Yes I have” I said. “Well were they as nice as mine?” “You do have some nice tits, they were not as nice as yours.” “Good.” Linda continued the quiz taking my shirt off. “Have you ever fingered a girl?” “Yes I have” “Did you like it? Did she smell good?” “Of course she did, where are you going with this? Have you ever sucked a guys cock?” “Well I have, and I swallowed.” Linda said with a sneaker. “Why have you not gone all the way, the first time is scary for everyone. My husband had been with alot of women, that can help if the other person has some experience.” “Well you have been married zeytinburnu escort for a long time maybe you should help me out.” I said jokingly. All of a sudden Linda changed and she leaned in to me and started to kiss me all sexy like. I liked what hse was doing so much I did not stop her. We kissed and our hands roamed over each others body. I loved the feel of her tits and the hard nipples. Her hips, the curves of her body, I thought I cream my pants. Her messy hair, then I could smell her pussy and my hand went straight for it. She was wet, very wet. She pulled off her white panties. Her dark bush was neatly trimmed. Then she had me stand and took off my pants. I stood there naked in front of her as she fondled my cock and balls. I don’t know what it was but she looked so sexy as she played with my dong I thought I would nut right then and there. I was hoping for a blow job but she had me lay on my back on the floor. Then she stradled me and lowered herself slowly down on my throbbing cock. I watched as her pussy swallowed my rod. When she was all the way down she sat there staring at me, she looked so hot and sexy. “Do you like the way I feel?” She said quietly. “You feel truly amazing. ” I replied trying not to blow my load. She started to move slowly around on my cock. “Hold back as long as you can and then a little more, then just let go when you are ready.” She whispered. She moved around and I liked watching her but my balls were burning. Linda started to play with her clit as she worked me. I held back as long as I could, I mean it was hurting. I reached that point and lifted my hips trying to get as deep inside Linda as I could. My cock exploded pumping my seed deep inside her. Linda started to cum with me. Everything went into slow motion and it felt like I must have spewed gallons of spunk inside her. Linda collasped on top of me with my deflating cock still inside her. We laid there for a while and then Linda led me to the guest room and we got into bed together. She snuggled up with sultangazi escort me and we fell asleep. The next morning I awoke and could believe I had fucked Linda. It was the greatest and I had wanted to fuck her for so long. Thinking about it made my cock so hard. She woke and smiled at me. “If that thing is hard you should put it inside me again.” Linda said. I mounted her and fucked her but still came quickly. “Well, no worries, we will keep working at it till you get it. I am yours all weekend.” She said with that pretty smile. We got up and she made breakfast, naked. I loved watching her cook naked. Her pert ass, cum soaked bush, pointy tities. Too bad my cock was soar. Too soar and I could not fuck her anymore, I was afraid I would not be able to work.We did go to work and had to act like nothing went on between us. But every so often Linda would squeeze my balls when no one was looking. After I was not soar anymore I finally fucked Molly. Wow! that was great fuck. I started fucking Molly every chance I could which turned out to be alot and put Linda off as a one time thing. Then one night we were standing out by the cars about to leave. “I want you, I want to feel you inside me, feel you cum inside me again.” Linda said as she kissed me. “Right here right now.” And she lifted her skirt and pouched out her butt. I moved behind her and pulled my cock out. I was ready for this now as I have fucked Molly so much. Linda was wet and I pushed my cock into her easily. I lasted a long time and when Linda started to cum I let my balls drain deep inside her. It was a large load. When I pulled my limp cock out she quickly pulled her panties up to catch the leakage. “You have been practicing. Good job.” Linda said with a smile. “Yea, Molly” I said. “I want you to fuck me anytime you want. But we have to keep it secret.” I did keep it secret and fucked Linda all the time. I fucked Molly all the time too. And a few other girls too. Linda even got off having my cock smell like other girls. “I love smelling other girls pussy on your cock.” She would say. I am not sure what happened to her. She was always so prim and proper and still was to every body else. But when she was alone with me she was a fuck monster. Linda did a great thing for me, getting me over the fuck hump. It was what I needed. I will never forget watching that cute little pussy swallow my cock for the first time then minutes later taking my load so deep.

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