My First Time With A Guy (all true)

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My First Time With A Guy (all true)MY FIRST TIME WITH A GUY Another true story it’s kind of long but I think you will enjoy it I lived west of Lake Worth Florida in Palm Beach county at that time there we were surrounded by 1500 Acres of woods there was 10 of us and we all had dirt bikes and would go out riding all the time.. On Saturdays we had a game we played we called it TAG we split into 2 teams 1 team would go out into the woods and the other team had to find them once you were found you had to outmaneuver or outrun the other guy/s if he got within 6 to 8 feet of you; You had to go sit at a designated place in the woods Till the whole team was caught and we all had different dirt bikes from fast ones to real fast ones what made it fair was 1 guy was caught then 2 then it was 5 guy on 3 until it would be 5 on 1.. Once the whole team was caught we switch sides and we were the Chasers and they were the runners we were all good riders and would do some crazy moves to get away..One weekend it was really hot and we quit early and everybody was going home but Tommy Trindade he ask me if I wanted to go jump in his pool!! I said sure and we went to his house.. when we went inside I asked WHERE ARE YOUR PARENTS and he said THEY ARE DOWN IN THE KEYS FOR THE WEEKEND I said GREAT WE HAVE THE PLACE TO OURSELVES WE CAN RAZE HELL IF WE WANT..They had a really nice house with a big pool and big game room.. We went out on the patio and Tommy strip down to nothing and jumped in and told me to come on in!! I strip down too …This is the first time I have spoke of this to anyone it was so long ago it does not matter now.. Tommy had exceptionally big cock and I was checking it out when he stripped down… Plus he was a really handsome guy with longer brown hair and hazel eyes with a tall muscular build and I was curious!! After we got out of the pool naked I asked him how his cock Got so big and he told me;IT’S ALWAYS BEEN THAT WAY.. Then he said DO YOU WANT TO HOLD IT ? I told him I DON’T KNOW then he told me GO AHEAD IT’S OK So I reached out and held it.. I kind of liked holding it I never thought I would like holding another guy’s cock in my hands and his thick black Bush was real soft and I told him MAN IT SO BIG as I checked it out and he said THAT ISN’T NOTHING and he took it from me and started stroking it till it was rock hard.. I was amazed at the size of it; I was so curious I told him LET ME HOLD IT AGAIN I just wanted to check it out more.. So I took it and slowly stroked it looking it over saying HOLY CRAP HOW LONG IS THIS THING.. He told me GO OUT TO THE GARAGE AND GET THE TAPE MEASURE OFF THE BENCH.. So I did when I came back he was leaning back on the couch and this monster cock was sticking straight out I got on my knees and pulled out the tape holding his cock and measuring it!! It was 12 7/8 inches Long I called it 13 and pretty thick I was still freaking out DAMM TOMMY THIS THING IS HUGE I don’t know why but I had it in both hands and didn’t want to let it go.. We were both still naked and he told me PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH.. I said ARE YOU k**DING ME but I was looking at it thinking Wow this thing is Pretty Nice!! I look At The Size Of It; I Can Hold the shaft With Both Hands And 4 inches Is Still Sticking Out…He said GO AHEAD IT’S OKAY AND NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW.. I didn’t know what I was doing but I did!!! I was intrigued of the size of the head as I put it in my mouth and wrapped my lips around it … It was the first time I ever gave head and I was really bad at it but I tried my best sucking the head and stroking the shaft….Then he told me STAND UP (I didn’t want to!!) I was liking the feeling of this giant cock in my mouth and stroking the shaft..I was astonished by the size I liked looking down his long-ass shaft and watching my lips sliding over it.. He pulled it away and stood me up moving me over to the back of the couch and started rubbing his big cock up and down the crack of my ass.. Like I said this was my first time so I wasn’t sure what to do But I trust him..I just stood there letting him teach me what to do.. I think I was more Curious than anything.. He started out by opening me with a couple of fingers and telling me SPREAD YOUR LEG’S so I did.. I Cringed as he work them around.. Then he put the head in me slowly working it deeper and deeper.. I had never had that sensation before when it got about halfway I cried out STOP STOP and I moved pulling it out I HAVE TO GO TO TO THE BATHROOM. Not knowing what I was doing I ran in the bathroom Naked and sat on the toilet pushing real hard but nothing coming out after a few minutes the sensation stopped.. I got up and went back out Telling Tommy I WAS SORRY I THOUGHT I HAD TO GO TO THE BATHROOM… he told me IT WAS OKAY LET’S GET IN THE POOL.. so we did I was trying not to stare at his big hard cock.. We got in the shallow end he told me CROSS YOUR ARMS OVER THE SIDE OF THE POOL AND OPEN YOUR LEGS.. I had a strange feeling in side as I moved around I open my my legs and waited for him to get there.. He came up and gently started fingering my ass and rubbing it.. I could feel my insides starting to push out against his fingers and I started to squirm a little bit and I started to get that I got to go to the bathroom Feeling Again he put his hand on my back and he told me JUST WAIT THE BATHROOM SENSATION WILL GO AWAY… He gently fingered me with one hand and rubbed my back with the other.. It started to feel good as I relaxed and he told me to move my ass against his fingers so I gently started moving my ass around against his hand and it started to feel even better!!! Before I knew it I was getting into it Moving my ass more and moaning a little bit.. He was being very gentle with me and I started to enjoy it!!! I never knew letting someone finger my ass would feel so good… Once he felt like I was ready he pulled his fingers out and told me I’M GOING TO PUT MY COCK BACK IN YOU SO JUST BREATHE AND RELAX (I didn’t want him to stop fingering me).. Once I felt the head in me an inch or so.. My Virgin ass tightened not letting more in!! He quietly told me JUST RELAX AND BREATHE.. He Softly rubbed my body with his hands and gently moving his cock around; It slowly started going deeper every few inches he would pull it out and let water in then gently work it back in my ass.. I instinctively open my legs more when he pushed more in .. It got about halfway in again I started to get that I need to go to the bathroom feeling and I told him he softy said JUST WAIT IT WILL PASS.. But my insides were pushing out so hard as he worked it in deeper I had to cry out TOMMY TOMMY STOP STOP IT’S TOO BIG He told me IT WILL BE OKAY JUST RELAX AND BREATHE.. He stopped right there and gently moved it around as I slowly breathed in deeply he pushed in more then when I breathe out he stopped We kept doing this till he had all 13 in in me and I could feel his body pressing against my ass.. Once he had the whole thing in me he slowly and gently short stroking me deep It did hurt a bit stretching me out… but the feeling of his massive cock moving around inside me felt so erotic and sexual..It took awhile but my insides finally started to relax and his massive cock had me stretched open it started to feel so good… My virgin ass was so tight I could feel every vain and inch of it moving inside me for the first time in my life I was starting to get hot making me naturally start fucking him back before I knew it I was enjoying his big cock in me.. I started driving my ass down on him… I didn’t say another word both his size.. I was just panting and fucking him as he fucked me!! After 15 or 20 minutes he pulled it out not Cumming in me.. Not knowing it being my first time that he was using the pool water to flush me out and open me up.. He told me COME ON FOLLOW ME..We got out of the pool soaking wet not drying off he took me to the patio table he bent me over it and told me SPREAD OPEN YOUR LEGS .. I don’t know why I was just doing whatever he said; Maybe because I was really enjoying all of these new Sensations that I had never felt before and wanting more.. So I laid over the table and spread my dripping legs open letting him do what he wanted.. He got on his knees and spread open my ass cheeks and told me I’M GOING TO EAT YOUR ASS AND FINGER YOU I laid there thinking mmmm he’s illegal bahis going to finger me again (I really enjoyed that) But what was this eating thing all about ? He started eating my ass and fingering me.. My God it felt so good I wanted more telling him TOMMY I LOVE THAT MMMMM THAT FEELS SO GOOD MAN WHY DID YOU WAIT SO LONG TO GET ME TO DO THIS?.. He kept switching between eating my ass and fingering it.. For the first time I felt my warm juices running down my legs and I was enjoying it so much I was moving my ass around on his face and moaning like I had been doing it all my life… Then he stood up and told me I’M GOING TO FUCK YOU SOME MORE I had an idea what to do this time; I laid back down spreading open my legs and raised up my ass just wanting for his big cock to go in me … My virgin ass was still pretty tight but I was all opened up and juicy and he just slipped it right in.. Oh my God it felt so good as the head move deeper in stretching my inside open again.. My tight ass feeling every bit of it.. He started talking to me IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT.. I cried out YES YES I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW GOOD IT FEELS NOW !!! He said OK I’M GOING TO FUCK YOU HARDER As he started long stroking me faster it felt like my eyes were rolling back in my head my legs were starting to quiver and I started fucking him back harder I couldn’t believe I was doing this I was letting a guy fuck me but it felt natural and so Damm good I wanted more!! For the first time I was moaning loudly and panting.. I had never felt nothing like it before my ass was starting to pulse and clamp down on his cock.. I was slamming my ass against him as he fucked me he pulled it way back and started short stroking me with fast 4 inch strokes making me cry out OH FUCK TOMMY I started Cumming all over I could feel the massive loads blasting out of me as he short fucked me Wow.. He drove it to the base as I kept fucking him back Loving every inch.. then he said I’M GOING TO CUM IN YOU I knew what Cum was but I had never felt the warm fluid shooting in me it felt so good I Could feel each warm burst shooting way up inside me.. I stop moving my ass so I can feel it better I just laid there and enjoyed it.. With his big cock unloading in me!! When he was done he pulled it out and told me SUCK IT CLEAN.. I quickly jumped on it and started licking the shaft tasting my ass juice and got my first taste of Cum as he milk in my mouth I wanted more of everything and couldn’t get enough.. I have never knew what I had been missing and I really Loved it… I was naked on my knees stroking his cock with both hands trying to milk out more Cum sucking on the head trying to pull more out !!! Then he told me; HOLD YOUR HAND UNDER YOUR ASS so I did when I touched it.. it was all wet and slippery his Cum and my juices was leaking out of me I wipe my ass with my hand and tasted it The taste was a little flat and salty but I liked it and went back for more and he said SO YOU LIKE IT!! I’M GLAD TO KNOW YOU LIKE TO EAT SEX JUICE.. I didn’t say anything I just kept licking it off my fingers and digging more out of my ass and feeding it to myself as he watch me.. He stood me up and bent me back over the table and started fingering me.. I open my legs real wide let him fingers me deeper it felt so good it made me push even harder making all the juice flow out of me; putting even more in his hand.. Then he put it on the glass table in front of me letting me lick it up he kept doing this till there no more.. He held out his hand out I grabbed his arm and lick his fingers clean I was like a dog in heat begging for more with my eyes.. When I stood up I actually felt bad because his cock was soft and I didn’t want to stop I wanted MORE.. I asked him DO YOU MIND OF I SPEND THE NIGHT and he said WHY NOT THERE’S NO ONE HERE FOR THE WEEKEND..I got on the phone and lied to my mom But I didn’t care I wanted more and told her that Tommy’s mom wanted me to ask if it was okay for me to spent the night I will be home by 2:00 tomorrow!! I felt like screaming out when she said it’s okay!!!! I went back over to Tommy and told him he started smiling… We went outside and pick up our clothes we only putting on our t-shirts I liked looking at his big cock hanging out from underneath it and my t-shirt was old so it only covered half of my ass (I think he liked it).. I kept taking Tommy’s arm and rubbing his hand up my crack wanting him to finger me some more… But he was done for a little while..We turned on the TV and sat on the couch I curled up with my head in his lap and his cock in my hand I kind of liked it soft because I could suck the whole thing in my mouth!!.. In 2 hours I had turned into his bitch loving his cock Just waiting for it to get hard again looking at the veins and rubbing it.. I was curled up holding it and watching it; gently moving my legs and ass around feeling my slippery ass cheeks rubbing together MMMMMM.. Feeling like this is what I’ve always been meant to do the next set of commercials.. I moved over between his legs on my knees and started stroking him like he was doing earlier..I felt Excited as I watched it grow in my hands I started sucking it with 3 inches in my mouth bobbing up and down as I stroke the shaft working it loving on it getting longer and bigger.. My juice was leaking out on my feet my heel was rubbing around on the rim.. I was pushing my ass down on it working it in me some keeping me open and putting something in my begging ass.. I couldn’t believe what I was doing but everything felt so erotic!! I didn’t know it at the time but I was in What I call; In Total Full Breed Me Mode just wanting anything take; In Me.. I stopped and held up his cock showing Tommy his rock hard cock then went right back down on it… it was the first time I had ever made someone else’s cock get hard in my hands and it excited me more.. All I could think of was getting more of his Cum!! and doing everything I could to get it.. He didn’t say a word he just let me do whatever I wanted with it!!! My ass was ready for it working it around on my slippery heel.. I climbed up in his lap My ass was gapping wide open..I worked his cock in me and started riding it working my ass all around jam it to the base pulling up one side then back down the other going real hard and fast then slowing down riding it however I wanted.. enjoying has cock it felt so good to be back inside me.. I never knew I would enjoy something so much..I really didn’t know what I was doing but I wanted it.. Moving my knees way out to get it as deep as possible crying out and grinding my ass down on it in circles I could feel the end of it swirling around inside me he told me TAKE IT EASY DON’T BREAK IT OFF I just kept riding it … I didn’t know what I was doing but I wrap my arms behind his neck and rolled over putting him on top of me.. Never letting his cock leave my ass he put his arms under me and grabbed my shoulders and started fucking me.. I wrap my legs around him and use my feet to push his cock as deep as possible inside me raising my ass as he pushed it down in me and we started fucking each other harder then we had before but I was so wet and juicy it didn’t hurt at all and I never had the bathroom pains again.. (Thinking Fuck me Fuck me) He was pounding me as hard and as fast as he could and his body felt so good rapped between my legs I started talking to him FUCK ME TOMMY OH YES FUCK ME MMMMMMMMMM YOUR LONG COCK FEELS SO GOOD IN ME MMMMMMM Then he stopped and started short stroking me again real fast making me cry out even louder OH FUCK OH FUCK YES TOMMY MMMM FUCK MY ASS MMMM I was using my legs to push him deeper than letting up letting so his cock would go shallower as he fucked me..This went on for about 45 minutes.. We were both were soaking wet from sweat He started Cumming in me again but I was ready for it this time I tighten my legs as hard as I could pushing every inch in me and grinding my ass on the base as he unloaded in me cry out CUM IN MY ASS OOOO YES CUM IN ME MMMMM I FEEL YOUR WARM CUM SHOOTING IN ME.. I wrap my arms around his neck and kissed him I have never kissed a guy before but I wanted him to make love to me filling me with his Cum even when he was done I kept riding it holding him tight so he couldn’t illegal bahis siteleri get off me telling him DON’T STOP KEEP FUCK ME DON’T PULL IT OUT kept my legs wrapped around him moving my ass all around fucking him as hard as I could I Didn’t want his cock out OF ME.. I was turning into a real slut…After 10 minutes it was staying hard and he pried me off of him and rolled me over I quickly moved my knees up under me raising my ass up in the air to accept him and he slapped my ass real hard and stabbed his cock in me grabbing my hips pulling me back on him as he roughly Jammed his cock forward I just stayed there enjoying it.. I was so hot our warm juices flowing down my balls I reached under me catching as much as I could in my hand and sucking it out of my palm as he fucked me what seems like hours we both started Cumming he grabbed my chubby clit and started jerking on it I raised up on my head letting my Cum shoot in my face and on the couch.. He had filled me with so much Cum and fucked me for so long when he pulled it out and I turned around His long cock was covered with white foam I quickly started licking it off and swallowing it !! This time I took his cock and milked the rest of his Cum in my mouth like he showed me and licked the foamy juice off his shaft Loving the taste and getting it all.. then turned around on my knees and laid my head down with my ass in the air presenting my ass to him he jumped on it and started eating me; Cleaning me out tilling me I LOVE YOUR JUICY ASS as he ate me.. He grabbed my one arm pulling it back on my ass letting me spread the rim open for him.. it felt so good with his tongue dancing around inside me.. Even when he was done I stayed there with my ass in the air rubbing it and fingering myself as he watched..I didn’t care it felt so good it was my first time getting fucked real good when I was done I just collapsed on the couch and in 5 minutes I was asleep..I’m not sure what time it was when he woke me up and told me it was time to go to bed.. I followed him into the bathroom with juice leaking down my thighs I watching his cock swing in the mirror With me right behind him..When he stepped up to the toilet I reached around and held it for him kissing him on the neck as he peed When he was done I even shook it a few times then I let him watch me put one leg up on the counter and washed my ass in the sink he started kissing me as I cleaned myself… When we got in bed we spooned up real tight to each other and I reach behind me grabbing his cock and gently playing with it till I went to sleep..It wasn’t long I guess till I woke up with him rubbing his cock up and down the crack of my ass just gently rubbing it around… I didn’t move or say a word I just laid their letting him do whatever he wanted to me!!! He started rubbing my ass with his hand then opened me with his fingers.. As he fingered me it made me flinch and he stopped seeing if I was going to wake up… I just laid there trying not to move because I wanted him to keep going.. He started fingering me again I felt him move down then the head of his dick on my puss he started working it in my juicy ass.. I pulled the pillow uptight to my face as he worked it half way in he had to keep moving down as it went deeper till his body spread open my cheeks.. I just laid there letting him take me and enjoying it..He wasn’t fucking me real rough or hard He was fucking me in real short slow Strokes then pushing it to the base and moving it around inside me gently grinding his body against my ass.. It felt like his cock was in my stomach but it was okay.. I could feel the passion in it…I just lay there quietly enjoying it for the first time a man was making Love to me..I couldn’t help but to softly and gently start fucking him back letting him know I was his bitch and was Loving his cock in me and my ass was his!! He could do whatever he want with it and I would let him.. We just laid there gently fucking each other till he stopped I looked over and he fell asleep.. I just smiled laying my head back down it made me happy to think I fucked him to sleep as I softly kept riding his cock till I fell asleep with his long cock still in me!!! I woke up with his cock in my hand he was still sleeping.. I laid there thinking of what happened the day before and how I let him fuck me and how he was patient and understanding as he was teaching me what to do and all the crazy guy stuff we had done over the years and I had never thought of him this way before.. I couldn’t stop the Images of me bent over the table with his massive cock in my ass Or him on top of me with my legs wrapped around him fucking me hard as he could and me kissing him..I knew things would be different now but I still wanted to be his bitch!!! He fucked me real good and I Loved it and wanted more!! So I started thinking of things I could do to keep it going… I slipped out of bed and got in the shower I used his razor and shaved my legs, ass, and upper body real smooth.. I clean my ass out real good.. I snuck into his mom’s room and went to her lingerie drawer she had lots of real sexy stuff I picked out a blue silky nightie that barely covered my ass and some real sexy blue panties.. WOW it felt Cool and Light!! feeling it on my hairless body It made my skin tingle!! I went in the kitchen and started cooking some bacon and eggs it wasn’t 5 minutes till he was out there in his white T shirt and his cock hanging out.. He didn’t say anything till he came up behind me and kissed my neck asking me WHERE DID YOU GET THIS FROM ?I rubbed my silky soft ass on his cock and he didn’t ask another question.. But I told him it was his mom’s hoping he didn’t care and at that point he didn’t he just started rubbing on me and kissing my neck as I was cooking I had never been shaved smooth before and every place he touched made me tangled and all he could say is WOW YOUR SO SOFT… I turn the stove off and took the pan with the eggs off the hot burner and I moved over to the counter open my legs and standing there in his mom’s sexy blue nightie & silky blue panties moving my ass to entice him..He didn’t say a word he just quickly dropped to his knees holding my ass in his hands and sliding his thumbs under my panties!! My soft hairless ass Tangled as he moved his hands around using his thumbs to spread open my cheeks as he squeezed my ass I close my eyes and enjoyed it as he worked one of his thumbs in me then pulled it out and kept rubbing my ass Slipping his thumbs in me here and there as he moved his hands around..Finally he spread my cheeks wide open and work both thumbs in me..making me raise up on my tippy toes and push my ass out against his hands He grabbed the panties and pulled them down below my knees and gripped my ass real hard spreading it wide open and working his thumbs back in me and started eating my ass with his thumbs gapping me wide open I started moaning real loud pushing my ass against his face moving it around helping him to work his tongue around inside me..MMMMM TOMMY MMMM EAT MY ASS MMMM OH BABY I LOVE IT MMMM MMMMM I didn’t even need to touch his cock it was rock hard!! I guess the sexy lingerie and me just letting him take me made him so hot he stood up and just jammed his cock all the way in one stroke he grabbed my hips and started fucking me real hard and fast making me cry out OOOOOO TOMMY MMMMMMM I LOVE YOUR COCK MMMMMM FUCK MY ASS MMMMMMM I LOVE BEING YOUR BITCH MMMMMMM FUCK ME HARD AAA AAA AAA AAA I had went from being a virgin to his full-blown slut… It was totally different with no hair on my body I can feel everything his soft Bush hairs sliding around in the crack of my ass the soft silky lingerie sliding around on my skin as he thrust my ass around !!! I had a better idea on what to do then the day before.. I close my eyes.. With my hands on the counter and just started fucking him back real hard wanting him to Cum in me.. Then he stopped and pulled it out; I look back to see what had happened and he was just standing there holding his cock I didn’t move at first not knowing what he was doing then he started shaking it at me moving his head like come get it… I quickly turn and drop to my knees and started sucking as much as I could in my mouth and stroking the shaft with my hands after a little bit he pulled it back canlı bahis siteleri and motion me to stand up… When I stood up and turned around putting my hands back on the counter he fingered me for a few seconds then jammed it back in me fucking me real hard and deep I started crying out as he was making me CUM shooting it all over the cabinets OOOOO OH GOD TOMMY OH GOD OOOOO YOUR BIG COCK FEELS SO GOOD.. He started fucking Me Harder jamming me against the cabinets then pulling me back by my hips.. My inside started pushing out real hard my ass started to pulse and clamp down tight on his cock he started to Cum in me but this time he didn’t stop he just kept violently fucking me.. The lingerie wasn’t sliding around on me anymore it was sticking to my body from my sweat I couldn’t help but to cry out real loud OH GOD OH GOD OH TOMMY OH BABY MMMMMM THIS IS THE BEST MMMMM I LOVE YOU CUMMING IN MY ASS He used his body to push me against the cabinets and with his cock still in me he reached over me and got a glass out of the upper cabinets In front of me then he pushed me down on the counter and pulled his cock out putting the glass under my ass hooking 2 fingers inside me keeping me open and told me to push.. I push real hard as he worked his fingers in me I don’t know how many but it was a lot because he stretched me open more than his big cock.. At the time I didn’t know what he meant but when he pulled them out he said YEAH LOOK AT THE LITTLE ROSEBUD and he started fingering me again tell me PUSH BABY PUSH This time when he pulled Them out I can hear him say YEAH THAT’S IT and he started eating my ass He did this a few times I was so new to this I wasn’t sure what he was doing but he was enjoying it so I just let him do it!! when he was finally done with me he handed me the glass and it was a little less than half full with my juices and his Cum I drink 3/4 of it; it taste the same but it wasn’t the same as eating it right from my ass or his cock..So I got on my knees and poor little bits at a time on his cock licked and sucked it off Till it was all gone and his cock was clean.. When we were done I fed him breakfast he got up and told it was real good and went in the bedroom while cleaned like a good bitch should..I was really disappointed when he came out in a nice shirt shorts and flip-flops I stayed in his mom’s blue lingerie knowing I was going to hand wash it before I left the panties were all wet from my juice… it was about 9 a.m. and he told me LET’S SHOOT SOME POOL.. I said OKAY I’M GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS.. I racked them and he broke I was teasing him with my ass walking around the pool table picking shots I knew I couldn’t make but I had to bend over and stretch out real far to shoot it.. Sometimes putting one leg up on the table..Letting him see how juicy he made me with the crotch of my panties all wet.. I felt real sexy in his mom’s skimpy blue lingerie and the bottom of my ass hanging out as I moved around the table Posing for him.. when I wasn’t shooting I would get on the bar stool backwards with my ass hanging over the edge and swiveling the stool from side to side taunting him with my ass like here it is come get it and giggling lightly.. It was my shot but I didn’t get up I just stayed there swinging my ass at him..I could see he wasn’t going to come over!!! So I walked over to him like I was pouting THIS IS NOT FAIR YOU DON’T WANT ME.. And I rubbed up against him And gently rub his cock he just said COME ON AND SHOOT I told him GIVE ME YOUR STICK and I made a couple of shots then didn’t give it back to him I made him chase me around for it I let him catch me at the bar stool and I grabbed him and kissed him and quickly pulled down his shorts and started stroking his cock and sucking it getting it hard knowing if I sucked him he would fuck me I let him watch me pull down my panties and climbed up on the bar stool with my back to him and my ass hanging off of the edge swiveling it around in front of him Looking over my shoulder and saying WELL.. He slapped my ass real hard a couple of times then gripped it real hard in the palm of his hands letting me move it around in them..I laid on the bar and pushed back real hard spreading my ass wide open he started fingering me for a minute.. then he let go and I look back and he was standing there shaking his big cock at my ass like he was trying to decide on what to do with it.. He put the head at the top of my crack and slid it way under me filling my crack with his shaft rubbing my juicy open puss as he moved it back and forth fucking my crack it felt okay but he was having fun with it so I gently moved my ass on his shaft till finally he slept it in!! My juicy tight puss opened right up for him as he worked it all in me.. He made me work so hard for it and I wanted it so bad I couldn’t help myself I started fucking him before he had a chance to start fucking me I started long stroking him like he did me the day before I use the stool to raise my ass way up not letting the head come out then quickly sliding my juicy ass down his shaft to the base I could hear him lightly moaning and talking to me MMMMMMM BABY WORK THAT ASS…. SHOW ME WHAT YOU CAN DO… As he just stood there holding my waist.. I picked up the pace and started riding his cock faster slamming my ass down on him enjoying the fact he was letting me fuck him.. It was the first time I had full control of a cock I started wildly fuck it doing everything that he had taught me grinding my ass on the base then sliding up it and back down and grinding on the base again it felt so good with the head swirling around inside me I started short stroking the base for a bit then grinding my ass on the base again it was driving me wild.. I was kind of laid out on the stool holding onto the bar MMMMM TOMMY YOUR BIG COCK FEELS SO GOOD MMMMM MMMMMMMMM.. As I rode it fucking him hard trying to make him Cum.. He started fucking me back using my waist Controlling my rhythm with him.. I’m not sure why I said it but I was enjoying his cock so much OH TOMMY MMMMM YOUR BIG COCK FEELS SO GOOD DEEP IN ME OOOOO I LOVE YOU OOOO I LOVE YOUR COCK OOOO FUCK ME HARDER POUND MY ASS MMMMMMM We started going faster…Then he pushed it to the base and held it I push my ass tight against his body grinding it against him with my eyes closed feeling his warm Cum shooting in me AAA AAA AAA CUM IN ME BABY MMMMM YES CUM IN MY ASS I WANT IT ALL MMMM YES OOO OO.. I looked back and watched him squeezing his cock milking all of his Cum in me as he pulled it out!!I just stayed there with my ass moving on its own in a small circle like he was still inside me!! He didn’t make me Cum but I didn’t care as he got on his knees and started fingering and eating my ass.. I said it again OH TOMMY I LOVE YOU MMMMM EAT MY ASS MMMMM.. When he was done he said LET’S FINISH OUR GAME… But when I stood up my legs where all shaky and it was hard to walk.. He kissed me and whispered in my ear I Love You Too and I love Your Soft Little Tasty Ass.. It felt so good to hear him say that I kissed him real good.. We did go back to playing pool and I let him work his cue stick in me when I was bent over taking a shot lololololI knew from that moment on I wanted to be the bitch and please a man… Since then I have figured out that I am Bi because I love women too and was married for 14 years till she passed away in a car crash … Tommy and I would fuck each other every chance we could even Saturdays after the guy’s left we had some nice places in the woods or by the lake we fucked in my Dad’s shop out back a few times at night with no lights he fucked me at the mall one time in the bathroom while our mom’s where shopping it was a good 45 minute it was funny a guy came in while he was pounding me in the stall we didn’t stop.. I got better at giving head but could never get the whole thing down later in life my wife taught me how to do that!!! To this day the rest of the guys never knew that side of us!!! about 2 years later him and his family moved away and I haven’t seen or heard of him since but I do think of him from time to time as I do my wife.. Like I said I’ve never really spoke of this before to anyone not even her and she’s the one who got me seriously cross-dressing and taught me how to really be a bitch In private…. Well that was my first sexual experience with a guy so I guess my point is don’t be afraid to explore your sexuality you may find something you really enjoy.. And will wonder why you had never tried it before. you may try some things and not like it but at least you tried it.. sextoy101

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