My Husband Shares me for the First time


My Husband Shares me for the First timeSo this happened almost a year ago now, we own a house about an hour outside of town and occasionally will go there with friends just to get out of town. Nothing had ever been sexual just a few friends going hanging out on the lake and watching some movies on the big screen and just escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city. Well we decided to head out on a Friday to the lake house and get everything cleaned up and check the house before one of my husband’s friends came out on Saturday night, he had to work on Saturday so he was coming after. At the time my husband and I had just started to play online and take pictures and videos. We were exploring a new part of our sex life and it was going very quickly. Just a few details, we had started off just showing some pics of my tits online and next thing you know we had joined a website and showed some pics of everything lol. We loved it and we spent many nights just doing nasty dirty photoshoots. Anyway we were at the lake house cleaning, I had been talking about us trying out a threeway for some time now and neither one of us cared if it was with another guy or another girl or multiples of each lol. So I don’t think my hubby had ever thought about his friend being part of it because we have two different view points, he wants total strangers so we can keep that life separate from our real life but I don’t like the idea of a std so I want to know our partners well. I started messing with him very early in the morning when we first woke up, I stroked his cock a few times while he was sleeping and once it was nice and hard I sucked it until he woke up. He loves that, but I think most men do. I didn’t finish him off I told him to save it for later, this is something I will occasionally do just to make sex that much more exciting after an all day tease. Well I put on some crotchless panties, without him knowing, and put on a garter with thigh high stockings underneath my jeans just to excite him later. He was cleaning the kitchen and I was cleaning the hardwoods and I stopped what I was doing and said I want to check our site for a minute, I immediately pulled up our page and started chatting with some of the single guys that always seemed to be online. I started talking to them and saying how I wanted to suck their cock while my hubby was fucking me. He was reading it and I could tell he was getting excited he started rubbing on my tits and kissing me. Later in the day were talking and my hubby said how do bakırköy escort you feel about “Tom”(changed of course). I said what do you mean. He said would you want to play with him, I said he isn’t super attractive but we both know he is disease free. Our friend Tom had not had sex in two years, not because he was hideous but because he just didn’t have any game at all. He had girls talk to him when we went out but he just didn’t give off the vibe of being confident. I told him that my only concern was being turned down and it being weird and messing with everyone’s friendship. My hubby agreed and we kind of let it drop. About an hour later he brought it up again, he said the thought of you sucking his cock and being the first girl he has been with in two years is pretty hot, he has only been with three girls in his life so I bet you could teach him a thing or two. I said yes but it is your best friend and it will have to be up to you because its your friendship on the line. Well although I was kind of pushing my hubby into it and he didn’t know was really exciting I was really worried about his friendship. I wanted to get the thought in his head but I wanted him to be the one who made the decision.Tom came over around 6 in the evening and my hubby was cooking steaks on the grill, we had decided to watch a couple funny movies and sit back and relax. My hubby has a huge chair he likes to sit on and we have a very long couch on the other side of the room. I sat on the couch with the friend on opposite ends of course. We watched our movies and ate our steak. We also drank heavily. Around 2am or my hubby and I went off to bed, we told Tom that he could sleep in the guest room but he said he wanted to crash on the couch so he could watch some tv and let the buzz go down. My hubby and I went into the bedroom and I took off my shirt and bra, I knew he was still very horny so I told him to lay down and I straddled him and pressed my tits in his face. We were really going I pulled out his cock and started to suck it. Then I stood up and started to take off my jeans his mouth dropped, he said when did you put those on? I said I have been wearing them all day just for you. He grabbed me and threw me on the bed and started to lick my clit through my crotchless panties. It was hot, then out of no where he looked up at me and said you wanna suck Tom’s cock don’t you. I said that’s up to you babe. He looked up at me and said well what do you wanna do? I said all up beşiktaş escort to you want you to be completely comfortable. He said well you can’t kiss on the mouth and I don’t want you to fuck him yet. I said yet? He said well we might work up to that I said ok, so how do you want this to start. He said go out there the TV is now off and tell him that you want to suck his dick and that I said it was ok. I said you aren’t coming with me, he said no I want you to suck his dick for the first time without me so he will be more comfortable. I said are you sure what if he says no then its weird. My hubby laughed and said he hasn’t ever had a woman as hot as you and he hasn’t had any in the last two years. I said ok and I left the room wearing my crotchless panties a garter with black thigh highs and nothing up top. SO here we go…The TV was still on but tom was facing the back of the couch. He was already asleep it seemed so I went and sat down on the coffee table about even with his cock. I said Tom, he didn’t move, I said Tom a little louder not to alarm him and he didn’t move. So I reached under the blanket, he was still wearing his jeans and I started rubbing on his crotch and said Tom, he slowly turned his head and he looked confused. There I was sitting in front of him my pierced DD tits staring at him and my pussy peaking through the crotchless panties. He said what is going on, I said I want to suck your dick and the hubby said it was ok. He said what… I said I want to suck your dick and the hubby said it was ok. He said huh… I said we have been thinking of experimenting with things and wanted to try this out on him if he was ok with it. He didn’t need any more explanation and he dropped the blanket and started to undo the belt, I stopped him and said hold on hun I started at his neck and kissed him all over while rubbing my tits against his naked stomach. He was immediately hard I could feel it pressing through his jeans against my stomach. I worked my way down and undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants and started to kiss his stomach right above his boxers. I unzipped his pants and pulled down the boxers showing me his cock for the first time, I asked him to sit up a little, mainly so he could reach my tits and touch my ass while I sucked him, my hubby likes that. His dick was longer than my husbands but much thinner and it had a mushroom head. It was the first time I had ever seen one like this, it had a big fat head on it and a long skinny beylikdüzü escort shaft. I sucked his dick for a few minutes and then stopped sat up and put my tits in his face, he was like a newly released caged a****l he started biting and sucking my pierced nipples and saying oh my god you are so fucking hot. I went back down to his dick and took it in my mouth, I sucked on the tip slowly, working my tongue around then took the entire thing down my throat. He couldn’t believe it, he began to move around and I started to stroke his cock at the same time, I looked up at him and said I want you to cum all over my tits, so I asked him to stand up and I got down on my knees, I started stroking the shaft with both hands while I worked my tongue on the head of his dick, he said oh I’m gonna cum and I pulled him out of my mouth and pointed his shaft at my face the first shot was right on my face it was a lot it covered me from right above my nose across my lips and on my chin. I then pointed his cock at my tits and continued to pull away, he sprayed a ton of cum all over my tits. I stood up and said I hope you enjoyed it and he said of course thank you so much, I smiled and said good night see you in the morning.I went back into the bedroom where I had been gone for 25 minutes and turned the light on, my hubby said how was it and I just smiled, he said my god he came gallons and laughed I still had cum across my face and all over my tits. I said what do you want me to do with it he said I want you to clean it up like a good girl, I said you want me to eat your friends cum and he said yes. So I licked my lips and took my finger and scooped the cum from my face into my mouth and swallowed, I laughed and said I don’t think I am going to be able to eat it all he said you caused it so clean it… He usually doesn’t get demanding and forceful but he started to and I liked it, so I grabbed my tits and rubbed as much cum as I could toward my nipples and then sucked it off.. he said good girl now come over here and ride my dick. So I went over and he stopped me and took his hand and rubbed my pussy it was dripping, I was so turned on he put two fingers in and said my god you are wet not suck my fingers, I like the taste of my pussy so I did as I was told then sat down on his cock. It was the fastest I had ever seen my husband cum. He laid there for what seemed like ten seconds while I fucked him and then pulled me off and said suck it, I jumped down and took his cock in my mouth right when he started to cum. I took all his cum in my mouth showed it to him swallowed it and then licked my juices off of his cock and balls. He said did you have a good time being my little whore tonight and I said yes it was fun. We laid back down and went to sleep. We played with Tom a few nights later but that is another story….

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