My life with Paralyzed Husband–2


My life with Paralyzed Husband–2Swati was feeling so bad since she allowed a complete stranger to touch her private parts. She took bath and came out. She was looking depressed. Anshul asked her what is the matter. She just replied that she is not feeling well. She continued on her house chores.Jayraj was feeling extremely horny. He wanted more of Swati. He couldnt take her out of his mind. He wanted to do that same stuff again and again with Swati. He still felt her soft arms full of bangles circling around his neck. Her soft skin just above her fully grown breasts where he had put his rough mouth full of moustaches. The way he held his strong hands on her petite waist. He quickly went to his house, went into the bathroom and masturbated thinking of Swati.Swati, from then on started ignoring Jayraj totally. Whenever she used to accompany Sonia to school, she covered herself properly. Never used to look towards Jayraj. Jayraj used to greet her couple of times, but she just chose not to hear. She thought that was the first and last time she did anything of that sort. She can still manage to earn money in some other way.*Jayraj was getting frustrated. He couldn’t concentrate on his work a bit. At the age of 45 when all other men start loosing their errections, he seemed to getting it back. After his divorce he used to go to many prostitutes, but he never enjoyed as much as he did with Swati that day. He was getting restless. Her soft breasts and light brown nipples which were jumping in front of his face while he was giving her the thrusts were driving him mad. He was 45, strong well built, wealthy, with a good future prospect in politics. She was 25, very beautiful, petite, homely mother of two k**s and wife of a paralysed man with almost no money. Their was no match between them. Jayraj knew she was a very easy target with her husband in this position. He wanted to eat her fleshy body.Swati meanwhile became more busy in her household work. Morning 6 to Night 10 she was just looking after her husband and k**s. She stopped taking care of herself. Her financialy condition was worsening. She desperately wanted a job. She started searching in newspapers.*One day, she saw an ad for a job opening. It was some kind of back office job in a company which didnt need high qualifications. It was a walk-in. But it was bit far. It would take her about 1 hour to reach there. But she discussed it with Anshul and thought of atleast giving a try. The next day, she made Sonia took a off from her school. She asked the neighbour aunty who was a very nice and helpful woman to look after Sonia and her 3 month old baby. She gave her the milk in a bottle and asked her to feed her whenever she cried. She was unhappy to leave her k**s but she didnt have any other choice. She left for the interview about 7 in the morning. She took a bus, then a local train, and then again a bus and then walked some distance to the office. She reached there. There were several rounds of interviews and lots of people already waiting. There were about 100 people for the post of just 2. Needless to say, Swati got rejected due to her being a mother of 2 and one small baby as this job required lots of time to be given in the office. Dejected, it was almost 8 PM when she started leaving for her home. She was feeling very heavy. She started walking to the bus stand and suddenly it started raining heavily. She didnt have any umbrealla with her and she became totally drenched in rain. She used to live in Virar, and it was very far from that place. The constant rain caused waterlogs and the buses were full. She was not able to catch a single bus. Completely wet, she was standing on the bus stop. Suddenly a black sedan came and stopped in front of the bus stop. The windows were fully black filmed and it stopped in front of her. One of the window came down and she saw Jayraj sitting in the driver’s seat! He waved her to come and sit. Swati looked in another direction. Jayraj stepped out of the car and came to Swati.Jayraj: Swati ji,, baith jaiye.. is barish me kaha bus aur train me baithengi..Swati: ji mai chali jaungi..Jayraj: please.. mai insist karta hu.. aapke bache ghar pe hain.. wo intezar kar rahe honge.. car se jayenge to jaldi pahuch jayenge..Swati thought for a moment for her k**s and reluctantly started walking towards the car.Jayraj opened the car door and she sat inside. Jayraj started driving the car. He looked at Swati who was completely drenched and her wet saree was clugging her body. He could see her stomach and navel clearly. Her breasts were so inviting he thought. Her hairs and lips wet with water. He somehow controlled himself as he was starting to get an errection.Jayraj: aap yaha kaise?Swati: Interview ke lie.Jayraj: Ohh… job mila?Swati? NahiJayraj: Koi bat nahi..Swati: Ye apki car he?*Jayraj: ji.. bahut kam chalata hu.. jab Mumbai ana hota he.. tabhi nikalta hu..Swati: achaJayraj: Aap kuch chai wagera lengi? Mai rok deta hu..Swati: ji nahi.. ghar pahuchna he..Jayraj: Ji bilkul.. bas ye check naka cross karlenge fir rasta khali hi milega..After about 1 hours drive, they crossed the check naka.. from check naka to Virar there is a stretch of 30 kilomteres of highway with very less traffic in night. There are small jungles here and there.Jayraj: Swati, tumko ab paiso ki jarurat nahi? tumko jarurat hogi to mujhe bata dena. (He started calling her by ‘tum’)Swati kept quiet.Jayraj: dekhiye mai tumhari madad karna chahta hu.. islie keh raha hu..Swati: Jayraj ji, mai Anshul se bahut pyar karti hu.. mai wo sab nahi kar paungi..Jayraj: arre Swati mai to aise hi keh raha hu..tum to mujhe galat samjh rahi ho..Jayraj: Acha yaha se ek short cut he.. mai wahi se le leta hu.. tum ghar jaldi pauch jaogiSwati: ji thik he.. rasta safe to he na..Jayraj: ha bilkul safe he..He took a very lonely road and it was almost 10 PM. After driving for about 5 kms, the car started wobling and came to a sudden hault. Jayraj stepped down and two of his tyres got punctured.*Jayraj: Swati, tyre puncture.Swati: Kya? Ab kya hoga?Jayraj: mere pas ek stepny he, but fir bhi ek aur tyre puncture hoga. Yahan se ghar bhi dur he aur koi puncture wala dikh nahi raha..Mai ek admi ko phone kar deta hu.. wo kisi ko leke aa jayega.. itni barish he.. pata nahi kya hoga..*Swati felt scared. Although it was a genuine problem she was still scared of Jayraj.Jayraj called up his assistant and asked him to get one puncture wala. He gave him the directions.Jayraj: kisi ne kheel laga di he shayad. Swati tum ghar pe phone kar do.Swati quickly called Anshul and told him about the situation. Anshul was bit worried, but was relaxed that atleast Jayraj was with her.It was a lonely road, raining heavily and no person at sight. Jayraj entered the car.Jayraj: Swati tum chahto to peeche ki seat pe jake thoda rest kar sakti ho.Swati: Nahi thik he.Jayraj: Are koi bat nahi kar lo.. samne ki seat pe pair rakhne ki jagah nahi he na.. aur ye log kab ayenge pata nahi..islie keh raha hu..*Swati agreed and went to the back seat. Jayrah too followed her and both of them sat on the back seat.Jayraj started chatting with Swati, asking her questions about her likes, dislikes. Swati started answering, but she was in no mood of chatting. Her saree was still little wet. She had worn a pink saree with matching pink blouse. Her fair skin was looking attractive in that saree. Swati was feeling bit cold and started shivering.*Jayraj went a bit close to Swati and rubbed her hands. She shook off her hand.Jayraj: Swati, tumhe thand lag rahi he.. mere pas aa jao..Swati was tired after the whole day and a bit dizzy.*Swati: Jayraj ji.. please mere pas mat aaiye..Swati was having her periods and in such a situation its difficult for a woman to control herself. Jayraj could sense she is on her periods. He came closer. Swati inched towards the window. Jayraj swiftly put a hand around her smooth waist and pulled her close to him. Swati objected a bit but it was looking as if she was not in her senses after all the tiring day. Jayraj put both his hands around her waist carassing her open belly on the left side. Swati too put her hands on his shoulders. In such a moment, its really hard for a man and woman to control themselves. Jayraj was a real man unlike Anshul and Swati was the perfect woman for him. He hugged her closer. Her bossom touched his hot and warming chest. He kissed her ear.Swati: Jayraj ji,,, aaahhhhh… mai Anshul ki patni hu..Jayraj: Swati,, tum meri ho..Swati: mai aapki beti jaisi hu..Jayraj kept licking her ear lobes.Swati was getting tensed and closed her eyes the moment Jayraj slowly but steadily pulled her pink pallu to reveal her 8 inch of naked belly with the cute deep navel and big breasts in the tight blouse. Jayraj was considering himself so lucky.Swati: Jayraj ji koi dekh lega..Jayraj: Jaan,, darwaza lock kar dia he.. kach bhi kaale hain.. bahar barish ho rahi he.. koi nahi ayega yaha hume disturb karne..Jayraj put his hand on one of her breast over the blouse and squeezed it lightly.*Swati put her hands full of bangles around the strong man’s neck and that made Jayraj move closer to Swati’s face. He could feel her red lips just inches away. He knew if he didn’t kiss them now, he won’t be able to ever. He put his rough lips on her soft juicy red lips. The lips melted instantly into each other and Swati again closed her eyes. Jayraj pulled Swati on her lap widening his both legs and making space for her to sit in between. Swati was still holding him with her arms around his neck. Jayraj started kissing her deeply. Their lips met wildly. Jayraj kept pressing Swati’s breasts while kissing her madly. Jayraj left her breast and started rubbing his black palm on her fair smooth stomach, touching every inch of her belly. He inserted his finger inside her deep navel. Swati shuddered. They stopped kissing and Jayraj put his mouth on her neck and licked it with his tongue. He kept fingering her navel. Jayraj quickly repositined Swati on the back seat and made her lie on the seat. He somehow managed to lie on top of her and started kissing her again. He wanted to kiss that navel but was not able to due the the less space and his body built. He came down from the seat near the leg space and put his lips on her white belly. He put his tongue inside her navel and wiggled it. Swati went mad and both her hands went to his hairs clutching them. One of her legs went up and her ankle rested near the other knee. She was looking so beautiful in her petticoat and blouse. Jayraj kept licking her navel tonguing every part of that deep dark navel. After he was content, he came up and started pressing both her breasts hard over the blouse making Swati moan. He kept pressing her full breasts and started unbuttoning them quickly, within no time her blouse was off her. He removed her straps from her shoulder pushing them aside and kissing her cleavage.Swati: aaaahhhh.. Jayraj ji… ye thik nahi he…Jayraj was getting mad with lust. He pushed alsancak escort her saree and petticoat to her knee and quickly put his hand inside and touched her panty. He was shocked to see it was so wet and hot. He was about to unclasp her bra when he heard a knock on the door.*Jayraj heard the knock, but he kept licking Swati’s cleavage. He knew he probably won’t be able to get Swati in this situation ever. Swati was feeling d**gged. He ran his tongue on her cleavage line when there was another knock and this time it was loud. Swati heard it clearly. She moved at once totally shocked. She was coming back to her senses. Jayraj held her waist trying to get hold of the few remaining seconds. Swati made no mistake and immediately sat up. She pushed Jayraj with her hands. Jayraj looked at her helplessly. She quickly adjusted her bra and wore her blouse. She was thinking to herself – Swati, ye kya kar rahi thi tu? Itna bada paap? Jayraj’s penis went limp. It was hanging in full view of Swati, Swati was feeling disgusting in such a cheap situation. There was another knock and Jayraj quickly put on his pants and shirts obviously frustrated with the sudden turn of events. He opened the door. Found his assistant and the mechanic outside waiting. He instructed Swati to remain inside. His assistant could make out what was happening but kept quiet. The mechanic quickly inspected and saw there were 2 punctures, so he said they would have to leave the car here and come back again with the tyres being repaired. The mechanic replaced one stepny and took one tyre with him in his car. Jayraj and Swati went into the car so that they can reach home. His assistant stayed back to look after Jayraj’s car. Swati made sure no one could see her face. Swati didn’t even look at Jayraj all the way home. Jayraj wanted to say something, strike a converstation but Swati ignored him completely. They reached home in 20 minutes. Swati rushed to her apartment. All Jayraj could see was her full hips swaying as she ran. He couldn’t help put his hands on his crotch. The mechanic noticed that and smiled. Jayraj asked him to start and drop him home.Swati entered the flat and the first thing she did was feed her k**. Sonia had slept long back. Thanks to the neighbour who took care of her. After taking bath, Swati went to Anshul.Anshul: Swati, tum thik ho?Swati: Haa. bahut tired hu.Anshul: Chalo acha he Jayraj ji the.*Swati: Hmm.Swati hugged Anshul and tried to kiss him on his lips. Anshul gave a weak kiss. Swati moved a bit up and purposefully brushed her breasts on his mouth. She expected him to put his mouth on her breast. But Anshul didn’t do anything. He didn’t even kiss her there. Swati couldnt help compare him with Jayraj and she felt bad on herself. How could she compare Anshul and Jayraj? Anshul was her husband and Jayraj was just a local goon. Swati put her hands on her chest and kissed Anshul. Anshul just lay still, somewhat uninterested. After sometime, Swati put her hands on Anshul’s crotch but was surprised to see it as limp as a baby’s penis.Anshul: Kya hua? Sona nahi he?Swati: Hmm.. tum so jao.. mai Sonia ke pas jake soti hu.Anshul: Good night.Swati: Good night.Swati left the room totally dejected and aware of the fact that Anshul can’t have sex anymore. But why is that bothering her? She thought to herself. Her focus has to be bringing up the k**s and curing Anshul. After Anshul is cured her life would be back as it was. Happy. But she had doubts on it. Worried and tired by the incidents, she felt asleep soon.Next day morning as usual Swati dropped Sonia to her school. Jayraj was waiting for her.*Jayraj: Namaste Swati.Swati ignored his greetings.Jayraj: Sorry kal ke lie. Tyre puncture ho gaya aap late ho gayi.Swati: koi baat nahi.Jayraj: Aap naraz he kya mujhse?Swati: Ji nahi.. mujhe jana he..kaam he bahut..She started walking fast and left him there.Jayraj: Kya yar, ye to hath hi nahi aayegi lagta he.Swati went to her apartment and found her flat owner standing outside.Gupta: Namaste Swati ji.Swati: Namaste Gupta ji. Aaiye andar.They entered the flat.Gupta: Anshul kaisa he?Swati: Thik hain.. waise hi hain.Gupta: hmm.. dekhiye Swati ji,, mujhe pata hai ki aap log bahut mushkil me hain.. but pichle 2 mahine se mera kiraya nahi aya.Swati: mai koshish kar rahi hu Gupta ji, please thoda time dijiye.Gupta: dekho, mere pas 2 customer already hain. Mujhe bhi paiso ki jarurat he.. Mai 2 mahine ka kiraya to nahi mangunga, *but ye flat khali kardo aap.Swati: Ye kya bol rahe hain? Hum kaha jayenge?Gupta: Swati ji mai chahta hu madad karna.. but mushkil he.. mujhe 2-3 din me ye ghar kisi ko kiraye pe dena he.. mai aap log ki situation dekhke hi 2 mahine ka kiraya maaf kar dia hu.. isse jyada mai kuch madad nahi kar paunga.Swati: please Gupta ji.. aisa mat kijiye..Gupta: mai chalta hu.. aap apna packing kar lijiye.. mai parso aa jaunga…Gupta left her flat. Swati started crying. She discussed it with Anshul and now Anshul was worried.*Anshul: kya hoga Swati? Ab kaha jayenge?Swati: pata nahi.. sach me.. mera dimag kaam nahi kar raha..Suddenly the door bell rang. Swati went to open the door. Jayraj was standing and was looking straight at Swati. Swati covered herself properly in saree.Jayraj: Andar aa sakta hu?Swati: kuch kam tha?Jayraj: Ha.. Anshul se bat karni thi.Jayraj stared at her body and Swati felt comfortable. Swati let him in and left to the kitchen.Jayraj went to Anshul’s room.Jayraj: Anshul kaise ho?Anshul: Bas thik hu Jayraj ji. Thanks us din ke lie, aapne Swati ko ghar pahucha dia.Jayraj: Are koi bat nahi.. waise kuch pareshan dikh rahe ho?Anshul: ji, nahi to?Jayraj: Gupta ji aye the?Anshul kept quiet.Jayraj: mujhe niche mile the.. sab kuch pata pada.. kya socha fir tumne? kya karne wale ho?Anshul: pata nahi Jayraj ji..sari savings meri medicals kharche pe chale gayeJayraj: Tum log to ache log ho Anshul ji.. agar tum chaho to ek madad kar sakta hu?Anshul: wo kya?Jayraj: Mai 2 BHK me rehta hu.. akela rehta hu.. agar chaho to jab tak tum logo ka kuch arrangment nahi ho jata to mere yaha reh sakte ho..Anshul: Are ye aap kya keh rahe hain? Hum aap par itni badi musibat nahi banna chahte..Jayraj: Are kya bat kar rahe ho Anshul? Isme musibat kya? Mujhe acha lagega.. dono bache ghar me rahenge mera bhi man laga rahega.. akele rehne me kya maza ata he? Khana bhi bahar khana padta he.. Swati ke hath ka khana bhi to milega?Anshul: Lekin fir bhi.. ye to aap ka badappan he..Jayraj: Tum Swati se bat karlo..*Anshul calls Swati. Swati comes quickly.Anshul tells her the entire thing.*Swati: ye aap kya keh rahe hain? Aise kaise ho sakta he?Anshul: ab aur kya option he.. mai to Jayraj ji ko mana kar hi raha hu.. but wo bahut insist kar rahe hainSwati knows why Jayraj wants them in their house. So that he can be more close to her.Swati: Jayraj ji.. thanks but ye hum nahi kar sakte.Jayraj: Sochlo Swati, fir kaha jaoge?Swati: wo hum dekh lenge.Anshul: Swati ek bar soch ke dekho.Swati: please Anshul, kuch na kuch arrangement ho jayega.Jayraj: Chalo koi bat nahi.. Anshul mai chalta hu..Anshul: Sorry Jayraj ji..*Jayraj: are sorry kis bat ki.. jab Swati ne mana kar dia to fir bat khatam.2 days passed by quickly. The flat owner was supposed to come today to vacate them.Anshul: Swati? Ab kya? tumhari zidd ke karan Jayraj ji naraz ho gaye. Aaj ghar khali bhi karna he.Swati: To mai kya karu? Us goonde ke ghar jake rahoge?Anshul: Swati wo gunda nahi he? MLA banne wala he yaha ka.Swati: To?*Anshul: tumhare pas koi aur jagah he? Tum batao?Swati: Nahi.Anshul: To mai Jayraj ji ko fir se request karta hu.Swati: Jo karna he karo. Mai unse bat nahi karne wali.Anshul: Are tumhe kisne kaha? Mai bat kar leta hu.Swati knew she didn’t have any other option. She had to agree to this evil plan of Jayraj.Anshul called up Jayraj and told him they were willing to shift into his house.Jayraj was the most happiest person in the world. He quickly called up his assistant and made all the arrangement for the shifting. The shifting was pretty swift as they didnt have any furniture. By afternoon they all shifted into Jayraj’s house. Swati never looked or spoke to Jayraj all this time. The house was full with Sonia running here and there. Anshul was placed on a bed temporarily. Swati prepared the lunch and they all had it together. All this time Jayraj never left any chance of peeping into Swati’s body. Her saree’s left side view of the breasts when her pallu went slighted disoriented was the most beautiful sight for Jayraj. Jayraj was just licking his lips. He wanted to see her navel, but Swati didn’t give him a chance. Time went by and came night. They had dinner and they were getting ready for the bed.*Jayraj had two bedrooms. One of it was bit small where there was one 6×4 single diwan. That room and bed was given to Anshul. The other was the bedroom where Jayraj used to sleep. It had a big king sized bed.Jayraj: Anshul, tum yaha comfortable ho?Anshul: Bilkul. Thanks Jayraj ji. Itna to koi apni family ke lie bhi nahi karta.Jayraj: Are bas karo.Swati: Mai yaha neeche so jati hu, Sonia ke sath.Jayraj: Are yaha kyu? Tum us bedroom me so jao. Waha AC he.Anshul: Are ha.. tum waha so jao.. mai yaha thik hu..Swati looked at both puzzled.Jayraj: Mai bahar drawing room me so jaunga.Anshul: Are ye aap kya keh rahe hain? Aap drawing room me? Aap ke hi ghar me?Jayraj: Are to kya hua..Anshul: Are nahi.. aisa kaise ho sakta he..Aap waha nahi so sakte..Swati: mai keh to rahi hu.. mai yaha *so jaungi..Jayraj: Are tum andar bedroom me so jao.. Sonia aur choti beti ke sath. Bed to bada he..Anshul: Are Swati agar bed bada he to thik he na.. Sonia tum aur Jayraji bed pe so jao.. Sonia to beech me so jayegi. Aur pinky to paalne me so jayegi.Swati: Anshul tum kya bol rahe ho?Anshul: To kya Jayraj ji ko sofe pe sona hoga?Jayraj: Are mai neeche so jaunga bas?Swati: koi bat nahi.. Sonia beech me so jayegi..*Jayraj was happy with the arrangement.They all left Anshul after bidding him good night.Swati slept on the extreme corner towards the wall. Then slept Sonia. Then Jayraj on the other end.*Around 1 AM, Jayraj woke up. He saw everyone is sleeping. He went out, to the kitchen. Took a bottle of whiskey. Drank two large pegs. Some mouth freshner. He came in the bedroom. Locked it from inside. He picked up Sonia and made her sleep on his position. He quickly went into the middle and went close to Swati. Swati was still asleep. He wrapped his arms around her naked belly softly. The moonlight on her fair belly made it shine. He rubbed his nose slowly on her back above her deep cut blouse. Swati moved a bit. Jayraj moved closer till his groin touched her round hips over the saree. Swati opened her eyes and felt his hands rubbing her stomach. She turned quickly.Swati: Jayraj ji??? ye aap kya kar rahe hain?Jayraj: please Swati.. I love you.. tumhe pata to he..Swati: please chodiye mujhe..*Jayraj: Aawaz mat karo.. Sonia jaag jayegi..Swati: please Jayraj ji.. ye galat he..Jayraj: maine escort alsancak tumhari itni madad ki.. kya tum itna nahi kar sakti mere lie?Swati: Aap jo kahenge mai karungi… but ye nahi..Jayraj: Mujhe to bas yehi chaie..*He kept rubbing her belly and pushing more into her groin.Swati was angry and sat up. Jayraj pulled her down.Jayraj: Please mera sath de do..Swati: Kyu aap aisa kar rahe hai mere sath? Maine kya bigada he apka?Jayraj: tumhe jab se dekha he..neend nahi aati..Swati: mai ye nahi kar sakti.. meri betiyan yaha so rahi he.. mera pati dusre kamre me hain..Jayraj: darwaja lock kar dia he.. waise bhi wo uth nahi sakta..They were talking in whispers. Jayraj quickly pulled the blanket on top of both of them. Swati turned away towards the wall. Jayraj started kissing her neck softly and putting her finger inside her petticoat to find the navel and finger it.Swati: aap jo kahenge mar karungi.. bas ye mat kijiye mere sath.. mai ache ghar se hu.. shadi shuda hu..Jayraj: tabhi to tum mujhe pasand aayi.. mai hamesha tumhara khyal rakhunga..Swati: ye to paap he…Jayraj: kuch paap nahi he..Jayraj pulled the blanket up and they both were in one pillow. He placed his one hand on her soft breast and squeezed it hard making Swati moan.Swati: Aaaahhhhh… to islie aap hume yaha laye the.?Jayraj positioned himself on top of Swati putting his entire body weight on her soft body. He looked into her eyes.*Jayraj: to tumhe kya lagta he?Swati: ye paap mujhse mat karvaiye..Jayraj: ye pyar he..Both looked into each other’s eyes. Swati looked at Sonia once. She was deep asleep. Their lips met as softly as every. Jayraj kissed her soft lips entirely. He made her wiggle under him. The wet sloppy noises of two lips kissing was coming out. The kiss soon turned into a smooch. Their tongues met. Swati’s eyes were closed. Jayraj’s hands were on her blouse. Pumping them harder. What soft pairs of breasts he kept thinking. The kiss was becoming wilder. The room was dark. The AC was on. Two k**s were sleeping. One couple was making love.Swati thought to herself. She can’t let this happen. She won’t allow this huge gunda to penetrate her.Jayraj was determinged to penetrate her tonight. At any cost. He left the kiss and put his big mouth on her blouse and bit it hard. Swati let a womanly moan. She put both her hands around him. He started sucking her breast over the blouse.*Swati: AAAAaaaaahhhhhh….His other hand was still pressing her other breast and also now tried to unbutton her blouse. He started pushing his groin into her triangle.*Swati was loosing control. Jayraj was gaining the control of the situation. A 25 year old married woman with a 45 year old single local rogue. There were moans and grunts as their bodies melted with each other.Jayraj licked her cleavage wildly as the skin was very very soft. He felt Swati’s flesh was very unlike any other woman he had been with. She was very soft and fleshy. And that’s why he loved kissing her. Swati kept resisting as much as she could. After all she was just a small petite woman beneath a huge monster man. They were covered under the thick blanket. Jayraj’s pelvic thrusts were increasing. He just wanted to penetrate her.*Swati: Aahhh… Jayraj ji.. please chhodiye..*Jayraj: Pagal ho kya..? Aaj tumhe nahi jane de sakta..He kept kissing and licking her neck. He put his hands on her saree and pulled it to loosen it from her waist. Swati kept pushing him by applying pressure from her legs. She didn’t want Jayraj at all. She did have a surprising feeling when he kissed her, but she just couldn’t let this happen. Jayraj’s hands were roaming on her breasts. He wanted to tear the blouse as he was not able to unbutton them easily. One or two buttons had just come out due to the rough handling of Jayraj. Jayraj moved up and started kissing her lips. Swati moved her face left and right to avoid falling in the trap. Jayraj was kissing whatever part was available. Her cheeks, her ears. He was forceful. Due to the wild love making, the blanket had gone down and Jayraj lay topless above Swati with her Saree almost untied. With one hand he was pressing her breast, with the other he was pulling her saree upside. He had brought it to her thighs. Swati was kicking him with her legs. He started untying his pyajama knot. He had folded Swati’s knees slightly and was trying to position him between her legs by trying to widen her legs as much as he could. It didn’t seem as easy as it would for Jayraj. He was now not bothered about opening her blouse. He just wanted to enter her once. Suddenly Sonia moved in her sleep and started calling Swati. Swati heard her and tried to push Jayraj. He didn’t move an inch.Sonia was waking up due to the commotion. Swati could not let her see in this position with Jayraj. She begged Jayraj to move. Jayraj said he wouldn’t. He wanted her at any cost. He took out his throbbing penis. Swati saw it. It was a monster. It was 8 inches long, about 3 inches wide, it had big protruding nerves all over, black in colour and looking hot like an iron rod. He started rubbing it on her soft white thighs. It seemed so hot to Swati. Swati almost started crying due to her situation which seemed nothing less than a ****. Where would she go if this happens. Due to the rubbing, it became more hard and start releasing the precum on her soft fleshy thighs. But Jayraj still couldn’t go further due to the saree in such a position. He kept pushing himself more between her legs so that her saree moves up.Sonia started slowly opening her eyes. Swati gathered all the energy she had and gave one final push to Jayraj. This time she made no mistake. Jayraj flung to the side of Swati. Swati acted quickly and immediately stood and adjusted her saree and pallu. Jayraj didn’t bother to run after her anymore. He was simply looking at her with lustful red eyes and his cock was going limp. Swati went to Sonia and slowly let her back to sleep.Swati: Jayraj ji, bas kijiye.. ye kya haivaniyat kar rahe the aap.Jayraj realised he probably went too far in his handling of this innocent beauty.*Jayraj hung his head. Jayraj: Mai kya karta.. Tum itni khoobsurat ho.. mujhse raha nahi jata Swati.Swati: please.. ye sab baate band kijiye.. mai aapse bahut choti hu.. aap Anshul ko beta keh ker bulate hain..Swati was panting heavily. Jayraj asked her to calm down. He gave her a glass of water. Swati had that glass and realised probably Jayraj was back to his senses now.Jayraj: Swati aa jao.. yaha so jao.. nahi to Sonia jaag jayegi..Swati: Nahi.. mai waha nahi so rahi..Jayraj: Thik he.. mai us side so jata hu.. Sonia ko beech me sula do..Swati looked at him puzzled.Jayraj: Vishwas karo.. kuch nahi hoga.. So jao..Swati slowly climbed the bed. Jayraj put on his pyajama and picked up Sonia and put her in between. Both Jayraj and Swati couldn’t sleep for another hour. They were both thinking about the incident. Swati thanked God for the strength he gave her. She was saved of a ****. Jayraj cursed God for unable to penetrate her. He too didn’t like the way it was happening. He wanted a soft, romantic love making session with Swati. But he knew that was far from possible. But he can’t control his urges. That’s his problem. That’s why his wife left him. He never could enjoy with the prostitues. Swati was a beautiful housewife. He wanted her. He drifted into sleep.Swati woke up early. Anshul was awake and he was looking at the bedroom door closed. She saw Jayraj sleeping. She quickly changed into a cotton home saree, opened the door as if it was her marital bedroom. She went to Anshul to check on him.Anshul: Are darwaza kyu band tha?Swati: mmm.. are wo rat ko bahar se bahut awaz aa rahi thi.. Sonia so nahi pa rahi thi islie..Anshul: Aawaz? Kaisi aawaz mujhe to nahi aayi..Swati: are choddo… mai nashta banane ja rahi hu.. neend hui? Aaj doctor aane wale hain tumhare checkup ke lie..Anshul: Haan.. aur Jayraj ji ko koi takleef to nahi hui?Swati kept wondering who gave takleef to whom.Swati: Nahi.. wo thik se soye..She went into kitchen to prepare Sonia’s tiffin for school. Suddenly two hands grabbed her waist from behind.*Jayraj: Good morning!She turned to see the towering Jayraj behind her, rubbing his groin on her hips. She went out of his hands and stood at a distance. Jayraj could see Swati’s breasts heaving up and down due to her heavy breathing.Jayraj: I love you Swati.Swati: mujhe kaam karne dijiye..Jayraj: Kalke lie sorry.. but iska matlab ye nahi ki mai tumhe aise hi jane dunga..Swati became tensed.Jayraj: Tumhe nahi pata tum kya ho.. ye sab tumhara he.. tum jaisa chaho waisa reh sakti ho.. tum jo chaho khareed sakti ho..*Swati: aap ka dimag thik he na? I don’t like you.. love to door ki baat he..Jayraj went close to her, kneeled in front of her, pulled her by the waist, pushed her pallu a bit and kissed her navel lightly.*Jayraj: Aaj is ched pe kiss kia he.. wo din door nahi jab iske aas paas kisi aur ched pe kiss karunga..Swati: Chee… mujhe nahi pata tha aap itne gire hue hain..Jayraj: tumhe pata nahi ki mai kya hu.. mai abhi tak bahut shareed bana hua hu..*Swati: aapki sharafat kal rat ko maine dekhli..Jayraj: jo bhi he.. mujhe bahar jana he.. mera nashta bana do..Swati: mai aapki patni nahi hu.. jo aise order leti rahuJayraj: ban jaogi to le logi na? (he grinned)Jayraj: daro mat.. mai utna bura bhi nahi hu.. shadi karke sukhi rakhunga..Swati: aapke badtamizi ka jawab nahi.. ek aurat ko akela paake ye sab kar rahe hain.. aaj Anshul thik hota na..Jayraj: Anshul? hahaha… use dekha he tumne? Aaj agar wo thik bhi hota na.. to bhi mai use aise hi utha ke gira deta..*Swati knew what he said was true. He was double strong than Anshul even during his fitter times. He had an almost double sized organ than Anshul which looked healthy and fertile. Partly she pushed him because of the huge size. Swati was so small.*Swati asked him to leave.Jayraj: mai nahane ja raha hu.. aa jau to mera nashta tayyar rakhna.. mujhe nikalna he.. tumhare pati ki tarah nikamma nahi hu..Swati: unki halat pe hasiye mat..Jayraj: uske haath to thik hai.. ghar se koi kaam kyu nahi karta.. aajkal internet pe kitne kaam hain.. use ab aaram hi karna he.. tumse kam karvana he.. kisi khuddar pati ki patni kehlane me jo sukh he.. wo Anshul se nahi milega tumhe..Swati felt the punch again. He was right the second time. But she couldn’t take on these statements about her husband.Jayraj: uska doctor aaj ayega.. jo bhi fees he.. wo mai de dunga.. drawer me kuch paise rakhe hain tumhare lie.. le lena..Swati kept her head low.Jayraj went close to her, lifted her chin slowly. Their eyes met.*Jayraj: Sorry itni harsh baat karne ke lie.. tumhare lie mai kuch bhi kar sakta hu..Swati: Aaj Anshul ke lie Wheel chair ki vyavastha ho sakti he.. uske lie kuch paise lagenge..Jayraj: Anshul, wheelchair?*Swati: Haa..Jayraj: to fir to wo kabhi bhi rat ko hum dono ko aake dekh sakta he.. agar use shak hua to.. (he smiled evil-ly)Swati kept quiet.Jayraj: Mai alsancak escort bayan kuch aur paise rakh dunga drawer me.. jarurat pade to le lena.. ek kiss to dedo..Swati gets angry: iska matlab ye nahi ki mai ye sab allow kar du..Jayraj: Tum nahi sudhrogi.. chalo mera nashta banao.. mai chalta hu nahane..*Nothing much happend after that. Jayraj took his bath, had his breakfast and left. Swati also dropped Sonia to school and came back. She fed her little baby, gave food to Anshul and was sitting in the bedroom and wondering what was in store for her in the future. What Jayraj did was definitely not correct. She hated him for that. But on the other hand he was helping them so much. Taking care of their financial needs. Shouldn’t she be little more attentive towards him? But she is married and her husband is living in the other room. Jayraj is so more aged than her. Jayraj definitely is looking for some pleasure but she can’t allow him. She will speak to him to give her some job so that she can repay him. Definitely not in the manner he wants. Swati went to sleep in all these thoughts. Afternoon Anshul’s doctor came and did a checkup. He seemed better than before, and he recommended a wheel chair for him but still have to be very careful with it. Anshul and Swati were very happy with this improvement. Swati immediately took out the money that Jayraj had left and gave it to the doctor. He said he would get the wheelchair delivered to their home by evening. Happily Swati and Anshul took their lunch. The day went by uneventful. In the evening Anshul’s wheelchair came and Swati helped him to get on it. It was bit difficult initially but he was slowly getting a hold of it. He was very thankful to Jayraj for lending them this helping hand in these tough times. Little did he know what was going on between him and his wife.Evening, just before dinner, Jayraj came home. He spoke to Anshul and checked the wheelchair. He wished him good luck. He didnt speak to him much but was more interested in speaking to his wife. Swati behaved properly with him as she was in a good mood. Swati wanted to ask Jayraj about a job. When Swati was in kitchen wearing a red saree and black blouse, Jayraj came and stood behind her. He saw her shapely protruding hips and got an instant errection. She was preparing food and he could see her stomach from one side of her saree. The folds on her belly made her more erotic. He couldn’t help himself without touching her. But he was aware he couldn’t use any force on her. He went close to her and put both his hands on her waist and stood at a distance making sure his penis doesn’t touch her hips. Swati realised Jayraj was there as she felt his rough hands on her waist. He started rubbing his hands slowly on her waist. Swati didn’t want to make a scene and so she slowly moved out of his reach and turned towards him. Swati: Jayraj ji,, aap mere lie ek job dhund dijiye.Jayraj: Tum job karke kya karogi?Swati: Aapne jo itni madad ki he.. usko mai chukana chahti hu..Jayraj: Job mai dekhta hu.. mushkil he thoda.. bahut travel karna pad sakta he.. aur fir tumhare 2 bache bhi to hain..Swati: mai koshish karungi.. nahi to aapke paise kaise chuka paungi..Jayraj: wo to tum chuka sakti ho.. Swati understood what he meant. She chose not to answer. Jayraj thought best not to proceed further.Jayraj: dekho.. job to mushkil he.. mai try karta hu.. but yehi samjho ki nahi hoga..Jayraj: Kya banaya he khane me?Swati: Daal, sabji, roti.Jayraj: Mutton nahi banaya?Swati: Non Veg to hum khate nahi.Jayraj: Mai to khata hu.. tum bana sakti ho?Swati: Maine kabhi banaya nahi..Jayraj: Thik he.. aaj chhod do.. fir kabhi bana dena.. chalo ab khana laga do.. mujhe bahut bhook lagi he..They had dinner. Jayraj went out for smoke. Swati put Anshul to sleep and took Sonia with her. She fed her baby, put Sonia to sleep. She started changing her saree. Jayraj entered the room right at that moment. He saw Swati in black blouse and red petticoat. He could see her deep dark round navel. Her breasts were perfect. The cleavage formed was a thick line. Swati saw* Jayraj staring at her body. She quickly started wrapping the saree as she got embarassed. Jayraj moved towards her slowly and held her hand. They both looked into each other’s eyes. Jayraj was smelling of whiskey and cigrette. He held Swati by her waist, didn’t let her wear the saree and pulled her close. Her breasts crushed into his chest. That was enough for Jayraj to get an errection. His errect penis started poking Swati on her area around the navel. Swati closed her eyes as Jayraj bent down to suck her lips. Swati moved her face. He picked up Swati and put her on the bed. He picked Sonia and put her to one side and himself rested near Swati. Swati faced away from Jayraj towards the wall. She was not as resisting as yesterday. Jayraj went close to her and pushed his groin on her thin petticoat over her hips. Swati moaned slightly as she felt his thick cock rubbing her hips. Jayraj opened his t-shirt and put one of his hand on her stomach and licked her back over the blouse. Swati felt a current running through her body. Jayraj wanted to put his hands on her blouse, but Swati resisted. He didnt want to do anything against her wish at the moment. He might loose the chance of whatever he was doing. He kept rubbing his legs over her legs. His hardened penis was now just below her hips between both her thighs. Swati could feel the length and thickness. He kept pushing it there as if he was doing intercouse. Swati: Kambal dhak dijiye na. Sonia dekh legiJayraj put the blanket and both of them got beneath it.Jayraj started kissing her neck. He knew Swati wanted the physical intimacy and considered himself lucky. He turned Swati towards him and with both his hands started pressing her breasts. He kept staring at her eyes while squeezing her big breasts full of milk. He had done that earlier too, but it seemed everything was happening for the first time. Swati couldnt meet his eyes and closed it as the inner feeling was too good for her. She had mixed feelings of guilt, embarassment and excitement when this old man was pressing her breasts and her husband was sleeping in another room. Jayraj put his lips on her red lips and started licking them. They were so tasty even though without any lipstick. She started respnding slowly. Her breath was getting heavy. Jayraj was forcing himself on her. She wrapped her bangled arms around his neck. He moved closer poking his penis on her groin. He left her breasts and put his hands on her soft hips. He squeezed them hard. He started licking her soft neck. Swati moaned loudly. He kept pressing her hips through her petticoat. She started getting moist below. Jayraj could feel the heaviness of the situation. He didnt want to rush though. He slowly started unbuttoning her black blouse. Swati meanwhile checked* on Sonia. She was asleep. Jayraj swiftly opened her blouse and without waiting wanted to unhook her bra. Swati wanted to stop him but she couldn’t. He was quite experienced and quickly unclasped her bra. He kissed her shoulders. And one by one slid down the bra from her shoulders. He saw her breasts pop out. He repositioned himself on top of her and pressed her naked soft breast slowly. He started pumping them. They kissed each other. He pushed his crotch into her groin. He was a huge heavy man. He couldnt control himself. He put one of his mouth on her soft breast. Swati gave out a cry. Her hands went to his head and started carassing her. He kept sucking it softly. He licked her nipple and started pressing the other breast. This happened for 10 minutes. He saw little bit of milk coming out. He gulped it thankfully. He licked her area between the two white globes. He held both her breasts and alternately sucked the breasts. There were noises like… ‘mmmmmmm’ ‘mmmmmmm’ in the room. The couple were in a world of their own. He took one hand and pulled her petticoat to her waist. He quickly grasped her ass from behind and started squeezing it. He opened his boxer and started to rub it on her panty.* He didnt want to wait.Swati realised it was going bit far.Swati: Jayraj ji…. aaaahhhh… basss… aabbbb aur nahi..Jayraj: Pleaseee Swati… ek baar…. bass… gh..ussa lene do na…Swati: Nahi Jayraj ji.. aur nahiiiii…Jayraj kept humping her.. kissing her… sucking her breast..Jayraj knew she would let him enter her. He kissed her stomach. Licked her navel. Swati started thrusting her hips into him. He held her by the waist. And started to dry hump her.They held each other in arms. Jayraj kept rubbing his penis on her panty wildly.. From the blanket only their hips were moving wildly. He took his hand and put one of his hand inside her panty. It was hot and very wet. His big finger went into her love hole instantly. Swati jumped in pain. His finger was huge. He started pushing it in-out fast. Swati dig her teeth in his shoulder. Jayraj kissed her lips and* put his tongue inside. He kept fingering her vagina. It was so soft. He couldnt control himself. He pulled his panty down. He spread her legs wide. Swati was too much excited to worry about it. She knew what was going to happen. She was letting it happen. Swati: Aahhh.. Jayraj ji… ye thik nahi he…Jayraj didnt have the time to answer. He rubbed his penis on her moist vagina hole. He kept it on her entry hole. It was rubbing her hole every milisecond. Swati was going mad with lust. She didnt try to stop this man who was trying to take her everything. He pushed his hips and his huge bulbuous penis head went in tearing her vagina entry. Swati’s eyes widened. She put her hands on his stomach trying to stop her. It was big, and thick. She was in pain. He didnt care anymore and gave another push. It was half the way in.Swati: aaaaahhhhhhhhhh…… nahiiiiii… nikaaaal lijiyeeee.. Jayraj jiiii…. pleaseee…Jayraj gave one final thrust and dig it deep. It almost touched her womb. He took it out slowly and gave one more push. Swati started crying in pain. He started moving his hips slowly now. He was fucking her! He was excited and his eyes were closed. He put his hands on her hands and pushed it on either side of her head. He started fucking her fast. He was going in and coming out with speed now. The bed was shaking. It was now easy for him to slide in and out as her vagina was fully moist. They were now moaning quite loudly. Enough for Anshul to hear in case he was awake. He started sucking her breasts. She put her legs on his waist. Her payal was making sweet noises. He rammed her wildly. This was the best fuck of her life. He was in top gear now. His speed was increasing with every thrust. They were moaning and grunting like a****ls. It went on for 15 minutes. Suddenly Jayraj’s face became tensed. He started releasing hot white thick liquid inside her vagina. It came in spells of 3 or 4. It was hot liquid and sticky. Swati felt it inside her. She held Jayraj close to her body. She started hitting Jayraj’s hips with her foot as she too started squirming the liqud from her vagina. The love juices were mixing. There was the usual smell of sex in the room which happens when a strong male has sex with a hot female. The storm had just ended. He lay on top of her. Exhausted.Reply With Quote

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