My Next Job Experience


At nineteen I had experienced a sexual awakening with Sam that I’m sure has influenced my outlook on life.

At nineteen, I was the youngest, and of course, least experienced person in the office. My training went well, as all the people welcomed me because I was there to help reduce their work load and fill in when they were away from work.

The men and women were very friendly and the environment was quite casual. There was no dress code, so there was a mix of very dressy and dressy casual. At this time, while training and not leaving the office to meet with clients, I was able to dress, as I call it, golf course casual, not too dressy, but not overly casual.

The small group, only six women and four men, got along great. Helping each other if somebody needed it. We often ate lunch together either at the office or a small diner.

While training, I noticed that one of the guys went out of his way to assist me. He was in his thirties, just divorced, nice looking, with muscular arms and average build. He would stand over my shoulder explaining how to word a proposal on different materials we used for projects. There were no computers back then!

When I wore a lower cut top, but not really very low, he seemed to be more helpful for a longer period of time. I felt that he was trying to check out my tits, with no luck, as I still was wearing my old, heavily padded bras. I thought, “you could see more at the beach.” The other girls in the office noticed and would smile at me and wink as they walked by.

One girl stopped to tell me, “you know, Jeff’s only helping you that much so he can look down your top.”

I told her “that’s what I thought, but I wasn’t sure, he really can’t see anything with the bras I wear”.

She suggested it probably was just the idea of looking, even though he couldn’t see anything, that turned him on.

I said “he seems really nice”.

She said “he is, he’s probably going through a bad time because of his divorce, and that he didn’t take it well.”

The next night when we left work my car wouldn’t start, I had left the lights on. I tried to catch one of the girls as she left the lot, but couldn’t get there in time. I looked around to see if there was a car I recognized as a co-worker’s. I thought that one of them looked like Jeff’s and went back to wait in my car to see if he came out.

About fifteen minutes later I saw him leave the building, so I waited by his car till he got there.

He saw me and a broad smile came over his face. He asked me “are you waiting for me”?

I said “yes, but it’s not what you think. I left my lights on this morning and my car won’t start”.

He still was smiling but I saw the disappointment in his face.

He said “I don’t have my jumper cables fethiye escort with me, they’re in my garage.” Then he asked where I lived. I told him and he said “I live in the next town down from you and I will drop you off at home and put my cables in my car. I’ll pick you up tomorrow for work.”

I said “I can’t thank you enough!”

He immediately smiled and said “I’m glad to help my favorite trainee.”

As we rode home, we talked about many things.

He said “that since my divorce, the other girls don’t talk to me as much and I don’t know why.”

I said “they think you are having a hard time over it, and don’t know what to say to you.”

He replied “I’m adjusting nicely, that it was nice to have my own place again and not have to listen to all the grief my ex was giving me all the time.”

I said “I fully understand, I’m saving up to get my own place.”

He dropped me off at my parents, and told me that he’d pick me up about 6:30 tomorrow. As I got out and went inside, I couldn’t help wondering why he didn’t hit on me, after always looking down my top at the office. Frankly, after talking to him, I was a little disappointed, especially after my rides with Sam.

The next morning as I dressed, I opened my underwear drawer to get out my panties and bra. As I picked up my heavy duty bra, I smiled, set it aside, and chose a sexy one that gave me great cleavage, but still covered my nipples, as I decided Jeff deserved something for “saving a damsel in distress”! I wore a low cut top that I had worn before, so nobody would be the wiser, as I knew there would be talk when I arrived with Jeff.

I had brought a table top makeup mirror to work and put it on my desk. I wanted to see Jeff’s face when he looked down my top and saw the sexy bra covering my tits that I had worn for him.

Before our morning meeting started, I had to explain why I arrived with Jeff to quell all the gossip. Our assignments were handed out and when I read it, I knew one of them was Jeff’s material and that he would be there to help me with the specs.

It was just before lunch when I got to Jeff’s material. I called him to come and go over it with me.

He replied “I’ll be there in a minute, when I finish what I’m typing.”

As it was lunch time he suggested we go outside to try and start my car. He tried to jump it, it would start, but not stay running when he removed the jumper cables.

He said “it needs to go to a shop as it was probably the alternator.”

I exclaimed “oh shit, now what am I going to do!”

He said, very reassuringly, “don’t worry, I have a friend nearby with a shop. I’ll call him to fix your car. I’ll drive you back and forth to work till it’s ready.”

Now, I was really glad I decided to wear my sexy escort fethiye bra, he really deserved it!

He said “let’s go get some lunch at the diner, then I’ll help you with those specs.” I was glad as I was starved.

A little small talk during lunch. When we finished, I got up, bending over far enough to give him a clear view down my blouse. I thought his eyes were going to fall out!

He came over to my desk to “help” me. I had the mirror positioned just right. I leaned forward a little, putting my elbows on my desk. As we worked, I watched him in the mirror. He was obviously very nervous, as he ogled my tits! With a big smile, I thanked him for his help.

On the ride home, I thanked him again for all his help. I decided to be bold. I said “I wore this bra as a sign of my appreciation!”

He tried to speak but could only stammer “you knew I was looking down your blouse?”

I explained “that’s why I wore this bra today, instead of the old lady ones you were used to seeing. I bent over after lunch on purpose, to give you a good look! I watched you in the mirror today as you helped me. I loved the look in your eyes!”

He said “I don’t know what to say except I’m sorry.”

I said “don’t be sorry, it made me feel good that you wanted to look, even though I was wearing “body armor!” I told him “you’ve helped me so much, you can look all you want. I’ll make sure you enjoy it.”

He said “I enjoyed it before, even though you wore a life jacket bra, because I really think you’re nice. I really, really enjoyed looking today because you have gorgeous breasts.”

I got my car back the next day. I asked him if he would mind me coming over and cooking dinner for him, for all his troubles.

He immediately said “that would be fantastic! I haven’t had a home cooked meal in a long time.”

I asked him what he liked to eat.

He said “surprise me, I like almost anything better than take out!”

I picked up a couple steaks, potatoes for baking and greens and dressing for a salad. For dessert I chose a can of whipped cream.

I arrived about six and was greeted by a smile and bottle of wine.

Jeff poured us a glass as I started cooking.

I made a good choice as Jeff stated he loved rib eye steaks. We finished dinner and sat down for a glass of wine, making small talk.

I asked “are you ready for dessert?”

Jeff said “sure. What did you bring?”

I said “it’s a surprise, I ‘m sure you’ll like it.”

I went to the kitchen and got the whipped cream. I then took my dress off, revealing my garters, stockings and 3/4 cup bra that showed my nipples very nicely. I hadn’t worn any panties.

I returned to the living room with dabs of whipped cream on my nipples and my pussy. I said as he turned around fethiye escort bayan to see me, “are you ready for dessert?”

His jaw dropped. He moved toward me while exclaiming, “oh, my favorite dessert. I bet it’s very tasty!”

He started by licking the whipped cream off each breast, in a slow, circular motion. He then took each nipple in his mouth, running his tongue across them ever so expertly.

He fell to his knees to devour the whipped cream on my pussy while he massaged my ass cheeks. Next thing I knew, he had found my vagina with his finger as he licked my clitoris.

I asked him, “wouldn’t you like to use the bedroom?”

He rose and I could see his cock had sprung to attention. He took my hand and led me to his bed. I sat on the edge as he took his shirt off. I reached out, undid his pants, and let them drop to the floor. I released his cock from it’s prison, letting his jockeys fall to his feet.

I started slowly sucking on his cock, running my tongue around the head, listening to his moans of pleasure as I made him rock hard.

I laid back on the bed, pulling him down on top of me. He sucked my tits as he moved his hard cock up and down my pussy. I could feel my juices flowing, then rolled him over and straddled his legs. I moved down to suck his cock again. When I thought I was ready I moved so my pussy was over his cock.

I began to lower myself, taking his cock in a little at a time as this was only the second time I had fucked a man. He began to thrust upward and I said, “don’t, let me go at my own pace. You are only my second fuck.”

He settled down and I worked my pussy down slowly over his cock till I had completely taken it into me.

I said, “now.” I began fucking him like crazy! He thrust his cock into me. Pounding my pussy harder and harder while fondling my tits and squeezing my nipples. As we screamed in delight we each came at the same time. I could feel him shooting his hot cum deep inside me as I shuddered and he thrust his cock into me as far as he could.

I collapsed on him, laying my naked nipples against his chest as I felt his cock slide out of my pussy, and his cum oozing out. We laid like that for awhile, resting, as his hands caressed my ass.

I rose up and removed my sexy bra, still sitting on his now soft cock. He took both completely exposed tits into his hands and massaged them ever so gently. As he did, I could feel his cock begin to come to life again. I slid down, taking his cock into my mouth. I sucked him and stroked his cock with my hand, pumping it and running my tongue over the head of his cock. He thrust up to meet my mouth and I sucked and pumped his cock feverishly until he came again, filling my mouth with his cum.

I swallowed all of it as he pulled me up to sit on his face. He was licking my pussy as his cum dripped on his mouth. He pushed his tongue into my pussy and sucked and licked my clit. It felt so good I began fucking his mouth till I came, mixing our juices together.

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