“MY PERFECT DAY”I (like a lot of us on here) “have a bucket list”. One of the things on my list was to visit a Gay sauna, well 3 years ago I got to do just that! I visited a sauna/complex in Northwich, it was a large building (an old warehouse type building). I arrived at 2 pm and parked my car in a very full car park (there must have been at least 40 cars there, so I realised there was going to be a lot of guys there. I felt nervous but extremely excited as I entered through the front door. I went to the counter, paid the fee and bought a couple of bottles of the strongest poppers they had, i got my towel then went to the changing room. Naked, except for the towel (and wearing a cock cage) I began to explore the place (I had a small bag with me which contained one of my favourite dildos, a very thick 14″ black cock, my poppers, nipple clamps and lube). There were two floors, I wandered around the ground floor, there was a room with sunbeds in it, a very large dry sauna, a wet sauna and a 10 man jacuzzi. I went into the steam room, it was large with smaller rooms off it, through the steam I could see maybe 15 men in there in various places, I was tingling with anticipation. I noticed that some of the men were having sex, some fucking, others sucking cocks. I sat down and took my first hit of poppers, three deep sniffs ….. WOW it felt amazing, I could feel my cock swell inside my tight cock cage. I played with my hard nipples as I watched what was happening, then took out my dildo, lubed my arsepussy and slowly squatted down onto it as I sniffed more poppers (as it was very steamy no one could really see what I was doing) the whole experience was so exciting, my head was spinning, my heart pumping everything felt surreal, but it was actually happening, me fucking myself with a dildo catching glimpses of all illegal bahis these guys having sex ….. amazing. I stayed in this room for maybe 30 minutes, then (still high on poppers).I left and went upstairs to the first floor. This was a totally different place, full of play rooms (some with windows so you could be watched) some private, a large communal sex room for group fun, a glory hole section and a place called “the Maze” (this was a very dark place full of narrow corridors, leading to many different types of rooms). This was a fantastic experience, walking through it, naked (carrying my towel) so everyone that looked at me could see my cock cage and tell I was a submissive faggot, it was such a horny feeling, making me feel so exposed/vulnerable, some guys slapped my arse as I walked past them, I love every second of it. Eventually I found the glory holes (small lockable booths with various holes, some dimly lit, some in complete darkness) I locked myself into one, knelt down and began snorting poppers and fucking my well lubed arsepussy again. Waiting with anticipation for what might happen next …. within a few minutes, a cock appeared through one of the holes, it was quite thick, maybe 9 inches long and VERY hard, I licked it then took it into my wet hungry mouth, I was in heaven, worshipping this gorgeous cock (my first experience of a glory hole) I sucked this cock so good, wanking it into my mouth till it came with such a force, pumping lovely warm semen into my throat, I swallowed every drop, then licked it clean, I felt incredible, such a total faggot whore. I sucked a further two cocks whilst there, each time swallowing their big loads and smearing any spunk spilt onto my face and chest. All the time I was sucking cocks I was riding my big black dildo, my cunt was so moist and stretched illegal bahis siteleri as I took every inch of that huge cock ball deep, I felt wonderful, so slutty. I then left, carrying my big black cock in my hand, mincing about like the little sissy faggot I had always wanted to be, I felt so carefree, so horny, so queer and loving it especially as men were watching me/touching me as I wandered through the maze. I decided it was time to get my sissy cunt well and truly fucked. I discovered a room with a sling in it …. WOW this was the ideal place (I had never seen a sex sling before, but fantasised about it so much) I climbed onto it, had some more poppers, put on my nipple clamps, covered my face/head with my towel and began to slowly fuck myself with my big black dildo in full view of anyone that was passing by. After a view minutes I heard footsteps, then I felt a hand on mine as I held my dildo, it pushed my hand away then took hold of my dildo and began thrusting my black cock into my sissy cunt deeper and deeper. I was in heaven, sniffing poppers under the towel, totally unaware of what this stranger looked like, as I lay there totally exposed to whoever and whatever they wanted to do. My cock was swollen inside my tiny cockcage, I reached down and felt that there was precome all over the tip of it. I reached further and felt this mans cock in my hand, it was rock hard and without a condom on it, the guy then pulled out the dildo and replace it with his cock, I took a massive hit of poppers as he entered me mmmmmm such a turn on knowing I was being fucked bareback by a total stranger and didn’t even know what he looked like and didn’t care, his cock felt great, he fucked me well, holding my hips pulling me onto his hard cock, me pulling at my nipple clamps, I was in ecstasy. After maybe 10 canlı bahis siteleri minutes he began to grunt before climaxing deep inside me, I was loving it, having a real man breeding me made me feel like the perfect sissy faggot.After he had come, he pulled his cock out then standing at the side of my head he put his cock under my towel for me to suck, his cock was so warm, still hard and covered in his spunk, it tasted so good. As I sucked him clean and as I did I realised that there were others in the room. Again I felt a cock enter my dripping sissycunt, this cock felt bigger, stronger than the last one, as I was being fucked vigorously, I felt hands on my body, obviously there were a few men present. I pulled the towel off my head and discovered 4 men standing there, one fucking me so hard as the others pulled at my nipples, I wanked two of them and sucked another, this without doubt was the most amazing sexual experience I had ever had …. it really was a fantasy I had had for a very long time and was actually happening. I was fucked bareback by them all, all of them seeding me, each filling me with their spunk, then (as their come was dripping out of me), one of them scooped it out with his fingers onto his hand and fed me it, I licked and sucked his hand and any left was smeared onto my face, it smelled so good. I came twice in my cockcage whilst being fucked, my cock never once being touched throughout the whole experience ….. My first ever anal orgasms, it was perfect. The guys left, I got off the sling and “staggered” (as my body was shaking) towards the showers, I could taste their spunk and smell it off my body. Once in the shower room, I removed my cockcage as two men watched me, I asked them if they would like to piss on me (the final act of being a cum dump sissy faggot). I wanked my sissy cock as I knelt in front of them, sucking their cocks as they pissed in my mouth and all over me ….. the perfect end to a perfect day. I have been to other Gay saunas since, but felt disappointed as they could never compare to “MY PERFECT DAY”!

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