my personal field trip


my personal field tripthe story i am going to tell you about this time occurred when i was only three years old. Its different from my other experiences but just as unforgettable i mean how can i forget such amazing experiences like i shared with my beautiful aunt norma or even my sexy ther****t Ms. Liz or including my baby sitter who became my tutor and my girlfriend oh not to mention the nurses aid  i was in great hands with her.all wonderful expeience’s another was that one day that one friday morning. which i thought was just like any other day to my surprise…i didn’t think i was going to have big scare that morning when my bus driver left me on the bus unattended i didn’t have a wheel chair to move around i was looking through the window as everyone was going to class like any other day except one even noticed or even bother to look for me and to top it off i was going to miss my field trip with the class.. so there i was horrified scared covered in tears buckled in to my seat i remained in that situation for a while until the bus driver came back.let me just describer for you reader: sshe was a beautiful African American woman with long black shiny hair big beautiful dark brown eyes lovely full lips silky smooth dark chocolate skin voluptuous firm big breast like Jenny Jahaan but as firm and solid as nikki fritz a booty like Jessica Burciaga nice and rounded you could put a beer on it and i doubt it would fall 🙂  great beautiful tanned thick legs like nikki delano she looked like she was made out of build your own kit or photoshop and print out in real life her name was .. well i don’t remember her full name but we all called Ms. Nikianyhow this story as i mentioned took place when i was three here i was mortified scared screaming out of my lungs to see if anyone would even hear me to my surprise the driver comes back as if nothing was wrong when she asked.Ms. Niki: why are you crying whats wrong baby why all those tears huh?i answered because i was scared and alone no one came to get me everyone forget me and you left me behind.she walked up to me and kneeled int front of me exposing her lovely big breast  and said.Ms. Niki: oh i didn’t forget you baby..i left you here because i was going to come back and wanted you all to my self. see what i was thinking is that you and i could go somewhere and have some alone time just you and i.i stared at her as she gave me an innocent smile as if she was not doing anything wrong and underhanded she then asked with a devious smile and seductive stare in he eyes wouldn’t  you like a ride in this big bus?again i stared at her and stared at bus not sure of what to make of it what to say wasn’t  sure if i should be scared or if i should excited between not sure where we going or not going to class.Ms. Niki: wouldn’t you like to go for a nice field trip just the two of i promise you will have a great time i will take very good care of you darling believe you will see things you have never seen before and with that she smiled bit her lip and took a gulp of saliva and waited for my answer anxiously.i knotted yes to her as she was kneeling in front of me as i was getting a nice view or her breast i wondered if she saw me at that moment staring at her breast.she stood up and proceeded to drive the bus.Ms. niki: its settled then we are going to for a tripyay.. this will be so much fun you will see darling you will enjoy your self just wait and see..we drove around for sometime looking at places talking listening to music.. i actually felt confortable i was enjoying my self unknowing of what to expect what she was going to do next we went to Mcdonald’s she bought me a happy meal  with a toy after we ate we went for another ride at this time it was like 9 or 10am by this time i needed to be changed to which i askedMe; can we go back to school i need to change i need the potty Ms. Niki: oh me too baby lets go to my house i live near by i’ll change you there i have to go too.she drove to her house and once we got there she parked the bus and she got up and came to get me.Ms. Niki: ok baby we’re here lets get you inside I’ll put cartoons for you while we do all this..ok hold on right dont want you falling now..ok?she carried me inside i was holding on tight as she said… i could feel her big breast on me like two fluffy pillow nice and firm which also remind me of lunch i had eaten but that was more like breakfast sense i hadn’t eaten before that.she carried me inside laid me on the couch turns on the television puts dennis the manace then comes and undresses me and as she did realized she didnt have what was needed.which now that i think about it..why would she but thought nothing about it then…she then left me for a few minutes to get the stuff…and she came back alright….but in a way i did not expect she changed she was wearing practically nothing she came in a very skimpy bra and buttom outfit leaving very little to the imagination she then kneeled in front of me she proceeded to clean me of but at a moment i dont know happen she just began to touch me not cleaning wiping me just started to touch me pennis in ways that didnt seem appropriate and she wasn’t just wiping me clean anymore in fact she was rubbing my pennis and testicles circular wise massaging them nice and slow i was just staring at her when i asked Ms. Niki what are you doing to me? am i still not done being cleaned.Ms. Niki: mmmm darling you are already clean..uhummm mmmmm.. i  mean yes baby sqeaky clean as wisleshe mumbled: i would sure love to blow that horn…I asked what was that…to which she replied oh. nothing baby she said with a devious smile,  i’m just massaging you “its the****utic really good for your penis it makes blood flow much better it also makes it grow larger and longer and it will make you feel soo good?at this point it was flaccid and soft.Ms. Niki: doesn’t it feel good baby?the way i’m massaging you the way i’m rubbing you circular wise whole hand all over you penis and your testiclesi became aroused slowly getting an erection.Ms. Niki: oh my gosh your getting an erection already baby.. it starting to look harder firmer is looking wonderful mmm yes….you have a beautiful penis baby….its long but not thick.. it’s uuu baby it’s leaking: she said with a smile.. it’s …interrupted and asked her Ms. Niki should you be doing this shouldn’t we be going back to school?Ms. Niki: don’t worry baby i’ll take you back just in time to take you home mamma is going to take very good care of you, you’ll see.she said with a smile and her hand on my penisstill enjoying her self having her way with me i must admit i was having quite a nice time my self although i don’t know what was going on with me i still seem to find pleasure in it i was actually liking enjoying my self at that moment and time i couldn’t  quite figure out why i was just confortable.she then told me it was starting to get stiff and start kissing the tip of my penis with small gentle pecks while holding it with her hand all around it firmly and tight grip then give it nice licks around it starting to divirginizing my penis with her mouth by putting it in her mouth inch by inch giving my first blowjob she proceeded to put the tip first in her mouth and slowly gently continued to put my whole penis her mouth until the very bottom of it and in and out in and out in and out in and out nicely slowly tightening her lips on my penis as she still going up and down giving swirl motion movements savoring my penis as it was a tasty lolly i just lay there letting her have way with me unable to go anywhere now that think about it not that i would want to haha with that being said she went faster and faster deeper and deeper deep throat in as far as she can at times gagging with my penis in her mouth the she puts in her hand and starts to stroke it gets close me starts kissing my chest kissing my nipples and starts to suck on my nipples which i didn’t know i would love..oh baby did i love it… she was nice and gentle as if she knew that would soo turn me on as she was handling my penis with her hand stroking it moving her hand up and down circling around it tuzla eve gelen escort soon after she started kissing my neck taking little nibble’s at it with her hands now on my best pulling my nipples with her hands then nibbling on my hear as she was taking of her undies with her hands she went on to kiss my neck and she got a hold of my penis and proceeded to insert it into her private spreading wide open her thick beautiful legs gently introducing my penis to her private sliding it inch by inch  starting to slowly go up and down on it taking it easy on me as i just laid there.. as she was starting to ride me a little more normal speed she kissed me on my lips giving me small pecks with her beautiful full red lips she had lip gloss strawberry flavored ( it tasted good to be honest ) she gave me three pecks of kisses then she licked around my lips with her long wide tongue which she slithered into my mouth slowly until she put all of it inand just gave me a full blown kiss in my mouth deep passionate long kiss swirling her tongue in my mouth her tongue and my tongue you united as one as she still was on top of me riding my penis she was going up and  down up and down as she laid over me kissing me with her arms wrapped around my neck she then stood up and pick me up a with my penis still in her private and just held me up pushing me  up and down up and down up and down.. rapidly fastening the pace as she was ramming my penis in her as if she was forcing my penis break in her private i felt like i was in a fast bumping ride.Ms. Niki: come on baby give it to me.. give it to me come on.. break my pussy.. let me feel that dick inside of me..come on.. ohh yeah uhuh.. oh yeah baby fuck yeah.. oh hell yeah.. oh god damn you baby i love the way your dick feels in my pussy.. huh hmmm yeah oh yeah baby….uhuh huh…hmmm yeah baby.. mamma likes.. mamma likes baby..i didn’t know what to do or say.. i was just at her mercy, all i could do is just let it happen.. and just express how i felt…ahhh ahhh ahhhhh..mmmmm ahh…oh Ms. Niki…whats happening to me.. aaahhhh mmm ahh..Ms. Niki: oh baby don’t worry just enjoy the ride mamma going to take very well care of you.. god damn baby.. you so fucken good oohh yeeaah.. ummm uhum baby now give it to me.. give me more… oh god yes.. damn baby you have  a good dick on this time i was cover in sweat.. sweat dripping from my head down my neck to my back..  as she was all covered in sweat as a grunting voice she said uh yess that was fucking amazing baby ooh wee.. oh yeah.. that was great.. as she through me back into the sofashe stood there gasping for air a bit of air her whole body glazed covered in sweat her beautiful breast shiny with sweat her private dripping of my cum never seen anything like it.Ms. Niki: you know what baby i think ima keep you for the whole weekend just to my self 🙂 how would you like that? you will be in good hands.. all the ice cream you can eat cartoons and the fat sweet pussy and for me nothing but dick all weekend which i responded Whaat..but at the same time ice cream and cartoons the idea didn’t seem so bad after so i said ok.Ms. niki: come on boy.. give mommy more of that juice tasty dick of yours..she started to lick it first on the top of the head the she started to lick it around giving it nice long swirls licking motions sucking it tightly firm grip with her handMs. Niki: damn baby you have a nice tasty juicy dick on you.. i can imagine when your all grown up mmm.. yes baby you well have a nice package on you 🙂 as of right now it has a mushroom look like figure nice and hard tip stick long dickas she is handling my penis she is also looking up at me on her knees stroking my penis up and down up and down as she also massages my testicles making me feel so good and relaxed… he has me eating in palm of her hands as she did the whole time.she then stopped working on my penis by now it was around 4pm getting close to dinner time i was getting niki im hungry can we eat now..Ms. Niki: oh are you baby? ok sweetneart lets see what i can prepare…she got up walked away butt naked into the kitchen and i sat on the couch watching i love lucy on tv waiting for dinner i was  shortly after sometime she walked into the living room with a tray with burgers and fries my favorite.Ms. Niki: look baby what i made you…your favorite burger and fries for my big boy…mmmm yummy…enjoy baby you deserve it after all you made mamma very happy today after you finish eating i will give you a nice warm bath ok?to which i replied ok Ms. Niki..Ms. Niki: oh baby don’t call me MS. after all this i’m your secret girlfriend  call me niki, ok?Me: ok niki and i smiled and continued to eating my burger and friends shortly after she asked me.Ms. Niki: are you done with your dinner baby would you like more there is more if you like? are you ready for your bath? so i can get things set up and give your bath.Me: i’m done it was delicious thank you 🙂 i smiled.she left the living room to go get set up and she was still naked we both were actually after sometime and she finished setting  up the bathroom she came back into the living room and got me from the couch and carried me into the bath tub with warm water and full of toy and started to give me my bath as she started to pour water over my head then got soap and rubbed some on my head my face my neckdown to my chest to my stomach she continued until she got on my penis.Ms. Niki: oh my what do we have here…getting a bit excited are we??someome is getting aroused  by way you’re looking at me with your devilish eye’s are you getting to be a naughty little boy.. look at you!!you already have an erection going.. oh my… we can’t have that.. let mamma take care of it for you..soon  after she lets go of the soap and grabbed a hold of my privateand started to massage it gently as she did earlier leaning my penis against my testicles massaging the whole area in circular wise motion which felt so good to be honest..i could see she was getting exciting just by doing it.. the look in her face said it all.. her nipples were nice and perky as were mine 🙂 after a while of just massaging me she began to stroke my penis with a nice long tight grip in her hand sliding her hand firmly up and down all the way from my testicles to the very top of my penis little by little reach it’s full growth.. the top of my penis had a similarity to a mushroom top and she began to speed up the pace and started to stroke faster and faster tightening her grip a bit more it got more and more intense.Ms. Niki: uuu yes baby.. do you like how i’m handling your dick with my hands baby do you like how my hand is stroking your dick up and down with my hand baby? can you imagine how that how that dick would feels inside my tight ass.. would you like to put it in my tight ass baby? i would sure love it if you stick your whole dick inside of my tight  ass i could sit on top your dick anride it up and down for you as you get a full view of my and my voluptuous tities and you can grab a hand full as i ride your dick up and down or you can spank my ass hard as im riding your dick.. anyway you want it baby..soon after she jumped in the tub picked me up and put on top of her facing her and got my hand and guided me to her part and asked met o finger bang her me not knowing what that was or how to even go about it she showed me the way putting my figures in private..Ms.Niki: oh yes baby.. uhuh..mmmyess baby.. that a boy..oooo muthafucker oh yeah..yess yes oh baaabyyy.. just the way mamma likes oh yeah baby my pussy loves that baby…oh god daammn you.. fuck yeah baby.. oh baby don’t fucken stooppp.. bbaaaabbbbyyy.. don’t stop.. don’t stop.. pleeeassee don’t stop….work those fingers baby.. oh yeah ooh yeah baby.. oh.. fuckk.. aw yes baby.. ohh…mmmmm uuu yes..mmmmyessmmm yeah baby.. you got my pussy going crazy have magic fingers.. maybe after you can taste my pussy and eat all my juice cum from my pussy baby you will love how i taste baby.. ooh yes.. baaabbbyy!!! finger fuck me baby.. make this fat pussy cum baby..bang it baby.. tuzla otele gelen escort bang it baby.. oh fucken hell yeah.. godd daaammnnn ahh yeah ooh yess.. you mathafucker ima cum all over you fucken hand.. i like that baby i love that a lot baby.. uhhhuuuhhhh…oh fuck oh yes..oh fuck yeah.. oh..oh.. oh.. yes baby..ooohhh daammn you baby.. mmmmmmyess.. oh yeah baby with giggle.. you made me cum good and hard baby.. your a nasty little boy.. mamma likes mamma likes!!lick my fingers baby taste the juice from this tight fat pussy you just satisfied..hmm i never thought you had such good hands.. your a fast learner baby.let’s get you out of here and get you dried up lets go see what time it is and maybe you can eat my fat tight pussy baby want to see what you can do what that tongue in my pussy baby.. mmmmmque rico.. see now you got me talking spanish :)and with that she gave me a nice long passionate kiss and scooped me out of the top and carried me into her bed room laid me down got some towels she dried me up…she got on the bed opening her legs putting one over my body spreading her legs wide opening exposing her private over my face letting me get a full view of her nice and clean smooth pussy as she lifted my head up she kneeled down more to introduce my head into her private and asked me to stick my tongue out asked me to give her nice soft small gentle licks into her private somewhat almost demanding me to do so.. but i obeyed of course i proceeded to give her those nice soft gentle licks in her private  she then giggled a bit.. and stated she was a bit ticklish.Ms. Niki: ah yeah huh..uuu yes.. uhuuhhmmmmuuhhyeaahh.. uuu makes me feels so good oh yes baby… lick my clit baby.. you going to make me cumm.. ooh baby.. yes baby yes baby.. nice and easy baby.. huh.. yeah that a boy baby.. oh god yes… fuck… fuck me fuck me fuck.. ohh god…..aaaahh…aerate….oh fuck.. oh fuck.. that feels so good.. mmm…oh fuck.. my godd.. yeah…mmmm…you want to be mamma big man.. you want to want make mamma happy.. to which i replied yes.. oh ok then keep licking my pussy so fucken good baby.. uuu yes uh uh uh she said with a grunt in her voice.. aaahh ahh ahh fuck.. fuck… ahh aah aah yeah.. you have a nice tungue.. oh my god i can’t believe that a boy like you can make me feel so fucken goood..fuck yeah..yes… yes.. yes. fuck.. god damn.. you..aaaahhhh..uuuuhhhh.. fuck yeah fucken own me.. uhuhh.. yeah fuck.. yes! yes! yes!…..hijo de puta… she said with an accent.. to which i said niki i didn’t know you spoke spanish….Ms. Niki: i don’t  baby.. only a few words here and there especially the bad ones.. hahahahh uhhuhh ahh ahh ahh.. oh baby your going to make me fucken cum.. omgg im going to cum so good.. babyy.. uh uh uh with a grunt in her tone of voice oh fuck me yes!.. uh uh uh.. oooh uuuuhhh ooh god my pussy is so fucken hot right now oh yes… oh fuck.. uhh uhh uhh.. oh yeah oh yeah..oh oh.. uuhh.. uuu yeah.. uuhh..heavy breathing gasping for ear trying to catch her air..uuuuhhh uuuuu yes! yes! yes..oh my god yes.. oh my god yes baby…. fuck my pussy with your face baby.. uh uh uh oh yeah… uh uh uh nice aaahhhh.. uh uh uh.. um..uhummmoh.. uuuu.. oh baby oh fuck.. uhh….oh yeah..uuuu..oh yeah.. uuu oh yeah.. oh yeah.. your my daddy.. your my daddy.. and i am your PUTA!!! oh god yes.. oh yes oh fuck.. uh uh uh.. oh fuck yes.. your my daddy.. oh yes your my daddy!!.. oh god dam you yes….uh uh uh.. uuu yea.. yes yes.. uuu.. baaabyyy.. uh uh uh..uuu uhyeah.. ah! ah! ah!.. oh baby you going to make me fucken cum in your face so fuck hard.. oh yeah.. huh…huh.. uhuh.. ay papi que rico.. with accent…and as she said it happen.. she actually squirted all over my face i felt like it was a water fall all over my face.. coming was an understatement.. she really let it flow all over my face.. never experienced anything of that sort but i loved it.. she then got up and water was dripping in between her legs my face was covered of the same thing she cleaned my face and she cleaned her self up she went to get some close then dressed me up dressed her self up then we laid in bed talked a bit she asked me if i had a good time and i told her i completely sure but that it seemed like it.. she gave me a big kiss and we watched tv until we fell asleep.the next morning she got up very early she cleaned the house and fixed up breakfast and served me breakfast in bed it was eggs bacon sausage little pancakes and juice i sat up and turned the tv on to watch pink panther she fed me as i was watching the tv she then asked me what do you want to do today baby.. movies, game,park,theme park and i replied movies and she said ok lets see whats playing in theaters.. let’s see.. there is.. a christmas story, micky’s christmas carol, cueramaro i assume that’s a spanish movie.. i said you pick.. she said ok.we went to see two different movies one for me and one for her a micky christmas carol and cueramaron a spanish erotic story not suitable for a boy my age but she still took me ( oh don’t worry i closed my eyes 🙂 ) i finished eating she dressed me and off we went to the theater she wore a nice loose dress that with that body it still looked tight and you could tell she had no bra what i didn’t know is she had no panties no underwear but i would find out later on in the day when we got to the theater she bought snacks and we went inside to watch my movie first i love cartoons especially christmas movies are my favorite.. soon after it was done we went in to see hers not much people where in this theater room.. maybe like 5 people the most counting us twowe sat up high in the back.. she picked the seats on one seat she put the snacks in the next were for us..the movies was about a young naive  man who visits his auntie out of town who he learns later she is a prostituted as she explains the house rules and sleeping arrangements shortly after he goes out to have some fun a little too much fun at that.. haha at the same time he interrupts his aunt at work leaving her yearning for more sexual pleasures her nephew starts telling her that he  will enlist into the spanish arm force as she is strongly yearning for sex she then takes a look at him and questions him: have you ever been with a woman.. to which he replies no i have never been with a woman..she then say’s well you will have one tonight nephew your not sleeping on the floor tonight.. he started to get excited and say’s well then lets get to it…she starts kissing him all over passionately letting loose her sexual desires going wild for her inexperience nephew removing each and every item of clothing they both have throws him in the bed and throws her self on top of him and tell him to put his part in her private in that moment it felt like the room was getting hotter and hotter each second i notices niki was moving her legs together rubbing her legs together her hand in between her legs as trying to contain her self from what i now know fingering her self licking her lips getting more and more excited unsuccessfully able to hold back anymore she then puts her hand on my lap rubbing my leg now i just stayed quiet and watching her and watching the movie she unzips my pants puts her hand into my underwear manages to take out my penis then starts to massage it right then and there and continues to stroke it up and down slowly gently softly trying to not bring any attention to us she continues to stroke my penis and at the same time she opens her legs wide an lefts her skirt up  and starts to please her self in her part while we look at each other trying to hold in any sexual emotions we were like that through out the whole movie her stroking me and sliding her hand up and down with a tight grip as she fingered her private at the same time by the end of the movie we had both came and she cleaned me up with wippies and she picked me and carried me as if nothing happened we then went to eat we went home and at home she put me in the couch.Ms. Niki: ok baby we gonna finish what i started at the theater ok… i want that dick in side of me ok..i want you to fuck the shit out of me fuck my brains tuzla sınırsız escort out.. i want you to tare fat pussy up you understand me..i want that dick to explode in my pussy every drop of your cum in ok.i was like huh.. okay..Ms. Niki: ok baby ima do something special for you let me go change and im going to do a striptease just for you baby..ok?she went to her room and changes .. she came back and came in to the living room with a very sexy skimpy red swimsuits.. the top barely covering her breast similar tu what coco austin would wear it was very hot… she also covered her self in oil turn off the tv took the control away from me and started to flaunt her attributes in front of me bending down putting her breast in my face turns around bends over and shows me her booty grabs my hand puts it on her booty she turns around gets on the couch standing up and opens her legs and starts bending her knees and goes up and down privative  in front of me then turns around and does the same thing and as she’s down in front of me shakes that booty in my face asks me to smack it hard.. so i did right smack in that booty she then grabs my hands again and puts them on her beautiful thick long legs wiggling that booty on me…she removes her top off and throws it on my head flaunting her beautiful breast letting them hang loose dangling  them with out a care in the world she turns around and and gets on her knee’s on the sofa and grabs a hold of her amazing breast and pushes them together and puts them on my face then she gets a hold of my head and stuffs me in there then lets go and i gasp for air she puts one of her breast in my face and she makes a request suck on my titie lick it all around suck on them some more… i know you like my tities come on boy suck mammas titiesenjoy them baby there all yours babe.she then got up stood on top of me like if she was on top of a mountain leaned against the couch bent her knees a bit..Ms. Niki: ok baby no i want you to eat my pussy again.. can you do that for me baby.. i want you to do what mamma likes again.. now stick that tongue out and do what you do best…so i did :)Ms. Niki: oh sweet daddy.. that’s how i like it.. thats my big boy… oh yeah..uuuu papi… mamma likes.. mamma likes.. uuhuummmm..mmmmm.. yes…yes.. yes..yes… god yes…umm.. you like my pussy don’t you baby…. i know you do baby…oh my….. you a hungry little fella aren’t you.. you love eating my pussy don’t you.. i sure as hell love how you eat this pussy baby.. lick it baby.. lick it baby.. god damn your good baby.. oh my god yes.. uuhuumm.. yeah uuu.. uh uh uh uh! uhuh uhuyeeaa uuu.. fuck.. come get this fat pussy baby… oh yes.. that shit feels so fucken good ooh yes..uu.. that shit feels soo good baby..mmm i likes baby..i likes baby….uuuyess…yes yes yes god yes!…oh gawdyess.. mmmmmm uh uh uh uh uh oh yes yes yes uuubaaabbbyyy…. you eat so fucken good baby oh baby.. god damn you.. soon after a few minutes of eating her inside out she lets go my head just a bit and starts squirting al over my face and went down my chest.. Ms. Niki: oh my goooddnnesss baby…you got some mouth on you…wooooowiiii..oh god yes… that was Amazing!!!..ima have to reward you for that deserve something nice and specially tonight.. being its your last night and all but we will do this again.. believe that.. oh yes indeed..this lil pussycat will only be your from now on i promise you that..your my only little man my papi chulo..and i will be your sweet hot chocolate!!!.. later that night after dinner niki she went to get changed get a bit more comfortable she came back in a nice nighty gown took my by the chair to show me what she had instore for us later that evening Ms. Niki: ok baby it’s time for me to show you have i have planed your last night here, i hope you like my she was pushing me into her bed room.. she had rose piddles all over the bed in shape of a heart rose piddles on the ground as well candle light chocolates and sense i cant drink she had my favorite strawberry soda as you can tell this would be a very specialnight not just intense passionate sex this would be an unforgetible night of love making with a beautiful woman she got me by the hand and proceeded to say.Ms. Niki: baby this weekend has been the most amazing one in all my life such a wonderful experience at first i just wanted to fuck your brains out but now i have grown to care for you and even love you. your such a sweet boy.. and i want to give you the best night you ever had i want to show you that i can also be loving caring gentle i am going go make love to you i want in this bed to give you my heart my mind my body and my soul i want our bodies to be as one i want you to be inside me and i want all over you like chocolate covered strawberries.she laid me over the bed comfortably as she stood over me and started to open her gown and unveil her sexy body and show me what was under neath her gown was a blue sexy see through nighty leaving very little to th imagination almost nothing to hide she got on top of me nice and gently gave me a kiss on my lips then she continued by kissing my forehead my neck nibbling on my earshe held me up to remove my shirt laid me back down started to kiss my chest my stomach as she was putting her hands all over my chest she continued down my stomach going lower with each kiss she then removed my underwear sliding them off she continued kissing my penis kissing my testicles she the grabbed my penis with her hands and started to nibble on my testicles starting to stroke my penis slowly gently very soft touch slowly going up and down as she is sucking on my testicles.mmm..that was feeling so good..uhumm..she kept sucking on my penis with her mouth firmly closed sliding her lips up up and down my penis.. my penis going inside out inside out until i was aroused and then started to get an erection feeling of the pleasure of the magnificent blow job she was preforming on me as i laid there clenching my nails to the bed of satisfaction frustration pleasure i was obtaining by her as she went faster and faster taking in her mouth my penis and with that i began to get more and more excited then she stopped and looked at me and said are you ok baby i said yes i’m ok she then got close to me and gave me a mother kiss and took her panties off of her and climbed on top got a hold of my penis and introduced it into her part taking it in little by little every inch of it started to move up and down slowly very slowly then forward backwards and circular motion as well as she took off her bra through it on the floor as she was riding my penis up and down faster and faster grabbing her delicious beautiful firm breast riding me faster and faster as i held her by the waist Ms. Niki: uhuh…mmmm.. oh yeah….uuuu..yess.. uhuhuhuh… ..yes! yes! yes! god yes! yes! oh god yes!!!.yes baby yes baby yes baby…yes! yes! yes! yes! god damn you yes.. oooh baaaabbbyyy!!!! uhuhuhuhuhuhaaaaaaahhh.. fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me.. fuck me baby…. fuck me baby….fuuuccckkkk mee!!!… son of a biiittchh.. fuck me mathafucker!!! fuck me fuck me fuck…ooh god yes!!! baaabbby.. tare shit up…tare this pussy up… ah ah ah hu hu hu hu…mmmmmmyesss oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah…mmmmbaby…fuck my pussy fuck my pussy fuck my pussy.. uhuhuhuhuhuh..yess yes yes yes…uuu baby.. yes..i love your dick in my pussy….aaahhh ah ah ah uh..oh god oh god..uhuh uh ahum uh uh uh.. you little rascal you.. i’m going to cum baby.. i’m coming i’m coming..oh god yes.. oh baby.. oh baby..fuck me fuck me fuck me…fuck me baby… I’m cummin I’m cummin..ooooohh god! yeess…uuuu..yess..uhummm…awe yes..that’s my big boy…oh yes daddy…. she came all over my penis laid over me resting her head on my chest with her arm on my waist enjoying the last night together eventually falling asleep after a wonderful night.. the next morning we got up and dressed and went back to the school as everyone else was arriving and parents hadn’t gotten there yet so as soon as we arrived i went to my class mates group and waited for my parents to pick me up to go home and rest from my field trip with the school wink wink 🙂 oh yeah my “ bus driver ” took me to many many more field trips after that :)i hope you have enjoyed reading this story as well as my previous stories leave a comment please and or a suggestions give me your feedback on your thoughts on this story and the others.. i will keep post more stories of other sexual events.. till next time.

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