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my pornstar wifeThis is the story of myself and wife rittu, we are a happy married couple and love each other. I often used to make film on our self fucking each other. Iused to fuck my wife in all positions.she often used to suck my cock and take my cum inside wife intially was shy on filming her but used to enjoy later and we used to watch our film wife rittu is little on a heavy side with size 36-32-36. But she looks very sexy in a sarre. One day i saw an ad in the paper requiring a female for modeling in sarrees.i thought i should apply for my wife rittu as she looks very attractive in a saree.i contactedthe person named bobby.he called us to his office in bhikajicama place.we reached ther on the required time.bobby took a good look at my wife and said that she would require the screen test.he took us into a studio nearby safdujang person was there to apply the makeup on my wife and other was a photographer. Rittu was wearing a black sarre .they told rittu to stand in front of the camera and started taking photos of rittu.the photographer was touching my wife but i didn’t mind neither did rittu as she was enjoying the photosession.the photographer tan started caressing rittu boobs tinging her this time i objected and said what he was doing.he said he got excited on seeing rittu and could not control himself.bobby also came and calmed me.bobby said they would pay me 20000 if i would let them fuck my wife. 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I thought if they can fuck my wife for twenty grands why not make a blue film. Bobby told me he would pay ten lakhs for the film.i was happy and i also convinced rittu for it.bobby told us to come next day so that he can make the necessary day we reached on the approved time and we saw around two video cameras position around the bed to fmake the blue film.i thought ten lakhs is worth for my wife to fucked and make the blue film.iasked bobby when its going to be atarted he told me to wait for few minutes.then bobby called me to a another room separetaly and ther i was astonished to see twelve negros all black men sitting around.bobby toll me that these are the men who will fuck my wife while he and the photographer will make the blue film.i kocaeli escort bayan told bobby are u crazy . These men will make my wife dead and all of them going to fuck together.bobby told me that it’s a gang bang blue film which is liked in all countries and that’s why he is offering a good money.he put the cash on the table .i thought for a moment i should go but then curiosity of seeing twelve gus fucking my wife and temption of money gave it in and i accepted the offer.i told bobby that rittu would faint on seeing these black men and that ther should go immeditaley go and **** her.i then went to rittu and told her that the film would start any moment and rittru was enquiring who the men were.bobby and his cameramen took their position and told rittu to come on the bed.rittu was wering a red nightee ans came on the bed .her white complextion was showing gracefully and then all suddenly those bloddy negros came into the room.rittu was horrifed by them and looked at me whats going on .i told her even i don’t know.suddenly all of them took off their clothes and those huge cocks were exposed. They were jet black in colour and my wife was shining in front of them. They tore off rittus nighty at one go and and made her fully naked.rittu tried to run from there but they caught hold of rittu and slapped her on her face.i told rittu to do as they want or they would kill her.they all gathered in circle around rittu and their huge cocks dangling. 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