My Seal Opening Ceremony – Part II

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My Seal Opening Ceremony – Part IIdeletedPlease like and add comments on all my pics and stories. read the first part to understand the story line ……“I don’t think it is a good idea. Rajesh won’t like it” I replied.“Please, darling. Convince him. I am the only lady among all those horny men. Normally I don’t mind, but my milk Tits are bothering me. Where will I find time and place to keep squeezing milk? They become hard like stones and will be painful and if milk leaks out it would be embarrassing. Daily you drink your milk quota. I won’t bother you “ she pleaded.Reluctantly I agreed.“Thanks darling. After you started sucking I have become a Jersey cow, I don’t know how many liters my yield is “she joked and put down the phone.Rajesh grumbled but agreed I knew he would, he is such a gallant, chivalrous man…………….……………………….Next day we went to Ooty, went for sightseeing and it was fabulous. Air conditioned climate and greenery was breathtakingly beautiful. Pratusha kept her word. She was following us at a distance. After I sucked her milk in the morning and in a rest room after several hours, she didn’t trouble me.By the time we returned in the evening, we were dead tired. She collapsed in the sofa in her room and as we turned to leave, she said” Swati, Rajesh, thanks for the outing. Please give me company. I feel like having a peg or two, it is so cold”.“I don’t drink. Rajesh drinks occasionally. I will have orange juice” I said and sat in another sofa.Rajesh looked daggers at me. He was very horny, as I kept pressing and rubbing my boob on his elbow whole day and was feeling his warm cock above trousers.“Ok, one small drink to give you company” he said and sat beside me.“Wonderful” she said and spoke to Room service to send one bottle of Scotch whisky and orange juice and snacks.We looked at each other.“Pratusha, why did you order a bottle? I will have only one peg” Rajesh said.“Don’t worry, I will take it home” she told and went inside and changed into a tight top and figure hugging leggings. Rajesh gaped at her tempting cleavage and looked away hurriedly.Waiter knocked and entered. He arranged neatly bottle, glasses and snacks and left.She bent forward and poured whisky into glasses. It was impossible not to look at her cleavage and milk white boobs.“Say when” she asked Rajesh, he told her to stop after she poured about a large peg. Then she poured for herself a Patiala peg. She added soda and ice and said “ Cheers. To your glorious, fabulous love and marriage.”We said “Cheers” and sipped our drinks and our jaws dropped as she lifted her glass and finished in one gulp and poured second Patiala peg.I tried to stop her ”Pratusha, what are you doing? Go little slow” I pleaded.“No worries. It is ages since I tasted such good scotch” she said as she was mixing soda and adding ice cubes.“Ages? You told me few days back that you and Ajay were stoned few days back after getting sozzled in sea of whisky” I asked.“ can’t I drink wis..whisshhkky now?” she asked as she downed her second peg. Her words getting slurred and her eyes were not focusing.Rajesh finished his drink fast, “Ok, good night, Pratusha, take care, lock your door after we go” he said and got up. I also got up.“Rajeshhh..dearrr.. angry? Come on, shpend some more time, have one more..” she said, she was high.“Thanks but we have to go. Come ,Sweta” he said and turned to go, I followed him.She got up unsteadily and extended a hand” Ok, darrlllinnggss… gooood nighhhht” she said and wobbled.Rajesh moved quite fast like maltepe escort a lightening and grabbed her as she was collapsing. His hand gripped one boob and another her waist and as I helped him to prop her gently in sofa, he hissed at me” You and your good Samaritan deeds, see where it landed you? Now we have to baby sit for this slut”She giggled in a singsong voice like drunkards do. “ Rajeshhhh, darrllinngg.. don’t shhhout at Shweeeta..sorry Swhaatii..she is very goooood girl, not shlut…” she told in a slurry voice.Rajesh ran his hand through his hair and looked at me.“What shall we do? Can we leave her in this state? Whole hotel staff will fuck her inside out and she will not even know” he said worried.“Let us deposit her on her bed and quietly leave. She will sleep it off. If she gets fucked, it is their luck” I said and passed my arm under her armpit and pulled her. Rajesh held her hand and pulled. Together we half carried , half dragged her to her bed. If she did purposely, I don’t know, she kept rubbing her tit on his biceps all the time.We gently made her lie on bed and covered her with blanket and as we turned to leave, she grabbed my hand.“Shwaatii, pishhh…I need to pisshhh.. urgent…pleashhhh” she pleaded.I sighed and took out bed cover and pulled her up. I ignored angry glares of Rajesh. I can’t very well leave her to piss in bed and have hotel staff complain to my Boss. He pulled her from other side and we half carried her to bathroom.“I can’t come in, you manage” he said and left her at the bathroom door. She started to slide and grabbed at his cock which was already full erect by her warm boobs massages. Again he hurriedly grabbed her.I acted as if I didn’t see as he gently released her grip on his cock.“I can’t manage on my own, you come in and close eyes if you want to. Anyway what is the big deal? you have seen me pissing many times” I told him and together we took her near to commode.“You hold her from behind, I will pull her leggings. Don’t try to back out, I know your cock is poking her buttocks, It is OK” I told him, since all of us speak same language, I could not tell him secretly.“Yesssshh, darrlllinngg,, poke me..fuck me…..” Pratusha mumbled.I pulled her leggings to her ankles. “Now lift her up” I told him.He could not lift her up without squeezing tits and poking his hard cock in her buttocks. I removed leggings and pulled her panty. I thought I could make her pee with panty pulled down to knees. She was not sober and kept sliding, so I removed her panty also.I made her sit on loo and asked her to piss. She was not lying. She let out a golden jet with so much force like a tap and kept pouring and pouring.“Finished?” I asked after piss tricked and came down to drops. I looked up and was shocked to see Pratusha pull down Rajesh’s shorts and suck his cock. My cunt immediately opened tap.“It is not my fault. She suddenly pulled my shorts down” he started explaining in a panic.“No harm done, dear. Don’t worry” I soothed him and washed her cunt and my hands and tried to release her grip on Rajesh’s cock. She shook her head and was sucking vigorously.I reasoned with her as if she were a small c***d “ Pratusha, good girl, leave his cock. You can suck in bedroom. Why here in bathroom?” She finally left his cock, he hurriedly pushed it into his shorts. We again put her in bed and she caught Rajesh’s both hands and pulled with such force he fell on her and his mouth landed on her nipple. I think she undid her top buttons purposely, her boob with nipple was in escort maltepe his mouth. Because he landed with force, his lips forced her tit to eject milk.My question was answered, Rajesh was after all a man, a horny man, and he was not superman to withstand seduction of a temptress. I was not angry. She seduced me even faster.He grabbed her tit in both hands and started sucking, she was moaning and pressed his head even more firmly to her boob. To Rajesh’s credit, after few minutes, he came to senses and hurriedly got up and started blabbering” Swati, I am so sorry, it is not my fault, this slut tempted me..”Swati sat up threw out her top and was naked and fell back and opened her legs wide to show a pink, wet and juicy cunt.“Yesshh, thishh shlut wants you to fuck her. My hushhband know when he fucked me last? After Vijay is born…not onshh ..once…Pleashhhh.. fuckkkk meeee” she parted her cunt lips with fingers wider.Now this was beyond my control. I pulled off my cloths and took off his shorts.“What are you doing?” Rajesh asked bewildered.“Let that bitch suck you, you fuck her like you do fuck me, in mouth, tits, ass cheeks … I will lick her” I was panting as I pulled off his T shirt also and settled between her legs and started lapping up her juices making slurping sounds.“Hmm.. sooo.. good…” Pratusha moaned and started licking the shaft of Rajesh’s cock. Then she started sucking and playing with his balls, driving him crazy.“Darling, this slut friend of yours is super, you know she is giving great blow job…hmmmmmm” he started fucking her mouth. Now my cunt was pouring so much and was crying for attention.I told him to fuck her in her ass cheeks and I turned her on her stomach and we changed places. I laid on my back and spread my cunt lips and pushed it on her mouth. She grabbed my buttocks and pulled and clamped her mouth on my cunt and started tickling my clit and drove me to frenzy.Rajesh was panting as he started fucking her in the buttocks.“Hmmmm, pratusha, my whore, dig deeper with your tongue….you slut…if you leave one drop I will ask Rajesh to rip your ass open…” I was shouting… I knew she wants to get fucked in Ass but is afraid.I clenched my thighs and buttocks and let go full stream of juice into her mouth.Meanwhile Rajesh started rubbing dickhead on her cunt lips and moaning” My god, this bitch’s cunt is so wet and spongy… Swati.. I can’t stop… I may fuck her… hmmm” he was crying out in ecstasy as he rubbed thick cock on her cunt lips and cunt entrance.Pratusha, in a split second, did what we never would have believed possible. She left my cunt, flipped on her back, spread her legs, locked them behind Rajesh’s back and pulled him towards her. His cock went into her cunt and it was embedded full until their crotches banged.We were both shocked, speechless.“There goes treasured virginity” was the first thought that flashed in both our minds.I was the first to recover. Pratusha was still quite high and didn’t realize what she was doing, at least that was what she told later.“What is done is done, it can’t be undone, fuck her” I told him as I settled on her face and started kissing him.His eyes were moist with love, I knew he loved me deeply even as he was fucking her. He was sucking my tits and I tasted her juices in his mouth and I was quite excited. I grabbed his face and licked all traces of her juices from his mouth.‘Darling, I am sorry I couldn’t resist…. “he was apologizing.He was giving powerful thrusts, shaking Pratusha, bed and me. Each thrust was like maltepe escort bayan a hammer blow to my heart. I couldn’t help feeling sad, those thrusts were meant for my cunt. My sadness must have seeped into my cunt juices, for, suddenly Pratusha pushed my buttocks.“Oh , my God, what am I doing? Rajesh, take out your cock from my cunt and fuck her. I am so sorry dear, I was so drunk, my cunt overtook my mind” she said and got up. Still her eyes were not focusing but she was steady.Rajesh’s cock was glistening with her dripping juice.‘Swati, dear, lick my juice and let it not become soft. I will bring drinks for us. You also have one stiff peg, then your hymen tearing may not be so painful” she said and walked into hall.I settled down to lick his cock.“Darling, do you really want me to fuck you?” he asked.I nodded without speaking. Pratyusha brought drinks. This time she sipped.I took a gulp like I do a soft drink. It felt like fire was burning my throat. I coughed and spluttered.“Take it easy. Sip slowly” they both advised.As I sipped, Pratusha licked my cunt and made it wet. After I finished a peg, I was pleasantly relaxed, she made me lie down and spread my legs, applied Vaseline on his cock and parted my cunt lips and slowly inserted his cock.Then she came and lay next to me, kissed me and said” Now he will push cock, it will pain but try to bear it, after it tears, you are a woman, eligible to enjoy fucking. Keep sucking my tit and ignore the pain” , she pushed her milky tit in my mouth and signaled to Rajesh to fuck.She warned Rajesh not to talk, she knew he loved me too much to cause pain.My Hymen was resisting and he was trying to push to tear it. It was paining like hell and I screamed at him to take out. When he was about to withdraw, Pratusha pulled tit from my mouth, went behind him and pushed him hard. In a flash, Rajesh’s enormous cock tore my Hymen and barged in.I screamed, but she told him to fuck slowly and sat on my face . As I was licking her cunt, slowly pain was subsiding and a thrill and pleasurable excitement was spreading through my cunt. He fucked slowly at first and increased pace by degrees and I think Pratusha’s milky boobs made him cum finally. I didn’t bleed as much as I thought I would.Now, next round, I myself pushed his cock into her cunt and enjoyed watching him fuck her. I was happy, he first released cum in a cunt that was meant to receive. Mine. So we lost virginity together.We didn’t go for any sightseeing. He relentlessly fucked both of us.Pratusha was jealous “My God, Swati, you are so lucky to have such a great fucker as a husband. Wish my hubby were like him”.On the Sunday night, during our last fucking session, she said she wanted to get fucked in Ass.“I don’t think it is a good idea. We have a journey. If you get injured or asshole gets torn, we will be in a soup” we tried to dissuade her. She was stubborn.So I liberally applied oil on his cunt and in her ass and went and gave my cunt to lick.She had couple of drinks before, so she was relaxed and didn’t experience as much pain as I thought. He fucked her like a man possessed. When he finally unloaded in her asshole and removed cock, my jaw fell open as I saw the huge red hole slowly closing like a fish mouth. When she went to bathroom to wash up, I asked him how it was.“Amazing. It is so tight and so fabulous” he was gushing. I could make out by the way his face was glowing like a thousand watt bulb.“OK, but don’t expect me give my ass…at least not until we are married “ I said.“Never dear, I won’t dream of hurting you” Rajesh said.“He is already dreaming fucking your ass and I think you should allow him to do, it feels great. I think I have gotl get addicted to anal” Pratusha said as she emerged from Bathroom……………………THE END

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