My sisters Diary


My sisters DiaryI’m Tom. I am a hard working senior in college with a minimum wage job and a loving family. I have a younger sister that means the world to me, a mother and a father that have helped me get through all kind of tough times and help me out every step of the way. I also have four of the best friends in the world, or so I thought until I rooted through my sister’s diary. I wasn’t just snooping around, I was worried. It went like this: I noticed that my sister was dressing in skimpier and skimpier clothing lately. She was getting to that age but it was a little out of hand and she simply was not acting like herself. My sister was 2 years younger than me, at age 19 and only a sophomore in college but she was well developed. She was blond, short, with an average weight, good sized but still perky boobs, and a very nice ass. Not that I would ever think to do anything with her but it is hard not to notice lately. She has been wearing very tight plaid skirts so short that her ass hangs out the bottom like some kind of schoolgirl slut. I even noticed she wasn’t wearing underwear one time. If she wasn’t wearing that, she would have on skin tight short shorts or her yoga pants. She used to wear an undershirt with her spaghetti strap tank tops but lately has only been wearing a bra, and you would be able to see it too. It’s kind of shocking when all of a sudden you start to notice these things on your own sister.This didn’t happen over the course of a year or even a few months it was like a week went by and she went from my cute little sister who always dressed nice but conservatively to my slutty sister. I was worried that she might be getting herself into a lot of trouble to I decided to do some investigating to see what I could find. I went into her room, not really expecting to find anything too s**thing but I was wrong. I went into her drawers to see what kind of panties she was wearing these days but could not find one pair anywhere. I looked in her closet and saw that she had a whole new wardrobe of slutty clothes; from tight tops and skirts to costumes and lingerie. This was shocking but not particularly surprising considering the stuff in which I have seen her walking around. I continued to search for a reason when all of a sudden I stumbled upon her diary hidden underneath a whole bunch of shit in her desk drawer. I figured that, if she has ever written in this, it would tell me all of the thoughts she has had that made her feel like she needed to be such a slut at her age. And boy was it updated. I decided to read it from the beginning. Early on there was a lot of talk about my best friend Matt. Nothing bad, just things like “He is so cute.” And “I want to marry him and live together.” They seemed pretty innocent and she didn’t act like she would actually act on them or anything. Then all of a sudden that innocent girlish wonder about boys turns completely on its head in one entry.——————————————————————Dear Diary,Today Tom’s friends showed up at the house asking for him. Normally I wouldn’t have answered but his hot friend Matt was there so I thought I would answer it and I am so glad that I did.They wanted to know if Tom was home. They said that they needed to show him something that would change his life. They were clearly exaggerating but he wasn’t home anyway so I let them know that he was at work and he’d be back at around midnight.His friend Kyle told me to wait a minute and they stepped away to have a private conversation. His friends Kyle, Craig, and Anthony were always so rude but I waited anyway because Matt was with them and he was hot haha.After, like, 20 minutes of talking, they finally came back and asked if they could just hang out here and wait for him. I said sure because, well, more time with Matt; and they walked right in. They went to the basement where they would usually hang out and Kyle told me I should keep them company. I didn’t need any more invitation than that; I went right downstairs with them.Anthony, Matt, and I watched osmaniye escort T.V. while Craig and Kyle surfed the net. I was really just admiring Matt the whole time looking at his face and his whole body. At the time I thought that I could never have him, he was wearing brown cargo shorts and a tight grey t-shirt that showed off his every muscle.He was Tom’s friend and I figured he was far too old for me. All of a sudden Kyle interrupts my daydream by asking me to come over there. I reluctantly got up from my spot on the couch next to Matt and went over to him.He told me that he wanted to test something on me. Anthony from across the room yells “No! wait… are you sure?” I had no idea what that meant but it was enough for me to decline the offer. Then they said it’s supposed to be a mind control thing.I knew that was garbage. There is no such thing as that, but I still didn’t want to try whatever they were trying to give me. Anthony jumped in and told me that Matt wanted me to try it too.”Really?” I looked at Matt. He hesitated and told me it would be pretty cool if I did it. I figured what the heck. There was no way it would do anything anyway.I tossed it back like I was taking a shot of alcohol. I tried drinking a shot once with some friends from school and that didn’t taste nearly as bad as that did. I quickly downed it with some water that was sitting around.”How are you feeling,” Anthony asked. I told him no different than before. I don’t think it worked really, but I didn’t want to try it again if they had anymore. There was a good idea; I would never have it again for sure.Anthony told me that I should sit down on the couch. So I did, I figured it would probably get me closer to Matt again, plus the couch was comfortable. But then, Kyle suddenly asked me to run over there. It seemed out of nowhere but maybe there was something I needed to see, so I ran over.Anthony asked me to run back over there after I got to Kyle, so I did. This continued for like 5 minutes until all of a sudden out of nowhere Craig told me that it would be a good idea if I took my shirt off. I figured what harm could it do? It would be freeing and maybe Matt would see something he likes. So I did it.It felt good to take it off. It always feels really nice when you get a good idea and you go through with it. I told them how good it felt and Kyle told me that I should probably just always do what they say. It was true that they always had good ideas.From that moment, I decided that it would be a good idea to just do what they say. They were, after all, my brother’s friends. They would never do anything wrong. Craig then told me I should take the rest of my clothes off so I did.I felt so free it felt really good. Craig asked if my parents were home. They were both out of town for the weekend, so I told him that. All of a sudden Anthony blurts out that we should all get naked. I fully agree. I tell everyone that they should get naked with me. It is just so wonderful and freeing.They all started to get undressed and I could not stop looking at Matt. Then Anthony tells me that everyone in the room turns me on. At first I was kind of offended that Anthony would assume that but then I realized that he was right. In their own way each of these naked guys, all two years older than me, turned me on; not just a little, a lot.I started to get really wet and realized that I wanted them all to have me right then and there. Before this moment, I never had this overwhelming feeling of lust. All of a sudden Kyle lifted me up and put me on the table in the center of the room. He knocked my brother’s stuff off the table and started to finger me.I didn’t want it to stop and all of a sudden his thin friend Craig came up from behind the table and pulled my head over the edge and stuck his half hard dick in my mouth. Then Kyle started eating me out. While Anthony and Matt came over with their dicks out.I grabbed onto their dicks and started jacking them off. Kyle felt so good between my legs that I started moaning. Kyle rize escort lifted his head and pressed his cock against my pussy. I wanted it so bad but I yelled “NO!” He and Craig both stopped.I was still rubbing Matt and Anthony’s hard cocks and told Kyle that I was still a virgin. Kyle said that it is about time that you lose your virginity and in fact you want to lose it to me more than anything in the world right now. He was right and I knew it. It seemed like ever since I knew him I wanted this I just suppressed it. I told him I needed it and he agreed.I finally did it I lost my virginity to my brother’s friend Kyle like I have always wanted. He slowly inched it in and I told him to fuck me. So he did. He slammed his massive cock into my wanting pussy so hard that I started to bleed. It hurt so much but at the same time it felt so good. It was just a bonus at this point to have three other amazing hard cocks around me at the same time.I didn’t want it to stop when all of a sudden Craig blew his load right into the back of my throat. He said “You love and always want cum inside and on you any time of the day.” I gave two blowjobs before today and always hated the taste of cum but for some reason I fucking loved every bit of it and wanted more this time.After Craig came, Kyle took his dick out of me and I screamed “NO!” he said don’t worry Ally, your pussy will be filled by a dick soon which is very important to you all the time. He was right, I always want a dick inside me… especially my pussy.Kyle carried me over to the couch. He told Matt to lie down on the couch. He did, his big cock stood erect waiting for me. Kyle put me face down on top of him with my pussy right over his dick. Matt reached down and guided his cock into my pussy.Kyle knelt down in front of me, one knee on the couch and his other foot on the floor putting his dick right in front of my face. He told me that any time I see a dick that I have not sucked; I will want to make it cum with my mouth more than anything at that moment. He also told me that if there is a dick in my face I cannot help but suck it until it cums. He was right! I began furiously sucking on his hard cock. All I wanted was his cum.While I was doing this Anthony came up behind me and positioned his dick right on my ass. I never did anal before but I didn’t care because all I wanted to do was make Kyle cum with my mouth. Anthony slowly but forcefully started to penetrate my ass. He asked me “Don’t you love having three dicks inside you at once?”He was so right! I loved it and don’t really know why I didn’t every try this before. I felt all of these amazing sensations all over my body. All the while, I just wanted to get Kyle off in my mouth or on my face. Matt started whispering things into my ear. “You are such a slut and you love every minute of it. You love that you are getting fucked by three guys right now and you always want more cock because you are a slut.”The more he said, the more I knew he was right. It was like he knew me. He said, “In school all you want is guys to notice you because you want cock. You want to suck and fuck cock. You just love cock.” While he was saying this I was slurping all over Kyle’s massive cock. It was covered in drool and I was slurping. The saliva dripped down over his balls which I caressed and massaged while I bobbed my head up and down on his member.I tried all I could to get it as far down my throat as I could but I kept gagging. I almost threw up a few times but I just wanted it to cum so bad. My asshole and pussy were also taking a beating but I couldn’t really focus on anything but making Kyle cum.It finally happened. Kyle’s balls constricted and he moaned a little. He pulled his dick out of my mouth and sprayed his man juice all over my face. I was so happy, this is everything I wanted. Then I looked back and saw two dicks that I felt needed my mouths attention. I yelled, “Matt! Finish in my mouth.” He slid from underneath me, up the couch. His throbbing dick grazed my tits as he brought it to my mouth sakarya escort and I began to suck it.When he did this, Anthony switched from my ass to my pussy. I could tell Matt was already close when I started to blow him. He grabbed my head and pushed it down on his cock and I was almost able to take the whole thing. When he started cumming I could feel it slam against the back of my throat. I started to tear up but Matt reassured me that I loved it.Craig was hard again and slowly stuck his dick deep into my asshole while Matt choked me with his dick. As soon as Matt was done cumming, he pulled my head off of his shaft and threw me off the couch by my head. I fell to the floor pretty hard on my back but worst of all Anthony and Craig’s dicks slid right out of me. “You like it rough, don’t you.” Matt said right after he did that and started to put his clothes on.I couldn’t help but love what he did to me. I yelled, “Anthony, I need you in my mouth.” He stood up and told me to beg. I started to finger myself and scream, “PLEASE!, PLEASE FUCK MY MOUTH.” I needed it more than anything at that moment I couldn’t stop thinking about it. He finally said ok and held my hands down and put his dick in my mouth from above me and started to fuck it like I wanted.Meanwhile, Craig threw my legs up over his shoulders and stuck his hard cock in my wet and still bloody pussy. The continued to thrust their dicks in and out of me until they both came inside me. I got scared and said that I am not on any birth control or anything! They told me it was ok and that it is really what I want anyway. They were right, I wanted cum in my pussy and my mouth and all over my body.”That was the best experience of your life, wasn’t it?” Kyle said. “Yes,” I agreed still wanting more. I looked at the clock and it was almost 11:45PM. My brother would be getting home soon and I didn’t know what I should tell him! They told me not to worry and that I just wanted to keep this all a secret to him.They told me that I should never let him know that any of this happened and that I should never let him or anyone in my family know how much I love cocks cum and sex. They also told me that I should get rid of every pair of panties that I have and only wear micro skirts, tight short shorts, and my yoga pants from now on. They told me I should otherwise dress like the slut I am and act like it. “But you should always clean up the mess afterward.” Kyle said. Anthony added, “And the cum that lands anywhere but in or on you, you should clean up with your mouth.”I asked them what about my brother? They said that I should still dress like a slut around him and tease him like I would the boys at school by bending over and stuff. They told me that if he ever tried to fuck me that I should refuse. This all made sense to me, I felt much better about the situation. They started to leave, but before they left they told me that I should always try to satisfy their sexual needs before anyone else’s. How could I not after the amazing night they gave me and all the lessons that they taught me.They all got dressed and left. I started to clean up the mess and not 5 minutes after they left my brother got home. I was on my way back to my room to throw out all of my panties when we passed in the hallway. I asked him about his day and he said it was rough and he just wanted to go to sleep. He had no idea the kind of rough day I had today.——————————————————————This was just the first diary entry in a long list of very graphic entries about how much of a slut my three best friends make my sister. The worst part about this is, this entry is from 4 months ago. I can’t even begin to imagine what kinds of horrible things they make my sister do. I don’t even fully understand what they did but it made her want to follow everything they say. I tried to give her suggestions the same way they did but the serum must have worn off. The worst part is, I think she is still bound to listen to them because of that suggestion. I don’t know what I can do about this stuff, what if they have more serum. To think, I have hung out with these guys many times. In the next few entries she talks about things she has done at school and one even takes place at the same time that my friends and I were hanging out at my place!

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