My Sister’s Friend


When I was young, I always seemed to be in my sister’s shadow. Though there was a 10 year difference between us, Anna’s name always seemed to be brought up in most conversations growing up. Now Anna had a lot of friends, most of which I didn’t care about, but there was one that I could never get off my mind. His name was Ryan.

Ryan was everything I wanted, funny, smart, and sexy on top of it, but like always, I was seen as his friends little sister and nothing more. Until one day…

“Ryan,” I was visiting my home town after a few years away, just after my 23 birthday. “Is that you?”

“Devi?” he looked truly shocked to see me, “wow you look amazing. How long has it been since I’ve seen you? Four, five years now.”

“I think so. The last time I saw you, was the last time I saw Anna.” After all these years he still took my breath away. We talked for a few more minutes, remembering old times.

“Hey” he was looking at me in a way I had never seen before. “Do you want to go grab a drink, or something? If you’re not busy of course.”

“I would love that” we walked to the nearest bar and talked about everything from the past to what we wanted out of life and it was all I could do not to reach out and touch him. I wanted to make sure he was real, that my childhood crush was here talking to me about the men I’ve dated and what I was looking for now. After a while of talking about random topics we moved on to sex.

“Wow, fethiye escort I can’t believe I’m talking about this stuff with Anna’s baby sister. I mean I’m older than her.” The worst part was that he really looked guilty about it.

“I’m not a baby anymore” he looked at me with almost an apologetic look in his eyes, almost like he was regretting thinking of me this way.

“No shit”

“Look Ryan I’m legal, I have been for five years now. Stop worrying about that and the fact that I’m Anna’s little sister… that came be easily ignored.” I looked back with an almost hopeful look in my eyes. Trying my best to relive the tension between us.


“Yes Ryan”

“Would you like to come to my place with me?”

“Please” I almost jumped up when he asked me. Was this really happening? Was he really asking me to go home with him? All my questions were answered when he leaned over a kissed me. Not only was this a lustful kiss, but it seemed to hold years of pent up energy and frustration. It was almost like he had wanted this for as long as I had.

He took my hand and led me out of the bar to his place which lucky for both for us was only a few blocks away. When we got there, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. The passion seemed to be flowing through his finger tips as he explored the curves of my body. I reached down and brushed my hand across his shorts and felt his sex growing harder, which escort fethiye caused him to moan lightly in approval. His lips moved from my lips down to my neck. This almost sent me over board. He found the end of my shirt and lifted it over my head and I returned the favor with his and his hands seemed to move at lighting speed as he reached around me and unhooked my bra. His lips moved down to my nipples and I tried very hard to control myself and not scream in ecstasy right then and there.

When his mouth left my tits, I dropped to my knees and undid his pants, realizing his swelling his dick from its shrinking prison. I rolled my tongue up the shaft and teased the tip. Ryan was almost vibrating from my touch. I wrapped my lips around his fullness and tried my best to swallow as much of him as I could.

“Fuck Devi,” he couldn’t speak. “Now I know you’re not a little girl anymore. You suck cock like a pro” I want to show him all that I could do but he pulled me up from my knees. “You keep that up and it will be a short night”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Anything you don’t do?”

“No sir” the sir seemed to really turn him on. He grabbed me and tossed me down on the bed and buried his head between my legs. His tongue lashed at my clit. I felt a strong burst of energy, my body was shaking. I started to moan which encouraged him to slip his finger into my slippery cunt. I moaned louder. He reached around with his fethiye escort bayan free hand started fingering my ass.

“Oh my god” I almost couldn’t handle it “no one has ever touched me like this.” It was only then that he took his mouth away from my slit.

“That’s because I know what I’m doing. You’ve been with too many young guys.” He returned to my pussy. I was starting to cum and to the screaming point. He lapped up my juices like they were wine. I was still trying to recover when he turned me over.

“Did my little slut like that” he asked. He surprised me with the dirty talk and it just seemed to turn me on more.

“Yes sir.”

“I love that you call me sir.” He plowed into me. A pure pain shot through me and I loved it. He pumped away and held me down. My body was on fire and I was vibrating.

“I’m going to cum again” I moaned

“I’m close. I’m going to cum in your mouth slut and you’re going to lick me clean.” That sent me over the top and I started to scream. He was losing it too, my pussy tightening on his dick was too much for him. He pulled out of me and grabbed my hair, pull me off the bed and around to force his cock down my throat. With a moan and a push, he shot his load deep in my mouth. I sucked until he had gone soft, swallowing every drop.

We laid there, controlling our breathing. We seemed to be lost in each other.

“I wish there wasn’t such an age difference, this could have happened a lot earlier.” I told him.

“I know,” we fucked a few more times that night and left to go home, trying to act like nothing was going on. I don’t think I will ever be in Anna’s shadow again. Well, with Ryan anyway.

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