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My son fucks me hardThirty-eight year old Desiree Harmon stood in her kitchen as the pot pie she’d made for dinner was readying come out of the oven. She’d made the pot pie for her husband, Rashaan and her son, Marcus. Desiree turned lowered the temperature of the oven just to keep the dish warm and all she needed now was for the two most important men in her life to come home.Well, only one of them was truly important to her and it wasn’t her husband. That cheating ass nigga could kiss her round ass for sleeping with his secretary because of her size eighteen frame. Rashaan hadn’t fucked her or shown her any affection in the last six months. She wouldn’t have been pissed if she hadn’t seduced Marcus during the third month of Rashaan’s sexual neglect. Sure the world saw i****t as dirty and wrong, but three months ago, a hot and horny Desiree could only think about getting the pleasure her husband was depriving. When she found her nineteen year old, jerking off in the bathroom something snapped inside her. She needed some dick, Marcus had a dick, and he would do to sate her. At first, she was hesitant about sleeping with her son, but during a mother/son talk, each admitted to their i****tuous desires. With their desires on the table, Desiree took her son’s virginity. That was three months ago and Rashaan was none the wiser about their relationship. Their sex sessions were a well-kept secret, but Rashaan was never really home anyway that the two could kiss in front of him and he’d just walk away like it was a normal thing.Looking at her watch, Desiree saw that it was four ‘o clock in the afternoon. Marcus was due home anytime soon while Rashaan (when he came home) normally got in at five. Her ears heard the front door open and she went into the living room to see who it was. To her disgust, it was her husband.”Hey baby,” Rashaan said, closing the door.He came up to her and kissed his wife on the cheek.”What smells so good?” he asked.”I made a turkey pot pie for y’all. Do you want some?””Naw, sorry, Dez. I just came home to see about you and Marcus. Work needs me back.””Whatever nigga,” Desiree said inwardly as ‘work’ was code for ‘I’m going go to go fuck my white secretary’.”So you’re okay?” Rashaan asked dryly.”I’m fine,” Desiree replied just as dry.”Good, I called Marcus already and he’s on his way. Y’all have a good night and I’ll see y’all in the morning.”Desiree gave him the finger as he turned to leave.”Sorry ass, nigga.” she murmured lowly when he walked out the door. “Get home quick, Marcus.”*****Marcus Harmon rode the 23 Septa bus, headed home with a hard eleven inch dick that was leaking pre-cum. After losing his virginity three months ago, other than school, sex was the only thing on his mind. He loved sex and more so having sex with his mother.In the three months they’d been fucking around, the k** grew more confident and lost his shyness. Sleeping with his mother had brought out a freaky side that he never knew he had. Making love, they used sex toys, did anal (with both of them gaziemir escort being fucked), and they loved the taste of each other’s cum. Stepping off the bus, he took in the lovely Friday afternoon weather. Marcus was so happy that it was the weekend because while he and his mother fooled around during the week, they only fucked on the weekends. They did this because of his father being around during the week. Reaching his house, as soon as he opened the front door, his mom pulled him into a tight embrace. Desiree kissed her son passionately and broke the kiss.”Mmm, I’ve missed you today, baby.”Marcus kissed her cheek, “I’ve missed you too, Ma. Is dad here because he called me?””No, he just left a few minutes ago. Ugh, this whole day’s been killing me with you on my mind, so you know what Momma wants, huh?”Marcus smirked, “I’ve got an idea. You want to go upstairs?” Desiree nodded and after reaching the master bedroom, they kissed, fondled, caressed, and in a matter of seconds, mother and son were buck-naked. Each wanted the other all-damn day and fucking couldn’t wait a second longer. They didn’t even make it to the bed, hitting the bedroom floor, pawing at each other until Marcus spread Desiree’s legs and licked up his mother’s labia lips teasingly slow. “Mmmm, you taste good, Momma. You want more?””Oh…please do it. You’re so bad, Marcus.”At Desiree’s moans, Marcus lashed his tongue like a taskmaster’s whip over her core, teasing his mother’s clit with his thumb. He smiled as she threw her head back and screamed, “Fuck!” “Yes, let me hear it, Momma. Don’t hold back,” Marcus urged before darting his tongue inside, fucking and licking her inner walls.”Ahhh! Do it! Tongue fuck me, baby!” Marcus’ tongue fucked Desiree’s carnal canal until his fingers replaced his tongue, so he could nibble on the clit. Desiree’s hands grasped the back of his head and held him firm in the pussy. She squirmed and writhed under his soft mouth. Her eyes curled back as Marcus took his sweet time nibbling, biting, and teasing her clit. “Mmm, you like how I do this, Ma?” Desiree squeezed his head harder and she felt an eruption bubbling in her loins. “Yes, you do it so good, Marcus.” “Shit, cum for me, Momma. Let me taste your juices,” Marcus coaxed, nibbling then sucking on her clit. “Ahhh, it’s coming down. Here it comes. I’m cumming!” “Photos’s orgasmic dam broke and instead of coming up, Marcus held his mouth on her to take every drop. “Ooh, that’s it! Damn, you taste so sweet. Mmm!”Desiree wiggled her womanhood on Marcus’ face in ecstasy as she released a fountain of honey-flavored goodness all over his face. “Ahh! Damn, you taste so good.” Marcus moaned licking and lapping at the folds of her sex from the lips to the clit. He gave her vajayjay a kiss and then kissed up to her belly button. Even though Desiree had just cum, she needed no time to recover. Like a lioness in heat, she regained her composure quickly; with a****listic strength, she turned gaziemir escort bayan Marcus over, her tongue licking his round muscular rump.She ran her tongue from the top of his ass to his asshole. She licked around the outside then darted her tongue in and out of his hotness. Desiree spread his cheeks further and smothered her pretty face in his ass. Desiree licked in between the ass cheeks and slowly slurped her way down towards the middle. She spread apart Marcus’ ass cheeks and looked at that sexy hole looking up at him before plunging his tongue into it, making it nice and wet. Marcus moaned in encouragement as he bit his lip at the feeling of Desiree’s twister tongue probing his booty hole. He reached back and pressed his hand onto his Mommy’s head, willing her to eat his ass, but Desiree didn’t need any invitation.”Mmm, you’re taste delicious, too.” she told him, coming up for some air. “Fuck…shit! I love it, Ma?” Marcus moaned loudly at the feel of her tongue on him again.”You like how Mommy’s tossing it?” Desiree shook her head back and forth, wetting his asshole thoroughly. She eased a finger in then two, pushing them in and out. “Ooooh fuck,” Marcus moaned, his mother’s fingers massaging his prostate.”Yeah, Mommy’s hitting that spot, huh? You’re going to nut for Momma hard today.”Desiree went back to munching, licking, kissing, sucking and blowing on her son’s hot hole. His ass wouldn’t lie still as it bounced and gyrated in her face, responding involuntarily to the sexual feast it was receiving.”Yeah Ma, eat that ass!” Marcus shouted as his mind lost even more control, letting his body be taken over by his mother.Suddenly, the feel of Desiree’s tongue left Marcus’ ass. Looking over his shoulder, he watched his mother strap-up. She’d secured nine rubber inches of dick for him to her waist. He smirked at what was about to go down. Desiree rolled the tip against his hole and pressed in slowly. She pushed in past his resistance until all nine inches were inside of him. Marcus bit his lips as the toy hit his prostate. He gripped his manhood and started stroking. “Mmm, shit damn, Mom!” Desiree began fucking his ass furiously. Watching his chocolate cheeks meet her hips, and the sight of her black toy going in and out of him made her sopping wet. Desiree stroked his ass slow until Marcus caught the rhythm and backed up on the strap-on while she fucked him. “Ooh, shit! Fuck!” he screamed. “Yeah, smack my ass.” Desiree smacked his ass hard. The smack of Desiree’s hips hitting Marcus’ butt as she drove the pole in and out echoed. She held his waist and drove in harder, sex liquid dripping from her pussy.Desiree looked down at the sexy, fat ass that was bouncing on her rubber dick. She slapped it playfully, massaged it, and squeezed it as she fucked it well. Marcus threw his ass back at her, meeting the dick in him. He dipped and arched his back, twisting his head back and looking at his Momma smashing his ass.”Yeah, take it, baby!” “Mmmm, fuck!” Marcus escort gaziemir groaned, pushing off the strap-on. He gripped Desiree madly, kissing her, “My turn.”Marcus tore the strap-on off her then sank his eleven inches into her womanhood, stroking gently.”Oh shit,” Desiree opened her legs wide, feeling his meat pressing closer and closer to her pussy’s bottom. “Fuck me hard!” “Mmmm, want it deeper, Ma?” Marcus asked giving a coy smirk, stroking harder and rougher, kissing her passionately. “Yes, I want you to hit the bottom of my pussy. Fuck me harder!” Desiree kissed him back, meeting his tongue and tasting her pussy. Marcus was stroking as hard as possible, giving her his all. “Mmmm, fuck!” he moaned as he hit bottom. “Damn, you got that good-good, Momma.” Desiree spread her legs a little further, giving him certain full access to her. “Fuck me. Shit, fuck me, boy!” “Oh, I’m about to do that. Don’t you worry, Ma.” Marcus thought as he pulled out, flipped her doggy-style, and then gave her hard pumps while rolling his hips. “Ow, damn. Shit. Fuck me, get that sopping wet pussy.” Desiree’s tits bounced back and forth as he gave her the dick she craved so much. She squeezed her nipples and pushed back to meet Marcus’ strokes, “Damn, Fuck me hard.””Shit, this pussy is the bomb.” Marcus moaned, stroking faster, feeling his nut slowly start to creep to the surface.He slapped her ass, watching it ripple and loved the visual. “Ooh!” Desiree bucked back against him, reaching down and rubbing her clit. “I’m going to cum.””Aww yeah, cum for me, Momma. Let those juices go again,” Marcus urged, giving her his death stroke, feeling himself about to explode. Desiree rubbed her clit in circles barely holding on as he pounded the pussy toward his explosion. Looking down, Marcus’ eyes beheld the sight of his mom’s sticky, white cream all over his dick. He was drilling his dick in her like he was drilling for oil and fingering her ass some.”Oh shit! You’re going to make me cum, baby!” she bellowed out as her pussy contracted and oozed out more of her thick cream all over her son.”Oooh, damn!” Marcus moaned just at the sight of her as she began cum for the second time.”Fuck, Marcus!” Desiree squealed, squirting her love juices. “Ahhhhhhh! Agggggghghh!”She convulsed with Marcus still inside her for a bit and as she came down from her nut, Marcus began to nut.”It’s coming, Mama.” he warned, stroking as hard as possible. “Where do you want it?””Inside me, baby! Come on, Marcus cum in my pussy.” she commanded. “Fuck me harder. I want you to cum right inside me. Bust that nut!”With his mother’s encouragement, Marcus did just that exploding inside her. His cock kept spewing cum into her body like like her pussy was sucking the nut from deep in his balls. Completely drained, they fell to the floor to catch their breath.They held each other while exchanging kisses and touches while Marcus’ orgasm subsided.Marcus kissed his mother’s lips, “That was so good, Mom.” “Yes, it was.” Desiree replied, her hand stroking his cheek.She then kissed the crown of his head, “I take it you’re hungry because I’ve got pot pie for dinner.””I wasn’t when I got home, but after that I’ve built up quite an appetite.” Marcus joked, really ready to eat something because he needed his strength to fuck his mother some more.

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