My True Story about Interracial Sex


My True Story about Interracial SexI Went Black and Loved It!By Missy12My name is Missy, I’m a 30 year old bi sexual woman and have been having sex with black men since I was 19. I’m writing a true story about my first encounter in the world of interracial sex. I find men write a lot of stories and most are fictional; of course I enjoy these works, but I find the women always too big boobed innocent blondes. I am a big boobed blonde but anything but innocent.Just a little bit about me. Pussy, cunt, cock, dick, and even twat have always been in my sexual vocab (I’m a tomboy, but a girlie girl at the same time). I’m a very vocal girl. I’m the first girl to get into the buff when even the idea of skinny-dipping comes up. Swallowing, facials, boobie shots, do your worst. Threesomes? Whose getting sloppy-seconds?Needless to say from my last paragraph I’m a kinky gal, up for anything. When it came to black guys I never really had more than passing thoughts about it. Even with a year of college under my belt I lived in a pretty white bread world. I really only saw it on the Internet, and yes I do jill off to the porn. I didn’t really watch that much porn while in college because I was too busy shoving my twat down my dorm mates’ throat.How it happened was by pure accident. I was home from college after my first year for about five days. My mother’s black friend from law school was staying with us while her house was being built. Her son Jack who was my age took up in our guest bedroom. I met my mother’s friend a few times, but never Jack. He seemed nice enough, but I really spent the first 3 days sleeping and unpacking.I just finished masturbating; it was nice to masturbate back in my own bed. I had my own little gangbang with my dildos. I remember just laying in bed with my g-string pulled to the side feeling around. I was getting a little furry, as any girl will tell you its hard to give your cooch whistle clean when you are sharing shower room with 20 other girls. Though I do prefer to have a landing strip just to prove that I’m not a bottled blonde.I decided I needed to take care of it, plus I smelled like pussy. I took a peek at my peck-a-boo in the mirror and just left my g-string pulled over. I opened my bathroom door, which was in the middle between my room and the guest bedroom door and walked in without giving a second thought, like I always have.I was bare breasted with my pussy hanging out standing in front of Jack. I didn’t care he saw my tits, in fact I’m sure he would have saw them at some point in the summer when I was out by the pool.There it was, Jacks big-scratch that, HUGE black cock. The artist in me took over; I could not help looking at his hulking cock. His cock went up and curved over and passed his huge plum size balls. It was like a dick you would see in old sculptures, powerful and impressive. It looked like a baby’s arm holding and apple. More so it was sleek and very black.“Oh my gosh you have the biggest cock.” I said with laughter, I have an issue with blurting, but I found it to be a funny situation. I have a history of waiting to a friend is in the shower and barge in and attempt to take a shower with them as a joke, but this was by pure accident. A lot of my friends wouldn’t believe this was an accident.Jack with his almost cartoonish cock didn’t care or try to cover up. He chuckled a little making his heavy cock go to the side. “Yeah I get that a lot.” He said like the proud lion, but as she should. He certainly had a black beauty between his legs. There is something nice about a guy comfortable with his cock size.“I bet.” I simply said. There was this few seconds of silence, a normal person probably have originally screamed “whoops” and walk out, or at least cover herself up, but I’m not normal. Actually I was surprised he didn’t pop up with my tits on display and my g-string crooked. Needless to say I wanted to seem him fully hard. His flaccid cock was bigger than 90% of guys I seen hard in real life. I necessarily didn’t want to do anything with him, but wanted to see him hard.“Shit girl I thought your big’ol titties were fake.” Over the years I have heard this before, and I always have obliged to prove that they were in fact real. I didn’t really get hips till I was in my early 20’s. In fact I use to date a guy who thought I had implants. Silly men.“Nope real.” I said admiring my own tits. Jack took it upon himself to get some boob. I really didn’t care, I been felt up more than a Canadian stripper. If he was going to cop a feel I was as well. I had not been to a bachelorette party at this time, but acted in that juvenile way when some ballsy girl or out of fem pressure touched his junk.I stood there with his flaccid black cock in my hand sort of sideways. Jakes had got a handful of my ass, a good handful. He got deep into the cleavage, like down to my asshole deep. “You got a baby booty, not bad for a white girl.”His cock felt hard though it was still more on the flaccid side. Jack’s black member felt heavy, like I could curl it as a low impact weight. I was in awe by this. I was laughing, not because I was nervous or embarrassed, his cock was just so big. I am a tramp but in all my years of tramphood I never really thought I would come across a penis so big.I kept giving him a half assed hand job while he felt my boobs and my butt. I guess the though did run through my mind before bakırköy escort hand but Jack simply said, “Suck my dick”. It was between and order and suggestion. In the two seconds that I went down to my knees I did think about the whole interracial thing, but who would know, plus it was only a blowjob. When I got to my knees I knew I was going to, his now semi flaccid penis looked rather appetizing. I actually enjoy sucking cock, note I said sucking cock. I’m a start to finish type of girl. If any other women are reading this and not a fan of it, trying masturbating while doing it or getting a vibrator and put it in while in a thong-just tip.So I got down to business. I took him in my mouth and got a shot of pre cum over my taste buds. As he got bigger and longer I had to scootch back on my knees. It took almost 2 minutes of oral pleasure to get him fully erect, and it was a site to behold. His penis head had a huge ridge before his shaft, which I love orally and vaginally. As I bobbed my head up and down I was enjoying it more than he did. There was so much dick to work with, I slide my lips around the side of his penis and gave him tongue lashes around his cock head. The texture was what really got to me, I don’t know why I say this, but a place penis in your mouth feels like whale blubber.I admired his huge black cock, and his balls, which I took each testicle in my mouth and suckled on them. I couldn’t help but think about if we “did” do it how much clit stimulation his sack would give me.I was basically more or less chicken heading him going as far as I could go down but as a fast pace of speed. I did take his cock out of his mouth and tell him if he wanted me to go down further he would have push me down, but he said he was close. I used both my hands, taking my one hand away from my cooch. I couldn’t get my fingers to touch around his massively thick cock.All I could hear was that “slurpy glug” sound with an occasional “ah” from Jack. I saw myself in the mirror, I looked ridicules. This small framed big boobed blonde girl who probably had no business bobbing her head up and down a massive black penis.“Fuck you little white bitch”. I was going to tell him it was okay to cum in my mouth but I guess he just assumed it was okay. The first shot of sperm when down my throat; it was that thick white stringy cum better tasting but harder to swallow. My mouth filled with sperm, I couldn’t swallow fast enough and he was still cumming. He coated my face with large gooey pools of semen and even a few shots in my hair and on to my breasts. It was the largest cum shot I even dealt with and I was highly impressed, I gave him a high five before I got up and looked at my cum covered face. My one nipple had a string of cum hanging from it. He basically had a super soaker for a dick. I made some joke about giving me a big kiss as I hopped into the shower, I didn’t have to invite Jack in. He said something about me being a cool cat since I took his money shot pretty well, I looked back at his shinning black baby maker that was still coated in jizz, a large glob of spunk was hanging out. I wanted to show how “cool” I really was and bent over and cleaned off the creamy goodness of his cock. The key to being a good lay or giving a great bj is not being cum shy. Like I said before his cum was very white and sticky, not that clear type so it’s easier to handle taste wise.He whacked me in the face with his heavy cock, almost knocking out (k**ding). We proceeded to take an extra long shower all the while I was being fondled, but in a good way. Jack spanked his dick on my ass multiply times. I was surprised he pop up again as he slide his penis up and down my backside. I sang, “baby got back” as a joke and turned my head and ask as another joke “What the heck do you feed that thing?”. He responded “little white blonde girls” which struck me as funny.I felt him slide his cock through my legs, it looked like a suddenly grew a black penis. I don’t recall what I really said or what he said but I started to jerk him off. I did the standard whack job motion with the diamond cutter thrown in as well as the swirl. Basically he was between my slit, and I pop my hips a little to get stimulation, which ended up in me having an orgasm. It sure wasn’t the best orgasm but it was an interesting way to cum. I guess my little moans and motions were enough to make him squirt again. His first few cum blasts hit the wall, and than just feel a few inches away from his penis. No doubt he was a heavy cummer, but this was the second time he came in twenty minutes and it was almost as powerful. When it hit the tub you could hear it splash.For about 8 days my mouth became attached to his cock. 3-4 times a day I was giving him a blowjob, or a hand job. I soon learned that I just couldn’t give a quick blowjob due to his cock doubling as fire hose. Luckily we had a pool so I could just lounge around in a bikini. Though we were both adults our mothers were around, but they became party girls and often were out all night.A lot of our oral activity took place at night; he could easily go into my room without worry. Pretty much anytime I got in the shower, we got in together. Trust me I didn’t mind, I enjoy going down but this was way different. I would go to bed and jill off thinking about having his big black penis in beşiktaş escort my mouth.I was teasing Jack all day, I knew it wouldn’t be later that night till our mothers left that I could release him. Through out the day I would flash him my tits, and pull my bikini bottoms to the side, and even pulled them so tight it looked like a thong. Little did I know that I was going to be penetrated by a black cock in a mere few hours.When out mothers went out to the bar to meet up with a few old friends I decided to do something special. I took a boys undershirt and cut it into a half top so the bottom of my boobs would show. I also bought a micro thong bikini set for sun bathing, generally in the summers there was no one around so I could get away with it, but never worn this particular one. Because it provided no support what so ever because it’s made out of the next thickest material after dental floss it still provided me with that falling out look I was going for. If I do say so myself my cooch looked cute.Jack was already in the shower from his jog. Needless to say I got his attention. I sunk down to my knees while he was standing in the tub and I was out of it. My teasing and my apparel paid off, he got rock hard in about 10 seconds. As I stated before I really do enjoy giving blowjobs, but there was something WONDERFULLY different about it. It was taboo but I felt like a dirty girl, which we all like that feeling.When I was just getting into it and my cell phone rang. It was my mother; I guess happy hour started early because she would not shut up. She was trying to tell me that they were going to be out later than they originally thought, due to some show they were going to go see.I turned my back to Jack and was facing the mirror, I saw him get out of the shower and come towards me. I felt his heavy cock slap my white ass, and it did make a sound. He stuck his member through the itty-bitty panty line and started to yank on it by way of his cock. I covered up the phone and mouthed the words “See if you can”. Jack knew what I meant, in two strong yanks; he broke my band with his powerful black cock like it was tissue paper. It was funny but more erotic; I couldn’t really do or say anything because I was on the phone with my mother. I just gave him a look as if to tell him I was impressed.Jack turned me around and was rubbing his black head all around my blonde cooch, which he has done before. Jack became very aggressive and scooted me on onto the sink and got his half of his large black cock head into my white pink hole. I would be a liar if I said I didn’t think about having sex with him. Since day one I thought about how sexy it would be, me, everything that is blonde having sex with a massive black cock. I was dying to feel his hot lava in me; after all he came like a horse-I always been bad about letting guys cum in me. I love that gooey warm feeling. Of course there was a down side to it, I knew it was going to hurt. I never really pursed it because he mentioned he had a girlfriend. I figured if he wanted to bang that he would have already have tried.He just had the tip in and was trying to get more into me while I was on the phone with my mother; this was a very bad girl thing to do. His penis sort of bent, my cooch was basically saying “Nooooo Missy.” I put his hand on his chest signaling for him to stop. I looked down, he was inside of me, not much, but it hit me like a ton of bricks. I could never again say I never had a black man inside of me. I quickly got off the phone.We were both silent for a few seconds, I didn’t know how to proceed. I didn’t care he had a girlfriend but if we were going to have sex I might have well screwed a 2×4. To be honest I’m very easy, I don’t have any hang ups about how many men I been with. But this was something new.“Are we going to fuck?” I said more of as question, and I probably sounded nervous. “I need to get my dick wet.” Jack stated.“Lets go into the bedroom” My white bread world came crashing down around me. I would be the first person I know how had sex with a black guy. I laid a towel down on the floor; I knew the bed would make this task harder. I would have to get on top and squat down, I didn’t want to slip and impale myself. I took out my ridiculous sized pump-bottle of WET and lathered his cock till his black penis glisten and dripped down on the towel. Of course I lubed myself up pretty heavily.Jack held his cock as I squatted down, I had to open my pussy lips after a few tries. I slowly went down, I could feel my walls pushing back, but after about 2 inches plus and his penis head this was not working out well. I couldn’t get down to my knees, so I was on my feet. I tried for over five minutes but it was futile. First it was frustrating, than fun, than frustrating again. It did feel very good. The texture was noticeable different, and just the whole ordeal was rather sexy.I got off and said, “I think you have to do it.” I laid on my back thinking this would be easier. I saw his glistening cock coming towards me dripping with lube. I quickly grabbed my pump-bottle of lube and put the head inside myself and gave it more than a few pumps.His black soda can cock pierced my pussy lips and went into me, a little deeper than before. I could have easily gotten up with what he had inside of me, but this wasn’t fair to him. beylikdüzü escort Jack ran into the same problem we having before. My vagina wasn’t letting him in.I like getting stretched; all women do to some point. I even like when it hurts a little, but this was the major league. I basically thought for a moment, I could basically have cock on demand for the summer. More so I didn’t realize at the time I was developing an interracial fetish.I told Jack just to “do it.” That it would be like ripping off a band aide or like loosing your virginity. We decided to go on three, but he went on two. He plunged his black bastard into my baby hole, it was like a knife going into my tummy. He truly went no man has gone before. Jack was practically balls deep in me.My toes cringed, my whole body felt like it was collapsing. It hurt ten times worst than loosing my virginity but felt ten times better. It was an odd mix of pain and pleasure. My hands were reaching out for something to brace myself as if that would help. I felt like all the oxygen left from my body, I couldn’t give any vocal sign of pleasure or pain and Jack started to pound on me. It was sort of like an out of body experience. Something really hurt deep inside of me but felt amazing at the same time with my legs spread open like a two-dollar whore. I really felt like I could physically move even though my arms were failing. I had no choice but take every inch of him. Jack gave me long power stroke down to my hilt, even though I was in my own little world, which ever powerful stroke he took I wondered if I would ever be the same again.This feeling was so new to me, it was wonderful but scary, something didn’t feel right but in the best way possible. “I’m bottoming you out” Jack said with a smirk. I did mange to get a “huh” out. Jack said “I’m knocking the back out of ya”. Yes ladies and gentlemen Jack was fucking my womb.Jack kept saying how tight my white pussy was. Normally when guys say that I think its bullshit. Most men wouldn’t know a tight cooch if they were inside of it, but I knew I was very tight for him.Somehow Jack got me on all fours, but whither because I had no energy or do to his size or both, I kept getting dicked down. Jack finally hunched me over the bed and went to town on me. My pussy gave up; my walls retracted quit a bit. I felt just like a hole being used, but still Jack was saying how tight I was.Jack kept saying how he loved my lily white ass and added “take my black cock” more a few times along with “you like that you white bitch.” It turned me on.My pussy never gotten beaten’ up so bad, he trusted and fucked me like I could handle it, I might have not have taken it like a champ but with all things considering my pussy when toe to toe with him.Then it hit me; I knew I was entering a very strong orgasm. I could hear his hips bouncing off my ass, my pussy was making that sliding sound and I my already soaked pussy was getting wet, I was going to gush. All of sudden I got a second wind. I pushed my body away form the bed and chased his cock a little. He put his hand on my shoulder and gave it to me hard. My tits started smacking together making a clapping noise almost as complement him. My orgasm hit, I suddenly screamed at the top of my lungs “your stretchinggggg ouuuuut myyyy cunttt” as if he wasn’t doing it before. I grabbed the sheets off my bed and pulled myself self off, and gushed. There was no reason for me to even rub my clit.Everything was out of me, literally. That quick spurt of energy went out with one of the best orgasms I had. Jack mounted me like an a****l again. I had no fight in me; I just had to take it. Luckily Jack was about to cum. I felt him come out of me, but there was not way that I wasn’t going to feel him bust in me. My pussy just went through a beat down and I wanted the pay off.I did mange to get on the bed and tell him to cum in me. Jack quickly went inside of me and resumed pounding on me like a drum. I felt a spurt, and than it was like a shot gun blast. I could feel each shot of his thick white baby making sperm hit my walls with force, and than it just flowed inside of me. I felt warm and gooey inside as him cum pump still gave way. I’m a sucker for creampies, I can two guys cum in before almost right after each other, but Jack gave me more sperm.When he took him self-out, I felt so empty and so open. My pussy was lost in a sea of semen. It was wonderful.Jack came in me one more time that night, I was toe up, but wanted to have that extremely hot sensation again. With a little oral an hour later, he masturbated himself till he was close. I knew if I wanted to have sex with Jack there would be a period of time that I would need to take him even while I was sore so I could be “broken in”.I just laid in bed the rest of the night, even when my mother came home in her drunken stage. I was spent, and my room spelled like pussy. I was so raw and exposed that my clit was engulfed. I laid there just with one finger doing down my creamy slit, playing with Jacks sperm. Even though I was on the pill, it was a sexy thought to think maybe I was pregnant. I had an orgasm and went to bed.My cooch was out of commission for about three days, I basically hid in my room. I really was walking funny. Over the summer I did have some wild experiences. From interracial three ways of every mix to having earth shattering sex solely with Jack. This took me a lot of time to write, remembering my first time with a black guy and what happened after made me often stop and think about how exciting it was and still is. In fact it’s probably more exciting now. So if you enjoyed my little tale of me being a tramp please let me know.Missy

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