My white mature fetish. Interracial


My white mature fetish. Interraciali occasionally, well my 9 inch black rod occasionally gets a inclining for some mature white vagina. I happened to live two blocks over from your typical electric honky tonk type night spot, so it’s absolutely nothing for me to shower up, dress decent, slap on cologne and make my way over. I walk so I can turn back more than a few if I so chose. I start at the bar and after a couple of beers I commence to scanning the scene for potential. Making eye contact, finally hopping up and carousing around. A smile and nod here, a hey there and normally by then I’m honed in on a big white ass that gave me the biggest grin as we greeted. It’s not hard to spot a white chick who digs black guys, the extra second of eye contact and the extra friendly exchange signals “I’m down with it.” LolI met Anna this one particular night, she definitely fit the description and opened up rather quickly. Turns out to be 53, married, a little stressed and decided to go have a few beers to relieve her mind some. I told her about me and the conversation went several different directions, we just yacked like we had always known each other. I said to Anna that I was about to call it a night and WALK back home. She asked if I lived far away, and I explained how close I lived. I offered my cell # and reluctant at first but she took it into her phone and text me hers. We exchanged bye’s and I headed for the exit. Not 3 steps out of the door I shot her a text saying how much I enjoyed talking with her and for her to definitely msg me the next time she planned bahis firmaları on coming there for a drink. She replied “I definitely will. Think I’m about to leave as well. Want me to drop you off?” Sure I responded. Anna made her way out and drove over to me, we pulled up in front of my house shortly and again began to part ways when I asked her if she was ok to drive home. She said that she really shouldn’t be driving and knew better, I agreed. We can chill here or if you’re ok with it we can go inside. Sure she said. I headed for my room and changed clothes, Anna was on the couch when I returned in a wife beater and sweats, no briefs that way my cock would surely bounce around as I moved about and hopefully she would notice. Time passed and with each second we became more comfortable, to the point now my arm is around her and she’s snuggled in next to me, both chuckling at some comedian on the comedy channel. I grabbed my cock and squeezed it in the middle of one of our chuckles just to get her reaction. “Easy” she said grinning and looking me in the eye. I grinned back and said I apologize, im just a little excited, I love full figured women and you’re very sexy. Well thank you she replied. There was a moment of silence and then she reaches down and grips my cock through my sweats, squeezing her hand around it so that it prints in the material. Her eyes bulged and she then asked if she could see it. I said nothing, raised up and pulled my sweats down exposing myself. My flacid dick laying a quarter of the way down my thigh must have amazed her. She grabbed, kaçak iddaa squeezed and brought her other hand up and lightly stroked it. Again I said nothing, the look in her brown eyes spoke volumes.I stood up, stepped out of my sweats which had now fallen to my feet, grabbed Anna’s hand and tugged. She stood with no hesitation, I pulled her by the hand to my bedroom which was only lit from the light from the television. I slowly undid her top, then her bra, exposing those big saggy mature breasts. I leaned in kissing her neck while unbuttoning her jeans. She gasped a few times while I kissed and sucked, now her pants were around her feet. I hopped on to the bed laying on my back, cock fully erect, crossed both hands behind my head and awaited Anna.She climbed into the bed, kissing my leg at the thigh and worked her way up. She grabbed my throbbing black rod, straddled me and with one hand rubbed my dick against her hairy cunt. I could see she was very hairy through her lightly colored panties. She grinded my cock into her moaning and even began to quiver a bit. “You’re so damn big” she said. Anna leaned back, repositioned and took me into her mouth, sucking firmly up and down, up and down, she paused and then stuffed as much of me into her mouth and gagged once she had her fill. Come on I said, I was ready to mount her big floppy granny ass from behind and see if she could take my black rod. I snatched her panties down, bent her over the side of the bed and guided my cock head at her hairy opening.I nudged my head in, she was very tight, very moist and very kaçak bahis eager as well. She went face down into the mattress and kind of wimpered as all 9 inches slowly impaled her aged box. Yes Anna wispered as I slowly eased in and out of her. Slow strokes turned into steady ones, steady ones into all out pounding. Anna was absolutely loving it, moaning loudly, pushing her ass back into me as I plowed forward. She reached back and began to play with her clit, from her clit back to grabbing my balls as I stroked deep in her. Lay down Anna commanded me. She climbed on top and began to ride me, taking me in fully and grinding back and forth forcefully. I guess Anna needed a good fucking and I was the lucky guy. She grinded non stop until she peaked and sighed as orgasm engulfed her. Panting deep breaths, she now lay on top of me a sweaty mess.Anna got up, went to her knees beside the bed and said to me “your turn.” I stood in front of her, she grabbed me by the back of my thighs and once again took me into her mouth. Gagging again, sucking, and licking. Looking up at me as her head went back and forth. “Give it to me” she said while she stroked the head of my dick with her hand, “can I cum in your mouth baby” I asked, um hmm she moaned as she began to suck slow and deep. I could feel the semen starting to build in my shaft “don’t stop” I said to her. I focused on busting into her mouth and BLASTED my nut off as I palmed the back of her head. My rod pulsed steadily as I feeled her mouth with seed. My knees weakened but Anna kept sucking, squeezing the length off my shaft with her hand as to milk every drip from me. Without even taking my cock out of her mouth Anna swallowed, then swallowed again, removed my dick and swallowed once more. “You taste great dude” she said…….

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