My Wife And I Having A Little Fun


My Wife And I Having A Little FunMy wife, Linda, and I have a wonderful relationship. We are both kinky. With that said I would like to tell a story of a time in our life.One night early in our marriage Linda and I were having drinks on the veranda when she said, “Jack, do remember saying how you would like to have a young boy to fuck”? “Yes, and what of it”?”Well, I was thinking I’d like to watch. Maybe even participate. What do you say to going down on 6th street and renting us a young boy”?”Linda, you are such a whore. That’s a part of you I love. What would you want me to to do with this young boy”?”I would like to watch him suck your cock and then offer his ass for your pleasure”.”Are you sure of this wish? I would love to fuck a young boy deep in his ass while you watched”.”Let’s do it”.Off we went ot 6th Street to find a suitabble girl/boy.Cruising 6th Street we found a skinny young boy.Linda said,” I like that little boy. Can we have him”?”Linda, for whatever I can provide you is yours”.”Give me that little boy”.I got out of the car and approached the little one. Up close he looked no older than about 13. I, of course. asked to see his ID. It turned out that he was actually 19. After negotiations it was determined that $200 US would do for the evening. When I ushered the young boy into our car I quickly grabbed his cock through the little nylon panties he had on and made it hard.“Stop that shit, Jack. I can’t drive while you play with him. Wait until we get home”.Finally we got the young boy home. I dropped my pants to reveal a throbbing hard cock.The boy was looking a little uncertain and said, “I’m sorry but this is my first time with a couple. Really it’s my first time being picked up. I am unsure of tuzla escort what to do. Will you show me what to do? I want to please you both”.“Oh my,” said Linda. “Jack’s cock is sooo ready”. We had learned the boy liked to be called Amber. “Suck Daddy, Amber. Take all of him in your mouth”.On his knees Amber began to take all of my almost 10 inches of cock in his mouth. Linda was soon without clothes and was rubbing her clit while she watched.“Get naked Amber,” commanded Linda. “I want to see you completely”.As Amber came out of her clothes we noticed she had a very skinny cock that was hard and dripping.“Linda you should suck him while he sucks me”.No sooner said and Linda had that pencil dick in her mouth. Hearing the sucking sounds of Linda and Amber made my cock so stiff.“Get on your knees in front of me Amber. I want to put my cock in you. Put your face in Linda’s pussy so you can suck her clit while I fuck you”.Amber was so obedient. Her ass was up and her mouth was tight against Linda’s pussy. I began working my cock into that beautiful boy pussy. Amber moaned but did not come off of Linda’s pussy. Amber kept on sucking as Linda began to quiver. Bareback I had all of my cock in Amber and was stroking it slowly.“Fuck him Jack. Fuck him hard”, Linda called out.I began to pound on that sweet ass. Thrusting for all I was worth. Amber continued to suck on Linda’s pussy and Linda was bucking against that tongue. Linda is a squirter and she did just that on Amber’s face while I let myself cum inside Amber’s ass. I grabbed his slender ass and let my cum burst into him. When I pulled out the cum began leaking down his legs but he didn’t stop sucking on Linda’s soaking wet pussy. She squirted again and Amber took it all tuzla escort bayan in.“Amber, would you like for Linda to use her strap on in your ass”?What Amber didn’t know was that the strap on Linda had was regularly used on our neighbor who thought that toys just couldn’t be too big. The cock on this thing was 16 inches long and was as thick as a horse’s cock. Angie, the neighbor, would grunt and cry out occasionally but would always get that whole thing inside her ass. She could only take about 2/3 of it in her pussy.“Yes. Ms. Linda I want you to fuck me”.When Linda put the rig on and showed it to Amber I saw her eyes widen and her mouth fell slack. Her first response was, “There’s no fucking way I can take all of that”.Linda, “Oh, come on, Amber. The woman next door regularly takes all of it up her ass. She can even get most of it stuffed in her pussy. Come on. Just try it”.“I’m not sure my boy pussy will stretch that much. I’ve only had three other men in my ass and none of them were anywhere near that big. Please, don’t make me do this”.“Let me just put some of it in. I’ll lube you good and be very gentle. I promise”.“I don’t care how much you put in. It will destroy my ass. Have you got something smaller”?“OK, I have another one about half this size. We can try that if you want”.“Sure, Ms. Linda. I think I can handle that. Mr. Jack’s cock stretched me pretty good so I should be able to handle one half the size of that monster you’re wearing now”.Linda changed cocks, lubed it well and positioned herself behind Amber who was kneeling on all fours with his cute ass in the air. As Linda placed the head of her cock against that rosebud Amber shivered slightly and said, “Please be gentle. Don’t hurt me”.“Don’t escort tuzla worry, Honey. I’ll be gentle. I’m certain Jack doesn’t want me to tear you up because he probably wants to go back in there himself. Maybe someday you can come back and watch me fuck Angie with the horse cock. She kind of likes a small audience for her performance”.Linda began to ease the head in and grabbed Amber’s hips to pull him back to her. There was some whimpering going on because that strap on was a bit thicker than my cock. After a minute or so Linda had all of that cock in his ass. She gently stroked a few inches letting Amber get the feel of it. Then she pulled almost all the way out and began long stroking Amber.“Oh, God! Oh, God! That’s so fucking big”!“Remember, Linda, that’s not Angie. Don’t tear it up”.“Get behind me and stick your cock in my ass while I fuck him. Stretch my ass. Make me feel you”.“Yes ma’am. I would love to feel your tight ass around my cock”.I lubed up and got the head started in and grabbed her hips and began to work hard on her. She soon had some words of her own.“Oh, God! Jack you fill my ass. Fuck it good”.After about three hours of fucking and sucking we were all laid back resting on the bed when Linda leaned in close and whispered to me, “Can we keep him”?“Linda, he’s not like a toy you buy off the shelf at the store. It would have to be his decision to stay or not. I certainly can’t keep paying him $200 a day to keep him around”.“Can I ask him”?“Sure. Be my guest. Why don’t you girls go in the kitchen and get this old man a drink. You can get around to asking him in there”.Ten minutes later they came back to the bedroom. They were holding hands and had a pair of smiles as big as their faces. Linda handed me my drink and said, “Guess what! I got me a brand new sister who will be moving in tomorrow. She’s going to help me fuck you to death. Ain’t that sweet”?“Oh, Christ! My poor cock will never get a rest now”.

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